Nettioma (EUNE)
: Child of Zaun is my favorite story now.
ME: Wanting to say something positive for RIot's story team Everybody else: Know your fucking place trash
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: Lets be honest. There was a certain unique charm playing pre-rework Urgot
: I'm excited to watch Arcane, the new LoL show, for one particular character
If in that show is Singed and Urgot too. I will buy every skin on the game, even those that you cant buy. Mark my word
Riot Pls (NA)
: Future Stories
I really would want to see more of Singed stories, update Gragas, Yorick, and Trundle Singed is know as only "mad scientist who gave chemboms to Noxus and crated Warwick" He would have a lot of potential being one of the horrors of Zaun people fear or admire. He could also have a rivalry with other Zaun champions. Like to Urgot or Viktor. It would be awesome to see Singed turn out to be chembaron and when he is hunted by Urgot he would try to flush Urgot out with Chemboms that could turn out to be civil war. Chembarons vs Sons of Ur Strategy vs Strength. Urgot vs Singed. Gragas is a really really outdated champion. His short story really needs an update. And the story for it, I really don't know how Gragas act or what he wants (more than drink) Is he iceborn? Who does he support? (Avarosa, Winters Claw etc) Now when finally Senna is out, I would love to see Alliance between Yorick, Lucian, Senna, and Maokai. They all want same goal. Save blessed Isles and kill the ruined king. The story would be fun to see, how they act when they see each other. Like would Lucian kill Yorick because he looks like a ghoul? Would Maokai kill all of them for not trusting humans anymore? Would Yorick praise Maokai because Maokai is the oldest spirit of Blessed Isle? And Finally Trundle. The civil war is started(maybe) So how does Liar Lissandra try to stop that with his "Allie" Trundle. Or is he allied with trundle new lore? And if she is, does Lissandra seem him as chesspiece. Or does Lissandra truly seem his Allie with the troll army? Or is trundle going to betray Lissandra thinking he can outsmart ice witch? Or what kind of outcome he had with Ryze? Troll king should need a story
: You all hit on everything we've been thinking in this thread <3 Another note on the metal - the twisting, creaking and scraping sounds and that sound of a wire under tension are things that I thought would make a really creepy sound palette! I don't want him to feel robotic and the animations will hopefully help with that, but I do want him to look like a demon that drew together the nastiest old farm materials it could find to make itself a body. If anyone has dance ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks for the tip on Sons of Perdition! I love the Blackwater Godpel short; I remember watching it when working on High Noon Jhin.
Fiddle has to say to Shaco: - I don't need sewers to be a scary jester. To Thresh - Spooky, not scary Skelton, with hooks in his head. To Beemo or Beekeeper singed. - BEE my victim...You don't need brain for this kind of joke. To Nocturne - 1, 2 Crows are coming for you, 3,4 better hide your flesh...heheh Not dance submissions but hopefully this is okey
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
So the XP changes super effective on bottlane. But how effective it's on top and jungle? you said Krugs don't give you XP anymore. Are you gonna delete them?
: Urgot was a Darkwill loyalist. For all the faults in Darkwill that Swain saw and that were revealed in Swain's lore... let's not forget. Darkwill rose to power in _Noxus_. He had to prove his strength, brutally, every day. Tldr, I think it's possible to be a Darkwill loyalist without being corrupted by LeBlanc. Urgot was loyal to Darkwill because of what he saw in him. Urgot is somewhat blind to the kind of strength Swain has, so Swain knew he had to be dealt with. I don't think Urgot thinks about religion too often. He has devoted his life to strength and battle. It could be he meets someone, someday, who shows him a kind of religious strength. If Riot ever decided to make a character like that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Piltover doesn't care about anything that happens in Zaun until it affects them. I think his actions have reached the point that someone like Camille would start to take a closer look. Ultimately, Piltover relies on Zaun. It can't let the under-city burn. I didn't have any plans for Urgot and Singed. The chemicals in his kit could easily be tied to the Dredge, and the machines used there (what I was imagining). But you never know!
Oh, thank you so much. I am sad that Singed is not connected to Urgot. I imagine Urgot bringing the chamebaron to Singed and asking him to "Show him true strength" And singed laughing very villian like. "I needed a new subject" (Well I would love to see more this underrated person)
: Ask me anything!! (About narrative (for Warwick, Urgot, Swain, Nunu & Willump, and Pantheon (VGUs)))
Hey, I would have question about Urgot if you can (and I am not late) answers a question about Urgot. - Did Urgot knew LB was corrupting Darkwill or was he corrupted too by LB - Does he believe in God or does it see religion as a weakness? - Does Piltover police think him a major threat and trying to hunt him down or they think him as beeing pitty criminal And finally - What situation Urgot has with Singed? Q gas makes me think Singeds Q! So are these reusing particles or are they allies? Sorry for late asking :(
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: Renekton is OP.
Fuck Renekton. There is 0 counterplay to him. Nothing can stop it. These Rioters doesn't know how to balance the game. They should just sell it to steam that knows how to make a fucking balance on their MOBA's. And the funny part is about their post how they say "We know what is wrong with League" and how they choose to balance champions on twitter. League players an only way to get the Renekton nerfs is to get all players to complain about it or big streamers or YouTubers say "Riot nerf him or I stop playing League" So no we are not gonna get Renekton nerf now, or next patch or next season.
: They did nerf it.
And somehow it's still monster of toplane. I would fight against Darius then brain dead Aatrox
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SSmotzer (NA)
: Wait a minute... is Pyke Nautilus?
Surprise! Pyke is rework for Nautilus
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
Hi name is Nettioma and Nautilus main What is important that Nautilus bio and story should never lose. Well 2 things 1. _He was left behind._ I see Nautilus as always man who you left behind and now he's gonna get you. Man who lost everything and he can remember only thing **He was left behind** 2. _Sympathetic champion_ Nautilus is in my opinion that i can give "him shoulder to cry " I would be devastated if Nautilus become murderer or prisoner or god. But sailor think can change... I never understand who sailor have so big and bulky diving suit. ~Lovely Nettioma
: who's your favorite champion in terms of personality?
{{champion:83}} Becuse he is too depressed
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: To Keep Nautilus, Nautilus
They will never rework/change my friend! If they do. Rune wars will happen in real life
Violett (NA)
: When is Creator Viktor's splash art gonna be updated?
That splash art reminds us to never forget our Urgot. He have been gone almost year and i'm still missing him. Never forget my main and my friend ~TheKingOfFnaf (Nettioma)
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Reav3 (NA)
: NP! Yeah we have found that the people that like Urgot really love him and play tons of games on him! Glad you are digging him!
I'm not happy for urgot rework. Old was tanky adc with range{{item:3070}}
: Let's talk Power Fantasies.
I have to say: Nice work i agree with Gallio, Morde but Skarner need only gameplay update not VGU. he look visually amazing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
La Bello (NA)
: I actually dont think Shaco NEEDs to be horrifying. Honestly I would be happy if Shaco was a dangerous solipsist goofball who only see's Runeterra as his playground and more than anything wants to avoid being bored. Personally I already think we have enough "scary" champions like Nocturne and Fiddlesticks and I would much rather see someone with the attitude of Kefka Palazoo or " the Joker". you know someone who acts silly and treats nothing seriously despite being extremely dangerous. Even Shaco RIGHT NOW has no real elements of scary besides his mask-face. His quotes are pretty funny and not at all intimidating along with his various behaviors like doing the worm. If in the Shaco rework Shaco suddenly took a more edgy turn and started mumbling about death, souls,murder and wanting to feed" I would be pretty disappointed. If you are going to make shaco like "Pennywise" then please only take inspiration from the scenes where he acted like a total buffoon **SPOILERS** -the Fridge scene when he struts towards the kid in a goofy manner -him waving hello with the disembodied arm -the dancing jig he did in a effort to spook Beverly into the cheerleader jump **END SPOILERS** tl;dr Please dont go full OW THE EDGE with Shaco update. keep his mannerism goofy and lighthearted even though his kit may not reflect it. Theres no point to keeping Shaco a clown if he doesn't act like one! blowing Raspberry's, doing the worm and juggling while laughing like a idiot is a vital part of his character. also P.S the new IT was not scary lol. It was much more akin to Cabin in the Woods where it has all the elements of a horror movie but ultimately ends up a comedy. Unless you are the kind of person which Jumpscares work on each and everytime IT should have been a great laugh for you due to the sheer absurdity of the scenes, awful CGI and legendary acting. Still enjoyed it though. It entertained me none the less even if it didnt do so in the way advertised.
Agree i would love to see shaco as Lol's Joker. But who would be batman{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Awesome post! It's amazing to think that not too long ago, Shaco was granting interviews to journalists, and threatening them with movie quotes. Which has a certain amount of charm. (Check out [JoJ issue 13](,_Issue_13) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}) But as Runeterra becomes a richer setting for storytelling, I think we can find room to make him Shaco even more horrifying. And yeah, I saw the movie last night and can't stop thinking about it/It either.
Are u guy's gonna make JoJ story's cannon again. But some re-writing. It would be like Aley's jorney of runeterra where he come to see some champs like shaco, see eve and tf doing tango, Malz tricking kassas child to void etc. I WOULD LOVE HAT
Aeszarck (NA)
: Even though I play mostly top, I'd say I'm a Karthus main. He's my favorite Champion and the one I am most comfortable playing mid. I play him top occasionally too. If I didn't think I could get higher in the ranks playing top than playing mid, I'd be playing mid mostly playing Karthus and some Lissandra. DrCyanide is a well-known Boards member who mains Xerath.
I understand those who play karthus and other but my point is that we need to show to LoL community there's option's to main. It's should not be main yasuo or any other meta champ and get Challenger. It should be " okey we need range and ap so i go Xerath" Or "We need tank and dmg dealer at same time. Skarner"
: eeeh......probably,in all my playing which by now is like 1100 games,seen about 3 skarners in draft, a few in aram but like they had a choice. idk about karthus,but my friends have a running joke for when I play skarner so I take note when I see somebody else play him. so I assume I have seen more karthus players
I miss those time when karthus ult was good and skarner was banned almoust everytime
: It has been a while since I played them,but I like {{champion:72}}/{{champion:30}}. mainly due to their capability to mess with people. even went and got M6 skarner,as I played him like,every game after I got him(I picked him cause skarner was one of the first champs I played) though currently I have been doing {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:110}} all that....
have u seen more skarner players then karthus players?
: Skarner is incredibly strong, he doesnt have a true gap closer but he could def exist
Yeah i would like to play skarner if he have gap closer
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: Hey Finikksu! There's good news and bad news here... The good news is, THIS ALREADY HAPPENS!!!! For the Warwick and Urgot VGUs (aka reworks), we added lines to a few of the skins where we felt they'd make the biggest impact. (Hyena Warwick and Battlecast Urgot to be specific.) It wouldn't be too hard to do this during VO updates either, I think there were a few Meowkai lines that were recorded, actually. I don't quite remember why they didn't make it into the game. But if things had worked out, they could have! Anyway, the bad news is that even when we do things like this many players don't notice. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} So doing a few lines for every skin might be overkill. I love your idea of the Tango Evelynn taunt though, that's a perfect example of a skin where there's a real opportunity to do something awesome. Any suggestions for Swain?
He must say to enemy Quinn " I got the first worm valor" To enemy Urgot " You don't need human brain to betray you Urgot" To enemy Darius " Darius you can't lead people. That's why i'm charge" To friendly Singed " You'r poisons, my magic. We can make them suffer." To enemy Veigar " i saw you suffer, you are not master of evil yordle" To enemy Xayah or rakan " You'r species are doomed, give you'r magic to me!" To friendly sion " Bring me a Jarvans head Sion and i promise you a great victory" To Kata " I respected you'r father katarina, but he was in my way" To any Demaia Champion " petrisite. Cowards way to defend against magic" ------- Hopefull u pick on of these.----------
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