: That's pretty much how it's programmed, usually a coin flip between whether or not they'll snap towards you instantly or do absolutely nothing. It's like those moments when Blitzcrank bot can grab you between minions perfectly.
I guess the coin always flipped for a aimbow lux then? :) (Im not new and this is the first time I see this)
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: I don't get ot. Are you calling Riven a bug? (You wouldn't be wrong, though)
Lol, I changed my icon so the picture changed too.. I wil revert to old icon and wait that it updates.. it should be the bugged icon then.
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jona800g (EUW)
: [Client] Stuck on 0 time remanining in champ select, dodge timer and lp lose. Please fix
Happened to me often too, to me the problem was because many diferent devices used internet (not max load tho).. idk the math in it tho. This problem made me unable to move in game while looking at teamamtes moving perfecly witout delay (and enemy). So restart router and unplug ALL devices from internet if you have same problem as me, but for some reason I dont have th eproblem anymore even tho its at the same scenario. :O (Btw this strange problem ONLY happened in lol, NOT A SINGLE OTHER GAME)
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: [Character Concept] Tek the Unlikely Hunter
Try giving atleast one completly new spell, combining spells is cool and all but its not a completly new spell. Every lol champion has SOMETHING what NO other champion has
archerno1 (EUNE)
: That would be stupid. He would have insane advantage over other players. Everyone would wanna step on Teemo head
> [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=qB0880BT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-05T21:54:03.369+0000) > > That would be stupid. He would have insane advantage over other players. > > Everyone would wanna step on Teemo head XD, even more if he would slowly move hes head left and then right. (shroom)
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: Now you've got an image in my head of blitz missing a hook then the hook splitting like {{champion:161}} Q and hooking 2 people. How would it work tho? Would the 2 people get hooked to blitz? Or to the point of splitting? Like the idea tho.
Well it would split in the direction of your mouse placement and only one split, but the idea was to create more types and let us choose
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: You can do that easily with Wallpaper Engine program which can be bought on Steam it includes moving wallpapers like the league of legends ones http://store.steampowered.com/app/431960
well i was looking for a free option but thx it looks srsly cool, il buy it :3
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: > [{quoted}](name=Potato Power,realm=EUNE,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=83sPKX69,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-02T20:00:37.411+0000) > > I think its made so you need to make what more steps before you start game, so it forces you to comunicate more and be less pasive I get that, but when no one else is communicating its mind-numbingly boring anyways, so I'll have my champ selected, or it'll pop up to be my turn, i'll pick one and then go start looking for a build online and forget that I haven't hit lock in. Yea, I should hit lock in, but still, even if I don't, and i've picked a champ, it should lock that in for me so that I don't get a 30 min ban bc I wasn't paying attention and forgot to click lock in. > [{quoted}](name=Asterfix,realm=NA,application-id=2E4zVIwd,discussion-id=83sPKX69,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-02T19:42:46.417+0000) > > Why don't you just pick your ban/champ and then minimize the client, or have the sound on so you can listen for it? I pick one, and forget to click lock in. It's not like I'm missing the selection altogether, its that when I played in the past you didn't have to lock in and it would lock for you after the time limit expired, and I guess I got in a bad habit of doing this to give myself more time to find a build for my champion, ya know?
Well, nothing is perfect and its all made for the majority so if you are not the majority you wont like it :( thats how popular games/products go
: WTF Riot
well live with it, but dont try to ask support to get your LP back because they are not alowed to mess with that :(
s3Irelia (NA)
: Fps drops with new client
Just tell me, how the how does the "Client" impact the in game "Client" i mean the icons are even diferent, maby its because it makes the new client open even if you are in game??
Zone0ut (NA)
: Champ select should display potential trades
That would be nice, and that when you swap roles that it automacly detects and puts you in the loading screan and tab menu on the role you swapped to if you swap lanes with a teammate
: Not Locking in on Champ Select
I think its made so you need to make what more steps before you start game, so it forces you to comunicate more and be less pasive
Glo Stix (NA)
: How many highlights can you save?
Depends on your computer storage :) its basicly converted into a video clip, sadly when you look it over a video player there is no sound for some reason :/
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FilDaFunk (EUW)
: So you need 3 more key fragments to open another box. Unless that's a champ shard. And the next one. And the next one. ...
For some reason i got 2 keyshards in a row after that post, now i need 1 more and then il get Pugmaw :3
: id give you 5 keys for a box XD
I still have 12 boxes standing in the dust
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: ...........his E Q isn't aoe heal, its aoe damage but it's still possible to miss because some yasuo players are just retarded. Plus Tank yasuo no longer works in S7, thats just one thing I have to point out. His windwall and his passive could only block 2 spells in one fight, unless you're dumb enough to shoot all your abilities into his wall and use the last one on his passive. It took my no effort to beat a 500k lvl.7 yasuo as a first time riven. Build full damage and just maybe a ninja tabi, you can easily out trade him if you're playing the champion correctly.
i just hate that slippery champion + windwall combo
: You're just some random bronze player who has no idea how hard it is to play yasuo and how little people knows how to play him. Look up 'Yasuo Strong or weak?' and then make a post
Did i say that he is easy to play? why are here so little players who dont use their brain.... meh.. im not interested to reply to this stupid reply... a character like yasuo is a champion what should not be alowed to be in MOBA-s... he has all stats just not tankiness.. but that comes with the stupid windwall, passive, and a aoe heal because of hes Q
: I think a good Yasuo could not handle another champ if they are melee but a ranged character he has a chance to outplay, but think the ranged champ still has the advantage since they benefit from the cdr way more.
Full build yasuo cant kill only a fighter.. but if the fighter has a ally next to him.. NO MATTER WHO.. its a dubble kill
: He's not overpowered nor is he even good right now. There's no reason to nerf him. He does just as much damage and has just as much mobility as every other hyper carry. All these things you want to be done to him would just make him not useful at all anymore and would probably go down to like a 10% winrate lol. You people just need to learn how to play against him. It's a pretty easy matchup and he gets countered late game by any little cc. Even slows fuck him up.
Who said that he is OP? its that he is freaking anoyng and IF he su full build he can do a penta easy if youd ont have a fed assassin oh nvm i said OP XD well the counterplay is srsly small thats why i said that a good azir can still get countered.. but a good yasuo cant... thats the problem here
: Please use this to NERF YASUO
As expected.. to many yasuo mains to type on forums :D
Rioter Comments
: I didn't do anything but post.
Damn it i tought i caught a disliker :D oke you are free to go.. but you disliked my reply tho >.<
Skorch (NA)
: Im not in challenger, the joke is with ranked changes next season itll take like 20min to get into a game with dynamic flex. Which is challenger base queue times. HOWEVER: I am 1 win away from Silver. COMING TO CLAP YA FAKER
I hope that this is a hint that they wil merge servers <3 ohh you are bronce?... play kata... :D she carried me from bronce 1 to gold 5 EASY XD
: Stuff like this takes time to be given out.
And thats why you disliked the post? ... love the pozitivity here...
Skorch (NA)
: I am now in challenger...
Challenger players have some special events :) but ofc just in solo que .. and congrats :P from now on you wil need ot fight to stay in challenger... thats why i dont want to be in challenger :D addiction is bad and being frustrated like.. NOO if i loose this im master ... my friend was challenger and he sold hes acc cause of the frustration :(
: Yeah you're not supposed to finish it haha. Was a troll by Riot for the people who managed to beat the game :)
Its frustrating :D knowing that you CANT finish the game
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: You don't actually play seriously as Corki lol. He's more of a joke selection ;P Considering you're actually playing as Urf and not Corki.
Well i feel bad when i see 1 full section of levels is nto finished :D so there is NO way to get the lvl done? .. tryed guardian angel did nto work too :D
: Am I missing something here?
Try refreshing.. sometimes when you get the IP and want to spend it just a moment after a eror comes like you dont have enough IP and if its not try buyng less at once
Yep :D yasuo many players suck with him what means enemy mid/top gets fed ruining hes teams game... and all he does is anoys you with the dashes and the ANOYNG windwall and the 2x longer nock ups... and in late game he is a oneshot aoe idiot :( like a kha what Q is not single target but AOE
: what about a new map?
Yes that would be awesome :( i remember the bigest hypes i had on lol was when dominion aram reworked aram snow summoners rift and the bilgewatter event were on new champs did not hype me mutch at all :/ wish riot would me less strict and put new maps no matter how unbalanced they are.. :(
Insogna7 (NA)
: Silver Support LF ADC for Elo Boost
why are all silver here??? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/TuANBtXX-s4-adc-looking-for-supp-to-duo-with he is silver 4 adc
: S4 adc looking for supp to duo with
ohh well there mby its desteny :D http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/OigTo0Zi-goldhighsilv-support-looking-for-duo-or-team he is looking adc but sadly looking for high silver - gold .. mby you can get him to play with you or http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/AMHwwPOd-silver-support-lf-adc-for-elo-boost he is support too but did not type what he needs i mean rank
Mortazul (NA)
: Gold/HighSilv Support looking for duo or team
ohh well this is a coincidence?? http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/TuANBtXX-s4-adc-looking-for-supp-to-duo-with he is s4 adc looking for support
: Thats why i prefer to johin a club and play with them :) or friends solo play is not the best especialy if its not a gamemode or ARAM :)
i play lol 6 years already i think.. and now.. wow i play srsly long XD... i encountered just ONCE a guy who got me on the edge.. he was enemy and he was tilting me so he can win lane more easy ... idk why someo people even master provocation :( but the rest... all gut :D unless you get iritated by shitsuo and the windwalls and the infinite jumps like me :D
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