: Riot "Uhm yeah, but we still need more data"
They will get more, believe me, we got a ton of new participants.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Nrsh,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=87QOYEMR,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2019-07-04T10:32:11.052+0000) > > Don't worry, no jesters were gutted during the making of this thread, I took that into account. The new E will have to be synergized with it, it will also be a camouflage with a smaller "in sight" circle than others (if possible). A second charge/lower cooldown can also be implemented into it. What about true stealth for the first part, and camo for the second with the same length between his autos and the circle as Eve autos and her Q?
Sorry, but I kinda got lost in that explanation, may you explain please?
: I am pretty sure autoing does not reveal neeko from her passive, which you seem to imply it does. Should mention that fizz has a trickster flavor but doesn't really have anything in his kit to reflect it. Just damage and evasion.
Auto attacking a champion does reveal Neeko (even if the aa is canceled btw), thogh she can farm while staying camouflanged. About Fizz: he is a trickster, though not of the decptive kind. He is more of a playful menace, he likes jumping around and pulling pranks, not really planning or thinking ahead.
: Lux's Q hitbox is pretty deceptive too.
It's too perfect of a deception for this thread, that's why i didnt put it in.
: >Q: Just a basic deception tool, invisibility and a blink. Would be better if it was camouflage instead, to require more smart and tricky play (can have some more uptime to compensate). Honestly you just gut Shaco into even further unviability with one change. He is melee and Q is his gapcloser. You're going to make it so that he can't actually ever reach anyone _ever_?
Don't worry, no jesters were gutted during the making of this thread, I took that into account. The new E will have to be synergized with it, it will also be a camouflage with a smaller "in sight" circle than others (if possible). A second charge/lower cooldown can also be implemented into it.
: {{champion:62}} should make the list somewhere, but probably low, likely under {{champion:7}} . His only deception is making you think he used W but he didn't. Q and R are just damage, E is a dash which is not necessarily deceptive but maybe tricky?
As I said, I did not include every deception champion in the game. The reason I decided not to include Wukong is because he is more of a playful champion and not really meant to be a full on deception champion. The three champions I included are really meant to be based around deception.
: The main problem with creating a champion completely based around deception is that it wouldn't make for an enjoyable experience to play against for the average player. This basically boils down to basic human psychology: people don't enjoy feeling stupid. They don't appreciate others taking advantage of their lack of knowledge, and in the vast majority of cases if one person in objectively more intelligent than another, the less intelligent person will feel inferior and envious, thereby tainting all future interactions between them. How this translates to League is that champions requiring more focus on tactical and strategic play over mechanical proficiency are oftentimes the most frustrating to play against, and consequently Riot tends to avoid making these types of champions. Shaco is a good example of this. Shaco does one thing, and he does it well: he punishes mistakes. His abilities allow him to wreak havoc on disorganized, uncoordinated teams, and on players who lack the game knowledge to play against him. Because of the simplicity of his kit, a greater burden of knowledge is placed on one's strategic aptitude and the ability to think in unfamiliar terms. And this doesn't just apply to playing as Shaco either. Playing against Shaco requires you to plan your moves carefully so that you can foresee in advance where he will be and act accordingly. In essence, you must put yourself into the mind of the Shaco player. It's a battle of wills, a meeting of minds; one person's strategy and tactics vs. another's. Much different from the usual mechanical outplays that people are used to making. Shaco draws people out of their comfort zone and forces them to adapt to unique situations more so than any other champion in the game. And herein lies the problem. Strategy can't be taught in the same way mechanics can. You can play the same champion for 1000 games, get to know their kit at an incredibly intimate level and how to use it, but the same cannot be said of strategy and critical thinking. To use an example, a chess newbie could conceivably memorize every possible chess opening in the book; but that won't make them a chess grandmaster. The average casual player makes tactical errors without realizing they're making tactical errors. With mechanics, it's easy to say "oh, I pressed E+Q+flash+W instead of E+flash+Q+W, I'll do that next time". But it's a lot harder for untrained players to think 2-3 minutes in advance, plan a jungle path, focus objectives properly, get into the opponent's head and figure out what their next move will be. High elo players on the other hand do this kind of thing constantly, meaning it's a lot harder for a deception-based champion to work well against them. Using Shaco as an example again, there's a reason so few people main him in diamond+, and that's because it's infinitely more difficult to out-think people who know what they're doing. Consequently, a champion based entirely around deception would most likely become a low-elo stomper and useless in high elo.
That's definitely a good point. However I do believe that it can be solved by combining mechanics and complexity into the mix. One of the main reasons Shaco has a hard time against higher elo payers is the simplicity of his kit, it just doesn't allow for as much situation manipulation as needed to put good players in a bad spot. Adding complexity to the kit can also allow for more potential power to be put into it as well. When it comes to low level play, it will reduce the difficulty for whoever plays against the champion by making the champion itself harder to play. Thnak you for the enlightenment.
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: Im not saying it cant be dodged just that its massive and takes so long to dodge if you dont have range you cant then fight mordekaiser again in its down time. Of course ranged champions have it better because riot intentionally gives them saving graces in kit so that they dont have to build defense on top of the range that allows them to not build defense. Riot basically balances everything around ranged champions doding it. champions like darius illaoi tahm kench blitzcrank leona and taric are the ones who have to either eat all the mordekaiser q's and magic resist is super poor.
In the example i gave, Kai'sa was always fighting me in my range. Also, Darius destroys Morde right now, but even if he didn't some movement speed and basic skill can negate all his damage, and even if it didn't, then he counters some champions, is that wrong? not even taking into account that: blitz SHOULD lose a 1v1 to Morde cause he is meant to play around getting the enemies into his teamates, tahm taric is a support that is supposed to always be with teamates and can also avoid all of Morde's damage but simply stunning him if he gets close, Tahm isn't supposed to be as strong a fighter as he is now (remeber that he is a support as well), Leona has a butt load of cc and is also a supprt meant to go in with teamates, and Illaoi has her ranged tentacles and test of spirit.
: E is easy enough to dodge but q is so big and fast on top of it being a really low cooldown but you cant afford to not dodge everyone single one but because of how much damage it does you have to. but to even have a chance at dodging it you have to be constantly in motion 1 to fake out your direction and 2 to change direction when the cast start there isnt even time to auto attack once he maxes and gets cdr
Not really, It's not as big and definitelly not as fast as you make it out to be, it also doesn't have mush range. For example I played against a Kai'sa and couldn't hit her with Q, she had time to aa me twice then use E and get out then aa me again befroe the animation ended.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nrsh,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QKp7UIJU,comment-id=0000000c,timestamp=2019-06-13T14:54:48.515+0000) > > They can buy {{item:3102}} though, it won't completely counter it, but it makes it so he can't just go in and ult them right away. {{item:3152}}
They can build some ms to kite (which isn't as hard as people make it seem). They can also build Zhonya's to: waste 2.5 seconds of the ult and avoid his combo which will also prevent the passive proc, or just cancel the ult altogether if they time it right. And generally, yeah, it's not a magic solution, as nothing should be in League, nothing should just render your opponent's ult useless for no cost.
: Itโ€™s okay to be wrong.
Well, he is right in the sense that the skins should get more love (or rather be allowed to get more love since Neal wants to give them love but Riot just can't have it) *cough* *cough* Dragon Knight's hood *cough* *cough*
: I think I might be obsessing a bit too much about this, but it'd honestly be such a simple fix
The problem is that you are not obsessing enough. It's way more important than you make it seem!
: Considering how busted he is from people that haven't learned his kit I don't want to see his optimized learning curve in his current state, no.
Remember that people still have to learn how to play AGAINST him. I'm not saying it will completely solve the problem but it seems to me that right now people can't ever dodge his Q and E when the only thing you need to do is go to the side instead of running in a sraight line. I do think he needs some nerfs, just not the gutting people seem to think he needs.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Mages and supports can't really buy it And it hurts so much seeing a Morde ulting a Soraka
They can buy {{item:3102}} though, it won't completely counter it, but it makes it so he can't just go in and ult them right away.
: {{item:3111}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}} {{item:2138}} and peel can help with cc. They probably cannot help with his ult.
Also, let me remind you that Fiora's parry, Morgana's black shield, Sivir's shield and Nocturne's shield block it altogether. I'll also add Cleanse (the summoner spell) and Gangplank's orange into your list, both just take you right bacl imto summoner's rift.
: Has that been confirmed or are you just speaking out of your ass?
It was confirmed, and you shouldn't be so disrespectful, at least not before you know I'm making things up.
: {{item:3111}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3222}} {{item:2138}} and peel can help with cc. They probably cannot help with his ult.
qss does cancel his ult...
: The new morde ult will be a huge problem.
That just means he turns the fight into a 4v4 and when he dies, the fed carry is back to help his team. And if your problem is that the carry's team might lose the 4v4, well let me tell you something: the current state of the game of one hyper carry being able to destroy the entire enemy team in teamfights isn't balanced, if his team can't win or at least stall a 4v4 then they don't really deserve the win, the only one who might deserve to win is the carry (something which is also often debatable since there are some champs who don't have much counter play and reward the player too much for a small lead). If something, the problem with the ult is ulting champs like Soraka, who is easy to 1v1. Ulting her will deny her heals while you also get a higher chance for a kill, however it's not like his new kit allows him to just automatically catch the Soraka, she can play around him, stalling (and... playing well), it has counter play (also, I don't know, but her ult might still be able to heal her teamates while in Morde's ult).
: Playing Ranked "With" New Champs
Oh boy, do I feel you. As a Mordekaiser main there is nothing more tilting than your team starting drake without you when you ping them 10 times and ask them to wait just to see the drake dying 3 seconds before you can get damage on it. And don't even get me started on Zoe's sleep and balloons....
: > [{quoted}](name=A Swarm of Koala,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GcThn9Hn,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-10T12:34:42.104+0000)I don't watch GoT but this seems reasonable. Nor do I. I know there are dragons and not as many thrones as the title would imply, and that's about it. :P
> [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GcThn9Hn,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-10T12:36:15.286+0000) > > Nor do I. I know there are dragons and not as many thrones as the title would imply, and that's about it. :P WOW WOW WOW, SPOILERS!!! Someone ban this man! Tsk tsk tsk, breaking the rules you set like that...
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I know where Norra is.
That does make a ton of sense (never noticed that lost chapter detail btw! Omg I feel dumb...) another supporting evidence is that it seems like Mordekaiser shows interest in Book (in Yuumi's voice lines she tells morde he cant have him), the way he could know about something like that is by meeting Norra and seeing the chapter she has. It might even be that he captured her. OH DAMN, I think I'm on to something (thanks to you), What could Norra, a yordle possibly want with the shadow isles?! The answer is Veigar!!! Veigar was taken by Mordekaiser, and Norra must have some relation to Veigar! That's why she would risk her life and go there, to rescue him! It's also kinda confirmed by MM's "Hmm" that it has to do with Morde. (I thought about the second part while writhing this)
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: With Kayle and Morgana's Duo VGU on the horizon let's talk about my favorite League Rivalry
Can we talk about Malzahar's old/second splash art (the one you added), and how badass he looks in it? It makes me so mad that instead of chaning his model to fit that amazing design they just changed the splash art to fit the outdated model. In his first and current splash arts he looks very slender and weak, like he was drained of life, but that kind of look is more fitting for Kassadin, allow me to explain: Kassadin is constantly fighting over his body which was corrupted by the void, but Malzahar works WITH the void, therefore, the void has no reason to drain him of life, it would be in it's best interest to give him more power so that he can help it conquer the world and that imo is delivered best in his second art.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nrsh,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lLJWuEu6,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2018-08-07T20:29:18.421+0000) > > will to give up on playing league or Mordekaiser until the rework, but what if we will make the exact opposite happen? What if we made Riot care that Mordekaiser is so problematic? Not by words, but with deeds.this is a serious suggestion: if you think you are up to the task, join me. From this point until the Mordekaiser rework is announced, we shall play ONLY MORDEKAISER! No matter which position, no matter which team comp, if games will constantly have a walking 200 bugs in them Riot will have to take action. Are you with me? heheheh :) i wrote a VERY detailed post describing this stratedgy a while ago im glad I went back a read this comment. Ask Malicious Metal. I came up this idea a while ago in one of his post! [Here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/8f0Lfb7y-why-i-am-quitting-mordekaiser?show=flat&comment=007f) Heres [another](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/nghIuBtU-mordes-greatest-strength-is-his-greatest-weakness?show=flat&comment=000000000000000100000000) Lets start the Morde Horde! hey send me a friend request, this will be a easy goal if we set up a group and everyone takes turns for playing morde as there will be less dodges, and the groups will be VERY good for AFO because then we can always pick Morde
I would love to but I'm from EUNE...
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite - Zoe {{champion:142}}, It delivers the "fun and playful" theme of zoe (I especially love the jump rope one). Least Favorite - Mordekaiser {{champion:82}}, It feels too light,. You would expect a giant living metal armor to have heavier steps and to even leave some cracks on the groud (I know he won't get his replaced since he is ~~supposedly~~ due for a rework next year).
: Nunu: Did you see all the bugs beneath that guys armor?!
That was actually funny Riot, but now after you made the joke there is no need to keep the bugs anymore, right? Right......?
: Couldn't agree more. I just played a game with her and my finger is a little sore from clicking q so many times as fast as possible LOL. Please update. xD
The real finger pain starts when you play her on URF (I can still hear my finger crying sometimes).
god daimmq (EUNE)
: About the zoe nerfs coming in 8.16
I play Zoe aswell and I really think she is a fun champ to play, but to be honest, I do feel like there is not much counter play to her at times. I wonder, do you guys think she should also have her Q nerfed? because I don't mind her getting any kind of nerf as long as she remains playable (I love playing challenging champs and the weaker she is the bigger the challenge)
: When Your Main is an Outdated Mess You Refuse to Abandon
So the Mordekaiser rework teaser IS out! I knew they were just trolling us...
Destaice (NA)
: These Vi buffs are out of control
New Vi be like: "One For All...1,000,000%...SMAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!!"
: I can't wait for his VGU in Winter of 2020
Silly you. When they wrote 2019 something went wrong with the numbers and they flipped, they meant to write 9102. But don't lose hope, am I right?
: I have been doing that for the last year ( after my year long protest of not playing league didn't have any affect) It does nothing. Riot doesn't Care. Like Holy Shit same patch marksmen get nerfed and boom 500% increase in Playrate. But it didn't last because he is still awful to play. Yet Noone even acknowledged that Interest. Like HUH. Holy shit People Really like Mordekaiser ?! Wow. Ok guys new plan. Let's Rework Ezreal
But it's different if all the Mordekaiser fanbase will do it at the same time.
: One Morde thread to rule them all
I got a great idea! It's a bit crazy but hear me out: What if we made a new thread, and left it with only this format: Passive: Q: W: E: R: Design: Then we'll all start discussing rework ideas to fill those up with, one at a time. The person who will be the thread's creator (I think Malicious Metal is the most suitable to be that person. Sorry for dragging you back into making threads, if you are not interested I'll be honored to fill that position or to have someone else fill it) will be in charge of taking all the solid ideas of the day and putting them in other threads (that he will link in the main thread) as votes, those votes will end in the day after they are made and the most voted idea will be added to the main thread. We'll go by that routine until we have a complete Mordekaiser rework made by all (ideally) the Mordekaiser lovers. The step after that will be starting to develop the art itself. Now I know, it seems hard to manage and like a lot of work, but doing this will create the ideal Mordekaiser and might give us some attention from Riot along the way.
: I could be wrong, but they're probably delaying his VGU because they want him to be the big baddie, and to ensure that their event is the hypest shit in the world. The start of the build up was with {{champion:13}} collecting all the Infinity St- I mean colorful Runes, and then Than- I mean {{champion:82}} will come for them to rule over Runterra (or destroy it, either one is horrific anyways). I hope this is Riot's plan. It would be so amazing and cool to have Mord as the biggest villain ever, and he deserves that title. I want a cinematic where everyone fights him, and it's .... oh who am I kidding? Riot doesn't care about Mord, they just want to sell more skins for {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}}
I thought it could be pretty cool if the rework came out alongside a twisted treeline rework....
: My first reaction was buy a bunch of accounts and int with morde on all of them so youโ€™re idea is way better
You don't "int" on Morde, you simply make your ghosts stronger ;)
: One Morde thread to rule them all
Ever since the roadmap was revealed I have seen mostly broken spirit and will to give up on playing league or Mordekaiser until the rework, but what if we will make the exact opposite happen? What if we made Riot care that Mordekaiser is so problematic? Not by words, but with deeds.this is a serious suggestion: if you think you are up to the task, join me. From this point until the Mordekaiser rework is announced, we shall play ONLY MORDEKAISER! No matter which position, no matter which team comp, if games will constantly have a walking 200 bugs in them Riot will have to take action. Are you with me?
: Honestly, It'd be poetic justice He was responsible for the Juggernaut Patch Morde, but he was also severely limited by time and resources. So yeah, as ironic as it might be, he could definitely give Morde a rework befitting for the Revenant King.
And it is very IRONic {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} .
: Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate 'em! :) And of course Nightfall's also a metal reference! A Blind Guardian one no less, one of my favorite Metal bands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoyToHOWSV8
If you already brought it up, my LoL dream for a long time now is marching down mid lane playing the reworked Mordekaiser with this truely amazing song playing in the background!
: One Morde thread to rule them all
First of all, I would like to tell you that I appreciate you so freaking much Malicious Metal, reading through your passion filled words made me feel as if you were my childhood friend, my Metal Overlord Loving ass childhood friend. When my friend first introduced me to LoL he told me to look at the champions and choose one I like. I browsed through the champions and after a minute or so I saw Mordekaiser. "This one looks cool", I said to my friend, he responded by bursting out in laughter "What's so funny?", I asked, "Mordekai, that champion's name is Mordekaiser! You randomly chose a champion with your name!". At that moment I already knew that I'll devote my time to learning how to play him and he became my unchangeable main. Reading your thread made me go back to that moment, the one that made me play LoL in the first place, and I'd like to thank you for that. Now, after I'm done being all emotional, I'd like to bring up something that you didn't mention, and to be honest I don't see many people mention, that thing is Nightfall. Mordekaiser is awesome enough as is, but to add on his unending badassery, his mace is named Nightfall. Now, in my eyes that means how special his mace is: it's not just any mace you can buy at your local market! It's his ass kicking spikey partner Nightfall! The fact that his weapon has a name means it has a personality, it can't be replaced, something I don't currently feel while playing him. I see this as a very important thing, and I really think that a lot of thought should be put into making Nightfall feel like a special mace, Mordekaiser's mace. I really do believe that together, we Mordekaiser mains, can make at least some kind of impact on Riot, and get ourselves a true Iron Ovelord. Mordekai (aka Nrsh), a true Mordekaiser Main.
: Champion Roadmap: August 2018 - Nexus
I just feel broken at this point, i'd be cool with Nunu-> new champ-> Kayle and Morgana-> Mordekaiser, but he isn't even in there! They just threw another new champ in (which no one asked for) and added Ezreal who is competely fine right now: he has 12 skins one of which is an ultimate skin that got tweaked this year and one is a skin he got just recently, people play him a lot and he is not over or under powered. Meanwhile Mordekaiser who has over a 100 bugs, looks old as heck, has 5 skins that change only the W's color (and 0 recall animations btw), gets nothing because he is due for a rework, has no one playing him and is a general mess, is pushed aside and doesn't even make it in the list. Why?! I just want a reason, at least let us know why are you doing this to us?
: Was Mordekaiser born with that name, or did he adopt it?
"Aww! What a cute baby! Let's name him fucking Murder Emperor!" I think he might be related to Bakugo from My Hero Academia.... https://pm1.narvii.com/6480/8027caf95a9b218db3bc647069e253e1dc70ccd5_hq.jpg
: Was Mordekaiser born with that name, or did he adopt it?
I mean, my name is Mordekai (it's a Jewish name) and I'm from Israel, it's a completely normal name here (Mordekaiser is Jewish confirmed).
: REALLY don't want to sound like a jerk but the LOL community would royally reject that. To put it simply it's way to overly complex & fells.... "cluttered. I had a 89% complete idea but never posted it. If you retry this form (more luck on Reddit, most likely) I don't mind you stealing ideas from this as a base/example: Passive: Master of Sorrows *Wanted something different than a shield due to all of their nerfs & Riot's buttf*kng and lean more on the idea that he's a conqueror turned necromancer that siphons souls--so this reflects that --Mordekaiser heals himself with champion takedowns, epic monster takedowns & his abilities, scaling on level, percent missing health & 1% more missing health per 100 AP & 150 Bonus AD *He pokes & plays passive or could be agressive as hell, still heals like old Morde, leaving room for more space/changes in his other abilities AND allows him to survive ballsy dives/1v2s & stay in teamfights. A true battle mage juggernaut like we want. Q: Nightfall (Duh) *A 2 part mix between an active & channel to undo peoples complaints on him having crap stats--in this case MS--but giving a balance pro/con --Mordekaiser can hold & channel (either form) Nightfall for 1.5 seconds, shattering its handle, extruding it & binding it together with a thick black mist--gaining attack range, 5% reduced movement speed & alternate active on Nightfall. Returning or reactivating this channel cannot happen while on active form or cooldown. --Active/Mace: Mordekaiser's next 2 attacks deal bonus damage to anyone within a limited AoE of the target. Alternatively, attacking an isolated target increases the damage by 50%. The third and final attack deals double damage than the first 2 and will trigger Master of Sorrows if used on an enemy champion *As close to a mix of the 2 Qs everyone misses. Not perfect but good damage, familiarity & mix with his passive sounds like a passable start --Active/Flail: Mordekaiser's next 3 basic attacks deal bonus (not nearly as much as mace) magic damage and can root enemies struck by ALL 3 EMPOWERED ATTACKS and activate Harvester of Sorrows *Slow, yet good melee reach & addresses the "no hard CC" complaints on the condition you stick to one person. W: Harvest the Mist *Similar to the old W without the stupid buddy system -Mordekaiser deals DoT every 0.25 seconds around himself, stacking "harvest" on enemy champions, large minions & large monsters. After regaining 6 stacks (1.5 seconds of sticking to the enemy) Harvest can be reactivated to detonate, dealing additional damage and triggering Master of Sorrows E: Conqueror of the Damned *COMPLETELY different since a LOT of people complain about his E for some reason --Smite a targeted champion in limited range, leaving a tainted Area of Effect on the ground (moderate size). Striking the enemy with basic attacks, item actives or abilities activates a small delay & re-applies the damage & triggers Harvester of Sorrows if they're still within the circle when the delay ends *Poke, situational heal, simple, learn this lesson Riot R: Enslaved Souls *3 parter, mostly identical to the old ult without NEARLY as much risk for bugs due to not needing 140+ puppet models --Active: Target the enemy champion, dealing 50% damage & 30% siphon heal initially and "cursing" the champion for 10 seconds, dealing 5% damage & 3% heal per sec --Killing the enemy siphons & stores a small, varying percentage of BONUS AD, AP, Health, Armor & MR shared between Mordekaiser and his Lich WHILE the Lich is ACTIVE. Updates the stored stats to the highest value, does not stack (I.E. a Trundle with 150 AD gets killed, later on a Zed with 250 AD keeps Zeds syphon & disregard's Trundle's) When the cursed Champion dies, their corpse vanishes & is replaced with one of 4 (Dragon, range, mele or mage) Lich pets (I.E. no champion bugs) based on champion type & stats built, sharing siphoned stats with Mordekaiser for its duration or until dead. RANGE: Higher AD/AP/Base ratios on basic attacks, less health/armor/MR ratios MAGE: Less AD/AP damage on basic attacks as the range, but deal small AoE damage & don't count as projectiles MELE: Highest ratios on syphoned health/armor/MR, decent AD scaling & poor AP scaling factored into basic attack damage DRAGON: Ring a bell? *Basically, biggest source of bugs are out, more versatility, no pizza feet, no restriction to primarily bot, optimal all lanes, and an ultimate that influences you to share the love with the enemy Renekton, Maokai, Malzahar, Jhin & thresh to make them & everything they've done your buttmonkey VERY BASIC ROUGH DRAFT--use all you want everyone
> When the cursed Champion dies, their corpse vanishes & is replaced with one of 4 (Dragon, range, mele or mage) Lich pets (I.E. no champion bugs) based on champion type & stats built, sharing siphoned stats with Mordekaiser for its duration or until dead. To be honest, I didn't really like your Passive and E ideas and i would say Q needs some tweaks (no offense, great job), but this, this ult change is ingenious!!! This exactly what I was looking for, a way to get rid of all the ults problems and still keep the ult iconic and familiar. Thank you so much!
: ๐Ÿ’ฌ C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Nrsh#8588 I the C&C-CC pun intended? 183103914793500672
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: Can we re-rework Mordekaiser?
As a Mordekaiser main I want to say that I don't see the dragon as that much of a problem (I do think it desservs a nerf tho) and yet they keep nerfing everything BUT his dragon. The main thing that concerns me is his W. The changed W was meant for duo lane, then got changed so it will fit solo lane, but now it belongs nowhere! It is pretty useless in solo lane and not that good in duo lane! I would really like to see a rework for Mordekaiser that will make him fit to solo lane again (and if possible to duo lane too) and will let him keep his Passive, E and Ult.
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: What does it take to get an S rating?
I scored 12/0/8 on Aurelion Sol and it only got me an A-!
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