: Do Mages take skill to play?
- Their early game is weak, they have to scale. - They require good positioning against Assassins/ bruisers which u will find in every game {{champion:28}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:141}}. - They require to land a skillshots in the meta where every possible threat has a dash, akali has 3 of them actually, goodluck hitting a skillshot. - They are too far away to reach them ? Rengar and kayn can just run half of the rift and get u from any angle. Irelia and yasuo can just dash through minions or, champions to u, jarvan just jumps on u half of the screen. Katarina has the highest mobility in the game, its just impossible to run against good kata. Evelyn and kha can sneak to u from behind and delete u +{{item:3117}} {{item:3142}} yeah they are hard to reach. - {{item:3157}} is double edged sword, and is only good working against zed because his R is culminating his burst, but still he can just delete u from qwe aa combo, so be aware. Oh I forgot about {{champion:62}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:421}} which can one shot u too, and the parkour guy {{champion:91}} . Mages are good against some bruiser match ups on top and that's all. They are trash now, except few: {{champion:13}} require skill and 200 IQ to land good R, but overall he is a good match against assassins. {{champion:136}} Sol is in my opinion the hardest champion in the lol. Roaming machine, good on solo que, strong lvl 1. {{champion:268}} Mobile, hypercarry, don't really have much counters, but he needs time to scale and positioning to do something, his only counter is his team feeding early, and also weaker front lane than enemy. {{champion:8}} Currently he is a bullshit, after 2 items without feeding an enemy and dying much, u can 1v5, play him. He definetly needs nerf. {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} 2 easy champions 1 has an aoe shield, 2 man root high burst dmg , and the second one is just destruction lvl 100 whenever u land a 3 skillshots, u just melt anyone in any stage of the game. The rest of mages are meh in my opinion. I guess u have never played as a mage against good assassins, that u had to run over whole map, because he just was waiting for u in every bush,corner and angle of the map, in any moment, even teamfight. Welp good luck with your journey of op mages.
: Make it 2900 Gold. Fixed. Vlad needs a nerf anyway. Unholy comparison: >Hextech Protobelt +60 ability power +10% cooldown reduction +300 health **2500 Gold** -> 60 AP -> 300 HP on a mage -> not the only item with CDR in a mage build -> glorious build path -> super strong early and transition to lategame -> a dash that deals AoE damage in a cone >The Black Cleaver +40 attack damage +20% cooldown reduction +400 health **3000 Gold** -> 0 AP -> only 100 more HP on a melee champion -> typically the only item with CDR in a bruiser build -> crippling build path -> Warhammer not included -> no lategame
Welp, vlad and kennen mains are disliking :< or silver players :D
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: I dont believe this is gonna turn out a successful rework. He still has the same problems he had before, but with less damage.
He will definetly has less burst dmg but his passive will make his dmg more sustained, He will get heal on Q and magic dmg, which is nice in trading. It just asks for conqueror. Just 1 thing makes me think, if wu will rush trinity instead of BC it will be better for his new passive, but his ult will be a bit weaker with it. His ult is a great teamfight ability, but it would be better if the whole dmg of it would be dealt instant, not in 4 seconds with growing staff it is so easy just to change concept of whole ultimate, I would honestly change whole ult but whatever, Even I've got an idea how his ultimate should look like but whatever, we will see how he will be doing after a change.
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: Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.
Anyone here on boards just crying about nidalee being too op with her current state lol. She has one of the best clear in the game in jungle, and high 1 person dmg, but she is nothing when compared to assassins in jungle like {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:28}} . All of nida burst is a reward for hitting the spear , and belevie me its not that easy vs mobile enemy team, even if she hit the spear, and goes all in , she doesn't have way to go back, so she suicide killing someone or even dying while trying. She can just overkill while she snowballed the game before 15 mins, in other case she won't really. She is an assassin so she must have burst, but her problem is similar to {{champion:131}} . She has only one way of assassinate, its just pure dmg delete, through hitting Q and follow up with r even if it's not always easy to obtain. I would change her concept from being too much Q dependant or rather her hunt passive which empower all cougar abilities. Her cougar is her whole assassin potential. I don't really know how would she need to be reworked to stay an assassin. Maybe change her heal and make it 1 person cc ability with dmg, root or cc. Following this nerfing her spear dmg, range but in addidtion it goes through minions making it viable wave clear ability and stopping on champion hit. With this she would be too op in jungle, so her cougar E would need to be changed for example some escape ability. Voila We got second {{champion:60}} who can play on lane or overloaded assassin like {{champion:84}} xD.
: @riot Is nidalee really never going to get any changes?
I know she was a decent laner long time ago, She had R on 6 lvl, her Q was overall the strongest long range skillshot. but look at her design lmao, it just asks for being playable in jungle :D, she is a bush girl.
: My thoughts on Brand buffs on Pbe and the champion as a faulty designed champ
Sadly u are right, until they revert his passive or make it 4%hpboom on all lvls and repair his all abilities scaling he will never be a good midlaner. His R Q E scalings are shit due to the passive, and on mid u can't just all in with brand, he is not an mobile assassin to just proc passive. He needs to poke which he was using his W E and Q but the dmg of E was far bigger than even with this buff , Q also had bigger dmg and he could easier fight with enemy midlaner with just poking with all of abilities. His R was devastating 1v2 ability, old brand overall had a burst like a lux or even higher with just his basic spells not passive. Right now he only has W to poke which was unchanged. He don't have any potential in 1v1, because he is just tank buster with great teamfight potential, but still his passive can be easly dodged. Buffing his e dmg won't make him good midlaner because he still has his busted passive and it will only buff his support side as u said. Buffing his dmg is not the key to return him on midlane. He would need to get reverted and increase his wave clear a bit with E, and he would be good, he had just problems with a better wave clear on lane, they reworked him and they even nerfed his wave clear harder. If they would revert him I would add just something to his old R, like if R is going through champions while bouncing beetwen someone deals a bit of dmg and he would be really very good midlaner with great teamfight. But who cares it's better to add dmg instead of changing the champion xD, balance team knows better.
Done25 (NA)
: If you allow an enemy team the time and resources to take Baron at 20 min you're either horribly behind, or you just suck and deserve the incoming super minions.
I said that it mainly happens when the game is one sided from the start. By the way what is the problem to do the baron at 20 minute. U can do it even as 2 people, for example {{champion:11}}{{champion:67}} {{champion:268}}{{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} and many more with someone to block, or {{champion:77}} can almost solo it at 20 min. When all are on the lanes they can just do sneaky baron. It's easy to kill baron at 20 min when enemy don't have vision, because winning team is controlling the map with destroyed towers and is putting pression on loosing team. Baron as 2 is 30s long max.
: I feel like mana flow band needs a buff
I don't know what ap champions are not rushing first mana items (ofc these with mana), maybe {{champion:268}} and{{champion:245}}, I am playing azir a lot and i don't really have issues with mana, in ekko case I don't know but he just rush protobelt, maybe later lich bane. Manaband seems completely fine, just i will write what others actually wrote, learn to manage your mana better ;p, u don't have to spam abilities to farm,use more AA, sometimes instead of poking a champion its just better to use ability on minions, It's more about wave managment but it will let u spare your mana too xd.
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: Am I The Only One Feeling Like My Losses Are Outside Of My Control?
1st look at the teamcomp, and if it is ok to take nocturn, second u can build more tanky on nocturn, like a bruiser instead of asassin, or play {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} they are the best assassins to carry 1v5 from jungle. Right now in the meta {{champion:59}} {{champion:421}}{{champion:32}} {{champion:33}} u don't want to see assassins jungle except 2 above, other will be hard outscaled.
: Gangplank murders jax. Hecarim destroys jax in his current form. Tryndamere hasn't been losing to jax for a loooong time. Grasp fiora beats jax kled destroys jax as well (well not anymore, he doesn't have a keystone anymore). Panth less opressive? Dafuq? Jax has if not completely overpowered a good matchup against riven and gets completely destroyed by kennen and pantheon unless you literally give up your entire lane and just try to scale. And while yes a lot of matchups toplane are INDEED a skill matchup for jax the moment he missplays once against decent players he gets steamrolled in lane and never finishes trinity until the game ends. People are just plain bad i know that from both sides as jax and against jax.But the burden lies on jax to play well and not the other way round. I never lost lane to a jax in the last two years unless he had the jungler in his pocket and then yes it gets frustrating when jax is ahead, jumps at you and just kill you and before the nerfs i might have agreed to some early game nerfs but riot nerfed especially his lategame these fuckin idiots.
Kled rape jax in early, all u have to do is just not trading, u can just def from his dmg with e after 6, sheen and maybe phage u can already kill him, they key is to wait with your e to the moment when his lizard goes away, now u use e , he is slow, and can't really reload passive with his aa because u block it with your helicopter, he dies. Vs fiora skill match up, if jax avoids riposte and use his e in good moment he wins, fiora overall has better early against him cus she can poke him. If jax get hitten by riposte, even without stun he is getting high as nerf, in that moment u have to go back or use e. Trynd can't really kill u if u are using your E well, u don't have any chance early too vs him because he has crit an sustain, but after u get tabis, tiamat and maybe trinity or less, u just get bulky, u can duel him. Hecarim also outsustain your dmg early, u just don't trade with him, after trinity u can just jump on him and smash the ground with him, if u didn't feed him, just farm, he pushes the lane fast so u can easy farm under tower. Yes pantheon is less opressive than jayce, riven, first he is very easy to gank, and he just got early, if he don't stomp the lane, after 6 or higher lvl he will get rekt by jax. Just check highelo riven gameplay vs jax, and u will see what is the problem laning against riven as jax, can be adrian riven. Kennen is annoying, but can't really outdual jax in mid game. All what he is doing is just poke and running away if u are trying to engage, he can't one shot u, u can farm, there lies more about wave menagment skills. Gp is annoying i must admit it, but still u outduel him if u really are not that much behind in creeps after first back for example. Jax with 2 items can kill gp with 3 or 4, I know from my experience because i once feeded gp as jax, and just when i had 2 items he had almost 4 and i won duel xd. I wrote that they all are skill match ups for jax, except the ones i wrote below, they just make jax life miserable from the start, to the late game. Yes the burden lies on the jax side to be a fucking sage of all champions and how to trade with them, and if u use that knowledge u can use him well. If someone pick jax because thinks he is op and can just go in on every AA reliant champion in every stage of game and win in every moment then he is a fool.
: You can't go {{item:3802}} and then {{item:3157}}. You have to buy {{item:3191}} first because he's gonna rush {{item:3134}} and if you don't you're just gonna get screwed as he consistently half healths you. Then you continue to have mana problems while he abuses the fact you couldn't rush a mana item and now have to wait until you have the 1300 gold to afford {{item:3802}}. Playing against a Zed as a mage is torture. Even worse so when he starts to roam and your teammates don't know how to listen to pings and fall back so he gets fed on top of things.
Play {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} the easiest match up for me, i am happy whenever i see zed.
: True, you can out trade him, but he has the tools to prevent you from really pushing him out of lane. And remember, if you jump on him, you inherently push the wave, due to taking minion aggro, which is what vlad wants, as he can then freeze until the point where he starts winning trades.
All u have to do is to let him push, early, freeze lane near your tower and just jump on him whenever he wants to farm. His Q early won't heal him from the dmg , he is doomed until jungler break the freeze.
: Even in top, you need to have multiple ganks to really smash him well.
nah, u can just jump on him all the time, wih jax,wukong,jayce, just anyone outrade him early.
: Vlad can use a nerf ,-,
Around 3 weeks ago i made a post about vlad being broken in late game and that his midgame is already quite good but I get mostly negative opinions even u were writing there that he is ok xD, I guess u get rekted and opened eyes . But now seriously, if he is played mid, then its easy for him to get to late, if he is playing top, he can be smashed out from the game. I will say like the others on my post "He is not mobile, buy grievious wounds, use %hp dmg vs him cough cough" gold players knows better, but in dia 4 he is banned or picked every game. He will be unchanged, until pro plays will not suffer enough against him, same as riven,vayne lmao. There is no single mage that can rush protobelt and rabaddon as second item and have 2.5k hp, but its fine, with 45% cdr on maybe 11 lvl or a bit later.
: Riot hates juggernauts. That is why they haven't created anything juggernautish since illaoi (made a broken, juggernaut failure, overpowered and borken and they gave up, just like with balancing the game). {{champion:10}} Too strong early game to compensate for the godly late game {{champion:58}} Falls of like a real lane bully should {{champion:120}} Fine except when he becomes unkillable with conqueror (literally goes 1v5 and survives with trinity and steraks and tanks for 10 secs. {{champion:24}} If you know how to play against him he becomes useless with the nerfs they gave him (nerfed a DUELISTS damage because riot created spear of shojin) and actually playing Fiora if you want a duelist is way, way better than jax. {{champion:92}} Builds black cleaver and deaths dance and becomes unkillable {{champion:67}} If they want a adc that counters tanks, they should nerf her q damage and r stealth and leave the true damage untouched {{champion:8}} A ultra safe, self healing mage who hasn't be touched because....idfk why
{{champion:114}} better duelist than{{champion:24}} ?? xDD Jax literally wins vs everyone, who rely on AA. {{champion:114}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:120}}{{champion:8}} Just u have to understand the fact that jax can learn play vs these champions too, all he has to do is to have knowledge when to start trading with enemy, and in what moment use his E, he can win all these match ups, they are skill match ups. His worst matches are{{champion:92}}{{champion:126}}{{champion:69}} {{champion:34}} Other troublesome matches but less opressive : {{champion:2}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:80}} and thats literally all. If i am wrong correct me.
Kalikain (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kLUxUhOA,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-04-22T16:24:23.780+0000) > > We're not in an Assassin Meta at all. > > If anything 90% of the games I play there's a Mage mid lane. {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:238}} These are all high play rate assassins, most s tier. These are the reason this meta is stopping most mages from being viable at a high level. Maybe low elo its mostly mages, but mostly mages are low elo. I didnt even list all of the assassins, just those youll meet that will stop brand mains from climbing past silver 1.
These are not even assassins {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:85}}{{champion:120}}{{champion:103}} all of them except kennen and ahri are bruisers, kennen is control mage while ahri is more like a burst mage. All of these played on silver 1 are played on the low lvl so they are not even a threat to stop from climb. The only one troublesome on low elo might be {{champion:238}} because people don't know about building {{item:3157}} and, that his shadow clone combo can deal half of your hp. But nevermind, he is banned all the time so I see no problem. {{champion:84}} requires too much skill, brain and knowledge to use her potential and low elo player won't really have it, she is usually kappa on low elo. Low elo really doesn't struggle because of broken picks, but because of bad game knowledge and bad decision making, If u are really better than anyone else, u can carry and climb. Every mage can beat assassins, just all u need is the knowledge how to play with a certain champion vs certain champion. The problem with brand doesn't really lie in the meta, just he is trash midlaner . Old brand could deal 70% of hp with his Q+w+E combo while the current one will deal 50% or less + passive %hp after 3 s. His Q E R base dmg were nerfed almost 50 dmg each, and ap ratios nerfed Q by 0.10, E 0.20 and R 0.20 ap ratio. He could easier poke someone with e because it had higher dmg , even with q, he didn't have to make a full combo to actually deal some dmg like normal mages, and that why mainly he suck at mid lane right now, without hitting your full combo or w u are just doing 0 and get outtraded by anyone. Current brand is just better against high hp targets maybe 2.5k hp+, may be better in teamfight, but in my opinion its just not so hard to dodge passive circles just to stop free penta for him.
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Critty92 (EUNE)
: How to counter Hecarim?
If u are playing vs him on top lane, don't even fight him whole early game, just farm. His healing with conq and w is too strong, while u are getting dmged and your dmg is outhealed. I've played as jax, and after trinity i just killed him, but i've really didn't make any trade with him to this point, just was farming, and securing bushes to not get ganked. I don't really know other bruiser match ups that would work, but i guess trynd,fiora,riven,kled,nasus,rene would do the job, just be careful early game because his sustain and dmg early is insane. U can also play any mage on top lane against him with decent wave clear, so he will be doomed. And overall his biggest weakness are slows, and nasus,zilean slows just rape him pretty good when u got them in team.
: What makes a game a coinflip.
40 % of my games are coin flip, due to trolls, dc ,feeders etc. Today I had an ezreal jungle who was fighting with kayn on crab without red and died, then he died 5 times. At the end he sold his jungle item and went ap for troll xD, if he would menaged to be ad maybe i would even win a game. I think that top,support,jungle makes an important part of coinflip. They are usually the ones who take a front lane for a team. I just hate in the lobby the fact that people can't match their picks to team composition. The funniest thing is when the guy is otp soraka and he is taking it ,while in enemy there is jarvan, thresh while our front lane for example is only a fucking xin. If my team have worse front lane I will usually loose the game, unless someone really carry. Front lane isn't really about being tanky , because it may be replaced with aoe cc or aoe dmg front lane like vlad or kennen swain etc. or bruisers like jax,riven,kled etc. tanks are ok too, but they just die to quickly now, and bruisers has cc like them so its not worth to have a one in a team, unless he has a very good cc to peel. If i got better front lane its usually easier to play as an adc and mid lane. Even if u are behind as an adc and mid your front lane buys u time to shine later.
: building armor.
The only armor items that are good depending out of situation {{item:3047}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3075}} because they nerfs AA, crit dmg and sustain . But honestly they are only good mostly vs pure AD carries.{{item:3110}} is totally crap, because right now every carry has AS BOOST just to get 2.0 or more with 1 or 2 as items, and also it's not worth buing FH since it doesn't even give hp. Its only good for sion and maybe cho, but just AURA do shit against vayne, kai sa, and other carries with bullshit as. I think that armor is only good against AD carries like {{champion:18}} who has pure ad dmg no true and bonus magic dmg, anyway when they build {{item:3036}} they hit harder than anyone so rip tank. Every AD assassin scales lethality, as core items, BC LW eventually. Almost every bruiser has Conq, BC often as a first item. {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} << these 3 has almost 40% armor pene abilities {{champion:92}} {{champion:240}} IDK WHO else but a lot rush BC. Even if they don't go BC(except fiora who can rush bc or trinity) They often have abilities that deals true or magic dmg. {{champion:41}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:24}} what is funny that they all rush trinity 1st or 2nd item lmao. Armor is busted
hoganftw (NA)
: these are the best tank items in the game {{item:3053}} {{item:3813}}
Haha, its so true xD, just wtf happend that dmg items gives more survability that tank items.
: > [{quoted}](name=Corvin0716,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7I12LA44,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2019-04-06T10:59:02.763+0000) > > {{champion:78}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:27}} > > You just have no clue what you are talking about. Renekton is equally bullshit with conqueror. Darius does not counter riven, try again. Hecarim does not counter riven, try again. Mordekaiser used to be a counter, but riven will just outdamage and outheal him outside of level pre level 3. Irelia is equally bullshit with conqueror. Singed doesn't really win moreso than doesn't die, ends up being free farm lane for riven. Olaf is a skill matchup. Poppy same thing as singed, only useful ish in that she can disengage and GTFO, will get outfarmed in lane though when w on cd.
I Agree with u almost with all but i think that vs {{champion:2}} she may just have to be careful early and later just kill him. {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} before nerfs maybe were a threat to her, after their nerfs i just started to see more rivens lmao. {{champion:24}} can beat her mid- late game but he is wrecked by her to this moment I forgot about {{champion:23}} if he knows what he is doing he can rape riven after 6, or before but it depends on lucky crit.
Madsin25 (NA)
: Vlad is not freelo. He actually takes time to learn and the amount of things you can fuck up in a team fight mechanically is through the roof. Watching all the LCS players mechanically fail with vlad and it cost them the entire game is quite sad to watch at times. His W takes away 20% of his current hp, his E takes away 8% of his max HP. His Q is on a 9 second cooldown level 1, his E is on a 13 second CD. Vladimir is annoying with his EMP Q I will give you that. However it is extremely telegraphed and with his extremely slow base MS compared to other champs (looking at you bruisers) if you actually get to land an emp Q it is because of either bad positioning or their greed for CS.
But these weaknesses that u are telling all are covered by runes. He gets 45% cdr at 10 lvl, with {{item:3152}} {{item:3158}} + runes without 10 lvl he has like 30% cdr. He can rush zhnoya 2nd so he will have cdr. His E and Q has low cooldowns only not maxed w has high cd. His slow base MS is covered by phase rush and also nimbus cloak. Its just literally 15 mins till he get 45% cdr or less. Just after first back his Q has like 2-3 s cd I guess no one of u played vs diamond 50 games+ vladimir lmao. Im not saying that his early is strong, but its not that weak. Just all what I want to say that he is not much punishable and when he get to mid- late he is just like a hypercarry. I would enjoy 16 lvl kayle more than vladimir. I would not have problem if he would get buffed early or mid game but for a cost of his late game. Also he is frequently played on lcs anytime which suggests something, but overall this champion is just STRONG on solo Que. And to add, any fail in lcs cost a LOT not only vlad fails looses the game. Im not even mad about his Empowered Q, he can just zone with it but whatever, just his Invurnerability and overall 3.5k hp healing beast late makes me sad. He is like a raidboss, the worst one out of late game carries. I just don't care about nasus or vayne, because they are way easier to deal with than vlad. Consider that he has a 4 other members of a team, while he solo can make a fucking havoc in a teamfight. And even that there are champions that can kill him 1v1 late. He just usually outscales them in the teamfight. He is like a Kennen but with bonus 2k hp, sustain, and Invurnerability. Any champion is not a free elo, there is always a counter to it, but ones are getting countered harder and other less. Its teamgame overall. Just every lane has a few champions that just are too op at the moment but i won't complain anymore about champion i would list here lmao. And i don't really care but U and the guy UP are VLAD OTPS which is funny to mention xD, because both of u are saying vlad is not op but abusing him all the time. with almost 60% + win ratio, good k/d/a with 100+ games haha.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CrazyMonkeyCZ,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hjxw8tvA,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-04T12:24:05.223+0000) > > Once he uses his W, he can just switch to pussy mode(sitting back/under tower and since his wave clear sucks, it's unlikely for enemies to freeze anyhow) and that's it you can't touch him(talking about mid, top lane is probably different story, but I don't play there anymore, so I'm talking about mid Vlad). > > I actually mained him for while and I never had problem to catch my opponents, expect Singed, Hec and early on Ekko with proced passive, Ryze, Zilean with W and Kennen in E(proly more I don't remember now). I stopped bcs he wasn't entertaining for me. Let me guess, you aren’t gonna show us this account where you mained him right? > Anyway my points were that he has not weak early game, he has really good scaling, enormous sustain, over the top survivability, he will catch almost every one, while putting out extreme AoE dmg. > > Am I biased? Clearly. Am I right? Partly for sure. When you use broad general terms like that of course you are right, but he is nowhere near as powerful as you make him out to be an his average win rate across all elos showcases that.
Seriously, I didn't even make a post about vlad because I lost vs him on lane, I even menaged to win vs him and close games tons of times. AND THIS RUMBLE GAME IS NOT EVEN THE POINT, because i wasnt playing against vlad on lane. SO WHY ARE U TELLING ME ABOUT THIS GAME, it was just a BG shit happend. AS I SAID BEFORE, Its my overall opinion about vladimir, with countless games played vs him. SO WHY U ARE TELLING ME ABOUT RUMBLE VS VLAD MATCH UP AND WHINING , sorry for capslock. Im not whining about garen, because honestly i was fine on lane vs him, just get ganked by heca only, because my other lanes were loosing on its own. I even dont have anything to whine about heca or garen, they are easy to counter or play vs. just Told my opinion about vlad, got it ?
Jamaree (NA)
: How does one lose to Vlad as Rumble? Side note, how you gonna say ignore win rate when you lost to him, while itemizing poorly mind you, when you are playing a champion you clearly aren't practiced on?
Dude, i was playing against garen, and was ganked 10 times by heca, our jax went aftershock and overall all lanes were shit. Im just talking about vlad overall, just this is my opinion about him, after playing a lot of games vs him, not especially 1v1 on lane vs him.
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: Sylas can't even survive when dueling a single champion because his cooldowns leave him without anything for at least 3 seconds lol His heal is not even good at making him survive all ins unless they have already stopped attacking him.
No, he is unbeatable 1v1, unless he is dueling vs some bruiser like jax, riven, maybe yasuo with 2 items etc. At mid he can just get full combo from mage then heals for 400 hp at 5 lvl , and more in later stage of the game , its like he has ekko ult every few seconds. U wont put him down on mid as a mage, because he usually goes aftershock. Its broken 1v1 champ, he can only be killed in teamfight, focused and just killed, thats all. I understand that teamfight isnt his strong side, but he is too op 1v1 and literally all u have to do vs him is farm, because u wont kill him.


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