GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if he was a marai. I mean the ones in the comic really look a lot like Nami and I think that the designer of this comic didn't know that the vastaya are shapeshifters or undererstimated just how different the individual members of the same tribe could look like(just compare Xayah and Rakan). Though a new kind of vastaya would also be possible because I don't think that this tree about the vastaya lists all of them anyway, for example in "silence of the dammned" there is a mention of "skard vastaya",that don't appear anywhere on the tree, so there might be more "tribes of the sea" that we don't know of.
It's worth noting, that the Marai originate from Ionia and made their home at Coral reef at Mount Targon. Would be cool if Rivershaper was a new species of Vastaya so we know how they look like :D
: Corina Veraza by far! Like she looks like a benevolent version of Zyra. Seems to also be dominating the plants and nature.
She really isn't so benevolent as you might think. Her card description: _"The narrow-minded Piltovans know only gears and metal, and cannot appreciate the delicate art in every stem, every petal, every cell of my cultivair. I will craft them an undeservedly graceful doom."_ Another card associated with her ( Magnus Opus) : _"I told them that every achievement had its cost. I didn't tell them who would pay it."_ - Corina Veraza Shame we would be getting another Parent-nature-Wrath character :/
Jaspers (EUW)
: Marai we know about and don't live near Ionia. Makara are most likely shark like based on description (there is a theory that Shark Aatrox is one of those holding his sword), so out of the 3 Raylu seems the most logical choice however, only 3 types in the sea and all 3 fish like, no crustaceans? I dunno. That said, the Sea isn't a River. Eduard Santangelo's drawing might have been just based on what he observed as there appears to be a few tribes of the sky and Rakan and Xayah, even though they have wings are part of the Lhotlan tribe (land based). That leaves only 5 to 6 tribes for ALL other types of creature to walk. Wukong is Shimon. Ahri is unknown. But none are listed as river.
It's true, it could end up being a totally new race of Vastaya, but it it would really good to have a RIOTer's responses on that matter.
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: Is AP Malphite not just incredibly unhealthy by design?
{{champion:113}} 's R got changed for having too much power in a teamfigth ultimate, but Malph is perfectly fine? Has anyone tried to dodge it while he has increased MS? It's cancerous
: Fiddlesticks point-and-click fear is good and deserves to stay, here's why:
His point and click fear doesn't screw over just mobile champions,but immobile ones as well. I rather they revise mobility as a whole,rather than just to keep such mechanics in the game. Also, it's not just his fear, it's that he has 2 point and click CC abilities in his kit. It doesn't have to be changed per say ,but it should really be more than just a point and click fckyou to any champion that comes close to him.
: Part of me hopes Senna is sassy as hell and gives Lucian a little bit of shit in her jokes for him being the reason she is the way she is, LOL. /cue the Frozone supersuit scene with his wife Honey *Lucian attacks Thresh* “Oh, hell naw. Boi, we ain’t doin’ this again. We coulda left, and youuuuuu woulda never gotten us into this mess, ok. I wouldn’t be corrupted, and you wouldn’t have spent all those years trying to get revenge.”
I rather she has a comeback for every champ who taunted Lucian XD
Falrein (EUW)
: She's severely limited by the fact that she needs a "contract" to interact with people, and she's not an almighty god. She's more powerful than your average Joe, but she can be fought back :')
I think you missed her new lore. She no longer a hired assassin,nor does she needs a contract, she only needs pain from her victims.
: Which Region Are You Ready to See Develop Further?
Ionia ( love it) , Shadow Isle, Ixtal, the Realm of the Aspects and Celestial Entities
Jacksin (OCE)
: Ashe voice-over update
Liked that we got some new info on a Warden character,but super sad we didn't find out anything about the Seal sister.
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vyoda (NA)
: Support Mains of the Boards: Why do you supp? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I've an inherent need to help/save others, because I think I'm a lost cause and by doing it that I gratify myself with fake altruism and self-worth.
: Soraka's VO & Lore
It would be amazing ,if you consider she could tease some champions future lore updates. Doesn't have to huge teaser,but something that hypes us for their upcoming lore.
9NexterCz9 (EUNE)
: Which story would you like to move forward after demacia ?
Honestly, either Targon so we get to see different interactions of the Aspects&co ( Panth&Soraka, Taric&Panth, Morgana&Soraka, everyone with Aurelion Sol, what both Morgana&Kayle think of AS's imprisonment etc..) , after that? Bilgewater or the Shadow Isle
Glîtchy (NA)
: Anything without true damage or invulnerability
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: What Champions would you like to see featured if Riot created a new Cinematic?
{{champion:40}} or {{champion:16}} . I know gameplay wise the might not be the most exciting,but considering the powers they have , they could certainly be interesting to showcase. Imagine Idk, a any of the demons/creatures jumping on someone and Janna blowing them away or Soraka calling forth falling stars on enemies.
Lewanor (NA)
: Swain is of course better for the future of Noxus, no one in Noxus can replace him about the leadership. And I'm siding with Swain again in a 1v1 because if only the second in command is stronger than Swain, why are they still sending assassins? Leblanc and Vladimir can bust in and kill Swain if that's the case. Swain has to be a threat that can't be thrown by an indiviual, that's why Leblanc tries to take him out by assassins, by a sneak attack. It's either by that, or a full fledged war.
Vladimir is stated to participate in political affairs from time to time. He's more of a puppeteer,who doesn't want to bother himself with being in charge, but rather enjoy the best possible life he can. He's a hedonist through and through , lots of Dorian Grey vibes. They likely don't engage in direct combat,because LB is pretending to be dead to be hidden from public view,she always rules from the shadows and Vlad,as I said, as long the current rule doesn't hinder his hedonistic life style , he's likely ok with it. Strategic wise, I give it to Swain, even tho Vlad has lived for centuries (?), I think Swain would win. In a battle? Demons are incredibly powerful , but the Darkin are known to be one of the strongest being in Runeterra. IDK how blood magic works , as don't have much details on that matter, maybe even one cut would be enough for Vlad to win? Being in charge doesn't really much to do with it , if both or more people don't have the same urge to lead. J4 rules over Demacia, but we have Morgana,Lux, Sylas,Shyvana who resign in it. Sure, Swain might be stronger the Darius, Draven,Kata,Talon,Cass ,but LB,Sion and Vlad are incredibly powerful individuals. I wouldn't bet so easily on either of them.
Ayanleh (EUW)
: Create a rune that makes manaless champions build mana items
Gaia's Roots All mana obtained through items is turned into HP instead ( not sure if it should be 100% of the value or lower).
: Reasons why I think Dr. Mundo deserves the 2020 VGU spot the most
Personally, I think that {{champion:9}} and {{champion:56}} have the most potential out of the available champions,followed by {{champion:102}} , then {{champion:106}} and lastly {{champion:36}},who has to most boring kit potential out of all the champions. Noc & Fiddle have so much to go off to make their kits outstanding, Shyvana is a half dragon, Voli is a bear God of Thunder, while Mundo , huh, has a cleaver and durability . . .
Raoul (EUW)
: Why does RIOT keep making healers if they clearly dont want heals to be any good?
Im kinda more shocked that a champion who's whole lore is traveling through Runeterra via a Magic book, doesn't some sort of portal like Bard's E? IMO
: New lore on universe
Now I wonder where exactly "With the Flowers" takes place? The plant had might have been imported ,but to where?
Falrein (EUW)
: If you could meet your favourite champions once...
{{champion:16}} I would ask her to see my future while we eat cinnamon rolls and drink tea.
: Playing against Caitlyn actually tilts me to no end
Personally I love the fact that she can place her traps behind turrets so you don't know if they're there or not.
: Suggestions for Yasuo Changes
Make Windwall start in front of him,not behind him and cut his duration by 50% at all ranks. It's too strong of a teamfight tool. At max rank it lasts 4 seconds,while defending a whole team from skillshots.
: Ironically, Yasuos only weakness is...
IMO Yasuo's and Riven's only weakness is that their power and counterplay is completely dependant on player playing them. If the player is good he can negate plays from the opposing player. A lot of people say to just bait his Windwall. So, I have to hope that the enemy player is on the edge and makes a mistake? Yasuo has a high MS,he can even dodge some skill shoots. In the moment he was revealed, I knew that his W would be a huge problem and powerful ability :(
: > [{quoted}](name=Elunes Biatch,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=WplqYPQm,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-03-09T11:21:54.099+0000) > > {{champion:432}} , {{champion:16}}, the Aspects ( to some degree ) and {{champion:136}} are all celestial beings.,while AS is a celestial dragon. Celestial dragon and Celestial being aren't the same thing. Aurelion can't enter the celestial realm, I feel like that's enough of an explanation. Not to mention one of the celestials, aka the aspect of twilight, considers him HER DOG. He's a considerabley overrated character in terms of actual strength (and size, some people actually think he's the size of galaxies).Also the aspects are full fledged celestial beings. The people they imbue their power with (leo/diana/panth) are not. There is an exception for Zoe because she is the LITERAL aspect, the aspect of twilight merged with Zoe.
A celestial dragon is a celestial being,no? Celestial being is a broader term used to describe being associated with celestial magic/celestial plain, ofc there's varying degree between beings. Look at mammals, dolphins and canines for example? Have you even read Aurelion's lore and Q&A? He's powerful enough to destroy and create stars with a flick of his finger and the only reasons he's hindered is because the Aspects imprisoned him (through the mask he's wearing). Idk how big he is,but in his initial trailer/splash he's huge. I think you are overestimating the Aspects. Yes, they're Celestials, but they have to find a host to interact with the mortal realm. Most Aspects don't seem to take full control of their body ( {{champion:89}} , {{champion:131}} ,{{champion:44}} and {{champion:142}} ), unless their is urgent matters to up hold. Zoe isn't the the Aspect. Myisha and Zoe were some of the hosts to the Aspect of Twilight ( Messenger of the Aspects ). The only different Aspect is Pantheon, who overtook his host Atreus. Zoe calling AS her ˝space doggo˝comes more from her childish personality.
: Your favorite Champion quotes
"People have too many emotions. What am I supposed to do with "empathy"?" {{champion:28}} "Show me the man who has everything, and I'll show you my next victim."
: What is Bard?
{{champion:432}} , {{champion:16}}, the Aspects ( to some degree ) and {{champion:136}} are all celestial beings.,while AS is a celestial dragon.
: Mordekaiser VGU Hype!
Isn't the support champion next tho? Then Morde? And then an unnamed assassin ?
Saianna (EUNE)
: Shaco is rather easy to controll with mage such as malzahar, or ADC with decent range (cait is superb). But if ARURF RNG will screw you with something melee with little poke, just swap lanes. If you won't swap, at very best you'll keep your lane with shaco from falling while he'll get enough gold to steamroll, at worst he'll be competent enough to poke and harrass you pushing you away, then taking the turret then flooding other lanes with his ganks. Also very important is getting oracle lens. Those are required to deal with Shaco/teemo. Other than that just pray to RNG not to give you something worthless
Lens means shit, when you can't target nor hit someone who can go invisible nearly every freaking second. I do not have a problem lanning with Shaco,but my team mates seemingly have an enthusiasm to feed the fck out of him so can one shot everything with out much effort.
: {{item:3364}}
Ye mate, I didn't try that. Do you have any other advice? Like pink ward? Oh wait . . .
Rioter Comments
: Imagine your sibling tried to kill you and in the following fight you accidentally kill your own father. Then your sibling just leaves without saying a single word. I think that would mess anybody up. Morgana blames the celestial powers granted to Kayle and her for it, but can't get rid of them. She's walking around with a constant reminder of the power that killed so many innocents and changed Kayle into a judge without mercy, in a country that punishes the innocent just for being different. It doesn't help that Morgana is very empathetic and is affected heavily if people are treated unjustly. Edit: That's Morgana's point of view. I don't want to portray Kayle as evil here. She's fighting her own battles and doing what she thinks is right.
Not to mention, unlike Kayle, Morgana doesn't seem to bear any admiration for what their mother.
: My issue with Sylas
Make his ultimate a skillshoot. I know they tested it and felt horrible, but maybe it should feels like it. Stealing any ultimate that could be extremely powerful,but isn't because it's kept in a kit that isn't Sylas's. :))
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Yes. I also hoped for some gameplay changes on her tormented soil. This ability has almost no dynamic and its options are incredibly limited. I just hope that her kit will keep holding up with time.
Yeah,but at least she got an amazing new animation for it.
: Why do you think i wear armor
The lack of interactions is seriously disappointing. Kinda hoped for interactions with fellow Aspects. I get Morgana not having any, as she never met them and chose to stay with mortals,but Kayle has been portrayed as someone who would live with her fellow ascended /divine beings? Hope Kayle would have something for Pantheon,Leona and Diana, while Morgana would have something for Soraka and Taric.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Yeah thats true, but it also says that Morgana did it to protect her people, implying that she was likely the only thing standing between them and Kayles zealots. Granted you might be right about this one, but it still feels rather tame compared to what Kayle did.
Well, Morgana's about to ally herself with Sylas and destroy Demacia from with in. Soon they'll both be equal.
: A Critique on Scathlocke/Lore Team's view on Good and Evil
Kinda like that most characters are more or less in the grey area. Nobody is just good or evil cause reasons. For example look at the new {{champion:10}} and {{champion:25}} . Kayle is clearly ruthless in her pursue of justice,while Morgana is the more compassionate one. Yet, going by the story set up, Morgana's likely going to side Sylas and the rebellion will bring much more pain and destruction than she's aware of. Then, Kayle's ideology might prove to be more necessary than we realise. You can't tell me you don't like Lissandra's new lore? It's complex,compelling, eerie and wistful. The LoL universe would be so boring everything was just black and white,if Hecarime&co were just meaninglessly evil with out a reason? If Soraka would heal just cause she's a healer? This isn't some Disney children's movie where you can spot the antagonist from miles away. You have wolves in sheep's clothing, characters morally torn , to forgive and or avenge? To protect or destroy? Besides that,we also have evil characters ( The Void, Shadow Isle, Demons, serial killers) and we also have light-hearted characters ( {{champion:16}} , {{champion:40}} ,{{champion:20}} ,{{champion:518}} ) . It's a healthy mix of everything ,as every nation is different in the values and laws they upheld.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Well Morganas old lore always described Kayle and her people as tyrants, so that sort of depiction isn't really anything new really. However I do feel like they missed the mark with Morgana as Morgana is just straight up good in this new lore, wheras the old lore made it sound like Morgana has good goals, but uses wicked methods to achieve them.
Didn't Morgana burn a person to ashes for wanting to capture her? Always felt like Kayle had ˝equal justice for all˝ ,while Morgana might be more compassionate towards a child who stole an apple for food, but also more cruel ( as applying agony and torture) to people who have done unspeakable deeds.
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
Kayle feels a fit off ( the whole colour scheme is new, the hear as well?) ,but I must say in the splash art we got Kayle does seem to be in better quality than Morgana?
: I think you might be tripping :P Pix is definitely a fey thing, and hopefully we'll get more information on that sort of stuff with the Bandle City update which I think comes this year!
{{champion:96}} is a worm {{champion:121}} is a grass hopper {{champion:161}} is a squiddy boi {{champion:421}} is a charming lady Scuttle is a crab The void comes in all forms and sizes. What makes us so sure it can't be in a form of a small fairy? Note, I'm would rather have fey lore and more fairy creatures. As it would be highly entertaining to see how they would tie into the lore. Would they be fight against the Void? Or maybe the against the Shadow Isle? How do they feel about Dragons or Demons,Vastaya?How do they feel about Trolls&co? Would they be tyrannical or neutral? Would they ally with anyone who might benefit them,if it doesn't threaten their realm? Does their realm exist with Runeterra and along with it as an independent plain of existence? Would be get Orion and Titania based characters? A fairy dragon?Pixies? Sylphs ( could {{champion:40}} be retconned to be one?)? Does {{champion:35}} tie somehow into it? Decisions are endless. I'm hoping for it,but considering we have 141* champions in the game and only is champions is somewhat related to it? Like it's Lulu's whole niche,but the info we have on it isn't really something to speculation by. EDIT: Just read that both Shaco and Amumu travelled through it.
: Life From Nothing: Entities from the Void
Might be tripping ,but could Pix be a void entity which feeds on imagination/creativity? It was a thought I had the other day,but I kinda hope not,cause I'm hoping for more fey folk.
: @Riot August: Response to Morgana Gameplay Update Request Tweet
Well, he could reduced her Q duration,a tiny bit of damage, her E duration to her passive and W better.
Febos (EUW)
: Luxanna is a good vector for more demacian lore. It seems like not everyone in Demacia is anti-magic or, at the very least, tolerate it, since some elitist groups use it. She has a feet in both worlds: the Crownguard family and the Illuminators cult - the latter knows of her powers. Kayle and Morgana reworks might bring some twists to demacian lore too. They're still affiliated with them in the [Map of Runeterra]( so chances are they'll play a big part in its lore. All in all I don't disagree with you. Demacia needs more stuff going on than just "Anti-magic". Sylas, albeit a good step forward, is still playing into that narrative. I hope Demacia gets the same love Noxus got.
"Little did any of them know a time of change was approaching. Magic had once brought Runeterra to the brink of annihilation, and Demacia had been founded as a place where such powers were forbidden. Many of the kingdom’s folktales told of pure hearts turned dark by the lure of magic. " from Luxanna's new lore Now who does that sound like? {{champion:25}}
: Season 2019 Teaser | League of Legends
Will Morgana's and Kayle's ultimates maybe sprout additional wings? Like,when Morgana ulties for the animation ( while she has someone chained) her model has additional wings,same for Kayle while her ultimate persists. Seems like Morgana might have some kind of chain? Maybe on her dress?
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Figure with white hair in red at [2:33]( looks suspicious.
Considering the Dorian Gray vibe we got from Vlad and him disappearing from time to time, I find it hard to imagine Vladimir going to a colosseum fight.
: I want the Morgan and kayle VGU to incorporate some sick ass sass banter lines. Riot has a really good opportunity with this. Could be a good versus event too.
I hope both of them have a decent amount of quotes (Not as much as Swain,Tahm and AS ,but more like Evelynn and Warwick).
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