: yeah it looks like OP actually thinks you need 3 big items to be at core state and just picked them at random based on what the recommended page put up. Pretty much the entire OP is just blatant evidence that OP has no idea what a core item build is or how they work. Actual core item builds are stuff like season 4 renekton and shyvana top, who only needed only a ravenous hydra and that was your only core offensiveitem. everything else was a tank item at that point meant to outscale their opponent defensively (but none of it was necessary) because you had all the offensive power you needed to kill everyone with that glorious cleaving mace. mages hit a similar powerspike as well with athene's unholy grail where it gave literally every stat they needed, and every item past that was a numbers race to get more damage to match the enemy defence. vayne's core item was for the longest time blade of the ruined king. everything else past that wasn't necessary beyond further numbers racing. Akali's core item for a very long time is gunblade. the vampirism and hybrid stats it offers a very big spike to her damage/sustain when she needs it the most to be the strongest champ she can be. and none of those builds are "3 items" large. Also the title is the dumbest thing "supports scale the hardest"??????? besides the fact that no support "needs" their items to throw their cc and shields up the whole supports scale the hardest is farthest from the truth. They scale the worst, and if you had to make team comps composed of 5 of one class of champion, 5 dedicated supports building supportive items would literally be the worst compared to every other team of class.
I did not have the patience to go into it in this detail (to be honest I expected to get like 40 downvotes and a bunch of people insulting me), but thank you for doing it.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Why do adcs and supports have the cheapest 3 item cores yet they scale the hardest?
There is so much wrong in this post. Most adc's dmg spike is at 3 item while the rest of the "classes" you categorized is at 1 or 2 (didn't we see people murdering everone with a duskblade only), also which adc builds double zeal with IE as it's first 3 items? Tristana maybe? I can not really think of anything else that would go for it. Boards at it's finest with bent information again.
Lock On (NA)
: There was a time when League of Legends players were versatile at all roles so they weren't worried about not getting mid. You know, intelligent, calm, and calculated people who actually enjoy a moba.
The only issue with current league is that laning phase is way way shorter, than let's say in season 5 when I was playing fill all the time. Playing matchups correctly is even more important, than lane counters etc. If you get an autofilled support, that has no idea how to have presence or an adc, that doesn't know how to trade in lane, then you are fucked, but having a useless support is worse to be honest, since you can't really roam or make plays on an adc if you were fisted in lane.
X4lt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bronze 6 Yasuo,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZInF01co,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-01T10:05:30.461+0000) > > What makes you think I care about your opinion? I'm was seriously defending my role with structured arguments that had thoughts behind them. By saying this, and with your response to my other post, you lose all credibility with your argument aside from the blind "I dislike this happening to me, so nerf it" statement that people love to say. If you'd like to have an intelligent discussion on a public media like the boards, then I'd be happy to oblige, but I don't think that's what you want
> [{quoted}](name=X4lt,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZInF01co,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-01T10:50:04.306+0000) > > I'm was seriously defending my role with structured arguments that had thoughts behind them. By saying this, and with your response to my other post, you lose all credibility with your argument aside from the blind "I dislike this happening to me, so nerf it" statement that people love to say. If you'd like to have an intelligent discussion on a public media like the boards, then I'd be happy to oblige, but I don't think that's what you want Just give up and don't feed the trolls, only time when they have a "structured argument" is when they try to do some elementary school maths and fail at it so bending the numbers up and it is always the same 4-5 player on boards who posts theese adc threads with nonsense. Such an example is this thread when they changed Draven's Q scaling. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/rJnHo3RE-lucian-is-underpowered-draven-is-fine?comment=00000000
Xyrov (EUW)
: For the past 20 games Every single top laner i played with fed his ass off. like legit EVERY SINGLE ONE. It's always mid/bot that is doing decent most of the time My last game i was doing wolves.. " FIRST BLOOD. " It was of course the top laner getting soloed at this point i'm like next game please.
I play ad/jungle and support most the time depending on whether the champ pool I like is playable in the role or not and it is toplane most the time who feeds his ass off. Could name at least 15 different really memorable matches where top was the issue and only a very few where other roles seemed problematic on my team.
Daunt (EUNE)
: Honestly though, i'd rather have them update his VFX and make the skin better than lower the price. If you're already making a skin for a champion at least make it high quality. Especially since Draven doesn't have any 1350 RP skins.
Soul Reaver is 1350 My biggest issue with Santa Draven is the theme, like yea we have some fucking glitter on the axes and the animations are as smooth as they are on SR, but then what? An other joke based skin. Meanwhile if you look at any adc, the best skin they have is PROJECT, probably because projectiles look super sick with that theme, no idea. Oh wait it is seasonally exclusive, so if you don't take it you won't be able to have it later coughcough....Championshit Ashe with the not smooth AAs...coughcough Like I would maybe buy it on an early sale for 975, but that isn't even avaliable as an option because people buy it for the exclusivity. It actually makes me kinda sad, that we get this skin for him, actually I had a nightmare about getting a "heartseeker" one, but who knows what the future brings, maybe we get one of that as well then nothing else for 2-3 years.
LdCwrGm1vv (EUNE)
: Your two highest mastery point champions swap passives
{{champion:64}} {{champion:119}} More snowbally lee and extra attspeed steroid for Draven? I take it.
: Why do ADCs think that they can tax other lanes but not let other people cs in theirs?
> They can get angry and spam pings at you for taking cs even if they are not in bot lane or dead I do not like it when I set up a freeze before I go back and some idiot comes in, and sets up a freeze for the enemy lane because he needed 30 gold and killed 2 caster minions, so when I manage to walk back I will be zoned off from xp and cs, totaling in 15-30 cs loss not a single 4-6 which you think of. Wave control might sound like black magic for midlaners but it is a very important thing on sidelanes. Either reset the wave or leave it alone, optionally if you see it would freeze for the opponent, then push it in so it resets or even it out so it won't move to the wrong direction. Also this constant blaming against ADCs is getting really boring, I only visit the boards regularly because I have criminally low blood pressure.
jjcool99 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GayFluffyUnicorn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fvwj8isG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-25T23:45:04.742+0000) > > It's actually insane certain members defend the bullshit that is galio right now. these are the same people that think ap yi or trist was fine. also remember release galio rework he was similar with less AP scaling turns out he was broken then hes even stronger now lol!
Hey in AP Yi's defense, that was a ton of fun and 99% of people were just messing around anyway at that time.
Yenn (NA)
: Another game where I'm carrying my team and we're up over 10k gold and all objectives at 15 minutes, but I still know we're likely going to lose because I lost the lottery and my team is full of monkeys, and instead of closing out the game, they'd rather dive from the enemy's inhibitor turret to their nexus to kill the fucking support. This might be fine if everyone were a retarded monkey, but more often than not, it's only 2-3 players in any given game that are retarded monkeys. I feel really fucking rewarded for consistently playing well.
I feel you, I went on a long break after getting tilted to oblivion by 5 consecutive games like this, also I don't have time to play hundreds of rankeds every season just to do my thing, hopefully next season will be less shit.
Tworie (NA)
: It's probably because they're using the same matchmaking algorithm as Overwatch which the developers have even admitted to saying they want their players staying at a 50% win ratio all the time. This means that players get matched into games where it's just impossible to win.
At this point all the ranked system is a fucking grind, nothing else. In season 5 I got to gold 2 in like 50 games after my placement games (was placed somewhere in silver no idea tha number), this season I got to gold 5 in 30-35 games from silver 2 placements and kept getting fucked afterwards, most fun thing is every time I got to promos I had to play with people who are in their promos to plat 4 and 3. One way to keep up a win streak is if you get people who are on a lose streak because of the matchmaking and not because of incompetence.
: Blind pick too toxic, any way we can just get teambuilder back in it's place?
Meanwhile EUNE doesn't even have draft half the day.
: *claps*
: Even better when they claim that tanks/supports have absolutely "nothing" contributing to this such problem.
Exactly, having big ass meatballs with a ton of CC does not really enable bruisers to do their job, you can do a godlike play on lee sin to pick out someone while the enemy sejuani can either choose to fuck your plans up or just fuck your team instead, so you are kind of forced into playing tanks yourself. You need punching bags to soak up CC, you need your own CC. Cinderhulk changes, enabled tank junglers, stoneplate is pretty much what tanks take since the GA changes and it could be argued, that it is even better, Adaptive helm cucks battlemages. Tank reworks/changes, a lot of indirect/direct shift in power for stuff like cho (he is not a tank, by definition, but is a tank in the sense of soaking up dmg). Ah yeah and ofc there are outliers such as Jarvan being a frequent pick. Armor shred, % current hp dmg, backline acces (wombocombos), the play pattern of the champion is kind of similar to lee sin if you think about it, except the dmg does not fall off that much and it is way less mechanical in terms of execution and his E->Q is one of those abilities, which is really hard to interrupt and takes priority over other things such as WW ult when colliding, which is pretty funny since Infinite Duress is supposedly turning WW unstopable during the dash. Also on Tristana being strong and popular, last time I remember it happening was in season 5's tank meta. Adcs are more important when your team has to fight tanks, than when the teamfights last 5 second because everyone bursted each other to death, longer the fight, the more useful sustained dmg is.
: Can you play a tank bot lane in the non-support position?
I think you have a bit of confusion with the concept of "meta". Botlane consisting of an adc and a support does not mean it is adc meta. Everyone picking big ass tanks for top and jungle however is something that tends to happen when there is a tank meta.
: It's funny how people go back and forth on this. "Tanks are too weak! Please buff armor items and give us actual options!" - - - "Wow, I can't get past these tanks because they're too hard to kill! Please nerf the items for these boring characters!"
Also this "adc meta" is only because tanks are overwhelming, so I would rather call it tank meta.
: What about when a fed mid , top or jungle carries ? Katarina , Garen , Akali etc. there are lots of champs that can roll face to an easy victory with an early lead. Why only blame bot lane ? There are plenty of other people you can blame for your losses. This is another I can't win and it's everybody's fault but mine thread. They could nerf marksmen to the ground and you would still lose.
I feel you so much. Summing up the boards trough this entire season: Adcs are weak and only the utility ones are usable for some extent? > The games are decided by botlane first turret gold, btw I let the enemy roam on my botlane and not follow them up but not my mistake. Earlygame adcs are usable? > Let's gut their ass because I had a game where a fullbuild ADC crit my statless 0-12 Talon ass and killed me in 2 hits. Oh tanks are super strong and people are forced to play tank buster adcs? > Bullshit adc meta QQ. So this constant hate alongside with some Lee Sin posts and of course some ridiculous shit with incorrect math as proof for the weekly circlejerk witchhunt is what the boards is concerned with.
Akaviri (NA)
: Yesterday, I was playing Cait, and I was level 14 with {{item:3006}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3034}} {{item:3072}} . A level 13 Fizz with {{item:3020}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3135}} {{item:1058}} was able to deal just over half my health and all 300 of my BT shield with Q and empowered W, as he missed his E and ult. Had he hit his ult, i probably would have died. He was at least 5k gold down, yet had he hit his ult he would have one shot me.
Classic Fizz... I had a 0-6-1 fizz come for my fed ass once with his old abyssal scepter (when it still gave flat pen) got killed in 1 combo, he even missed his ult.
Kinkoh (NA)
: How was I suppose to catch that axe riot?
Draven's axes have a ton of bugs, which never got fixed, sometimes the marker just disappears with the axe for no reason. Lulu polimorf bugs out the spinning animation, then this placement bug.
Eedat (NA)
: Uh, not exactly. All the early game lane bullies that keep them down got heavily nerfed {{champion:21}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} etc
Well that's what people get for bitching about earlygame champions. So maybe not bitching would be a good idea.
: haha. omg! fkn tank meta!!!! literally impossible to kill! nerf!!!!! nerf assassins! they oneshot me after 1st powerspike!!!! nerf ardent_!!! shield supports are too strong!!!!! adc in 2k17 LUL!!!!! and now this bronze 1 na player thinks adcs are op cuz he got stomped by a late game twitch. smh
Pretty much all the time. Whenever I see a post like this I check the forum profile of the poster on it's native site and look for seasonal badges, guess what, I'M yet to find those badges. Right click to kill EZPZ role my ass, you have to click 4-6 times a second with good mouse accuracy and position very carefully, but people don't seem to like when effort results in reward, same with lee sin, RQQ oneshot my ass, if someone is massively ahead it is going to destroy you no matter what. ADCs and scaling champions were always strong in low elo where games are dragged out, unfortunately it wouldn't be a good idea to balance around that level of play.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: riot does not ban boosted players,they just take away the end of season ranked rewards from them if they get caught. Some of them get banned because the booster used scripts. Whats the point anyway? riot does not even ban trolls in this game.
Isn't account sharing a bannable offense tho? Boosting most probably involves it.
: That's what happens when people go 3/0.
Boards police here, logical comments, that are not hating on Lee sin or adcs are not allowed.
KoKoboto (NA)
: The biggest problem are weak ass objectives, not give-up attitudes. Patch 5.22: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-522-notes#patch-sr In games where I get an early lead I just fuck around in the jungle while my team wins 4v5 because that's how big early game leads are now.
I can relate to it, when everyone is fighting in the jungle and I'm just like pushing turrets down because they don't need me.
Rioter Comments
: Riot, if you're so fond of counter play...
I thought people on this subreddit were only allowed to complain about Lee sin and ADCs.
: There are a lot of champs who can just jump on top of you with nothing you can really do , if it was like that you would have to stay in fountain for half the fight if you hope to be useful
Even that would not satisfy the board's hate for the most mechanically intense class in the game. Sure it feels like ass, when a full build ADC mauls you to death, but there is something else, that feels just like that and that is making 1 missclick in a fight and getting gangraped immediately afterwards...
: Varus has always been a good pick, though I never pick him. Mostly because all I see are engage comps after engage comps. However I do like varus against draven, also good against just healing supports in general. Though I never pick varus that much. lol Jhin I love jhin, just for the sheer amount of distance and movement speed he can kite. With 100% crit chance, god it's fun because of the movement speed to kite and reposition.
Yeah mobility is an issue with varus, I really like the rageblade build but if all I see is shit jumping in my face, then it feels kinda bad to play that way since all you are is a slightly less shit kog'maw at that point. Similarly to Ashe, I both love and hate her at the same time, I like her kit, but it is just so frustrating to play her into shit that gets on your face no matter what.
: It's so simple, yet they never understand that.
Also this is why Varus is a good pick into him, you get a couple AAs on him and explode the stacks with a skill, on top of having heal reducer on his E and an ult, that if you hit you can AA for free with your larger range. Jhin is also good but for different reasons, which is the safe farming and wave control.
Regulas (NA)
: Why is it that most champion complaint threads are basically just an OP going: "I'm way way too stubborn to ever change my strategy according to the opposing champion, there's no need, after all if my **perfect** strategy doesn't work it just means that the enemy champion is overpowered."
All they have to do is learn how to trade in lane, but nah, standing still and AAing like an idiot while also drawing minion aggro is what I imagine they do on an ADC. Trading with draven in lane 101: He lasthits a minion with his axe, place the marker back or on a side, you now have the time to hit 1 or 2 AAs as well as your skillshots. This is very simplified, he might drop the axe on purpose not to take the dmg, but you still win on that, since he lost an axe. Similarly, any sort of hard engage support can make you drop your axes, which results in no dmg from his side. It is really similar to what cooldown window trading is for, Riven used her shield? You now have 2 seconds (or whatever is the CD on it, I don't play her, nor know her CD times) to trade with her, Thresh missed a hook, boom you have 10+ secs to zone them off farm or engage in their asshole.
: Dude all stealth champs saw a bump in winrate after vision nerfs. It's the vision that sucks. We need more ward options.
By far the only counterplay against twitch is to have a sweeper (not upgraded) and randomly throw it at positions you think he could be walking trough, but even then if your team can't just jump him in an instant it is retarded.
: Yasuo mains are turning into lee sin mains
Blind pick was always a yasuo simulator.
: As an ADC main, I ban Yasuo because I think Windwall is one of the most broken abilities in the game. Regardless of how fed I am, he can completely zone me out of a fight for 3.75 seconds by just pressing w. There's no counter play to it. If I decide to walk up or around it, it's likely that Yasuo can dash onto me since I'm heading towards the windwall that he just placed down. To be able to block every single projectile for 3.75 seconds is ridiculous.
I've been saying this since forever, yet people keep telling me I'm a garbage player and I could just walk around it, yeah right, because it is that easy to reposition, especially if it is a jungle entrance, should I just flash the regular jungle wall to be able to deal dmg or ban him in champ select? Not sure which is the smarter play.
: What about the fact that Riven has one of the highest win rates right now
Nah it is not an adc, it is a poor underpowered melee champion, boards only care about busted stuff /s.
: It's because of GA. Before if you put the resources into killing a fed Draven he would lose his stacks and you had a window to catch up. Now he just builds GA second and keeps his stacks even if he fucks up
Nah, GA is not even that good, if I'm ever thinking of buying one, then that's when I sell my boots.
: That meme died some time ago, now I see much more posts complaining about the meme itself than people mentioning it. Yes, ADCs have never been weak this season, but posting it here just reinforces the idea that these boards are mostly an echo chamber.
Even back then there was more complaining about the meme. They were not weak at all in the beginning of the season, problem was the actual pool of worth to play adcs were low, lane bullies were weak and you were only allowed to play utility/poke or some sort of broken hypercarry like twitch.
Swegmec (NA)
: I don't think people understand how this prevents permabanning. The teams will be more hesitant to ban "OP" champions because if the OTHER team bans these, it's a wasted slot for the first team. If I am using this system, I may think "oh, the other team will likely ban Yasuo/Lee/Lucian etc.". Therefore, I won't be banning any of those champions so I don't waste my bans. Instead, I will pick bans that focus more on our team and its counters. If we have 2 or more tanks, I will be banning Vayne or Fiora. If we have an all-AD team, I'm banning Rammus or Malphite. Assassins on our team? Bans on Kayle, Annie, or Lissandra. By doing "blind banning" it allows for some of these classically "op" champions to not be banned as much due to anticipation of the other team banning them. Is that a good thing? We'll see; it hasn't come out yet.
Well I can still just ban a champion I don't want to play against, who I already ban every time I can ban, even if I'm the first one to ban, so I'm pretty happy with the changes.
: ... I've still got 8 chests sitting here
Yeah I'm sitting at a ton of chests as well, I play on an off, which means I get my chest limit fast, but keys slowly... I even remember buying a lot of keys for rp just to open chests once.
: > [{quoted}](name=Calabok,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1wmX992g,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-05-16T02:16:04.732+0000) > > Lee Sin upcoming nerf not strong enough. I'm a Shaco main Lee Sin is suposed to be one of my counter and I don't even think he should be nerfed. Lee Sin is probably the most balanced champ in the game. Yes people like to play him, because he's fun playing. But he's far from being op.
You can try to reason with them, but won't get you anywhere on the boards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Barrel Simulator,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2BHGvNZx,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-13T05:47:41.245+0000) > > ( excluding high elos such as challenger and masters and high diamond ) i wonder why we don't ban yasuo period and the reason for this is because we can handle him so maybe one time you will turn on your brain and learn to destroy yasuo by waiting all your spells instead of fighting him at lvl 2
Yeah because I can totally influence what happens on toplane at level 2 while I'm playing adc, rather remove the risky things from my games.
: Then dodge it every 8 seconds at call for jungler since he shoves the wave every time he fires it into your wave to hit you. Get gud
Yeah and then when you are sieging the team that has a yasuo in a pretty even match and someone accidentally gets hit by a tornado, then he slips to him, pulls up the windwall and rapes the person violently while all the team can do is watch.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pentium2,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8lWHiLn,comment-id=0000000000000003,timestamp=2017-05-13T00:53:31.798+0000) > > Finally someone with a brain. > > I bet everyone who claims such nonsense as the OP of the thread, never played a single game as an adc, or who knows maybe they should all main adc and be challanger. I know right? I also get the impression that not even a single one of those people have ever played ADC for more then a single game.
I don't even know why am I reading the boards from time to time, it is like non-stop complaining about things like lee sin and adcs, and since I played quite a bit of both over the yeaers, all I can say is this entire place is a laughing stock. But one thing is sure, lee's winrate will go up 2 weeks after his nerfs because the bronzords will stop playing him and then the cycle of autistic screeching continues on the boards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8lWHiLn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-11T21:15:45.664+0000) > > We used to be able to counterbuild. Now we don't even have that anymore. Ya know....it seems awfully biased? I won't mind if you go bashing Fiora for having a passive&ulti that deals % max hp true damage that scales of AD. But the life of a actual marks man/woman is not easy ya know? Bullied by supports, reliant on supports, needing more gold than any other class and also targeted more than any other. Also the most useless when behind. And at the moment if a single marksman get's OP (recent and current ones {{champion:202}} &{{champion:236}} ) people will immediately flame the hell outa marksmen mains and tell us we suck for we play an OP class ._. Completely ignoring any and all difficulties of the botlane, you tanks and bruisers seem to think it's a literal paradise down there? ADC buffs? Are you even aware? Sometime ago Riot raised the bonus pen on last whisper by 15% a literally massive buff. Which means the words of adc's being helped contained a truth....but overlooking the reasons for it. Because any and all armor users were dumpstering marksmen, a diver with 1 damage item and 1 tank item could 1v2 most AD users at the time. A tank with 2-3 armor items could stand still and watch and a marksman die from thornmail. Then last whisper made it better but it was far from easy, however snowballing AD champs in general, especially Assassins became OP with it. So to help marksmen who still were failing more often than not that insane botrk buff came through. And last whisper was nerfed. What did you tanks register? "OMG MARKSMEN OP, HEALING FOR TONS AND KILLING US IN 1 SEC, RIOT NERF DAT SHIT" ' That´s about the summary of the tanks complaining about marksmen, our items cost on average 600-700 gold more, we need serveral together to get much effectiveness out of them and a single mistake can cost us our lane or a teamfight. That is a marksmen. oh and we lost out most 1v1's against supports too. Get your shit together. You state that Marksmen were improved like it was Riot acting like a bunch of sugar daddies for the role? Deliberately ignoring the fact that all those buffs were meant to just push Marksmen into being frigging viable after having been trash? I won't accept any claim that the "ADC in 2k17" meme didn't exist ._. It was hella real and it was frigging miserable. To the point where people played mages bot because they did the marksmen's job better then the marksmen themselves....and you claim that there has been a show of favoritism? Bullshit, utter and pure bullshit. I am open for discussion but please do choose your words, sugarcoating things and making the botlane look like a paradise will do nothing but provoke the hell outa myself and others who stuck down botlane ever since the mage update and until now.
Finally someone with a brain. I bet everyone who claims such nonsense as the OP of the thread, never played a single game as an adc, or who knows maybe they should all main adc and be challanger.
Escheton (EUW)
: Because fuck tanks and their high regen/5. Lets make it a drain-tank item. Good luck killing the adc now. Seriously, imagine an adc with an attackspeed steroid in their kit with {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3026}}. With a support taking {{item:3050}} to cover the other 50% crit. No even current Sej is tankier than that.
Why would I build spirit visage on an adc? If I really need MR I'll just opt in for a hexdrinker. Or if I need more healing, then I take a second lifesteal item. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF2Ouff2Kt0 Death's dance with PD is viable tho.
: So fucking true. I was lucky in a few games to ZZ'Rot the nexus and ruin it. Fuck those that just want to get a few more kills and then blame others for losing the game.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dh7RrTOrbY&feature=youtu.be ZZ'Rot for the win
: I remember going 10/1 or something as Shaco jungle in season 5 and my team blamed me for or loss because I played a "troll jungler" lol
Well Shaco is a troll champion, but in the good sense, tilting the enemy to oblivion with boxes and mindgames. Would be "punnier" if you were reported for playing Trundle btw.
: ***
Or maybe everyone called soloQ, soloQ, because it is shorter than tiping in SOLO AND DUO QUEUE. As for myself I'm happy with the old system.
agbudar (NA)
: i think its time to rebuild Keystones from the ground up.
> [{quoted}](name=agbudar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bYfYiUOV,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-20T22:51:13.195+0000) > > > {{champion:64}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}} are now super mobile juggernauts because of CotC Lee and CotC? I have bad news for you.
: Yep. There are a whole lot of people who get to gold and stop playing ranked. They smash Diamond 1's more often than lose vs them. But I guess they don't matter since they are still in gold 0_0
: I think it's largely that anti CC items are MR items, but there are several: {{item:3102}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3222}} I do agree however that there needs to be an anti-cc item that is more geared towards physical damage.
Member Zephyr? I dunno why it was removed tho.
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