: Oh i wonder why- It's almost like literally every 6 months the shaco/rengo main discord floods the boards for a week with daily threads manipulate vote system etc.
I saw your opgg profile. Not only are you not playing the game regularly, but you've mained the strongest picks in the game in the previous season. We don't expect meta players to understand off meta players.
: How to deal with players that's griefing you?
Griefing by inting, not taking part of teamfights, farming the whole game is a good way of minding your own business. You won't win like that, sure. But nida sure won't win either, and thats NOT punishable. So i guess go for it. Saying anything to nida would increase the chance of you getting banned, because the system works on chat 95% of the times and its all automatic. You virtually cannot be banned if you don't use the chat and don't go afk. People like this are a problem to the game and there is nothing you can do, afterall, it is not like Riot is doing anything about it either. Sure, they ban people, but have you seen a decrease in the toxic players in the game? No. Just troll by farming all game and let the enemy finish the game. Never press YES on a surrender. Let the trolls suffer the full game length. Afterall, they can't go afk because they'd be banned.
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: I'll get some notes on some of the stuff we've tried on Karma in an upcoming post (probably next week). TLDR is we started by testing some gamepaly things Karma used to have to see if it made sense to bring them back (e.g. W clothesline play). Ran into some issues with that, so looking at other options.
TL;DR - Please fix Karma. You have to. She has the potential to be very fun with a rather high skill cap. Don't shove her into the ground just because someone skilled can make her work. I've seen enough Irelias that 1v5 that can be justified by saying "well yeah, but the player is skilled". Also, fix her Q lollipopping. YAAS PAPI! Show her some love. Its basically a dead champion ever since you removed the minion shield, shield bomb, 40% W heal. When i played her she could be strong but that required skill and good knowledge of the champion to an extent. Isn't the new Irelia broken if you know how to play her? I've sure seen Irelias doing almost 1v5's and winning them. Her W HAS to be changed. The healing is far too unreliable. The root is ineffective as it comes 2s late and its only a root that can be shortened to a "useless" point with mercs. The tether range is low enough so that to root someone you have to stay in a danger zone and its just not worth it. Maybe get her RW two different effects, instead of just heal two times. Maybe flat heal 25% instantly and make the second effect an increasing slow that ends up being a root. Maybe bind to an ally with tether and the shield then is cast to both players. Maybe make the W just heal on normal cast but a much lower amount like 5-10% both times but the normal and the mantra version are two separate tethers. This way karma could root 2 people at the same time and that would compensate for the fact that its weak, you can do it to two champions. Maybe do a combination of my suggestions. Karma wouldn't be strong with any of them, tbh. You see, i am not an analytics person, nor a championship player. I can't give perfect suggestions but i believe you can think of something. You just HAVE to do something with Karma. I played her a lot after her initial visual update and rework, back when noone did and I found much fun in her. Now i forced myself to play her for 20 games and i literally spam cried the chat because of how weak she is currently. Her damage is lower than Brand/Zyra, her CC's are weaker than Brand/Zyra, She can give a 250 shield with full build which is weaker than Brand/Zyra since they have an ult and 2-3x times the damage which all compensate for Karma's shield, her self-heal is super non reliable since its lowered and its delayed, her passive is also almost non-existant too. I know that you don't think what i am saying is correct. Maybe it isn't fully - but it is to a certain extent, be it 50% or 85%. Fix her. She has the potential to be on Lee's level of fun. Thank you for your time if you read this. P.S.: Fix her Q hitbox. Many abilities' hitbox goes beyond the visual animation due to a phenomena called "lollipopping" which you already know. Well Karma's Q hitbox is shorter than the visual animation and the so called "lollipopping" is not present. Or so it seems, compared to many other skillshots.
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: What makes Karma so weak right now?
Karma's shield is 1/3 of Janna's shield, her Q is way easier to dodge and does 1/2 the damage overall of Zyra and Brand (if it hits), her CC is nonexistant as you have to be 2 seconds within range of people that can kill you easily and its not even worth it as its a 1s root, her self-heal is more or less 25% and is super irrelevant since it heals you only half instantly, she lacks an ult, her passive is almost non-existent too, compared to other passives. Overall karma is a "Jack of all trades", she just does these trades significantly worse than other champions that specialize more in them. Overall, currently one of the worst champions in the game (8.18).

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