: [TFT] Teamfight Tactics Release Timeline and Temporary Restrictions
Bruh.. just say its on the 27th,why do EU like this, don't get me wrong i get timezones, but christ when a timezone makes so its literally a day later, why would you confuse so many people by posting a schedule where it says 26th, lmao
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: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
Can't believe you guys still don't have more rewards for people higher than gold or lower than challenger .
: Champion Gameplay Values 2016
Yasuo is too frustrating , the mobile assassin thing i get, theres Zed ,Talon etc, but Yasuo has been a constant nuisance throughout the patches: -the dash ability should have a cd itself not on each target, he is a nightmare to deal with if there are minions nearby,also what is the point of having his tornado a skill shot if you can just combine it with the dash and always get the ult? -the personal shield and the windwall , these are truly what makes him annoying, first of all (to me at least) it just doesnt fit the champion, you would think a samurai with wind techniques would cut stuff not make barriers , then theres the gameplay, it just blocks too damn much!, i also want to complain about Braum's shield for the same reason, these abilities early game are a hassle but as you progress further on it becomes this mindless spell that can just eat up whole ults , spells and auto-s, it just seems unfair, these abilities should get the same treatment as Morgana's shield , making them so the player has to be paying more attention of when to use them and making them so they only block a certain amount of damage -also a minor thing that always bugged me , granted im not a master swordsman or anything but arent katanas meant for slashing instead of the poke thing he does, Fiora has a sword that is meant for poking and does more slashing then Yasuo, kinda funny.
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: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Can you elaborate on this part: " and each champion you play can earn you one chest per season." ,does this mean i have to play with 4 different champions each month and get S ranks on them in order to get a chest?

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