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: CeeCee's kit
Release Date skin Idea: Archeologist CeeCee; Outfit like Indiana Jones and carries an Shuriman device, the shield part is like an sarcophagus lid.
: Star Guardian Vayne
Great Job! I love every bit of it. Im longing in from another account just o give u one more "up"!
jQuery (EUNE)
: What if Riot gave the inhibitor turrets a Statikk Shiv passive?
You are right. For now they are just a reward for the team that is ahead. I dont see any other purpose for them at this state.
: So Riot just hates Sejuani, right?
>Her flail somehow magically extended even though that's CLEARLY not the weapon she uses or how she even uses it. Is that dinosaur head supposed to be her Frail, or is it that little green thingy warped around the beasts horn?
: I have a problem with Music/SFX sounds in the new Draft Pick
Yeah I have noticed them too. Don't know why those aren't under SFX, they should be. And as for that "Disable menu animations"; The only thing that does nowadays is only toggling the background images fade out effects in couple of places: Picking a mode to play ex: pvp[Summoners rift wallpaper] or c0-op vs Ai [Nunu vs Nunu bot wallpaper] . Also the in the champion overview , while reviewing skins, the image of the skin fading effect will be toggled. And the images showing the summoners spells in the profile menu. Thy cant rework the damn client for a whole damn year. Pretty sure they forget what some buttons do. Small things like these make me think they are very disorganized and are lacking communication between teams and are missing or miscommunicating global goals for their product. Or at least their Quality Assessment is the worst in the whole Gaming industry.
Pastramka (EUNE)
: looks like a bot to me.... F***! That is a bot playing for hours straight!! For someone having 200 Dominion games.... I know when I see one! http://i.imgur.com/hkDztVu.gif Rito The hell is this!? In ranked!! A FRAKING TOASTER in RANKED!!
: Sovereign of Death sounds pretty cool.
No, Brian is better.
Brascus (NA)
: "Lord of Death"
>Royalty of Rito https://twistedsifter.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/go-bluejays-9.gif
StigtriX (EUW)
: Slayer Jinx - now with a half mask!
Yeah, slightly better, but the pante mask , GJ!
Aír (NA)
: This is pretty good. I might have to illegally download this.
NCS = NoCopyrightSounds :D https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds
nomeL (NA)
: Looking for hype music?
Tnx! here have one of mine favorites: https://soundcloud.com/blacktigersexmachine/stairway And Here's something from pigeon's repertoire; https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/eminence-shapes-shifts - tons of damage https://soundcloud.com/iamyonny/the-lion-king-trap-mix-out-now https://soundcloud.com/gio-kakhidze/cant-stop-wont-stop-up-and
Why didn't I thought of that!?!?
Enosetc (NA)
: what happens if everyone on the team participates do you want it to just show up for the supports because of the grand delusion associated with supports being the most underappreciated role
All get to be shown off-course! Why even ask!? Didn do much art, but they can get their icons in the sculls teeth! O.O
Noctius28 (EUW)
: I've been on the waiting list for the PBE for about 1 year I have never had a ban or I think even a report since I started playing around 3/4 years ago I play every kind of champion and try as many as possible I report bugs IN LIVE I do everything a PBE tester is supposed to Why do you not want to give me a PBE account? Is it because I don't play ranked?
>if a game mode was trying to cater to Silver and below, the team would approve accounts that met that criteria. apparently...
: Teleport has 300 seconds cooldown And when used on towers have 240 seconds cooldown so you save 60 seconds or 1 min No.. you don't TP to minions... you TP to Zac blobs Making sure he gets to revive (though he might die soon after if he is in a bad spot but whatever)
If you are !Zac and you are top with teleport: where is Zac playing?
: Not for long, friend.
{{item:2054}} ... dont know ur preferences, so here's the diet one.
: Are you seriously complaining about your team in a videogame talking trash at the end of the game? Come on! Are you new to the internet?
I dont get how acting honorable is under-satisfying, no mater the form of communication.
Kikirino (NA)
: I hate when my teammates talk shit after a win
Honorless! Is bad even when they are the enemy; Couple days ago I loose lane so badly against a Garen, with Trundle, I mean my troll eats his armor for breakfast. But this guy knows when to fall back and always gets away with t least 300HP, teammates come to help he doges skill-shots like Garen is a figure-scater on steroids. Im starting to feel the respect for this guy! He is good! Im gonna add him! 20 min in he gets to the inhib turret... He starts trash talking so bad... Even to his team-mates who all did well.
Meddler (NA)
: It's fairly likely there'll be some Sightstone changes in the preseason. Amongst other things we're looking at adding some different upgrade options instead of just Sightstone -> Ruby Sightstone.
I would really like one that helps me clear minions when alone in base under the nexus turrets.... Or at least taunt on frighten them... Me there as a support alone... waste of time... feel so week. T.T
: Try being the support and doing that... Not fun. I can't kill them, only delay them, send help...plz?
: Is it wrong for me to find this disturbing even though its a robot? O__o
the one where they beat up the one that has female appearance... man the screaming! But they do retaliate really bad too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZGzMfg381Y I would not recommend the video to youngsters
OneExit (NA)
: @Riot Let's have a discussion on split-push meta
Most enraging losses I ever had ware due to split pushing.
: This is a really stupid idea. TF can't hold his gold card together because his stun has a 6 freaking seconds cooldown with 0% CDR, that's why Annie has to charge his stun, and she either have to be really good at lasthitting with Q - and thus she got prized for her ability with a greatly reduced CD - or use her whole kit to charge it and in the second case she pays the stun charge with having two abilities on CD
Im amassed how people are so obsessed with Annie's stun and yet they don't have a problem with Brand's stun. How the hell is Annie' s stan more threatening to them then Brands?
: I just said I'm only realting Tf in terms of how the passive should decay and nothing more, and it doesn't nerf her to the ground at all, shes still counter to mobility because of the point click stun.
Dude go play her. That stun is to costly to decay over time.
: Give annie's passive the TF gold card treatment where she cant hold it forever
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PanterLily,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pKLPy0cI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-09-20T14:42:22.087+0000) > > Yes , worse - if you are playing her if that's what you mean. > > If you interrupt her AA every single time ; After the 7 dashes(start with full stack) she will have 3 AA with no dash, than 1 with a dash then again 3 with no dash and so on. > > If she gets this cap she can get power elsewhere. But that passive is an ability that has no limit what so ever, she is the only champ that can move while AA. This would ruin her entirely though. She can't animation cancel, which means she will never kill anyone ever again
That "no cancel on her AA" is so she wont go 5 attacks per second and dash 5 times in the same second! Its not a physics law, its a condition put by riot.
: Her passive being up all the time and being able to kite out of everything is Kalista, whether we like it or not. When you think of Kalista, you think of her passive, like how when you think of Teemo, you think of his shrooms, or Heimer's turrets, or Blitz's hook.
No its not the same; {{champion:53}} 's hook: Cooldown, casting resource. {{champion:74}} 's turret: Cooldown, casting resource. {{champion:17}} 's shroom: Cooldown, casting resource. {{champion:429}} 's passive: no targets.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PanterLily,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pKLPy0cI,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-09-20T14:42:22.087+0000) > > Yes , worse - if you are playing her if that's what you mean. > > If you interrupt her AA every single time ; After the 7 dashes(start with full stack) she will have 3 AA with no dash, than 1 with a dash then again 3 with no dash and so on. > > If she gets this cap she can get power elsewhere. But that passive is an ability that has no limit what so ever, she is the only champ that can move while AA. This would ruin her entirely though. She can't animation cancel, which means she will never kill anyone ever again
Why the animation cancel must stay if stacks are 0? Is that a unbreakable rule? Stacks = 0= normal AA interaction stacks > 0 = no cancel AA
: Yeah but she can't move AT ALL when she doesnt have the stacks. Which I don't mind, since i hate her, but still Her autos cant be cancelled. That means she can't kite. She'll have to finish the animation completely, then move. She'll die by then.
I imagined that that aspect would be "off" if the stacks are 0.
: Honestly, her passive isn't what needs changing. Yes, it's annoying, but it's what makes Kalista herself. No, they need to nerf everything else. Why does her E have a slow? Why can it stack infinitely on monsters? Why does it get CD and mana resets on kill? Why does she have free vision? Why does she have a knockup/ability that can save her support? Why does her Q get to go through dying minions and just kinda fly away? Why does it apply an E stack? Why does it let you hop? Maybe if the LCS players didn't ban Kalista every game, Riot would notice how OP she is and nerf her.
Yes , I wondered about all those "why's" too. I just thought about her passive and figure it might be worth discussing this idea. She will still have her passive but not non-stop.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PanterLily,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pKLPy0cI,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2015-09-20T14:47:49.611+0000) > > What is so bad about her other spells except maybe power ratio? None of her other spells are so unique and all have limiters. Let's talk about the fact that her Rend scales infinitely and used to be able to outsmite junglers.
Yeah, but that is a power issue and it has a cool-down. ....That active maybe should be limited to the last Auto Attacked target only .... maybe just the damage not the slow too...
Jbels (NA)
: If you're going to kick her passive in the dick, she'll need compensation on her kit somewhere, and I DON'T like that idea
> she'll need compensation on her kit somewhere, and I DON'T like that idea What is so bad about her other spells except maybe power ratio? None of her other spells are so unique and all have limiters. She is ether too week ether too powerful. Her passive has no limit, and if she chases u with it she is immune to slows: >"Martial Poise's" dash scales with her boot tier. Without boots, her dash is equal to 250 units, with Tier One boots, "Martial Poise's" dash is 300 units, and with Tier Two boots her dash is 350 units.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=UltraSceptile,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pKLPy0cI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-20T14:26:04.177+0000) > > So a champion should have literally infinite, free mobility. > > You're right, I don't like the idea either. Delete Kalista, save lives. I don't like Kalista as a design and I never will. She falls into the ever-growing category of champions that walk the fine line of being bullshit and garbage. Buff her or nerf her in either direction and she'll fall over on whatever side of the line the buff/nerf pushed her over.
The biggest problem I have with her is that she is the only champ that can move and AA in the same time. No other champ can do that. No other champion can ran from you and AA u at the same time. That passive needs boundaries.
LaceUp23 (NA)
: So she gets worse as the game goes on?
Yes , worse - if you are playing her if that's what you mean. If you interrupt her AA every single time ; After the 7 dashes(start with full stack) she will have 3 AA with no dash, than 1 with a dash then again 3 with no dash and so on. If she gets this cap she can get power elsewhere. But that passive is an ability that has no limit what so ever, she is the only champ that can move while AA.
I Be Rad (NA)
: Knowing how to lose lane is important
Im very good at loosing lane in a solo lane, when i support however sometimes depends how good in loosing lane my ADC is, so sometimes Im half as good in bot lane :D But depending on the champion I really lack risky plays and I rarely engage in a fight that has 50-50 chance of me wining it, jungling in normal's helped me a bit to resolve this issue to an extent, but I'm still rarely the one that gets a quadra... hell even triple almost never happens. What im trying to say is that this... "good" at loosing lane; it depends a lot on the personal play style, players cant stay in the opposite play style for long in a match. I have friend that is the opposite of me, he knows how to stall the opposite laners success but he cant stand playing like me longer than 7 min (I actually keep tabs when he is loosing lane), But when he is ahead he wins with multy-kills. I also can charge for about 5 minutes until im killed then I get back to may safe play and waiting on the team. The ones who thrive on assists like me can keep the enemy busy even when they loose, so my friend that thrives on death-matches can have time to make his build and stomp them :D .
Rioter Comments
: The R was supposed to be something the player could do creatively. Like draw something onto the map. Don't know what else it would do though to be honest lol
Aha! Yeah! that could work! You should just be allowed one stroke (mouseDown draw - mouseUp cast), so it wouldn't be exploited, for example someone making 7 spots in the range and creating 7 point blink ability. I like it even more now, this can be used as an escape and a gap closer. Jesus Riot! Hire Jesus!
: YO RIOT! I have a short question: What happened to finishers?
I really liked this, I never used one but i liked my champions flashy deaths :D Being customizable is great to, 5-6 characters to write something will be fine. Now i know that people will write "ez" on them or " .!. " but those can be report-able and also they would not be so offensive if they are pre - made, imagine ramuses going just with "yep" or some support going with "sry", or TF " ♠♣♥♦ " , ziggs " 💣 ". The possibilities are endless. http://www.alanwood.net/demos/wingdings.html
: Riot should make a new Faction in runeterra : Divine Grove, that groups up Kindred, Soraka and Bard
They are characters that really don't look like they need or want to be in a faction. Bard and Kindred are spirits they dont strike me as the kind that goes to meatings and do organized stuff.
Piticus (NA)
: why did someone downvote my comment .-. its stated in the lore its a man. As well as the fact that it is named C a roman numeral for 100 people T_T why is there one guy who always downvotes my posts
there I fixed it, that one got UP this one got DOWN
Ceridran (NA)
: ***
>Even Kindred came to life from only a champion sketch made by someone on the team Have u seen OP's DhaMa concept?
: [Champion Concept] Kit the Silent Stroke
I like it is a nice kit ,I just don't understand that R... pls elaborate. The passive will be very good if it is stacked just from spells like Vel's, it will be a very good in team fights. The W is fine. I really don't like dashes, would like it a lot if he would just slap the enemy with the brush in their face and pushes them back a bit and he also pushes off of them. I believe Kindred was inspired a lot from ur DhaMa, what do u think of him?
Rioter Comments
Calabok (NA)
: Always read patch notes
well i read them to an extent... At least im not like the tristana today who had no idea that can bomb turrets...
Rioter Comments
: Because I am that asshole, here is a critique: Strengths: colors are lovely and some of the effects have a very nice surreal effect its very loose. Weaknesses: Because the style is so loose, it lacks depth and looks quite messy, upon a glance I only managed to make out Lamb's mask and tits. That was about it, and I honestly do hope that's not the only reason you're getting all these comments, because there is so much more to this piece than just tits. I would've suggested a less aggressive approach on coloration, seeing as all the loose strokes and "splatters" are really distracting and take away from the champions themselves. Had you used less "flair" and focused more on form and outlining Kindred, the pair would've come out spectacular. They would be easily visible had you not titled it "Kindred fanart", often times, titles are put on abstract, if your intended purpose is fan art, people should be able to immediately tell what you're drawing, unless you specify it as abstract, most modern is direct and should not have to be riddled with guesswork. Honest rate: 7.5/10 Consider the following to improve future art: Less special effects, more form. Bigger is not always better, Use a line of focus. Guide the eyes with lines, make sure the viewer has a sight target Also, try a varying amount of strokes, the less dynamic in thickness the harder it is for the eyes to discern shapes. Final thoughts: as an artist that has been drawing for 10 years, please avoid the mistake of purposely misspelling words or talking "cute". When you're an artist, especially on the internet, you want to be taken seriously. Think about this, do you really want someone pulling up things you've done in the future and you see "first fanart evurr", would you feel embarrassed ? Nothing wrong with having a quirky personality, but personality should not affect your grammar. Food for thought.
>Consider the following to improve future art: I really don't like how you advise like you know what was the desired result, like it was supposed to be done by a template. And submitted to a contest with parameters to be taken in consideration on topic and style. like painting is aerodynamics and wont fly the way the painting its done. Do you ever considered that maybe a little chaos was desired by the artist, that he wanted it there? Doesn't matter how are long are you drawing or painting when I hear a critic like you I always see your interest in $ first. Let me brag about myself too, Im an critic my whole life, growing up in my house sounded by people that draw, paint, sculpt, teach art, study art etc. Consider the following to improve future criticism : Don't put an piece of work from a beginner on a template. And don't criticize an painting based on your preferences of color/contrast and amount of realism; That's a clients job when he orders a piece.
: So um... I drew Kindred in a style I've never drawn before >///<
I really love it! I want a desktop wallpaper from this!
: This should go under Tips & Tricks because this is legitimate advice.
Riot should make a video that is mandatory for watching with a kinect (so it would pause when u look away) when u hit lvl 25.
: Lamb and Wolf: Teaser Reveal and Speculation
They do remind me of Hypnos and Thanatos children from Night and Darkness
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