: Well i wish Riot can let us pick our level border we have earned and if we want we can change them. I mean I liked the 75-99 border more than the 2 borders right after 100-124 and 125-149. I think we can have that kind of liberty with OUR account.
: I think the borders should have a significant increase in quality or look. Maybe each level having a theme and that theme getting progressively cooler till they hit 100 and move onto the next. And each theme is cooler than the last. As they are now, I would never be able to guess which ones were high level or low level, they're all unique and interesting. Really cool designs and animation though.
thank a lot mate i appreciate it. <3
: These are...amazing. AMAZING, I TELL YOU! The wonder and prestige they entail...i wish they could just put them in straight from this video you made.
;-; thats why i wish they could be animated in-game they would hold much more meaning to every level you reach or try to achieve.
Rigante (NA)
: What plugins? Saber?
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