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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
I would like to ask your thoughts on Irelia and Galio for 9.15 and also why Cassiopeia got hotfix nerfed without waiting a single day more to have more stats on her (what made her in dire need for that nerf?)? Hopefully ull find time to answer
Meddler (NA)
: Draft of the blog got written this week. Not certain on exact release date yet, still aiming for late July as per that quoted post though.
Isn't Ascension and Blood Moon in the modes u plan on rotating again? I LOVE these modes.
: Ah but i commented that before you edited yours so i didnt saw what you had in mind until i refreshed :P I would be pretty okay with that, specially because i feel like she has waaaaaaay too much AS really early on as well, specially with the AS Rune stat and Alacrity Would you think it would be oppressive for her W to have Magic DR again? but like this time scaling with ability level? something like 10-50% or it can be even less if that worries people about her stomping midlane
Im actually a fan of that. Her W not reducing mgic dmg only makes the ability a passive stacking mechanic. But I'd keep the W with half the DR of physical dmg since they want her to have weaknesses.
: Thing is that if her passive gets hard nerfed Early game, she would probably lose the only trading tool she has left, unless of course like you said the rest of her kit gets buffed, which im unsure on how would it be done Except for W, W at least should get buffed
I specifically said she'd get higher ratio on her Q. At the end of the day, it only affects her first few levels.. it isn't all that bad.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 12
Irelia doesn't need a nerf, she needs a small rebalance. Her passive is just too strong early game once stacked. Nerf it HARD early game, make it the same lategame and buff the rest of her kit. She basically has a strong early game, is good into both melees and ranged champs and has strong teamfighting so ofc she will get abused in pro play. Something like 20% AS at lvl1, scaling back to 60% at lvl 13, with 10-70 (7 + 3.5*lvl) on hit dmg. Revert E nerf, buff Q ratio by 5-10% and boom.
: Thoughts on Rumble's performance both on mid and top since his last set of buffs?
IMO, I don't think he's rly OP in mid (although obviously a lot stronger than in top lane), it's more about the fact that ppl are not used to him (result of low pickrate) in mid lane and thus they don't respect him resulting in some pretty nutty winrates.
squirleon (EUW)
: Do you have anything planned for toplane tanks? Outside of Tham Kench who is getting nerfed hard, they have low winrates and very low pick and ban rates. They are also not seen in competitive much. Tanks in toplane basically only have one keystone option and that is grasp of undying. Tanks struggle against melee enemies because conqueror is stronger agaist a tank than grasp is for a tank. Grasp is also very bad against any ranged matchup resulting in tanks just being free gold because of kleptomancy. Turret plates are also an issue for tanks because tanks will rarely have the opportunity to get them because of lane pressure, resulting in falling behind too much.
In my experience, every time tanks are playable in top lane, they're unhealthy. Im VERY fine with them being played in jungle and support but top lane they either crush lane and teamfights or they're a bit suboptimal.
: So you basically want to delete mages?
Hashinshin fan. Don't give too much attention. But to be fair, Irelia needs a passive nerf (power pushed to the same level but later on than lvl1) so that she can be a better pick in SoloQ with buffs to other abilities. (I still love Hashinshin for that constant complaining though :D)
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
What happened to the Syndra buffs?
: > [{quoted}](name=PowerOfDrainAge,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=6nEuYRvs,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-24T15:07:40.209+0000) > > If Aatrox proves too strong, pls look at his lvl1 armor. Aatrox's counterplay is mostly about being able to all in him bcz of his squishiness which is not present currently. He still doesnt scale all that well tho (so maybe u could add that armor to scaling). > > Edit: As a lvl7 teemo with around 100k on him, I feel the current changes ruin the champ. Ruin his possible playstyles and generally felt a bit bad to try. I dont understand the need to change him tho, he feels incredibly fun to play as he's currently and doesnt lack counterplay either. he has normal stats a juggernaut should have. there is no issue. base stats are some of the best buffs you can do to a champion, and the hp/armor really made him solid.
yea but he needs to have counterplay in lane. His level 1 armor has to be low. I too think he needs a bit higher armor later on but still it can feel unfair in lane. Either way he's of the more mobile juggernauts out there and he has a lot of other tools to make up for his lack of tankiness
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
If Aatrox proves too strong, pls look at his lvl1 armor. Aatrox's counterplay is mostly about being able to all in him bcz of his squishiness which is not present currently. He still doesnt scale all that well tho (so maybe u could add that armor to scaling). Edit: As a lvl7 teemo with around 100k on him, I feel the current changes ruin the champ. Ruin his possible playstyles and generally felt a bit bad to try. I dont understand the need to change him tho, he feels incredibly fun to play as he's currently and doesnt lack counterplay either.
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes
With the changes on his Q, I think a CD reduction on it should be applied. To make it a bit like Jax's W (spammable)
Meddler (NA)
: There's some Ryze experimentation going on at present, cautiously optimistic it'll be worth shipping at least some of it. Wouldn't call it a revert though and don't think we've got any reason to believe past versions of Ryze were more balanceable even if his current state has issues too.
Could you share what's tentative to change on Ryze and to what maybe?
: Is this youtube?
A man cant make a joke it seems, looking at these downvotes..
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Why lower her DPS when bruiser is all that she should be known of? Why not lower her Q ratio for example? I dont see why u need to nerf her passive which is basically a weaker version of Jax's ult passive now. I like how u move her burst of huge attack speed bonus into a constant bonus though. Ahm.. Is 0.725 base attack speed or 0.625 with a lvl1 bonus?
Ryúga (EUW)
: I think Asol is not meant for 1v1s!
Battlemages are often cappable of doing 1v1s
Meddler (NA)
: Sorry, I don't follow - the ultimate CD go off during what?
He asks if it's possible for wuk's ult cd to start on cast.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
It looks great for the most part.. The only thing I dont rly like is the Q change. It would be nice to introduce a percent max HP dmg instead. Something like 2-6% + 2% per 100 AD, and either let a lower amount of armor reduction to it (10-22%?) or a heal based on that bonus damage. (dmg will still be physical). I just find the "u get 20-100 dmg and heal for a tiny bit" slightly uninteresting. He seems to be better as a triforce user now thus i believe it's nice for him to have an ability to help him deal with tanks.
: Excited to test these changes Meddler, could I ask if you want Wukong to be more assassin-y or bruiser with these changes
Definitely pushing him away from being an assassin. It's so obvious in these changes, and it has been stated elsewhere
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
Red Fr0st (EUW)
: So , this revert is just for silver-gold ap zac players who want to deal damage as tank champion instead of usefull cc in teamfight?
Trust me, old zac was way more fun than this one. It is never a good thing to be team reliant in soloq anyway. My bro quitted lol bcz of the zac rework and the two champions he loved the most are from the same designer (Vel'Koz and Zac). Old Zac was just too fun and was never in need of a rework. It isnt about AP playstyle, tank felt better to play as well. The main issue with current zac is that his ult can either win u or lose u the game, similar to Ryze ult.
: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
What about the whooping 25 dmg u took away from his W and another 20 from E?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 9
Soraka seems to be weaker after her changes. Her lanebullying is in check, which was the aim, but I'm not sure a direct nerf was the plan. Since she's forced to max Q first now, can her W CD be lowered a tiny bit in the early game? (from 8s to 6s for example)
Galiö (NA)
: I checked after you wrote this. Fair assessment. Interesting that it deals physical damage now however. And it has that 'cleave' effect. Still not the biggest fan, but on hit malphite here we come? Idk
his W has always been dealing physical damage.
: Hey gang! Thanks again for all the kind words, support and insightful conversations based around these changes. As we always try to mention, the PBE is often used for experimental stuff that we want the community's feedback on. You all made a few things VERY clear today and I'm super appreciative and receptive to your concerns. **As a result, I'm happy to share a new iteration of Malphite, which should be hitting PBE around Monday midday (PST)**. Sadly it can't be sooner, as we don't push things to PBE over the weekend. **Revisions:** * Q- AP scaling reverted to .6 from .4 * Q- fixed a typo regarding the cast time (was written as .5, is actually .4) * Q- adjusted the animation considerably to look/feel less clunky * W- 3x Armor multiplier when Granite Shield is active has been REINSTATED * W- the bonus damage on the initial Thunderclap hit has had its ratios reduced to compensate (.3 AP from .4) and (.15 Armor from .2) * VFX updates on Passive shield regeneration, Q missile/trench, W up-time/impact, E and R (**BASE SKIN ONLY FOR NOW**) **Context:** Q- Believe it or not, these changes were specifically designed not to nerf AP burst mage builds. We felt like the combination of extra Q range and bonus AP scaling on W would be perceived as a win here. Since that wasn't the case, I'm reverting the AP scaling on Q but nerfing the new W's ratio to compensate. And while I personally do think that Q spam is a little unhealthy, those who came before me were smart enough to gate it behind a high mana cost. I still think this is an elegant solution because the ability is most oppressive in the early game, and its gating mechanism slowly evaporates as Malphite levels up and purchases a mana item. Hopefully this will satiate all the cheese wheelers out there without frustrating your opponents too much. :) W- We underestimated how attached players would be to the 3x Armor multiplier. As a designer, it felt a little tacked on, and granted power in fairly obscure ways. However, there's no denying that preserving Malphite's niche as THE anti-AD tank is important to all of you. It's clearly a resonate fantasy and one I'm happy to bring back. **Clear-Ups** A few common questions/concerns have come up, so let's address them here! * Malphite's abilities won't gain range based on his size- sorry! I wanted to do this, but it was OP OP * The initial AA reset from Thunderclap triggers an Aftershock. This means it deals three instances of damage simultaneously; the AA, Thunderclap bonus damage, and Aftershock AoE damage. The result is a pretty meaty burst of damage! * The new speed differential between Malphite and his target are significantly buffed. Assuming you Q a target with 400 MS on LIVE, the delta between you would be ~225. In this iteration, that delta explodes to 350+ once you get some boots. The combination of a longer range Q, easier target accessibility, and improved burst damage from W should allow Malphite to participate in skirmishes and team fights without always relying on his R. * Scope for this project was super limited, and for good reason. I'm still new, I'm learning the tools, and bandwidth from art/tech was already accounted for in our project pipeline. Maybe Malphite will get a full VGU in the future, and maybe I'll be the one to do it, but that's currently not in our slate. ...Get it? Slate? Cuz he's a-- nevermind. **Next Steps:** * Next week I'd like to add a check to Q that uses your target's move speed if the amount you'd steal from them would make you faster than the base values. This preserves my goal of making Q consistently good, while retaining the playmaking potential of stealing from a particularly fast foe * We'll also be monitoring Malphite's overall damage output/power. I'm happy to reinstate the things you guys said were important to you, but that likely means that Malphite is now overtuned. Please keep in mind that we'll likely have to trim power from _somewhere_. Keep the discussion going! I'll be active here and on Twitter over the weekend. -Lutz
I like these changes a lot but.. While I can understand his W's AAs base dmg going down in favor of a better trading tool in lane, this kills a lot of his dueling potential in extended trades. These values get outscaled within the first 4 autos. And to add to that, this one kills Malphite's ability to jungle which is already pretty bad. At least pump up the armor scaling per auto to 0.15 from 0.1. Thanks for your time.
: What Changed? Runes were Reforged again, Almost everybody lost some stats and they brought back Mini runes which give armor and MR, while also bring in a LOT of dmg, So much that Vlad doesn't even Build Visage as Core anymore or damn near at all. More AP items has CDR so he litterally has 1-2 second downtime on some spells later on and it's all game of " I hope you can walk away from my AoE E that slows you, My Q that Hastes me forward at times and Kill me before I pool and repeat this process while I spam my strongest ability on you by Point clicking you and taking Half your HP Away. If Vlad is Full AP there's nothing stopping him from Flashing/Proto Belt, or just Pool with his Hasted Q into E his Q with or without his ult, while having either of those spells back up in less then 3 seconds Mid/LateGame. NOTHING ZERO COUNTERPLAY OR INTERRACTION, just get out of his range- YOU CANT.
Vlad hasnt been building visage since the end of season 6 tho? AP items have the same amount of CDR as in season 6. On top of that, building visage makes it even easier to cap CDR if that was the case. It's blatant u guys have no idea what vlad is supposed to do and how to counter him. So... Vlad has flash once every 5 minutes and u say thats an issue? Many champions' counterplay is far lower when they have flash because it's core to their functionality - another example being kennen. Vladimir has 330 movement speed, has no gapcloser, low range and no mobility whatsoever. Now you may be saying that im just defending my champ but I have been maining vlad for far too long to know what counters him and even though I dont play him rn (haven't touched him for 6 months), I admit that his current state is a bit problematic but for a totally different reason than you say. God forbid a teamfighter can teamfight and kill your team come lategame, yeahhh.
: Nobody has Problems with him on lane. Its just that he kills your whole backline with 0 counterplay
Then stop playing the wrong champions. Try doing anything against malphite top, ori mid, janna support with a hypercarry ADC. Chances of winning are minor. Meta favors him a little but when it doesnt he feels so worthless. And if anything is actually wrong with vlad rn is exactly his laning phase (well, during the end of it). You're helpless once he reaches lvl10
: Vladimir created a strategy that revolves around trying to defeat your opponent in laning phase without requiring any items whatsoever. Fighting for wave control and teamfights between champions make an overall game of League of Legends more fun and compelling, but taking 2500+ targeted/AOE damage in one rotation while being untargetable for 6 seconds is not particularly fun or interactive. ... With that being said, are any Vlad nerfs being planned?
So that is all vlad can do (AoE dmg, 2s untargetability to be able channel his E) and ure asking them to nerf him for that? On top of that, this is Vladimir for years, what changed suddenly and u think he needs to be touched now? He has received many indirect nerfs (frost queens, shurelyas, spellbook, electrocute, ignite) and 1 direct nerf (0.2AP ratio off his E) in the last two years and 1 minor buff (the addition of 1-10% CDR rune stat). WHAT changed now? I want proper arguments of what's strong/wrong and not random bitching "miah miah nerf vlad rito miah" But rather sarcastic hearing that from a vayne main.. All the arguments u used can be used against you.
: Not exactly. In the past he was at least 50/50 (pretty sure more though) a crit champ, building things like Shiv, PD, and IE. It wasn't until the updated rageblade in season 6 (to a lesser extent Sated Devourer) that he really switched to primarily an on-hit champion.
I answered to something different. The guy said 'the item seems to be busted on champs who dont rely on constant on hit dmg like kog, varus but on champs with x-hit passives like yi and vayne".. Then he reworded it.
: Since you mention Hecarim: Have you thought about changing how his E works? It being impossible to flash or spellshield it is frustrating.
But it's a basic attack, it makes sense.
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
Currently, the main issue with Vayne isn't her synergy with guinsoo's so much but rather her Ult reducing her Q CD to half... it removes an enormous amount of counterplay against her.
: Yes! Guinsoo's is also under consideration at the moment. Not for a rework level thing, but for tuning. Currently I have a change in testing where Phantom hit triggers every third attack (rather than every other attack) and its %pen is a flat 15% (rather than 6.5-15% based on level). We'll be keeping this in mind while evaluating Vayne and Master Yi.
This item controls the lategame fantasy of many champions who rely on it a powerspike. But, tbh, I prefer these champs to be reliant more on their kits and levels than the item itself.
beany (NA)
: any thought on adjusting guinsoo's in conjunction with those champs above? It doesn't really break champs who have consistent on-hit damage like kogmaw or varus but it does break those who rely on x-hit passives like yi and vayne
Yi has a consistent on hit steroid, what do u mean.
: Vladimir is commonly placed in the same category as Vayne and Riven at the moment and is commonly requested to be nerfed alongside these two. He is currently extremely strong if you're good at him. Is there any reason he's not being given the same treatment as the first two?
because, unlike the other, neither his winrate nor his pickrate is as high even though the free CDR build makes him frustrating. But I do admit they should add more visible counterplay to his early game (and instead give him another minor buff in some way)
: Is this sarcasm? As teemo, my blind is iffy(doesn't always work as expected), move speed takes up a whole slot and most of my damage comes from an ability that is forever toggled on... The shrooms and passive may have changed, but the new kit was awesome!
I am a 100k lvl7 teemo.. I hate the rework. I love how current teemo feels to play
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Are the {{champion:17}} changes scrapped?
I hope so. They only made teemo less fun to play. His kit doesnt feel outdated at all anyway.
: Item Shop Cleanup
I hope that with this work u're about to do, u will take community feedback on if an item needs to be removed. But I don't understand 1 thing. You mention Zz'Rot Portal as a problematic item? How so? It isn't an often purchase (and I feel it should be that way because of different ppl playstyle) and I don't feel it is problematic rn at all.
Kadexe (NA)
: He's already got a good winrate, and it's getting higher while more players are starting to pick him. Definitely too strong.
Look at the winrate of "balanced" Riven first. Also, this winrate isnt exactly too high for a fairly straight forward champ. And to add to that, his winrate gets to flat 50% at very high elo but Riven's only gets more terrifying.
: no it doesn't Passive Increases health by 15% bonus health.
: hello meddler don't you feel the recent buffs to cinderhulk in pbe has missed the mark ,this item is supposed to be good at scaling , but it doesn't for exemple the game went long for 30minutes , u have 3 items+boots) "cinderhulk ,thornmail ,adaptive helm" if we calculate that it's only 135 bonus HP that's even worst than a ruby crystal , compare that to the warrior huge power spyke or bloodrazor a.s and juicy hp dmg it's better to make the HP scaling a bit more than 15%
Cinderhulk bonus HP increases based on base HP too though.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 27
Are you guys going to carry on with Urgot nerfs? Im not entirely convinced he's too strong, considering both his stats when compared to the "balanced" Riven and his performance in games. I mean new Urgot can 1v2 a lot after getting to scale up but 1) this is not problematic on its own, it's more like new to him (many champs can 1v2/3), 2) he still has blatant weaknesses (while his strengths are still probably too much, like his lane safety)
: Hey Meddler what type of Buff are you looking to do for Azir ?
It is already on the PBE, go look for yourself:
: Hey meddler can I ask for your opinion on emergent playstyles like the return of Hecarim top or the bortk MF build
Botrk MF is nothing problematic. Just because she follows a new build, doesn't make the said champ stronger. On Hecarim I do admit that he may be a tad too strong as a top laner - getting his Q buffed in 3 different patches in a way that benefits lane Hecarim more than jungle Hecarim is definitely a sign that it's too much.
Plubio (EUW)
: Hello Meddler! Any chance you could tell us how you feel about Syndra {{champion:134}} ? We Syndra players feel she's a bit on the weak side nowadays, what are your thoughts? Thanks
: Her W is mostly there to reposition balls or refresh duration. If enemy is already stunned then you can use it for the extra damage... And who else can fling Tibbers around like a red headed step child?
So you come to my words. Basically an ability you can't use often because it isn't exactly an ability, It's like Aatrox's dash which is used to reposition himself than an actual gapcloser. But that ability at least has a very useful passive.
beany (NA)
: Thoughts on vayne? I think that she's a tad too strong now. Are there any plans to revert some of the buffs she got now that the crit changes have come through?
Just her Ult buff is obnoxious.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Do you think {{champion:6}} is overbuffed?
First day results don't show his winrate moved at all? According to at least. But still he's now all I ever wanted him to be. I hope they don't nerf any of his basic abilities if he proves too strong however. Edit: His winrate actually increased by quite a lot (as it was planned) but within levels of balanced. After me playing with him, 1 thing I found that makes Urgot a bit strong but also cappable of being abused in pro play is his 1.5s fear on ult. If he shows up in pro play again or if he shows up as too strong in the near future, I want that ability to be nerfed (It's some invisible power that may get abused).
Meddler (NA)
: We believe Wit's End is much closer to being a stable, useful item. Ohmwrecker by contrast arguably fills a niche that doesn't need to be filled and wouldn't be good for the game if it were strong. We'd have removed the item if the name wasn't a refer a friend promise, possible we instead move the name somewhere else to both better deliver on that and let us take out an unsuccessful item design.
I like Ohmwrecker as it is. It just isn't often the right item to buy. There are so few items that grant CDR and tanky stats but not offer mana (aka useful on champs like shen). Dont remove it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Any thoughts on Syndra? My personaly Disatisfaction with the champ is she feels like she only has 2 basic abilities. Her W is only there to waveclear, there's no green light u're ever supposed to max it second (as it should be). It's so easy to dodge. TL DR I want her W to gain the 20% bonus from her passive when maxed as Radius alongside with the 20% bonus true dmg.
: Hi Meddler have you planed anything for {{item:3030}} or {{champion:163}} (in mid lane) ?
I don't think Hextech GLP is in pure need of work. I pick it from time to time but it's rather niche item. Mostly when I'm lacking gold and a bit of utility wouldn't hurt. You see it's a more cost efficient item than Luden's when accounting pure stats in there.
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