: Now it's busted in a different way. Mages can now build this + the other MPen items to reach 48 MPen, enough to freely do true damage on any squishy who doesn't specifically build MR. Immediate problems occur.
There isn't a mage that would get more damage from this than from Rabaddon's even as a first item. And once they are above 150 AP, Rabaddon's is just much stronger to build. I also don't see people building both this and morello, they would likely go either one or the other because more AP gives you more damage than the flat mpen. At any given point you can have an item that will give you more damage than this for less money. edit: How about now? (Edited the OP again, so that ranged champions are less inclined to buy it)
: You appear to have made one of the most broken AP items known to man. I guess the price makes it bad enough that people won’t get it. Reallistically singed and chogath will not get it. Champs like Vladimir will. Also akali and katarina, I guess, since they both go for omnivamp and magic pen. Kennen will also really like it. Morellos is already basically permanently built on every mage. Together with this and sorc boots the total flat pen possible goes up to 48, assuming this isn’r a shared passive with morello.
You did a nice calculation about the damage increase from the mpen. However what you left out is to see how much damage you could get with other builds for the same gold. I ran the numbers if we build rabaddon's instead of this item (will cost 100 gold more), or if we build a hextech protobelt and buy a blasting wand (will cost 50 gold less). In both cases the existing builds will yield more damage than if you build this item - because the 15 mr someone might have isn't enough to mitigate the extra damage from Rabaddon's AP, nor the +40AP from blasting wand and the active from the protobelt. While this item does give 60 AP and some mpen, it isn't stronger than the hextech protobelt build which Vlad uses at the moment, when it comes to damage. I don't know why you think Singed mains wouldn't use it. I am a Singed main and this is exactly an item Singed needs badly. edit: Also the 15mr is the best case scenario, the more mr the enemy has, the less effect flat magic penetration will have. At 100 mr, 1000 damage would be reduced to 500, and at 85 mr it would be reduced to 541, which is only 8.2%, not 15% damage increase. edit 2: Edited the OP to reduce the active and passive effects for ranged AP champions to make it more melee AP bruiser specific.
: You can't use Oblivion orb as part of the recipe. Riot makes sure items don't lose anything from upgrading, so the final item would have to have MPen if you wanna use Oblivion
True, edited the original post, reduced the health from 500 to 400 and added the +15 mpen from Oblivion Orb. Not sure how I messed that up.
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