jQuery (EUNE)
: CeeCee's kit
I think this one might work well with an fighter or assassin partner bottom. That E is a good gap closer.
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: Dont know ur preferences... But to me it looks like u found Janna irl.
Dont know... More Like Pool-Party Ashe!
Neomea (NA)
: Because if you can't play at least 2 roles with some form of competence you shouldn't be playing ranked.
U missed his point i think. He suggest I think to have a "Fill" and "Definitely Not Role". Like i can do 4 except this one. In which case I think it is a very good thing, we can have a button in the middle of the pick role palette that makes the choice negative of position/role. If you set both of the roles in negative value u get to do a fill for 3 positions. But still this is not an excuse to behave like in your OP example.
Neomea (NA)
: If you're going to queue up as fill.....
If I get ADC.... which I am really bad at, I am more of a diver... I just ask if anyone would switch a role, any role! If no one is willing Ima farm until the my turret falls and Ill see where I am gonna take it from there. ...Oh yeah and most importantly I gota pick Teemo for this, if I cant help my team my shrooms will. And blinding ADCs in this game is the funnest!
Jaawn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=stealthfox94,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=n7ccyc79,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-21T21:32:23.500+0000) > > He'll get banned soon. "Soon" .... after 9 games isn't soon enough. That is 36 people so far who have an unwarranted loss now, and 45 people who have a free win. Both are bad for the accuracy of ranked and matchmaking, and a waste of everyone's time.
Dude that is a freeken bot! In ranked!! Dont you see he is playing straight for hours, no person does that!! Every troll needs porn from time to time. He is playing like for 6 hours straight.
Jaawn (NA)
: @Riot: This Feeder is Ruining Ranked
looks like a bot to me.... F***! That is a bot playing for hours straight!! For someone having 200 Dominion games.... I know when I see one! http://i.imgur.com/hkDztVu.gif Rito The hell is this!? In ranked!! A FRAKING TOASTER in RANKED!!
: "I was just using a mouse" Huh "I had a key on my mouse to perform Cassiopeias E spam on perfect cooldown while moving in another direction, it's just a perfectly normal macro". You're not fooling anyone, people don't get banned for spamming emotes.
According to you; all of{{champion:28}} mains are already permabaned....
: What about macros? The mouse has a macro feature on it. I think that riot saw the software the mouse used and confused it for a hacking program.
It does not work like that. The mouse is fine. Something else is the problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona Ping,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O1g6ETI2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-12-15T11:37:05.263+0000) > > And the thing is, it's not because it was necessary. The reason Riot did that is because despite all the talk of "Strategic Diversity" they keep trotting out, they nerf or change anything that is not being played in the way they had already decided it should be used. THIS. I ORIGINALLY PLAYED LEAGUE CAUSE IT LET'S YOU PLAY SHIT THE WAY YOU WANT TO. AP SION? WHY THE FUCK NOT? Noooooow. Rito: "omg guys dey be like let's use a support item on a non support wtf we gotta gut dat." Or "omg da laners be like using da jungl items guys! Dat's stupid they're jangle item wtf." Remember proxy singed? "Wtf we support off meta but not if it means singed is gonna be anywhere except between the tier one towers of toplane. NURFED" WHY RIOT. WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE FORCED TO PLAY IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Maybe I have my own special way of playing? You don't have to support it, but PLEASE for the sake of your $$$ don't go out of your way to *prevent* us from playing things in a weird way.
This made me chuckle while making me sad...
Disteal (OCE)
: Evelynn redesign attempt
PanterLily (EUNE)
: #All things must meet this man. What we all must meet? Death? Can it be Night or Darkness? "And there the children of dark Night have their dwellings, Sleep and Death, awful gods. " - Hypnos and Thanatos.
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PanterLily (EUNE)
: Just a little thing u miss if u dont play on EUNE
LOL! Yes LifeStyle seems to be a stat, even if i cant find an item for that in the shop.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hola Hello,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=agpstgPc,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-04T21:47:38.381+0000) > > Gotta get him ready for worlds, obviously What he said it's for world's for the flashy lcs plays obviously.
I help! I don't fucking watch them and I don't fucking talk about them.
: The new one has the same pointy chin syndrome that the other new terrible splash arts suffer from. The same awkward facial features that everyone has complained about every new splash art.
>The new one has the same pointy chin syndrome that the other new terrible splash arts suffer from I'm not sure, the male champions look OK I think... Does this artist have problems just with females?
Vera (NA)
: ---> [POLL] <--- Old Fiora v. New Fiora Visuals
Those fake boobs on the new headmistress fiora....
: Good drawing, but she doesn't look like MF to me. Her positioning and expression just don't say CONFIDENCE like MF usually does.
She is sorry her Braum got hooked by Blitz and then nailed to the turret by Kalista. She does not have heart of stone u know.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: FYI, they were enabled about 9 hours ago.
Went to bed 10 hours ago... T.T
: Instant back bug works on Ryze also
O shit! Make one with Yasuo pls!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Pastramka,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=bHWxvz9n,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-11-11T21:23:45.887+0000) > > Hi all! > > I want to know how do reports and warnings work; > I haven't played for 3 days and today i played one classic and one ARAM. After the ARAM received a warning that i was reported for negative attitude. > So i want to know if that warning was just from a single report of the last 2 games i played today, or the warning was sent after more of reports summed up during a longer period. > > And also are warnings sent/approved by staff? > Are reports reviewed by staff? > (If staff is reviewing reports) For which categories of reports Is chat reviewed by staff? > > The reason Im asking this is because i was confused; in the both games i wrote only "shut up" in the first one to an enemy (he/she was spamming). So I want to know if it is a sum form my previous behavior(don't remember much of that) or was some one trolling. I also would like to know why I get warnings... i have received 2 in the past 2 days and i think its because I may have made people mad by beating them in game after they talked crap to me, then I proceeded to whip their butts.. after the game I got a warning.. wtf is up with that.. I never said any swear words nor was i toxic at all.. I just gave them back "rekt" everytime my team killed them as they did to me when they camped me top(mid, and jung) which costed them the game because my team won mid and bot.... anyway I do not like the warnigns i am gettign for something I am not doing.. I have never had a warning or a restriction in the past 4 years of playing.... I think this new system is being abused by litle punks who get butt hurt after they talk crap and get pushed back into it.. can someone with a real clue let me know whats the deal here? thanks
Yeah, It gets really annoying, they still appear regularly. And it makes me wonder, if the negative attitude and offensive language work this "good"... 'Assisting enemy' must be spotless!
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: > [{quoted}](name=gabinator1000,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=rVEM9W7q,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-16T05:05:30.208+0000) > > Hello nurse! XD i love your art style o.o. do you have a site where i can see more ? Thank you Thank you!! ^-^ I actually don't have any new art aha, I just got out of a drawing depression. This is only the second of anything I've drawn in months. This is my Tumblr though. I'll probably be drawing more soon. http://apatheticcpu.tumblr.com/
> [{quoted}](name=ApatheticCPU,realm=NA,application-id=2XjzURgc,discussion-id=rVEM9W7q,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-07-16T05:24:17.863+0000) > > Thank you Thank you!! ^-^ > > I actually don't have any new art aha, I just got out of a drawing depression. This is only the second of anything I've drawn in months. > > This is my Tumblr though. I'll probably be drawing more soon. > http://apatheticcpu.tumblr.com/ ( ̄へ ̄') NO I have my own music, thank you! Nice work though. And do more art! Like a lot more! Like two a week!
: top tier editing
Its a dream dude. What he did there is a masterpiece.
AbodyHUN666 (EUNE)
: So you actually think that a company would trust a buggy inaccurate system on punishing and banning possible customers? Honestly 99% of the posts I see about unfair punishments are either those who don't see why it is wrong to harass a new player for playing badly, or people who misinterpret the in client popup.
Yes i find that to be true too. But the problem i have is not with the punished summoners, but with the unpunished. As u said above the system is way to tolerant.
jQuery (EUNE)
: Yes. But this has more... I dont know how to name the style... it it's like an armor. Imagine this a bit more like Sivir's and Naut Warden skins, or Ahes's and Warvick's Marauder line. It doesn't have to have the lights. And I have too admit that armor realy reminds of the [Moorwen from Outlander](http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3628270361//embed?autoplay=false&width=640)! That was a nasty Beast!
Eternum is machine like. Way way more hi-tech than the mecha skins. This is like berserker from fate zero. I like it . http://cdn.desktopwallpapers4.me/media/thumbs_400x250/2/18572.jpg
baetoevn (NA)
Where the fuck is the poll?!
: really? i've seen several duplicate matchups and it can get annoying is it draft pick?
: > [{quoted}](name=7ha7guy777,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bmY0WfAT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-05T06:32:13.836+0000) > > During the pool party event i had 48 champions available > First 3 games with a group of 5 > Vlad > Varus > Varus > I take a break and the next ARAM game i play > Vlad > I think it's essentially random blind draft which actually narrows the pool a bit. If you have X and reroll, someone can reroll and wind up with X. > One day i got maokai 3 times in 5 games. That shouldn't be possible with 39-50 possible champions for me to get. **Because** it's random, that **can** happen. If it were weighted random, like how crits work, then you would be less likely to see duplicate rolls. The thing reducing randomness is that duplicates cannot occur on the same team or on separate teams.
I agree. It can be the most random a machine can make and u can still get teemo 666 times in a row. ------------------------------------------------------ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxP30euw3-0&feature=youtu.be&t=25 >I use a computer to choose my random numbers... And It is spectacularly bad at doing that! LoL! ----------------------------------------------------- And the match up in the OP is not un-winable. The only problem that i have with the randomness in ARAM picks; is the limit of champions: We should have all champions available - Or T least all champions from both teams polls. And I think trading **or** re-roll should be disabled, or at least if u choose one u cant have the other.
: There are many champs who are extremely under played and faced many of the same hardships as Zyra. Rito won't do shit about those champs because A). they ain't popular and B). they aren't one of the signature champs or whatever you call them like Garen, Teemo, and Kat. I would like to see these changes though. Rito needs to focus on other champs.
They care how dynamic playing a champion looks when you spectate matches. And Zyra dosen't have an R that takes her half the map in the middle of a team fight that she just barely gotten alive from and stuns the whole enemy team while regaining half HP bar. Her plays doesn't look like they are from an action movie. Champions that never get significant nerfs; their spells make **them **go : woosh! woosh! clank! BOOOM! http://www.animateit.net/data/media/august2009/ESCAPE.gif - they want that to be seen in LCS. They don't want a mage standing still far away going:_ Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!_ Only {{champion:101}} can make " _ Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! _ " spells look good :D. And the tanks... The tougher they are the longer the sick team fight lasts. LCS : http://i.ytimg.com/vi/aE7zem1k89g/maxresdefault.jpg
Daniy (EUW)
: as a zyra main with 924 zyra-rankeds
@Riot, get in here, discuss with us please how strategically diverse Zyra is.
: hey, at least he'll get challenger right away since there probably aren't even 200 people on EUNE KappaPride
jQuery (EUNE)
: Sooo.... The Naruto franchise has an copyright on red frogs with a kimono? When did they registered it and for witch media? Was it for games too, or just for printed and screening media? Just for an example: There was a case long time ago when Warner Bros sued Donkey Kong for copyright infringement on King Kong, WB Lost! It turned out that Nintendo could have sued them back and won if they wanted to for copyright infringement of Donkey Kong by King Kong... Or Sony pictures have the rights for Spiderman on Tv and Movie, but Marvel has it for printed media - that does not include posters that Sony markets their spiderman movies on :D So in short: Copyright luckily doesn't mean "I made it first only i can use It!" , u actuality need to protect ur stuff trough a lawful process that also detriments if u are right to have the copy right or not. And tnx to that process u can now make a figurine made out of glass and sell it as "Glass Figurine" without being sued by google. ----- And as he said: > [{quoted}](name=PanterLily,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=4F4OQ6BF,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2015-06-30T08:33:27.088+0000) > > #WAIT!! > > U say u don't see naruto in the champion pool !?!?!!?? > > {{champion:103}} Naruto is already in there with his seduction/harem jitsu on :D
Yeah I too love those guys who just up-vote the first "copyright" comment... Bet they feel as smart as the one that wrote it. Tnx to them we know what copyright is right?
: I smell trolls/smurfs. We're not going to talk about Garen's and Brand's build? lol
>I smell trolls/smurfs. We're not going to talk about Garen's and Brand's build? lol HOW THE FUCK?! did the matchmaking system managed to smell out the smurfs and trolls? If this is the new Lyte super-bot and he really can smell out trolls and bots etc so easily; why are this accounts active? Trolls or not this guys should not be matched by the system with those guys. ------------------------------------------------- There is no viable reason for this match up to be made by the system, which is why I believe it** was not matched automaticly**, but it is most probably a custom game. If it turns out Im wrong i swear ill leave out my league days just on IP.
Wumachine (OCE)
: When Tahm Kench eats Lulu, he should say that it tasted purple!
And when he spits her out - should he say: "Too purple…much too purple."
: I play on a 5 year old standard laptop and I rarely ever lag on ARAM unless there's connection issues
>I play on a 5 year old standard laptop and I rarely ever lag on ARAM unless there's connection issues Mine is black... Since we share irrelevant info on how powerful our machines are. :P Seriously: Its still playable on HA, but i think BB will be a problem. Don't know how hard it is my suggestion to be implemented but i will appreciate it a lot if they can pull it of.
: How does Summoners Rift run on the laptop? Looking through the video of the Butcher's Bridge, I noticed some areas where they had textures only on one side, intentionally to make it easier on weaker machines.
When it first came out it was better than HA, but patch after patch the FPS drops are more prominent, even in small fights in lane among minions. I think that every small change they made had an little effect; like new minions, then new minion death animations etc. Its still playable until 3th match in a row, than it needs to cool off for a bit, no mater if it is an ARAM or a classic. Overall the laptop barely does a acceptable performance so i don't think he will manage more than 15 min on this new map. Dont know why but playing on it plugged in with a cable to the router instead of using WiFi helps it with his temperature a bit.
: Good news, the new AMD R9 390X is now king of mid-range affordable power. Roughly the power of a 980 (not Ti) but for about $80 cheaper (than a 980, not a 980 Ti). If you have even a semi-competent budget for your tower, there is no more excuse for it being a mere toaster. But seriously, don't game on laptops....
Dude... Did u even read my post? I have a monster PC, upgrading it constantly, with a nice dell pro monitor; Both me and my girlfriend play and work on it but its troublesome when we need to team up and use her laptop. We plan to by for her an new one but that will take a little time... But in the meantime why would u be bothered if an option like this is integrated in th game? Even if we by the new laptop tomorrow, we have irl friends that play and come to visit - bring out the old laptop and have great lol party.
: PLEASE let us reorder rune pages.
Rito is just gonna Drag and Drop this .
Kinjishi (NA)
: [Riot] Luau Minions only on Summoner's Rift
Honestly, I want to disable them. Dont enjoy them at all.
Noctius28 (EUW)
: If push comes to shove do what I did to play warframe in certain events >Ice Cube the fucker! (By this i mean get a couple of those blue ice container box thingies and put the under the laptop)
:D I actually managed to make something like this: http://image.dhgate.com/albu_337299468_00-1.0x0/mini-vacuum-usb-cooler-air-extracting-cooling.jpg From a pack of cigarettes and a small CPU fan hooked to a phone charger, was for my sisters laptop, dont know what she has done to it... Might try something like that again.
canpan14 (NA)
: Give it time. They said they are still working on optimizing it. That is why it is still on the PBE.
Still don't know how the little one is gonna perform here, but the HA has a less crowded relief around the its not easy for the laptop to run it, he still manages... Don't you think this will be a nice option to have?
Noctius28 (EUW)
: supposedly they made it workable in most toasters, just like the more recent summoners rift
Yeah, they helped Im not saying they dont care, the title was meant just to be funny, but 40 min on the rift and the poor thing starts overheating. This I think make much more bigger impact.
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PanterLily (EUNE)
: Why not PVP? Lets take summoners rift; 1. **Nexuses **and **Inhibitors ** and ** laser turrets **are immune to champion damage. 2. Big monsters when killed **re-spawn at killers base** and fights for killers team. 3. Dragon Kill -** spawns extra minion wave** for the team that killed him. 4. Baron kill - **spawns a doom bot** for your team that pushes like a minion. U want ur waves to progress further: kill their champions and clear that jungle as crazy.
PanterLily (EUNE)
: Question about the Tribunal
There is supposed to be, don't know when.
: so i bought this delicate icon yesterday. does it do anything like the explosion icons? note: I havent used this icon in urf mode yet
YES! IT DOES! It makes all your 'keels' look like an awesome overkill! Except the Urf one... that's just... looks like by killing them; you saved ur enemies from being possessed by an evil manatee ghost. Go play some urf that icon is woorf.
: Actually, the magic went down the drain after the first match... 1 year ago. seriously people. Lol has one of the most caustically competitive community on the planet. Sucking the fun out of every game mode is par for the course. who cares, i always hated U.R.F anyway. hit me with your best downvotes
Finally! Im not alone! Most fun mode; Mirror Mode. Yours?
: well i know why, cause they think if they lower the skill level they will be better at the game. Lets be honest URF gets about as low at skill as you can get in this game.
I Agree. Skill Mode = Mirror Mode I had the most exciting matches in mirror mode.
delonix (NA)
: don't worry, the icon is pretty cool, so it'll be in other regions for 99,999 rp soon.
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