: And how do you know what that person says is true ? For what we all know he could be lying to piss people off. So again how do you know for sure that what that person said were actually spoilers ? And no as far as ik you cant report sombody for spoiling something although its a dick move to do so.
I've seen the new episode and it was a real spoiler, but some people from the enemy haven't seen it yet.
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: Seems like a pretty fun gamemode in my opinion, the only thing I'm missing is, how do you become the king?
In the beginning I think the best would be if someone randomly gets it by luck . I don't really have anything else in my mind After that, if the current king killed either the one who last hit him/her become the new one, or if it's possible, then the one who dealt the most damage to him/her.
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: Does anyone else think Camille looks like Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra?
I just noticed while I logged in Lin used grappling hook too if I can remember correctly (not sure tho)
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