: Accused of botting and contradictory statements holding ban despite 100 % proof from match history.
: Oh talon just all ind me at lv 2
Lmao OP, what are you crying about. It's not like he did that at level 1. We can take a look at this in the next patch though. Should buff ignite's early damage, healthy playstyle and all.
QuerXes (EUNE)
: Get out of bronze and stop whining
Yi has 52% win rate in platinum+ division. You're funny.
Geneseid (NA)
: There's practically no item in this game you can build against Yi
You can't tank yi, just kill him before he kills you {{champion:90}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:64}} seem like good candidates
Madsin25 (NA)
: Who would have thought riot could answer urgent requests so fast. Heres to another year of silence about all the damage and useless turrets.
Guess what will bring them more money faster and easier: Answering about what people want to see in a champion (possibly more RP spent in skins etc after rework) Fixing the metagame There's your answer Lovely downvotes there guys, but defending Riot's priorities and decisions has become tiring already.
: Still dunno why this dead joke is still being used here. Average game times atm are 25-35mins which is pretty normal for soloq.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nankyoku,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IM9AJdu,comment-id=00010000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-18T09:52:31.195+0000) > > There's a huge difference between solo queue and LCS, especially regarding the consequences of just "deciding" which match is lost and which isn't beforehand. Fine, do it for pro play then, look at every game where the gold deficit is that much, tell me how many times where they came back?
I'm not gonna waste my time by trying to justify a flawed logic. Just because it might not have happened often doesn't mean it WON'T happen. We're talking about an official tournament here where the company is obviously at fault and you defend their clearly WRONG decision.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nankyoku,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IM9AJdu,comment-id=000100000000000100000000,timestamp=2018-06-18T09:28:28.622+0000) > > Unless you know something that we don't, the game wasn't lost yet. > Might as well encourage the "gg open mid" mindset of most soloqers that give up when the team is behind. I want you to look at your match history right now, look for all the games where either team had a 10 k gold deficit, how many of those games did the team win?
There's a huge difference between solo queue and LCS, especially regarding the consequences of just "deciding" which match is lost and which isn't beforehand.
: Clearly never had to defend a castle from an onslaught before. They more or less gave the front door the 3 million dollar security system (but forgot they had windows too), and gave the actual safe a couple of twist ties to hold the door shut.
lolwat The inner keeps had heavy defense to buy the king time to escape.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nankyoku,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IM9AJdu,comment-id=0001000000000001,timestamp=2018-06-18T09:19:30.264+0000) > > and now it's unfair for the losing team, gg They were ten k gold behind, they weren't coming back.
Unless you know something that we don't, the game wasn't lost yet. Might as well encourage the "gg open mid" mindset of most soloqers that give up when the team is behind.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=cajunstyle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IM9AJdu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-17T23:53:09.303+0000) > > Just give them a tie. Sucks but fair for both. Not really, I would say that is pretty unfair for the team that was ahead honestly.
and now it's unfair for the losing team, gg
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Snowman Arc,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7IM9AJdu,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-17T23:46:18.350+0000) > > It's one thing if the players themselves want to give up because they don't see any chance to victory, and another for RIOT THEMSELVES encouraging them. > > Now, to me, that's unacceptable. For one, how the fuck do you decide to just terminate a match and hand over a victory like that? Remaking the game isn't the best solution, but I can't just accept you just handed over a victory like that. > You didn't mention what other options you think they had. > What does this mean? What is the example you are giving to the players in the community? That games are basically over if a team has a 10k lead? Or if they are an inhibitor down? Before the crash happened, CG actually won a small fight where they killed one guy, so a comeback, even though unlikely, was entirely possible. What am I supposed to think as a solo Q player? Oh, look, we are down 3 towers at 15 minutes, might as well surrender, because Riot themselves said the chances of winning are minimal. Oh, by the way, someone said no to the surrender vote, might as well just AFK now, since Riot agrees that it's pretty much a waste of time to try and come back. This was a special case where they had to make a decision. Would it be fair to call it a draw? Or restart the game from the beginning? It was just bad luck for the losing team, nothing more.
Of course it would be fair to start it from the beginning. After all , if the other team was really that good they would roflstomp them again.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Riot encourages players to give up a game. UNACCEPTABLE.
This is hilarious. I'm glad I stopped wasting my money on this game.
: Bring back Dominion
Nah we still need more Darius skins
Altiverse (EUNE)
: What's wrong with this game, summarized in 1 second
He didn't even ult and there are people defending this. See, this is the problem. There will always people on the boards who will try to justify Riot's decision into making this game a snowball 100-0 fest.
dogehkiin (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nankyoku,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zWjEJEbZ,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-14T10:20:11.211+0000) > > You have a champion with hard CC, gap closer, true damage, shield shredding, and sustain in one kit with high base stats and you call this thing balanced. She doesn't have true damage and if you think that 20hp heal with Q lategame is sustains you have never seen a champ with true sustain.
My apologies, conqueror is so prevalent that I mixed it up with her passive. The sustain from Q+pot alone is enough for her to get through lane phase, to completely massacre everything in mid/late game
: Lol? saying ovaries is not the same as saying testicles. Ovaries are a female organ whereas testicles are considered genetalia. Saying ovaries is like saying stomach, liver, kidney, etc. There's no difference. So I suggest you stop being sexist because it's pissing a lot of people off. Oh, and I down voted.
: A hard cc that is difficult to land (and has non existence duration). True damage? Everyone (or at least every ad) has access to conq. The only of her kind. Sustain, that nowadays almost everyone has in one way or another. High base stats? Fiora has more or less the same stats, yet im not seeing you crying for her.
Now I'm convinced that you're high on drugs when you said it's difficult to land, while it has gargantuan range.
: Censorship of the word Testicles
Wait for the double standards bandwagon to show up
Mus (NA)
: Banner of Command
With how weak turrets are , you don't need to siege anyway
: Im pretty sure i did write than if you disagree, you need to have evidence.
You have a champion with hard CC, gap closer, huge damage, shield shredding, and sustain in one kit with high base stats and you call this thing balanced.
Rexxiee (NA)
: I actually dont know, irelia wr went down by 1% and camille WR actually went up on this patch lol, steraks change did nothing to make them less broken. They really need to be nerfed.
Sterak's was never really the problem. Extreme mobility, extreme sustain and extreme damage in one kit is the problem. Did I also mention CC? You see, {{champion:122}} for example has above average sustain and great damage but he has neither the mobility nor the CC {{champion:39}} and {{champion:164}} . The way they're designed, even if they are 0/5 they have the tools to get back up. Darius has none.
: Idk about camille, but irelia is fine. And i hope you have evidence if you disagree. And dont you dare bring the "BUT SHE HAS DASHES" HERP DERP.
"irelia is fine" Funniest joke attempt goes to the random boards member, 2k18
GigglesO (NA)
: So adc's might be trash...
??? Did you just make a logical suggestion? We don't do that here dude, since ADC damage is low early/mid game might as well increase it and make the game an even bigger circus than it already is.
dogehkiin (EUW)
: Wait until marksmen playerbase realizes that they can use 0% crit builds (guinsoo, botrk/lethality) and that ranged beats melee in lane if they abuse their range instead of never kiting or going into melee range of a Mordekaiser.
"If they abuse their range" I'm sure stuff like {{champion:164}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} have problems reaching a target that is attacking from 550 range. For real dude..
: No you people just fall to realize when it’s time to end a game and when it’s time to hide under a tower
Yenn (NA)
: How can anyone on the balance team see champions with 70-90% ban rate and think 'this is fine?'
Because the balance team probably aren't even playing the game right now. Or they are but they have orders from the managers above to do EVERYTHING to keep the game in a snowball, shorter duration fest. More viewers, more money. So you get champions like Irelia, Zoe and Yi to remain unfixed. I've been playing since 2010 and the game has got so downhill, I believe that they're either trolling us on purpose or that they're simply following orders.
: Yasuo needs to be fixed already.
lolwat How would Riot make money then? Didn't you know that a champion that either goes 0/10 or 10/0 is a healthy design?If you didn't, wait for the bandwagon in these boards to convince you
: PSA: average game times at patch 8.11 ranged from 27min (low mmr) to 23min (high mmr)
23? 90% of my ranked games the past 2 weeks have ended before 20 mins. The ones that didn't were artificially stalled by the enemy team so they could keep bming my team. In truth, most games are over by 15 minutes.
: Botlane and the game in general has never seen this much diversity in a long time.
Yeah as a supp main I'm so glad that Irelia/Yasuo/Darius/Camille gets to delete me without even using tp now.
Kubox (NA)
: Is something ever going to be done about Relic and Allies?
It's funny when they deny you like 100g per wave, then you have no gold to buy items to keep them alive and they die. "noob support"
: Ok. That still doesn't make it any less of a dick move to hold teammates hostage.
You aren't held hostage, you can press ALT F4.
: Is it better to dodge during promos or ride it out??
Comp doesn't mean jack in solo queue.
: Why does it seem like stupid decisions win games not good players?
Because the way the game is in season 8, whoever ends up with that one tilted idiot, loses the game.
: Saying "Im going to kill you" in game
The bot doesn't care about context at all. You're gonna be punished, the people here will downvote you, and crucify you.
darkdill (NA)
: Should Amumu's ultimate have a wind-up?
No, please. Look at his win rate. If you're gonna do this might as well give all those assasin/100-0 junglers windups as well
: You just named, every single assassin in the game, wp wp wp wp.
Yasuo is a special case, no assassin has such an overloaded kit as him.
Thilmer (EUW)
: LMAO "Yasuo is weak, so let's buff him inmediately". On the other hand, when Yasuo had a bug that allowed him to use aditional autoattacks during his ult: "It's not a serious bug; let's not touch him until the next patch despite his suspicious 2% increase in winrate". There is clear favoritism when we talk about Yasuo. I almost find it hilarious at this point.
Obviously, he ust be a real money maker.
: Regardless of whether or not Yasuo needed this hotfix,
Just give this thing a rework already. Champions who either 100-0 you in 1 sec or die in the same amount of time without doing damage should not exist, period.
Vlada Cut (EUNE)
: Nothing you can change about it bud. If the community was toxic for a decade then what guarantee's they'll stop before the end of the ride comes.
Harsher and more immediate punishments perhaps? I can't remember the last time I played a game without reporting someone
Rioter Comments
: I like how this is getting down-voted by the vindictive "If you get reported you're scum" type despite actually having valuable information that would prevent people from being punished. Goes to show what kind of people we're working with here. I assume children.
Just your usual circle jerk. Happens in most forums, where unless you say 100% what Riot and everybody else wants to hear, you'll cause a bandwagon effect where one guy downvotes you and the rest who are usually lurkers proceed to downvote because they saw a downvote so they don't want to go against the norm. See, you got 11 downvotes in your original post even though you said something helpful towards the community. You just didn't say what the circle jerkers wanted to hear.
: Wait what? I have noticed a significantly better chat since I started playing the game. However, I have noticed a lot more stealth trolling, not only in game play, but in chat too. I've seen people try to tilt others intentionally just to try and get them punished by baiting others. It's kind of gross and awful and kind of revolting to see that some person gets their jollies off by baiting someone's anger.
Basically this, I'm tired of seeing people dodging the instant feedback system while they push their team towards the edge. It's SO easy to do things that don't get you banned but make your entire team lose/flame you. Which is completely frustrating. I've started sympathizing with some flamers because of that, because I KNOW exactly what's going on many times. I've dropped an entire division because of people doing stealth trolling. It's incredibly frustrating, and I have the patience and self control to not flame (honor level 4) but I completely understand my teammates' positions when they lash out at those sneaky tards.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Stastically you won more games because of trolls, feeders and flamers than you lost. Let that sink in
I'm more concerned about why said trolls feeders and flamers are not handed out severe punishments in the first place. Let that sink in. And nope, they don't get punished. Literally saw someone saying kys , reported him and he was playing fine next game.
Gilanu (NA)
: Losing LP due to uncontrollable circumstances
Riot doesn't care. It's as simple as that. I just dropped to d5 by heimer jungle and massive trolls who try to avoid the instant feedback system (junglers smiting cannon, laners stealing jungle camps etc etc etc)
: Stop stalking people, and try to be more positive. If they are truly a toxic person, they will get what is coming to them. You however seem really negative and pouty, you should really try and work on that so you don't get banned again.
Everything is stalking nowadays. Even trying to find out if the bot actually works as intended. smh
: I. AM A {{champion:89}} MAIN. AND I. AM BORED. I am really, really stinking bored. I have to ban {{champion:555}} to play an enchanter, (which gets me flamed because missions) and then they just pick {{champion:53}} because their life 'is about the hooks' now. So I can play {{champion:89}}, {{champion:497}} or {{champion:25}} It has been one day and I am so freakin' bored. Winning pretty much everything but what a snooze fest. But I agree, Leona is a 'make Pyke cry' level of counter. He builds squishy killer, and is a grasshopper champion-- Leona is THE counter for both of those champion types. I also consider her THE counterpick for all hook champions (except Darius and his black cleaver) because it's so easy to bodyblock and counterengage when their CC is down. If people start maining Pyke my LP won't complain.
Leona is completely underrated. In a meta where it's all about grabbing fast kills, when Zeke's is finished she can destroy everything with her adc.
: Because if you're playing ranked, you don't want to have a champion on your team that your teammates have no clue how to play.
I'd argue that in solo queue the team who tilts less wins, not the one with "better" picks. Your mileage may vary
5050BS (NA)
: Why is Brand Support Ok but Zyra was too oppressive so nerfed to the ground?
Brand legit does 25% of most supports' hp in one W at level 2. He's annoying af to play against. Level 3 is sure kill with combo+ignite..
: Why am i doing so bad with pyke?
First of all, are you a support main? Secondly, Pyke benefits highly from roaming. If you can help your jungler in the crab skirmish or rush mobility boots to gank mid, he can make your team go largely ahead. His laning is not easy but I'd advice you to suggest your adc to pick a bursty ADC{{champion:110}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:21}} to maximize the potential.
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