: If late game is 3 items why even have 6 item slots
games are 15 minutes long when they're a stomp and im happy riot made it this way,being forced to stay in a lost game just because the turrets are too tanky is not really an enjoyable experience. Baron goes down too fast to be stolen,so no comebacks there,the gold lead keeps growing because the enemy team took over our jungle and keeps shoving the lanes.
: ahm, the only things i said was push lanes/ wait for me, gg/wp.
: Just curious. Considering that the burden of proof is on you, where are your statistics?
http://champion.gg/statistics/#/roleSort=ADC&sortBy=general.totalDamageDealtToChampions&order=descend?sortBy=general.totalDamageDealtToChampions&order=descend&roleSort=ADC here you go tristana ranks 13th out of 16 adcs on damage dealt.
: Not really. If she gets a bomb on you your dead
the statistics say otherwise,if you find statistics that support your argument then let me know.
: Why is trist a burst adc with 2 escapes
because tristana pays for her mobility with damage,tristana deals the least damage compared to the rest of the popular adcs.
: I'm a proud support main! People don't like playing it because they want to see inflated numbers in their KDA, their ego says I must carry. Those are also the people who blame the support for their crappy mechanics. The support role has a low floor but an incredibly high ceiling. Most people can play an adequate support, but only a few can play it great. You don't win team fights without a good support You don't win games without a good support. People who call the role or its champion pool brain-dead, are often the ones getting owned by a good support or cam't understand the role.
actually the support role used to be a lot more popular,after all a support brand deals more damage than an adc vayne in the lanephase. Its the last couple of seasons that riot started forcing braindead supports in the game. I have a fair share of my games in the botlane especially as adc,this season i stopped playing support i would not even touch the role with a 6 foot pole after ardent was added into the game,maybe things will be different next season.
: Riot's Ban system
Well its easier for Riot to put a bot in the game that checks your chat logs and bans you if it finds certain keywords than to ban trolls or intentional feeders. I got my main account permabanned last year,getting permabanned is not that big of a deal you just create a new account stomping new players in normal games then stomping new players in ranked games until you reach your original rank.Its kind of ironic that the only people actually punished by permabans are the ones spending money in the game.I never understood permabans and i guess i never will.
: Landing a skillshot doesn't magically make the champion more fun to play or play against. A Sona Q is annoying, sure, but a Blitzcrank Q can mean the end of existence.
well i dont think people played janna because she was fun to play either.
: {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} have skillshots. ( not with a completely retarded hitbox btw) > Riot,how do you expect Blitz/Morg mains to want to play support when sona soraka and janna have 54% winrate? ftfy
Well,most good players in the game do not want to play support because it lacks skill expression,in fact a big majority of the community plays all roles except support for that reason.It is truly sad to see how the role has turned out over the years. Janna made the problem worse making the support role even less attractive to good players flooding the support role with bad players. Some players consider it an insult to be called a support main. All in all,i am no longer surprised to see players who refuse to play the role or dodge when autofilled into support since thats the natural thing to do for a good player.
: I think you need to play these "braindead slave-supports", you might actually play a game where you don't feed. They may have a low floor, but a much higher ceiling than you think.
> [{quoted}](name=Stark of Wrath,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bpn6Zvcj,comment-id=00000001000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-21T16:50:28.038+0000) > > you might actually play a game where you don't feed. > https://www.askideas.com/media/37/Funny-Laughing-Gif-Picture.gif i mean common dude,you're bronze 2,you main janna,and your only game without janna is a jax jungle with infinity edge in your build.
: Her ability to peel and keep her ADC alive completely revolves around her Q. Janna dosn't get punished for a missed Q, but her ADC does, and that's worse. Blitz's punishment is only a CD, his other abilities can still be used defensively. Same goes for Morg. Her punishment is just her a CD, she can still zone hard with her w, and shield.
well,i think you need to improve your knowledge of the game to understand my argument.
: "at least these 2 had to land a skillshot "
yes,i mention the importance of landing skillshots on those champions,not the number of their skillshots.like i said in the comment above,blitzcrank's and morgana's kits revolve heavily around them landing their skillshots unlike the other champions i mentioned.
: Morgana and Blitz Have one Skill shot each... Janna 1 Skill shot (that has a huge delay to get max range), a shield (like morg), a point and click slow, and a skill free ult (like morg and blitz) Soraka 2 skill shots, a point and click heal,and a skill free ult (like morg and blitz) Sona has one skill shot, her ult, but her 3 skill free spells can be itemized into nothingness. Unless she goes AP Sona, but then her team's useless late w/o the utility they need from her normal itemization. So what's your argument really?
I did not mention skillshots anywhere in my post,yes janna has a skillshot buddy but her kit does not revolve around her landing it nor is she punished for missing it.Blitzcrank's entire kit revolves around him landing his Q you will even see blitzcrank's flash E on the enemy adc just to guarantee the hook.The same goes for morgana.Its not about number of skillshots its about how important they are to a champion's kit,how much the player is punished or rewarded for missing or landing them.
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: It's hard to imagine any new player without double XP boosts ever tolerating the Coop vs AI experience. It's such a soul draining grind and you're stuck with a couple random bots who just walk into turrets all game. If that's the impression I got from playing this game (I was introduced by friends in college), I'd run as far away as possible. You'd have to pay me to go through that again. It's not great even without bots but sadly, it's also a cesspool of mindless bots. A new player would probably think it's a dead game where the developers don't even care.
i guess it depends on the player,i leveled up a new account this season because my main one got permabanned it was great playing normal games where i had full control of the games i played l, mostly stomping the enemy laner,if i didn't feel like playing i could just stay in the jungle or afk
Tyvan (NA)
: With Swain's upcoming rework I feel I need to remind you of a certain skin
there should be a german word for a pun that makes you want to drink bleach.
: A possible start to nerfing ADCs
who upvotes these threads?
: My power went out in a ranked game and I returned as quickly as possible
sounds like youre not being entirely truthful with us.did you really recconect 6 minutes before thegame ended?
: What games are you playing?
i am usually playing the blame game with my team in the champion select and the screen after the match,sometimes in the game as well.
: Lmao ranked
if you are a smurf you will get matched with smurfs.
: Does EVERY janna player do this?
janna is usually played by egirls who tend to chat on facebook while playing league.
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Recuro (NA)
: To all of you complaining about how busted Ardent is...
its not just ardent the support role has lost all balance.
Rioter Comments
: What if Crit was removed as a stat but ADC items just increased your BONUS ad?
then there would be no point in buying attack speed crit items or attack speed whatsoever. ADCs would just be walking towers,crit is essential in the game because it forces adcs to build attack speed items.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Than that's not a bounty system, though I admit I did miss the first line of your post. That's just the Kill system.
lol wikia **Bounties** Teams earn gold rewards when they kill enemy champions. This reward is the bounty of the killed champion. Bounties are divided into three parts: Kill bounty: Earned by the champion who deals the killing blow. Assist bounty: Shared evenly among the champions who assist in the kill. Team bounty: Earned by all the champions in the team, living or dead
Dr Mercy (NA)
: I'm surprised this is something being complained about, because the purpose of the Bounty system is a comeback mechanic. By giving more gold to teammates taking down a bounty together, the losing team gets more gold, which helps 'em come back.
It does not look like you read any of my post,since at the first sentence i say > _**By bounty system i am referring to all kill rewards in the game.**_
: Yet again in 2017, C9 is NA's last hope
did NA ever had hope? to have hope that NA will win worlds it means that you believe theres a chance C9 will win against SKT.
KennyLay (NA)
: Not Compaining, Just a reminder, Around 10% of your playerbase is colorblind
not all colorblind people have the same disability,not every coloblind person cannot see the same color,some cant see red some cant see color at all. So making changes to the game that could fit every colorblind person's needs is not possible.
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: Why is Twitch's detection radius smaller than Eve's?
: Snowball may be bad, but what makes snowball uniquely shitty in this particular season/meta
: Meta is disgusting and terrible
yeah,thats how the game works buddy. Adcs are meant to scale harder with gold than midlaners.thats becaue they get less exp in the vlbotlane.So as long as the lategame kicks in the adc is going to outscale the mage in terms of damage.
: Why can't I carry? I think I'm permanently tilted now
you lost lane most of your games as mid. in your veigar game the full tank galio mid who stacked armor dealt more damage to champions than you. the only champions you can hold an average winrate with are supports,on everything else you're under-performing compared to the rest of the players in your games.To carry,you need to first perform better than the enemy laner.
: Since Riot is big about rework low counterplay (assassins?) kits why not take another look at mages?
why are people upvoting this? he is talking about a class update who in their right mind would want another class update?
: The jungler and the support are like the parents of the team.
usually its the supports and junglers that flame the most because they are afk farming or sitting behind the adc spamming e.
Míni (NA)
: How Do I Get Better?
well you have a ranked game a week ago as 0/10/0 6 level ryze with 15 cs so maybe you should consider stopping inting.
Gnar199 (NA)
: How a 14 day ban in a game where i was having fun made me stop being toxic
well unless you spend money in the game permabans are no big deal,myfirst account was banned 18 months ago leveling up stomping and trollimg in low level normal games is super fun and even in ranked you get placed in a much lower rank than you belong stomping your way back to your original rank.I think i dealt more damage to the game by being a smurf and making every game one sided or just give up than i did as a toxic player. thats just my opinion.
: Can we please ban boosters/customers
riot does not ban boosted players,they just take away the end of season ranked rewards from them if they get caught. Some of them get banned because the booster used scripts. Whats the point anyway? riot does not even ban trolls in this game.
: What do you call a rank 7 Yasuo?
is this post a bait from yasuo mains to get people to curse and get them banned from the boards?
: Since OCE support doesn't care. Can I have a rioter tell me how anyone gets punsihed over this?
i believe you shouldnt be banned for flaming. you should be banned for inting,"ok lose i split top"
Krinu (NA)
: There are two problems that I see. First and foremost, AA-based AD champions have too many separate multiplicative scalars. It's not one particular item, either - all the AD items are just... really good at what they do. You never have to juggle bad stats, they're gold efficient, their unique effects are both noticeable and useful, and they're easy to put together from component pieces. Secondly, and more subtly, there's been a kind of shift in the purpose and power budget assigned to the support role. The support role has gone from "I exist to buy wards for the 4 members of my team that actually do things and maybe land CC if my champ has it" to full-fledged members of the team, with as much impact as anybody else. This has required a slight readjustment of perception on behalf of the player base. Tank supports are easy: They're tanks. Mage supports are also easy: They're mages, with a different power curve. Enchanter supports, though, they're harder, because Riot wants them to be more than just CC cannons to be pointed at the enemy team. So you get buffing supports, like Janna or Soraka, whose power is all tied up in how they buff their carry. Janna used to be brought for her tornado, with the shield as kind of an afterthought. Soraka was a joke. Then Riot rebalanced things with the idea of "hey, what if we let the support+carry combo make the ADC as strong as two players?" And suddenly enchanter supports matter. I really, really, really do not want to return to the days when buffer supports were jokes and/or garbage. Please do not bring us back to those days.
> [{quoted}](name=Krinu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AYYGoV8Q,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-10-12T12:12:11.717+0000) > > Tank supports are easy: They're tanks. > Mage supports are also easy: They're mages, with a different power curve. > Enchanter supports, though, they're harder, because Riot wants them to be more than just CC cannons to be pointed at the enemy team. > > > [{quoted}](name=Krinu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AYYGoV8Q,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-10-12T12:12:11.717+0000) > > _**Enchanter supports, though, they're harder, because Riot wants them to be more than just CC cannons to be pointed at the enemy team.**_ > > Enchanter supports, though, they're harder > https://i.imgur.com/Jkjom5O.jpg
: If i somehow getmy honor back to lvl2-3 will i get season rewards then ? :/
no,you cant get it to honor 2-3 anyway you will be stuck in dishonored for a couple of months.
Rioter Comments
: u think building bramble and instantly shitting on every melee fighter with it feels like shit? imagine laning vs it. some dude afk farms and wont come near u goes back buys first item bramble and can stand still and auto win every trade because of a 1k gold item. hes not beating u then? he then insta buuys tabis and ur done for.
i agree with you regarding bramble vest it is a bit op for a 1k item,it even forced riot to buff some fighters like fiora and trundle,i wish top had a more engaging lanephase and winning lane actually mattered more but it looks like thats not going to be the case gold distribution and isolation from the botlane both cripple top.
: Daily reminder that Udyr & Kayle are the only champions requiring $$ to get Visual Upgrades
Ralanr (NA)
: Pretty much yeah. Not a fan of it due to RP budgets.
well back in the game a couple of years ago there were barely any good discounts on skins, now you have the personal shop so there is no reason to buy skins for your main for 100%of the price unless you can't wait.
: This game has successfully made me attend Therapy against depression
if you do not have the mentality to play ranked then dont play ranked. Obviously you did not get depression from league of legends or the community whatsoever,but from your obsessive behavior to this game. There is no such thing as someone else giving you depression.Mental illnesses are created by ourselves because of our obsessive behaviors,mental illnesses are not viruses,you cant get depressed because someone told you to kill yourself.Your entire posts just looks like blame sharing. this whole behavior reminds me of those people on tv shouting about how mcdonalds gave them diabetus,mc donalds didnt give you diabetes your obsessive behavior with food did.
e46jmp (NA)
: Do you have any idea what you're talking about? lol
> [{quoted}](name=e46jmp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AYYGoV8Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-11T16:45:21.047+0000) > > Do you have any idea what you're talking about? lol I dont know do i? lol
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