: Don't buy the XP boost, you'll need it for champions and stuff. Getting to lvl 30 isn't too special (and neither are levels) once you already have your Keystone mastery. Don't jump into ranked immediately, you'll need easily ~200 or so more games before you're ready.
: 21 - 30 is the same as 1 - 21 I believe
Sooo about a day then thx
: I would always say if you are going to play bots play intermediate. It is still extremely easy, but will at least make you think a little bit as a new player. That said, I would say only do bot games while you have to, and once you can play PvP, do. You will lose a LOT of games, but it will be important for you to learn what you can and can't get away with.
Im plat...
: you could also play Twisted treeline, same xp, same ip, shorter games.
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Cocho (NA)
: After a certain level, you get reduced ip and pretty sure xp too from bots. Play rotating game mode when its up, or aram. They're faster
what are you saying???
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Bots games are more consistent XP since you're always winning but PvP game give more XP for a win; losing PvP games though gives XP slightly less then a bot game. If you have a champ you feel really comfy on to take into PvP as to where you'll win more then you'll lose, PvP can be more XP.
begginner bots or????
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: Into matches _without displacements_ he's ok. You need to for sure deny vision and buy pinks though. He's very VERY squishy. Especially with the normally lower gold income of support. The thing that will piss off your AD is your crows. Control them if you can. Memorize their bounce range and try not to accidentally last hit minions with your crows. This is quite hard due to the bonus dmg to minions. I played Fidd supp a long time ago (season 4). It's probably decent now.
cool, thnx but what would you prefer?
: Yes. You will revel in the satisfaction of having that orange essence ready one day.
so just disenchant everything?
GreenBoÍ (EUNE)
: Star guardian jinx is Perfection... And i dont suggest random craft... I did that 3 times and got lame singed skin AND I DONT EVEN PLAY SINGED... Other was some kind of shen skin... I dont play shen either... And better keep for essence if you dont like any skin... For a better one, ( you will get one anywas)
wait, so i dissentchant them? or do i just keep them in my loot? i get mutch for the jinx skin but can i disencant the ryze skins since i want to craft the ashe skin + a ward skin
: Depends on the context. If we're vs something bursty like a Draven I'd rather Alistar; if we're vs a full team of AP or AD casters then Fiddle silence is pretty good. Why can't you upgrade both though?
thats true, why not bought. i probly will get both to high mastery level but im tired of ragy kids who spam me that fiddle is a troll pick, is he solid for ranked games?
: People are going to say Alistar because it's proven to work and is a meta pick, while Supp Fiddles hasn't been a big thing in a very long time (but it still will work). Picking Alistar will go a lot smoother with your team, but if you are successful with Fiddles and like it better just play him.
Are you an support main too? i am really tired of kid's screaming it's your fault in chat with "CAPS ON" i want a pick that is not "troll" and not "broken" the broken ones uselly get picket from the enemy team or banned in ranked games and i am really having a good time with both of them. But i want to main one of them but i cant tell who. Alistar have that sweet knock up which is super nice and the stun + the armor and health. but fiddle has that nice "e" so he get's them both low just standing behind a minion. he has that nice teamfight ult and the stun too. i cant tell if i like ap or tank most.
: no, just wait to get others skin... or get the most expensive one
So i dont get one perma now? i just wait?
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nm1010 (NA)
: For most of it, they dropped off for a couple games once but we had triple exp through most of it.
tripple? how? isnt there just day boost and win boosts?
nm1010 (NA)
: I leveled one with my wife about 3 months ago and we did it in about 6 days going for ~4-8 hours a day so if you really pound it out you probably could do like 2-3 days.
Chermorg (NA)
: Yep. If you behave well, and play regularly (1-3 games per day seems like a general rule) then you'll drop down a tier every 2-4 months or so. If you're good for about a year or more, you could drop all the way down to a clean account.
but can i just play on another account and then the ban just downgrade or do i have to play?
Chermorg (NA)
: Yep. And also just dont troll or afk or be a douche in other ways, and you should be free from ban.
<3 you have been very helpful to me <3
nm1010 (NA)
: A week if you play it pretty regularly.
1-2 days? is that possible? or is one week the standar?
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: No, you can't. The easiest way to summarize how to avoid getting banned is, as a fair few have said; "don't be a dick". Don't flame your teammates, don't troll to make your teammates lose, don't intentionally feed, etc. In all honesty, you should take your 14-day ban as time to reflect on what got you banned in the first place, because if you don't straighten up, you're going to be permanently banned. And, also; having multiple accounts isn't ultimately the "better option" when faced with a potential permaban, since, if you don't learn what it was that got you permabanned in the first place, you'll just keep getting punished on your new account(s).
Chermorg (NA)
: Generally speaking, no. As long as you are using pings and communicating effectively (i.e. generally speaking you shouldn't ignore people's pings/chat if you're reading their chat) you wont be banned. You're free to not type, or even mute everyone the second the game starts. As long as you're listening to teammates' pings and not just ignoring them completely you should be fine. Note that you can still get banned for other gameplay related offenses such as intentionally feeding, trolling, afk/leaver, etc.
So i can shut mu mouth and play the game, but i should read my teams (Ideas), (Plans) or (stratergy)?
: You won't get banned for toxic chat if you don't type anything at all. You can still get banned for afk, intentional feeding, griefing, cheating, ect.
ok i got an 14-days ban for toxic for a while ago (Its gone now) but if i get banned for feeding do i get perma then? And it shouldnt be a problem i usely help the team as a good tahm main ;)
Chermorg (NA)
: Yep. If you behave well, and play regularly (1-3 games per day seems like a general rule) then you'll drop down a tier every 2-4 months or so. If you're good for about a year or more, you could drop all the way down to a clean account.
But can i get banned if i dont type anything at all?
Chermorg (NA)
: nope. you won't get permabanned if you don't be toxic/flame/afk/troll/etc. be a decent person, don't get permabanned.
thnx for the advice but, is there anyway to drop the ban. Like if i get a 14-days ban and wait 14 days. if my behaver is good in a long time do i get a new 14 days ban after that again like a loop?
Chermorg (NA)
: You're free to do whatever you want. If you want skins, buy skins. If you want to keep using those skins, don't get permabanned.
What? If i keep on using those skins, dont get permabanned? If i keep on using my account then i will get permabanned
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