: I would advise you to stop heckling someone for clarifying the meaning of an abbreviation. If you have a problem with people correcting how others speak then you should take it up with people who actually care, because I don't really give a shit. Everyone on here is free to clarify any post they have an issue with, because its an open forum.
That would be fair if that had been your point. But you're really the one who started "heckling" people in this thread, so don't play the victim. My original reply was just a joke which you grossly overreacted to. If you don't give a shit, stop replying and stop taking offense to meaningless cultural references.
: Using the wrong word isn't bad grammar its bad syntax. Misspelling the word would be bad grammar.
Grammar Nazi is a slang for someone who deliberately posts to correct the spelling of other people's posts and basically turns the conversation into a topic about how you spell things correctly. Note that slang is an actual part of language and not just considered "meme." Language is more than just a set of rules, it is also an art of expression where the original poster wanted to express how the item in question felt like a chain of slows and I wanted to express how your influence in the debate derailed it into a boring pointless discussion about proper language usage because you're either too arrogant or ignorant to accept people's choices of words. It is only a true Grammar Nazi who could completely miss the point and try to look cool by correcting the spelling again. The first step is realizing you have a problem. {{champion:17}}
: Sorry, I don't speak meme.
But you're fluent in Grammar Nazi.
: How many people are done with having Blue Ez on their teams?
Personally I like supporting Ezreal. Yes, you need to be aware his power spike doesn't come as fast as most other carries but when you're used to playing in the bot lane then it's really not all that different from when the enemy carry gets a lead and you have to avoid trading _anyway_. The advantage to playing with an Ezreal is that his kit makes him extremely flexible. He can farm at long if he falls behind, he can poke very aggressively, he can jump in and burst extremely well, he can dodge all sorts of abilities other carries couldn't get out of (e.g. Blitz hook), he's usually more map aware because of his ultimate and he becomes extremely good at protecting you when he gets his items. Vayne or Kalista are Champions I get tired of supporting a lot. They both tend to be more aggressive than they should be, they both want very specific types of support Champions and they both have a relatively hard time playing safe if you fall behind. I would take Ezreal over them any day.
: Your Support Is Not Expendable Garbage
Personally I hate when my carry tries to stick around in an unfavorable situation to try and save me. When it looks like the odds of escaping alive are closing in to zero, I almost always just sacrifice myself to buy my carry that extra second needed to get to safety. As a support, I'm almost always behind in levels and gold, so losing a bit more isn't gonna make that much of a difference. But a carry being level 10 and short 200g for their next big item while the enemy carries are level 11 and already have them makes a huge difference.
DropFill (NA)
: "Dead Man’s Plate remains too strong and is crowding out other choices"
Of course Dead Man's Plate is the number one armor choice when it gives movement speed. Just like you always buy boots in every game. It's a mobility-based game, a long cd AoE slow or a weak aoe damage passive is never going to contest with the ability to catch up to enemies or escape death. As long as it is worth buying, it will always be prioritized. I honestly don't know what they're expecting players to buy or what kind of variation they even want to see.
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: When I'm Support, and you see me leaving to ward river, DON'T YOU FUCKING TRY TO 1V2 THE ENEMIES
Since this thread has become a lot about the dysfunctionality of a solo queue bot lane, I'll weigh in my experience as a support main to any ADC mains reading this thread. The key to winning your lane is knowing the little things in your matchup. For example, whenever you're against a Thresh it's really important to shove right off the bat so you hit level 2 first and deny him his level 2 power spike where he'll hook one of you with ignite and usually first blood. If you're playing with a Janna you want to try and actively trade so your support can take advantage of her shields to win you the lane rather than playing as a subpar Soraka. Mistakes like dying 1v2 is usually tilt or low elo trash mistakes. Bot lane is probably one of the most difficult lanes to learn because there are so many lane variations it's difficult to know all the matchups. It's not like where you master 1 Champion and know how to lane against each Champion. You also need to know how each support wants to play the lane, how each enemy support threatens you and how favorable you are against the enemy carry. Also don't be afraid to lose lane if you have a really bad matchup, losing your turret early usually means you get to passive farm while your support can roam and hopefully your other lanes can carry until you're farmed up.
Fırewall (EUW)
: Uh, as a main support. And I don't mean to say there aren't alot of crappy marksman who do this... but... I often see this being done alot, which is the support randomly abandoning the lane at the worst possible time frame to ward, WITHOUT even pinging. Way, too often. A support should always ask himself before leaving lane: -Is a minion wave about to arrive? -Where is the enemy jungler + midlaner? If the jungler was just seen top 1 second ago, and the mid laner is currently farming, there is no reason to waste ward time. -Does the enemy support have flash + reliable engage? You don't just walk away from your marksman if the enemy is a Blitz with flash up... you kindly ask him to come ward with you, or force the enemies out of lane. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Unless you are really low elo, there is a sincerely good chance the brush you're trying to ward will have a vision ward in it. The best time to ward that brush is during a minion wave, when their carry is less likely to tear himself away from farming. In solo queue, most carries even at a higher elo aren't going to come help you clear the vision to safeguard your lane and it is super important that you clear the vision so their jungler doesn't have free access to your lane. If your carry gets flash engaged on and doesn't flash to disengage, then it's 100% on your carry as well. Your carry should also recognize the potential to be engaged on as not all supports can disengage like Janna. Fortunately I've reached the elo where my carries are grateful I know where to ward and when to ward, so they are happy to eat a few seconds of getting zoned so they can push afterwards without worrying about getting ganked from overextending.
: Thresh (and apparently Bard) are super fun to play
Thresh isn't fun to play at all. Because you're a tank, you're forced to build Relic Shield. But because Thresh is "ranged," he doesn't get the execute proc. It leaves you with a situation where if you wanna main Thresh, you need to 1) get a carry that will actually allow you to last hit minions and 2) practice CS to the point of perfection because if you miss one CS your carry instantly distrusts you and stops letting you try. The support items are stupid and should seriously have been updated in the preseason.
: Shen's Q is the worst healing mechanic in the game, so I don't see why anybody would care about the 15% increased healing regardless.
Because it also increases the target's armor and magic resist.
: It's hilarious(ly sad) that people rage in bot games of all things.
Although nothing excuses flaming another player, it should be said co-op breeds passive aggressive behavior. You only have three lanes, but five players. Since there's no real need for jungle or support, eighty percent of the team ends up having to contest each other for their gold income. This quickly escalates into players aggressively pinging you out of their lane, blaming their teammates for "stealing their kills" and the list goes on. The problem is that co-op is so inherently easy on any difficulty that it doesn't inspire any teamwork and your allies become your only real competition. This has always been the nature of trivial content, when there's no challenge players tend to make min-maxing the goal instead which your allies only get in the way of. For instance, Doom Bots never saw this kind of problem because the game mode was difficult enough that there was an actual real possibility of losing. Riot always low prioritizes everything but 5v5 SR. The truth is Co-op could use a lot more work as well, the jungle is obviously a huge element to the map and yet bots in co-op pretend it doesn't exist. It doesn't teach new players the importance of warding or jungle pressure and it doesn't motivate players to play the game the way it was intended.
: What 99.999999999 % Of All Junglers Hear Every Game
Bad reasons to blame your jungler: 1. You overextended without vision and get ganked. 2. You made a misplay and died on your own accord. 3. Your jungler was securing another objective/already ganking another lane. Good reasons to blame your jungler: 1. Your jungler messes up and feeds your lane. 2. Your jungler doesn't install jungle pressure and you get shoved 24/7. 3. Your jungler failed to properly smite dragon/baron and lost it to a long-ranged ability.
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: Hard CCing Tahm Kench should make him spit out allies early.
The only thing this would actually accomplish is make Thresh with his lantern the number one pick again. I completely understand Tahm Kench can be frustrating to play against, but I don't understand how it's any different from what Thresh has been doing so far.
Macilento (EUW)
: What is the most "satisfying" Ultimate in the game?
If you've watched Bjergsen stream then you know the most satisfying ult is {{champion:134}} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH5iMFwathc
Llanite (NA)
: Then everyone took both of them and we even have less diversity than we do now.
This pretty much. All they really would have to do is split the two slots into different categories: Mobility and utility. Then balance the mobility spells more so that taking Ghost or Teleport instead of Flash would be viable. The problem is that mobility is king and as long as you allow people to pick two mobility spells, you can never make an alternative to Flash because it would just become the second obligatory summoner spell. By limiting the number of mobility spells you can pick, you could finally balance them against each other.
: To Any Concerned Summoner.....Please Help.
Your disease is nothing to be made fun of. I have a friend whose suffering from the disease as well and she's a real sweetheart. So believe me when I say I emphasize. But the negative experience in that game is nothing short of your own fault. You have to learn to read people better. Have you ever seen a streamer on Twitch.tv? Whenever one of them asks their chat not to say something specifically, that's what the chat will be spamming for the next 5 minutes. Your audience is immature. Children who don't know how serious the world actually is. And if you've tried dealing with children, you know it's a cause that takes years, years and years of parenting to finally get through their thick skull. In the future, don't ever tell a troll about something that could hurt you. Because they will. And punishing this one isn't going to make the next one treat you any nicer.
: Except that the odds that you will encounter an inexperienced player on a brand new champion are higher than on a champion that has been around. It's a mathematical system called **statistics**, look it up. Which also states via the gamblers fallacy that your skill with or mastery of a champion has NO effect on the probability that any specific player on your team is a bad player.
By how large a percentage? You don't actually know. You just presume that percentage is large enough to warrant a complete ban, an assumption based on confirmation bias. An argument could be made that more mechanically challenging champions are less likely to perform well on release, but those champions also tend to perform worse overall in solo queue because their skill cap is higher (e.g. Lee Sin insec move vs Vi ult). With simpler words, you said statistics but you're guessing. **You don't know fuck all whether people actually perform worse on a release Champion**, you assume and that assumption feeds into a stereotype that builds on every new release Champion. You could make all sort of arguments about why new release Champions are good or bad, like nobody knows how to play against them which also gives an advantage. But the statistics you claim to know? Do not exist. In order for you to prove your claim, you need the actual numbers to demonstrate a problem. Because statistically speaking, both teams are equally affected by that Champion's release however negative or positive. If you think you lose more when you get a new release Champion on your team, then you win more as well when it gets picked by the enemy team. And again, you are the biggest difference in your win rate. Statistics go hand in hand with logic.
: > [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AjwKwwu4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-20T07:43:39.575+0000) > > Meanwhile in reality, it neither takes 2 weeks to get enough experience to be proficient with it nor are new champions the only ones that are brought into Ranked by a player with less than 2 weeks experience with it. > > In other words, 2 weeks is an arbitrary requirement. but 1 week or 3 days would be very good, just enough. For an experienced player, this is enough time to have a good understanding of the champion, even if this is not enough time to master him/her. A bad player would probably make mistakes with any champion that they would use, new or old.
There are players inexperienced with their Champion in almost every game. The only reason you notice it is because they're playing a Champion you're expecting them to be inexperienced with. This is a cognitive science called **confirmation bias**, look it up. It's not an element that should be prohibited in Ranked play because statistically speaking, the likelihood of your enemy team having such players are greater as long as you've mastered your own Champion (4 potential bad players vs 5 potential bad players).
: The answer is simple. Each teams heals grant them effect. such as mana, health regen and maybe a burst of movement speed. If the enemy gets your health pack then they don't get the bonus effects. This would help them survives the poke and engage with the movement speed.
I agree with this solution as well. This would still make denying the health packs useful like Bard's shrines.
: So then they could just push down the first tower and get the added poke benefits of the second health pack.
I don't feel the second health pack is as easy to camp as the first one. The increased distance between the turrets after you take the first makes it easier to push out and it's far less often your second health pack gets snatched in my experience.
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: On a related note I absolutely hate when people insist on wasting time and not surrendering. Sometimes you'll be put into completely unwinnable games. And yet because its ranked, some people will refuse to surrender no matter what and waste everyones time. Its even worse when someone is AFK after getting stomped and a 3-1 surrender vote doesn't go through.
People refuse to surrender in normal too. When you start losing so bad that it's meaningful to surrender, everyone is usually too tilted to just walk away.
: LOL. KaceyTron is anything but respectable. Her form of comedy is the lowest form. It's a shitty excuse for satire, and yes she does break rules. Every time she's sitting in base for longer than 30 seconds, you can argue that she's "afk". It would be no different than me saying, "Well I'd rather watch this youtube video than to finish playing out this game". Secondly, KaceyTron isn't as bad as she plays. It's 100% obvious that she puts little-no effort into this game, which is fine for normals and such, but should NOT be tolerated in ranked play - especially on stream. HotShot got bitched at by Riot for insulting his teammates via stream, but KaceyTron doesn't even get a warning for afking or intent feeding? And yes, KaceyTron intent feeds. You'd only have to watch her stream for a couple minutes to realize that.
You misunderstood me, I said she's quite respectable on the show Dropped Frames where she's being sincere and offering solid opinions in a mature and serious debate with other female streamers. Of course her Stream doesn't paint her persona as respectable, that's part of her stream's... uhm... charm. You're raising a lot of issues here with subjective opinions. Let's just begin with the first you raised. **Should people be banned in the game for their streaming content?** You took HotshotGG as an example, but Hotshot is involved with the e-sports team Counter Logic Gaming which means Riot can ask him to uphold some level of professionalism because the team is contracted and has to abide a code of conduct. Kaceytron is just an individual and all of her "offensive language" is contained on a third party platform that doesn't actually affect any of her gameplay and she's in no way representative of professional League of Legends. Your second issue is where the line starts to get reeeaaally blurry. **What does it mean to play bad intentionally and how punishable should it be?** Is it not playing as good as you think she could play? But now you're not dealing in something objective, it's subjective---you're personal opinion. This isn't something League's system can actually detect and prohibit. That would require a moderator to actively investigate that player's behavior in-game, which would bring about a whole set of new problems. You can't just single her out as you have to rule on an actual policy enforced on everyone. Kaceytron is smart in the sense that she's using the systems in a clever way that allows her to be provocative without crossing any lines. The thing to understand here is that Twitch has a much lower standard than League of Legends does, there's more tolerance and room to build a personality. The way you should be looking at it is to mute her stream and only look at her gameplay (however hard that is when she fills half the screen with her boobs), then you can see how she actually behaves in-game and it's not as border-breaking as you make it out to be---it's purely her Twitch attitude which drives you to think she's being toxic/intentionally feeding. Both Twitch and Riot know about Kaceytron and she does get really frequently reported (especially on Twitch) but both Riot and Twitch has estimated that she works within the boundaries of the code and won't ban her because of the player hate on her (something about minorities and singling people out---you know, professional ethics). She's not breaking any rules like you claim because she would have been banned ages ago if that was the case (unless you're claiming Riot intentionally ignores her, in which case I'll reward you a tinfoil hat).
: Oh sure ban drunkey and all the white knights are like "hahahaha he deserved it" BUt ban a troll? Nope people will just defend women(or bash them) and the feminism riot will come.
She's not intentionally feeding. She's not being toxic towards her team. She's not smurfing to exploit low elo players. She's just playing bad on an elo with bad players. You might not like her stream, but that's not a reason to ban her either. On the subject of women and female streamers, I suggest you watch her input on Dropped Frames. She's quite respectable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nsEs2qbJVU
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: It's been 6 years and we still don't have a "safe to leave" option when somebody never connects
It's a good point. But I feel it's the surrender option that should be reevaluated and not an option that could suggest bullying players into disconnecting for a free pass. If the surrender vote became available sooner (say at the 10 minute mark) and the number of players that have to agree to it was reduced to 3, you'd see a lot less frustrating games. Of course some of those games are _turned_, but then it becomes a question of whether you value a player's right to give everything to win over the team's enjoyment of the game.
: Can Tibbers Be Thrown Instead Of Just Appearing?
She would need some serious compensation because her current flash ult is the only thing that really makes her viable, she's far too immobile without the instant Tibbers stun.
: > [{quoted}](name=On Your Side,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NEfGdjLZ,comment-id=0031,timestamp=2015-07-14T15:10:33.880+0000) > > If we're going in this direction, there's a lot more changes to be made such as making Nasus unable to Q turrets. If you feel Tryndamere's ult is too strong a siege tool and allows him to threaten to end the game simply in a matter of time, Nasus is just as equally a big offender. Nasus can be focused and CC'd though. If Tryndamere wants to take your objective, if he wants to void the fact that you are there trying to defend it, he will. He will get his way and there's nothing you can do about it. You might as well be somewhere else once he ults.
Except you know, the exact same thing. CC him. Tryndamere's life span even with his ult is much shorter than Nasus. A fed late game Nasus is a raid boss, Tryndamere is a life-stealing glass cannon.
: "While Endless Rage is active, Tryndamere deals only 50% damage to structures"
If we're going in this direction, there's a lot more changes to be made such as making Nasus unable to Q turrets. If you feel Tryndamere's ult is too strong a siege tool and allows him to threaten to end the game simply in a matter of time, Nasus is just as equally a big offender.
: If Riot could code a single item to have 2 active effects
Or better yet, remove the Sightstone and let supports rely on the trinket slot.
: Orianna support
The problem with Orianna support is mainly that she is an inferior Sona. Her poke is weaker, her sustain/shields are weaker and her speed up is more limited with her ult being harder to land and not anymore effective than a Crescendo. The reason you take Orianna is so you can combo wombo with someone like Malphite, which doesn't help much during the laning phase. Ori is still a great pick, but you should take her mid and let a stronger support-orientated champion help feed your AD carry.
: Had somebody report me for taking a health pack in ARAM
Depends really. If you're nearly full and your ally is low and you're intentionally taking away that resource for your team, then it's called "assisting the enemy team." Basically it's no different from ignoring your team and letting them die without you, or intentionally running into deaths to feed the enemy team. You're basically playing against your own team. But denying a health pack is something you're unlikely ever going to get banned over. The new system has barely begun recognizing intentional feeders, it's unlikely it will ever be able to detect griefing. This is of course assuming you were griefing, in case you weren't you still have nothing to worry about.
: "Just dodge XXX's skillshot"
This topic probably leans more up against ridiculous overcompensating abilities on weaker kits, such as Morgana's binding or Blitzcrank's hook. Neither of the Champions have very interesting abilities and rely entirely on landing their single long cooldown skill shot, which means either dodge or die. It's a "feast or famine" kind of design, either you land your abilities and kill your opponent at ease or you fail to do so and become obscenely useless. It's not a good design.
: Katarina's Nerf
I'd like Katarina to get a small rework. It's not that she's overpowered, it's that her kit is simply toxic. Because it's so instantaneous, chances are when she starts snowballing that she will have killed your Nami before her bubble animation have even started. She needs to be less overwhelming when she's snowballing and have more presence when she's not. You're going to have a very hard time winning any sympathy votes for Katarina. People simply detest playing against her. They simply have too many bad memories of her instantly blowing them up to feel bad for the Champion, she usually takes the fun out of the game.
: How do you prevent your team from throwing?
I found this video to be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlHzcu4g0cY
: What makes a Mid laner a Mid laner and a Top laner a Top laner?
Mid is roam. You want to win your lane, take the turret and then roam the other lanes to help snowball the game. Mages and assassins thrive here because of that, but almost any champion can go mid. Top is split push. You're too far away from any and all objectives, so you want to take teleport and then split push your lane and teleport into team fights. Because the lane is so long and isolated, bruisers and tankier mages usually dominate here due to their duel capability and survivability.
: Your reports don't count the more you report
This applies more to people who think the report system is a way for them to bully their team mates into doing what they want. For example: <Me>: top <Premade Guy>: top <Premade Guy>: go jungle or 2xReport Exactly where is the report option for "going to the lane I wanted"? Basically these people exploit the report system in a way that actually makes them toxic. Filing reports over things that aren't in the Summoner's Code will inevitably result in your reports being counted for nothing. Because players need to know the report system isn't a way for them to threaten their allies, but only meant to be a way to report actual inappropriate behavior.
Bresn (NA)
: Riot, please remove Poachers completely.
The smite cooldown reduction is huge. Invading the enemy jungle just isn't as big a thing as it used to be. The meta has changed a lot and lanes snowball really fast now, so junglers rarely have time to contest their farm over participating in skirmishes.
LorePal (NA)
: buff thornmail
Thornmail certainly feels like it's become useless after the BotRK change. ADCs steal way too much life now to ever be bothered by the small damage reflect. I would actually like to see the item's passive changed to an active with a short duration and a much higher damage reflect, giving tanks a tool to punish focus fire.
Totalis (NA)
: Warrior enchant was nerfed because it was the strongest AT THAT TIME
Instead of making huge changes, Riot has developed a new philosophy of just making small changes gradually. What they find is that sometimes a small change is actually enough, and if it isn't they'll continue to make small changes until the champion or item is where it's supposed to be. I suppose you could buff Warrior, but is that really necessary? Are AD-centric junglers really in a bad place? I can't help but think they're viable enough as it is at the moment. Tank junglers are just favored because the jungle is one of the easiest places to solidify your front line without risking it falling behind in lane. And now that tanks are actually viable in the jungle, pure squish setups just aren't as good in comparison. I don't think reverting the nerf will really accomplish the kind of change you're hoping for and would just give unnecessary power to the item. Cinderhulk also feels fine after the nerf.
: Is ziggs or xerath better?
Xerath is in a better place at the moment. His skill shots are easier to land and his stun can save him from far worse situations than Ziggs' Satchel Charge. That's not saying Ziggs isn't a great Champion, but he takes a lot more mastery if you want him to perform on the same level as Xerath. It's kind of like comparing a Lee Sin insec kick to a Vi ultimate. They're about the same in power level, but the latter just requires a single click where the former takes tons of practice. So I think it depends on two things. Which one you have the best feel for, and whether you want to seriously dedicate yourself to mastering the Champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=On Your Side,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Qja18qqE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-12T05:43:43.102+0000) > > But complaining about LP loss because of uncooperative players doesn't make sense. As long as you don't troll, you will always win more than you lose to trolls. There's only 4 other players on your team who could be a troll, but 5 on the enemy team. It's basic math and statistics. Not true... something the "math gods" themselves overlook: The MMR system isn't a random sample. IF you never AFK you are far more likely to be paired with someone who does in order to balance out the teams. Therefore if you are stellar you are *more likely to have trolls* then not. If you ARE the troll then your team is less likely to be trolls themselves. Aaah... the math gods defeat is the American Dream alas... EDIT: Because people here clearly failed to think this one out b4 spam voting: You are forgetting Leavebuster. >"How do they know you are going to AFK?" ... you ask? BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAVE DONE IT B4.
: List of champions whose ult makes interacting impossible.
Warwick and Skarner are both super vulnerable to Quicksilver Sash. Warwick especially needs a massive rework because his entire kit revolves around his ult, which is countered by a cheap commonly purchased item. Poppy is overpowered but her laning phase is horrible. She generally needs a decent rework as well. Fiora and Vi are fine, but Fiora is just a feast or famine kind of Champion meaning she either snowballs really hard or falls miles behind. The problem with Zed is that he is resourceless, has an incredibly safe laning phase with both poke and easy cs'ing, in addition to strong wave clear and good gank escape. He was impossible to dive under his turret but could easily dive his opponent without taking more than a single shot. All of those things meant it was hard to make Zed fall behind in lane while it was piss easy for him to start snowballing due to his dive potential. None of the Champions you listed have this kind of deal going. Zed's nerf was really clever in this regard, because it only reduced his snowballing potential without taking away his identity. It didn't reduce his damage potential, it just made him less safe and more risky to play like almost all other assassins are anyway.
: It's totally fair that I lose 20 LP because of a troll.
It sucks when your game is decided by AFKers and trolls. Really, it does. It's a frustrating experience and it's not fun or acceptable. But complaining about LP loss because of uncooperative players doesn't make sense. As long as you don't troll, you will always win more than you lose to trolls. There's only 4 other players on your team who could be a troll, but 5 on the enemy team. It's basic math and statistics. Sometimes it might feel like you get more trolls and the statistics can go fuck themselves, but that's called confirmation bias. In reality, you notice trolls on your team far more than you notice them on the enemy team. As long as you don't troll yourself, you will see more wins than loses in the long run. It should be mentioned that you don't necessarily lose because of a troll. If you work together, you can sometimes win even with a pick that's not meta. The other day I faced a team with 2 mid lane instant locks. One of them had to come bot and support, even refused to buy a gold income item or a Sightstone and just went full AP. They won the game because our ADC didn't know how to handle a kill lane for squat and they worked well together despite being a "troll" lane. There's a good chance that you lose because of your attitude. Someone who is on tilt is much more likely to become aggressive if you act hostile towards them. There's also a good chance that they picked something "troll" because you weren't being communicative or open-minded in Champion select either. If you stop making negative assumptions about them and just play with them you'll likely win more games.
: @Meddler a question about nids trap nerf
Traps aren't meant to be a main source of damage. They're meant to give you vision and enable your melee abilities. You shouldn't stack them all up in one place for damage, you're not Teemo.
: @Riot: Are there any forthcoming plans to buff or rework Warwick's kit?
The problem with Warwick is the same as any other hyper sustain-based Champion. They just become toxic the moment you take them out of the jungle and into a lane. I think they're taking proper time with the rework to allow Warwick to keep his life steal niche without turning him into the new top lane meta.
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