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: falsely banned for intentional feeding
While indeed in some cases we go straight for a two-week suspension (even permanent in some rare cases) without a previous warning, we cannot lift or shorthen the suspension time or period. :( As a gamer myself, I understand how frustrating it is to have 14 days without your account but please understand that it is also frustrating for the rest of the players that you have impacted in that unfortunate game. A two-week suspension is not a punishment more than it is a ""warning"" that we give to our players in the hopes they will redeem themselves on the Fields of Justice~ From what I've read in your reply, looks like you're on the right path in becoming one of our honorable players and after the suspension is over, you will experience League a bit more differently than previous :) Here's a treat Epic Lasagna Riot Games Support "Every Lasagna is EPIC" this was the support's answer lol...
: I would recommend contacting support to argue your case. I don't see evidence of intentional feeding from the match history, but I can't look at a replay to see for sure.
i contacted them just now and i hope they would dig into the match to see that i didn't do anything wrong.
: As far as I can tell, this does check out as an extremely bad match. Your deaths weren't _too_ out of the way, and your build path looks normal, and since it was Teemo vs. Darius...I'm halfway inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. You'll want to submit a Support Ticket and explain that you may have been punished for a false-positive. There's a fair likelihood that - unless they find some damning evidence that I can't immediately see - they'd lift the Suspension and reinstate your Honor.
i already submitted a ticket explaining everything happened in the match and i hope they would find that i didn't do anything bannable in that game and unblock my account.
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