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: > [{quoted}](name=Nikki Andersen,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EybjueQ5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-18T14:24:39.976+0000) > > [DELETED CONTENT REMOVED - ULANOPO] Uh. How does this fit into the discussion exactly?
just wanted to post it
: Doesn't that spell still eat mana like an asian man at a hot dog eating contest? If she chucks it to clear a wave but can't spell shield to save her life she'll be OOM in seconds
idk i don't play sivir and i'm not a asian guy eating hot dogs at a fasting resturant either
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: 3rd time i've encountered this duo in my games... they're still not banned?
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saltran (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nikki Andersen,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=fwpGWMoN,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-07-15T20:50:12.304+0000) > > They were tho REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I honestly think that the ones that pretend that adcs are totally unplayable are stupid but then I should find another and worse word to describe the ones like you that keep pretending that adcs were buffed.
: There was nothing wrong with the last Runes + mastery system
imagine having 2 rune pages oh wait u've played since season 1
: ~~All those images need removed or the name blocked out. It violates the boards Name and Shame policy.~~ You need to give time for manual reviews to happen. Edit: Apparently there is an app called Nightswatcher and I assumed it was a player name. Apologies.
Theres not even a single name on this post xd
Jo0o (NA)
: This isn't a kangaroo court. You want Riot to look into somebody, submit a support ticket. Edit: And the fact that this post, in clear violation of forum rules, managed at least four upvotes before folks started replying to it suggests that you're using multiple accounts to upvote yourself. If that's the case, weak sauce, sir.
Actually READ the post before you comment atleast holy shit xd
: Are we back to saying the ADC changes were a buff? Goddamn people are dumb. EDIT: I just took a second look at your post. What the hell are you even complaining about? Are you saying that ADCs baby raging and playing mages bot lane are the reason why games are shorter? WTF?
CosTaPT23 (EUW)
: CAN'T REDEEM MY DREADKNIGHT GAREN CODE! open a support ticket it has an automated answer system so u get it instantly dw
Ahpe (NA)
: Base AD changes: Fine. Base HP/Regen changes: Fine. The Zeal nerf and IE rework: Why? too far.
Because they were 2-3 shotting squishies after getting their 2 item powerspike midgame
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: Anyone miss the 35-minute games?
nah i like the ever changing meta instead of acting like a ''90's kid''
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OHminus (NA)
: Huh, Riot is ironically self aware
Riyotous (NA)
: Well, this game has finally turned me into a toxic piece of shit, so I'm done playing forever.
Stop complaining about matchmaking in flex. Everyone that says their flex rank instead of solo q are boosted af change my mind
: Runes are boring, viable champion pool is small, no counterplay, game sucks @RIOT
Evalion (NA)
he litterally qd into vlad while having 50% hp and missed then got full combod and flamed riot
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=honey love,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j2UEomQ3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-10T18:00:51.944+0000) > > Damage creep. > > **Riot is pushing out strategy in favor of flashy playstyles and in-your-face damage,** Well Yea, Why wouldn't you want to see shit like this every game? I got the first hit, therefor I won. obv overfed mordekaiser and this was last month
: I had an AP Yasuo in my game in ranked, in RANKED and we lost also he inted and we rported him, nothhing happened
Just trying to get a clean 10 win placement on a smurf but i've had to wait for 1:40 hours today just from dodge timers and i'm just trying to get into a 3rd game today
: It doesn't just depend on kda. In fact, you only have ONE assist. It also calculates based on % kill participation, damage done to objectives,players and turrets, farm and vision score.
i litterally got a solo pentakill and opened nexus solo at 14 min while killing people in fountain
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: @Riot Balance Let the community give you a message
i like the way is right now and would be even happier if the games became faster so i wont be stuck in a 37 min game with a 6/16 6/16 2/15 5/10 team because a slightly tanky champ was picked on my team that game
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: After Aatrox's rework, i went sub-20% winrate until i started playing Skarner top
oh noes a aatrox player drops rank because his broken main champ got reworked (for a reason btw) What a supriseeeee i still remember it clear as day. Challenger player Hashinshin Qs(misses) into vladimir with fully stacked crimson rush while having 50% hp getting himself killed then flaming the fuck out of riot for not having nerfed vladimir yet i've always had something against aatrox players since then and i jump with joy when my laner plays aatrox just kidding :P
: League makes me sad
: why would an adc take ignite or a top laner that isnt looking to kill someone constantly? what is even the point of this post besides trying to make an argument out of nothing
i've seen ezreals take teleport but i've not seen any take ignite
: So... about today's PBE update..
because he has a stronger early game than darius. If darius procced 5x hemorrhage instnatly coming from someone that mains shens counterpick
Crokoppa (NA)
: gj league i hope u die by urself lonely and have awful ass cancer
Crokoppa (NA)
: Getting perma banned for asking to report a troller on my team
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Aquanar (NA)
: Riot your matchmaking really sucks
It's not even necessary to queue golds with silvers since theres already so many players in lower elos so i don't understand why riot wont reduce queue times for better matchmaking in lower elos
Wanfear (NA)
: If you left a remake, why are you the only one in the fountain? Also, if you stayed and only earned as much gold as your teammates, your team would have the gold lead at the time of this screenshot.
he came back because they were premades try using your brain a little why would you NOT remake 4v5?
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Myrmiron (EUW)
: Someone explain this comparison to me, my brain isn't big enough.
> [{quoted}](name=Myrmiron,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=E30cWqqB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-26T11:27:08.644+0000) > > Someone explain this comparison to me, my brain isn't big enough. 2 guys no mommy me big brain
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: Hextech Chest and Key disppeared when I tried to open them and they gave me nothing
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: > level 5 25800 blue essence i only see 3k on the picture tho... wtf is supposed to show the game is declining in this image?
> [{quoted}](name=Jerry SeinfeId,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=r4H33uOx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-17T15:04:36.006+0000) > > i only see 3k on the picture tho... wtf is supposed to show the game is declining in this image? lux only champ that costs 3k in this picture garen costs 450 and the rest costs 4800
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: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{champion:8}} Vlad is impossible to balance :S you either completely bury him or buff him to 60%
: Ppl quitting league ? Is it just me ???
i'd quit if my cpu could handle minecraft
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