: 14 keys and no chest, feelsbadaswellman
DaNinad (NA)
: 7 chests one key fragment. I feel your pain man. I'm just playing with my level 11 friend to get a bunch of s's
: There is a bad-luck protection rule that puts a maximum number of wins between key frag drops. [source](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/02/ask-riot-i-need-more-keys/)
we all know that, wasn´t my problem..
: I feel it was worth posting in any case. You may have already known this information, but those viewing your post may not have. System seems to be set up pretty well to balance chests and keys, ***if you invest time into the game***. * If you want chests, play in a premade. If one person gets an S everyone in the premade does, if you haven't already gotten a chest on your champion. This makes it fairly easy to quickly acquire chests if you and your premade have a diverse champion pool. * If you want keys, play and win more games. This is the time investment, key fragments are the reward for consistently playing the game, as the only dependent is winning games. Your suggestion of being able to trade keys/chests could create a situation in which you (or a bot) could just grind games for free content. I believe this goes against the intentions of why hextech crafting was implemented, being a system designed to encourage both good and consistent play.
how can you grind games for free content if you must play good to get chest, or you must win, to get keys, you cannot grind it with bot if you dont win games/get no s-;s;s+....
: It's lame because you can earn the chests by playing well but the keys are random. So if you get no chests you just need to play an S worthy game. For people with no keys you're just boned
like said, i have 12 chests but no keys, and for people with life, it is hard to play 20 games per day to achieve enough keys :P
: [Ask Riot: I need more keys](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/02/ask-riot-i-need-more-keys/) * Key frags are only dropped from wins. * Key fragment drop rates work off of a per player cyclical reset timer, similar to chests. Higher drop rates are slightly front-loaded and gradually slow based on the total number of key fragments you’ve received in a cycle until the reset. * It’s possible to earn 4 keys (12 fragments) in a 4 week period. This matches the number of chests players can get. * There is a bad-luck protection rule that puts a maximum number of wins between key frag drops. * Players get a small drop chance bonus if they were in a premade.
I know that stuff, and that was not my problem.
: Spend some money and support the game you play noobs.
Some people do not have the opportunity to just give money to big companies. and that ´´noobs´´ should not be there, it is offensive.
: That's gonna be balanced out because you can only get 1 chest per champ but keys are just for wins
well, i own almost every champion.so, it won´t balance :D
: I'll trade you some keys for dem chests.
cannot, that is the problem....
: Maybe we can have a choice fir selling the keys or hextechs for ip?
well, that or something must be done in my opinion.
: It would easily be eliminated if they just played other champs. if you get at least half the avaliable chests then you will not have more keys than chests. Unless you straight up "no life" league you will get about 1 key for every 3 chests. The reason for this disparity is because you are guaranteed to get a chest for getting an S- or better(a very easy task), to get a shard you have to win and then RNG takes over. You CAN NOT get more keys than chests, but the drop rate for keys decreases drastically by the time you get 3-4 shards after the monther key reset. I don't know if there is a statistic out there, but from personal experience(I've never gotten all 3 keys for a month) i've won upwards of 30 games in a month and gotten only 4 shards. compair that to an average of 2-4 games(win or lose) to get an S- it's easy to see that the system heavily favors getting chests over keys.(which is why i have 29 chests currently) lol
i personally have 11 chests and 0 fragments, i play like 2 games daily, which is not too much, but i have other stuff to do too, so they should consider that. but i get your point :D
: Too many chests? **Not enough *keys!?*** What sorcery is this!? I have 7 keys and nothing to do with them, since my champion pool isn't that large, so I can't get many crates. ;w; I do support an idea like this, but I think a cap would be better. Either you cap the maximum number of trades in a timeframe, or you make it an uneven trade. Make you wait and go "Is this _really_ what I want to do? Or should I just wait it out?"
That is just the way it goes, uneven number of chests, or keys, it is a problem, not a huge one, but just a thing riot should take a closer look on.
: agreed. and not like swapping would be abused since your limited to how many keys and chests you can get (but what do ik about keys. been a month since I got a fragment) I heard there was something where you get keys after a certain number of games. but I play every day so I don't think that's there
i think the same, it would not be abusing. glad to have supporters :D
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Well I'm sitting here with 9 keys, but I still support you.
that is a widespread problem, which in my conclusion,should be eliminated indeed :D
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