Cat Nøir (EUNE)
: Spending money on the game doesn't make you immune to account suspensions and shouldn't let you act like a jerk to other people for free.
Yeah i know
Fegone (NA)
: LOL bye. We don't need racist players on LoL. I'm glad you lost a lot of money. Maybe makes you think twice about being racist in other games too.
you dont have to be so rude man i didnt even mean it im not racist
wowlukas (EUNE)
: uhm i recommend u write a support ticket and take out your email adress from your post bcz everyone can see ur email and do bad stuff with it
rip konto
: Hey there! Popping in to say that I've removed the email address from your post. Please don't publicly share contact information like emails on the boards: it's for your own security. Also, an account that has been properly banned (and racist anger would definitely be considered a proper application of a ban) are *never* unbanned. Sorry I can't bring better news.
Oh Okey :(
: Everyone flames because they get angry Anger should be controlled AND this is a PERMA BAN wich means that it was your last chance you already got a 15 days ban and knew that a single mistake would cost you your account but you still did Its EXTREMLY rare that people get unbanned, some people got banned for joking with their team using the wrong words x) if you're not able to control yourself just /mute all at the begnining of all your games, pings are enough to communicate usually and for your account well..... just create a new one
i have spended like 7 k on it
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