: Ya-Su-Oh, please get the reference.
: I think naming after a champion is a waste as you will not feel original , but they that's just me
: How about you main a different champion PLEASE {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Also i call anyone playing yasuo so theres ur name Captain fartface
Akenero (NA)
: Fujin, the Japanese wind god Deadly breeze Japanese haircuts 0-0 If I win I want gangster twitch or sometjing
ProZed (NA)
: Hasagi4Lyfe IHasagi2U Hazingaaa Max W on Yasuo Max Q on Yasuo AllAboutThatHasagi Face toxic team <<<<<<<<<<<<<<lel jk lel
: Names For Yasuo Main? Winner will get a skin
I need some serous names pls something like winder,windo,windy
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