: People like you are starting to get real annoying. Nasus and Warwick fit the theme of the year of the dog, so does Rakan and Xayah with valentines. Your argument is completely void. Also skin production takes a damn while and damn effort and people like you expect skins left right and centre. Not only that but Skins are given to champs that have a high win rate play rate or fit the theme TO ENSURE PROFIT AS A COMPANY. But whiners like you say "ehhhh he did get a skin for years"
If the themes force them to make 10% with alot of skins and 90% with less skins... it needs to be changed. and not to talk how when less popular FINALLY get skins they have bugs, or the gragas skins is totally unnecessary if we talk about the reason that champ is getting a skin
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: I do disagree- like the only legit problem is the limited number of champs. Otherwise I like the theme they're going for. Also reg. URF is legit the worst thing in existence, tho this is a struggle at times.
My biggest complaint now is that they removed lethal tempo, I would really want to test stuff with it :/
: You should post this under another title. Something about more options for custom games.
Ehh :/ my first idea was to say with my title that every urf after is worse and worse, but will do it tomorrow so its not a spamm
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: Reminds me of runes cape with the level max capes
I hear people still play it, is it still a good game today?
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: My thoughts on what mastery 8 could look like
I feel like it should be something costum to that champion, it has the theme of the champion. Or first lvl8 its faction themed and lvl9 champion themed mastery.
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
190542701672923136 Im not a artist or something, I just wanted to spectuate what people do, if I cant get in reply here pls so other people know that its only for artists.
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: I mean, I won't be happy until he *actually has counterplay in ARAM*. Even if they nerf him, he'll still need a lot more nerfs to actually be able to be fought in ARAM. I've won more 4v5s than I've won ARAMs against Xerath *and* lost with Xerath on my team *combined*. And, no, that's not an exaggeration. That's actually, 100% true. I have 0 wins against Xerath in ARAM, 1 loss with him on my team in ARAM, and have won 3 4v5s.
First of all, ARAM is not a primary gamemode, so all balancing should be based of Summoners Rift. Second, ARAM is all random and its random will you pick a Xero counter or not, and if you want to counter Xero start teamfights instantly and dont wait.
Ahris (NA)
: He is too safe. He has basically infinite mana with passive and mana flow, after morello he basically can lane forever. He provides way too much damage while being one of the most safest apc in game.
Yeah thats what Im sayng, mana flow needs a nerf and not his damage, I personaly dislike mana flow but becuase its OP Im forced to use it :(
: if xerath was "op" more people would play him. xeraths q is fine you just need to dodge it. the q even tells you where its going to fall before it hits move side to side not up and down. also who gets runs mana flow with xerath? get ult hat sincerely xerath main
Why dislike my post ;-; Xerath recived a nerf on PBE (Btw Im a 2-3yrs Xero main) so I know how to beat him dont worry :) Xerath Arcanopulse (Q) AP lowered from 75% to 65% Damage lowered from 80/120/160/200/240 to 70/110/150/190/230
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: I just want poro king replaced with one for all nemesis mode. God that was fucking fun. Best game ever was 10 yasous.
Well they said that the new client doesent support one for all so until thats update there wont be one for all sadly
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: I think you made a mistake there. Do you mean DFT (Deathfire Touch) and TLD (Thunderlord's Decree)? DFG stands for Deathfire Grasp, an item that got deleted some time ago.
well, gg cant eddit the title..
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afmghost (NA)
: Screw it, I'm gonna be blunt.
Yes its extremly anoyng, I calculated how mutch monney I spent on runes and I will get back WAY less than I spent... I hopt its 100 blue essence BONUS because if not Im going to be mad.... you get 300 blue essence for big runes but thats only 1950 IP... when you think that some runes I have are 3k IP Im not happy there at all. In the end the guys who bought runes THIS season who will "Only" get a refound will end in a better spot.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Leavers are just as bad as trolls and flamers and should be actualy punished when theyre consistenly abandoning ranked games.Shitty lower priority queues dont solve anything.
> [{quoted}](name=Rainfall,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=n0NO28ZB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-13T17:34:00.677+0000) > > Leavers are just as bad as trolls and flamers and should be actualy punished when theyre consistenly abandoning ranked games.Shitty lower priority queues dont solve anything. Do you know how little I care what happends to him? 0%, I care that my game is fun, if its ruined no matter the punishment I had a bad expirience... I waste 30min - 1h just to report him? well ATLEAST reduce my penalty for losing even tho the wasted time is frustrating too.
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: Eh I just saw your name and you reminded me of this... https://gyazo.com/7553c82f0569e6cc8af75fc99c251afc
nGio (NA)
: The only problem with it so far is honor being predetermined for premades. If solo players can enter every game thinking "I could get honored", the behavior will continue to improve. If you play 5 games in a row where premades just spam honor each other, a lot of players will stop caring.
If your friend honors you its worth lets say 1 point and if a non friend honors its lets say 5-10 points. And you are alowed to honor ONLY ONE person, I think this is seriously good and balanced actualy. :)
Eedat (NA)
: Something about the new Honor System
I just hope this will keep on going :) RIOT now just needs to make honor rewards even better than ranked so that people are seriously motivated :)
: i think the concept is very good and should be considered especially the second one. the only problem would be if you get multi kills you would just randomly during a fight have a bunch of particle changes so maybe if you do go with the one where the skin changes if you kill someone you should have him change the next time hes out of combat.
I changed the "Kill and get hes skin" concept and this one is really good, a guy from reddit recomended that.
: I don't feel that Xerath would be a candidate for a while, since Lux has one and they are both artillery mages who go mid. The next one would probably be a toplaner, since that's the only role without one.
Its just a example, I even said xerath is not good and that champions like Tahm what dont have a origin would be best suited and especialy tahm because he is not a ADC (Ezreal), Fighter (Udyr), Mage (Lux)
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Trolljob (NA)
: I hear yah man, I did calculate wrong... actually I just read the ending date wrong, I thought I had another month. I was going to try and earn the other icon as well. : /
Deleted my coments because I was wrong... RIOT is still good I guess :)
: Can Rengar still be reverted?
You could have hoped for 1weak after he was released, but after so mutch time passed it wont happen 100% KogMaw was reverted but after they noticed that he is too vierd :)
Anúbis (EUW)
: Next ultimate skin
Just to let you know RIOT will NOT repeat ANY skin system for ULTIMATE skins... what I want to say is that there WONT be a SINGLE skin what works on level up for apereance than "Pulsfire Ezreal" same with Udyr (even tho he is nothing special) and with Lux (changing elements) the 1st is basicly pulsfire ezreal and second is elementalist lux. I prefer you to try to get a totaly new aproach and not just a diferent champion. :)
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: That's pretty much how it's programmed, usually a coin flip between whether or not they'll snap towards you instantly or do absolutely nothing. It's like those moments when Blitzcrank bot can grab you between minions perfectly.
I guess the coin always flipped for a aimbow lux then? :) (Im not new and this is the first time I see this)
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: I don't get ot. Are you calling Riven a bug? (You wouldn't be wrong, though)
Lol, I changed my icon so the picture changed too.. I wil revert to old icon and wait that it updates.. it should be the bugged icon then.
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jona800g (EUW)
: [Client] Stuck on 0 time remanining in champ select, dodge timer and lp lose. Please fix
Happened to me often too, to me the problem was because many diferent devices used internet (not max load tho).. idk the math in it tho. This problem made me unable to move in game while looking at teamamtes moving perfecly witout delay (and enemy). So restart router and unplug ALL devices from internet if you have same problem as me, but for some reason I dont have th eproblem anymore even tho its at the same scenario. :O (Btw this strange problem ONLY happened in lol, NOT A SINGLE OTHER GAME)
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: [Character Concept] Tek the Unlikely Hunter
Try giving atleast one completly new spell, combining spells is cool and all but its not a completly new spell. Every lol champion has SOMETHING what NO other champion has
archerno1 (EUNE)
: That would be stupid. He would have insane advantage over other players. Everyone would wanna step on Teemo head
> [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=qB0880BT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-05T21:54:03.369+0000) > > That would be stupid. He would have insane advantage over other players. > > Everyone would wanna step on Teemo head XD, even more if he would slowly move hes head left and then right. (shroom)
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: Now you've got an image in my head of blitz missing a hook then the hook splitting like {{champion:161}} Q and hooking 2 people. How would it work tho? Would the 2 people get hooked to blitz? Or to the point of splitting? Like the idea tho.
Well it would split in the direction of your mouse placement and only one split, but the idea was to create more types and let us choose
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