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: I believe you are comparing it too much with how classic LoL's ranked system ~used~ to work. In the 'old days' the starting mmr for fresh accounts was somewhere around Silver 4 where playing bad placed you lower (somewhere in bronze) and playing good, winning, placed you higher, towards gold, even platinum. Since some time however they changed the system. You now start all the way at the bottom and will climb your way up. ( So there is more grinding to it). Well, the same goes for TFT. You start at the bottom and climb all the way up. Most people get placed in either Iron, Bronze or Silver. I haven't seen anyone place into Gold after the 5 Placement games. You will notice however that it is far easier to climb up in TFT since there is no series/promo's, instead you will instantly be placed in the higher Division or Tier when you reach 100 LP. So I'd say, as long as you perform the way you just mentioned (Didn't check if it's true or not since it's irrelevant) - you will climb the ladder really fast. Also consider reading the Patch Notes for Teamfight Tactics before posting to stay up to date. ;)
Well I guess its just a little annoying for me to grind to much . thank you explaining tho ^^ and I will try to stay up to date
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