Saezio (EUNE)
: You need to seriously improve your CSing. That right there is iron level csing. So you claim it is your team's fault but I don't see you being the carry even in the games you won. Others have better KP better damage better objective damage better CS. You just need to improve, and stop spamming ranked if you are not climbing, it only makes it harder for you to climb if you ever actually improve because your MMR will be shit by that time. I know it's tough love, but it's the truth.
Are you joking? One of my last Jinx losses I had 42k dmg while the second in my team had 15k...
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Senamz13 (NA)
: As a Plat ADC main I, myself, find Jax to be nuisance due to his ability to gap close with his Q and Flash. Although if Jax attempts to prep his counterstrike in order to stun you, he has effectively used his only source of defense against you. (He can no longer "dodge" your auto attacks) My suggestion is to play champions that have some sort of mobility to get out of stun range, such as {{champion:236}} {{champion:145}} or even block it with Sivir's spell shield. I personally believe that Sivir hard counters Jax due to her mobility with her ult and her spell shield. Nasus on the otherhand has no gap closer other than his Flash, therefore kite him out and if he decides to use wither on you hope that your teammates either peel for you or purchase a QSS and continue kiting him out. And if all else fails, tell your teammates to ban one of the in champ select chat while you ban the other. Hopefully my advice is somewhat useful. Good luck bud
Think I will go with the ban :) just hope team bans Nasus lol
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: I can sympathise with complaints about Jax because i think he is op but Nasus has low wr and pr and he is one of my weaker picks. "The 4v5 game I was playing Cog'Maw and the only thing I could do is die the moment my first auto hit him lol" Try phantom dancer or banshees for that circumstance but If your team comp lacks peel don't ever pick an immobile ranged champ, and if you're low elo just dont do it except in normals becasue you won't get any peel.
He picked after me... PD won't do much since I die in 1 sec and 1.2 seconds life won't do much :D
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Nasus isnt tanky enough in this meta too do anything midgame.
I have he luck of playing with Nasuses that start with Iceborn Gauntlet and don't go Trinity! I want to ban Nasus 'cus I got carried twice while me and my team got full feeder mode :D! The enemy was totaly dominating us before Nasus went into the team fights and all we had to do is protect him lol. The sad part is that twice I got owned by Jax with the same strategy... we were totaly dominating their team even playing 4v5 but after they started protecting and hiding behind Jax we couldn't do shit! The 4v5 game I was playing Cog'Maw and the only thing I could do is die the moment my first auto hit him lol
: Ban Nasus, Jax is much weaker than he is in low elo. matches never finish soon enough and a Nasus always ends up with 300~ stacks no matter what you do. At least if you fight a Jax you can kill him faster as he is punching one of your team mates faces in.
Thats the problem bro... once the support starts protecting and healing him we can't do shit! I just lost a 4v5 game just because Yuumi got in him! As and ADC I've always been careful but his jump has 2 second CD with Shojin and even if I wait his jump the next one is on me! If I wait for this effect to end my team gets wiped and I don't even judge them! Guess I must always give 800 gold for grevious wounds and beg my team will kill him in 3 seconds after my 100% sure death :D! Nasus can carry 4 feeders to victory so I guess he is my priority due to his ability to demolish towers, inhibitors and the nexus! So please just ban them if you meet me and I will ban the other :D
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Saezio (EUNE)
: Good job at giving 0 facts and disproving none of the 2 points I made to you :) Also, thanks for the insults. If a lot of people claim something doesn't mean it's true. Also, have you compared the number of 50% forced winrate posts to the total number of players? Is it a lot if you compare it to the people that haven't made a claim about 50%? Have a great day fellow player.
I just found out how they do this after I knew I'm on the loosing streak and tried one game. We lost 54 to 18 VEEERY competitive indeed! So you wanted proof? Ok can you explain to me why we were all silver 2 and 3 in game and there was one bronze 2 player on our team? We are currently 9 silver people in all EUNE? HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS BRONZE PLAYER ON OUR TEAM?
Kai Guy (NA)
: MMR does not work with forced win %. The MMR value becomes inaccurate thus the entire predictive theory of probability behind it breaks. Rigging MM makes MMR values worthless which then makes the MM completely RNG with no consideration for skill. At which point its impossible to rig matches. Destroying your data that's used to build your system that needs your destroyed data to function right... does not work. Rn=Ro+K(W-WE) means nothing when the W value is predetermined and the WE value is ireelevent. That's the impact a forced 50% system makes. There are 0 accurate points of data for W and WE generation. Rn=Ro+K means nothing and is not a functional MMR system. To force it is to fuck with the math. The math your screwing here is a core calculation for MMR values. Adjustment formula in Elo systems. This is not the same system riot uses but its the core concept behind all MMR systems. W is match result. Who won who lost. WE systems expectations from logistical distribution for teams probability to win. You cant make those values inaccurate and get any accurate results from them. Trying to adjust for exstimated skill gaps cant be done if theres no expected probability. When its 100% There is no maybe. Swapping to stats? Stats don't mean much because with no measure for skill they get grossly exaggerated by mismatches and there's also a huge impact. Same end result, cant properly rate skill so you cant rigg matches with that data. Riots issues? Their MM probably is willing to build gaps between high class interval odds to make population size a low issue to Que time. Also Duoing is implemented poorly. 1C in Elo was like 75% to 25% or 3 to 1 odds. if the weakest player is stuck vs the strongest player they just get stomped in lane. Snowballing is not a very present event on the wrong end. You could make a better MM que with Stricker requirements. Team Elo/MMR is easier to build MM with because each team can be treated as a single MMR value when the rooster is stable. Player participation will make or break a que viability thou. I think Clan styled Que might have viable potential in a moba like league but honestly don't know if its a realistic solution or not.
The only solution is for them to show not only your division but MMR also + the enemie's MMR! That way "propaganda" like mine won't strive!
Saezio (EUNE)
: It's not 50% forced winrate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are tons and tons of unranked to challenger series on youtube and I don't see anyone getting 50% forced winrate. Also, have you thought that if you have >50% winrate and the system wanted you to lose, they would match you with people with <50% winrate moving THOSE ACCOUNTS FURTHER AWAY FROM 50%. So.... yeah. Urban legend in the neighbourhoods of silver-plat 4
If you are too stupid to notice a pattern that alot of people have that doesn't mean it's an urban legend! There are tons of posts about this and I guess we all are "imagining" all of this... alot of people talk about the same thing and you are arrogant enough to say its a "legend"! Riot has enough stats and algorithms to do and control players as they please! Don't act like the wins you have were dependent on you as a solo queue player! I've won the same amount of games while stomping my lane as the amount while I'm getting stomped... like all of you! Riot has made this game more by chance than by skill and deep down inside you know this! Go watch MSI pro players loosing their games 'cus of impossible to win with teammates in solo queue!
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: PSA: Stop picking yumi please
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