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: Dont forget about Doombots, Blood moon, Nemisis Draft, Dark Star singularity, Nexus Siege, Overcharge, Poro King, One for all (aram/mirror), Showdown 1v1, 2v2, Star Guardian Invasion, and Butcher's Bridge!
Nexus siege was amazing i hve no idea why people didn't like it
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: Petition to bring all Rotating Game Modes to custom!
You got our vote hopfully riot listens because there are some gamemodes not alot of people liked but i enjoyed
: There are some old threads on the boards that can help you decide whether or not an account was boosted. typically it begins with recent summoner spell placements being switched. Like where a player would typically place on D the booster would place it of F and so on. Also a sudden interest in one champion for the past 20 games and gaining success would be an indicator for a booster. They could also be fresh Level 30 accounts playing strictly high rate champs. Obviously these aren't tell-tale signs that an account is for sure 100% boosted. Riot would have more information on accounts such as last login location and frequency. So I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just report and if Riot suspects they're boosted they'll handle it. Until then you can stalk their OP.GG profile for their activity. If the account hasn't seen a match in last for 4 days or so you can be assured that the account has been dealt with.
Thank you for the support but where or How can i report an account is it by a ticket or after game bec this si what i need to know ?{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Sorry. No one is better than anyone else in League. Anyone who bought an account is defeating the evil Riot forced matchmaking forcing them into silver.
So i should just accept that i am getting boosted players and lose matches Just imagin that in ranked i got him in normals so no big deal but THINK RANKED
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: Game Crashes as Soon as I Get In Game
i have the same problem too my game crash after champion selection at loading screen where you see the other team it freeze and when i try to reconnect i always fail which caused me to get banned twice for a lower quqe time 20 min. but i didn't even join the game to afk

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