: Karthus Ult Question.
Thanks for all the answers. I was sure that it did splash. It was probably either a Luden's Echo along iwth a Liandry's Torment going off or just getting hit after the initial cast and respawn.
Akenero (NA)
: it does not, unless you have luden's echo, it's just a visual effect.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} glad to see you're interested in the guy though, we need more karthus players in the world.
No way in hell i play that champ. It just states that it does splash we tested it but it only did 2 more damage then what is in the Ability Description. Maybe someone from riot could tell us.
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Lacrone (NA)
: Random Server disconnects 6/21/2017
Same thing for 7 days straight. It always appears in ranked games thou and its getting really frustrating to just "disconnect" in the mid lane while being very ahead and being forced to relog 5 times couse the reconnect button also doesn't seem to work. Please bump this so Riot see's it quickly and fixes the issue. Its really stupid that people lose games due to these issues that are not caused by our own internet, and not being able to play normals or any other type of game mode due to this issue.


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