: Season 8 is pure garbage.
i miss the old mastery keystones. Delete RNGmancy .
: So enough about the negatives of Top Lane, here's some positives.
much diversity many skill playing against gp and vayne farming all game then calling their jungler to come kill you being 0/1 and 800 gold behind because your enemy got klepto and you got a garbage keystone mastery that does nothing. bot stealing your lane after turret fb being on a lane that's a glorified jungle camp so diverse many impacts wow
: "being able to build a teamcomp without marksmen is one of our goal"
Riot's secret plan: step 1:make marksmen so broken that they are picked in every single lane step 2:everyone now picks to counter marksmen step 3:now no one plays marksmen step 4: Marksmenless team comps Genus.
: The problem with toplane, from a toplaner
most bruisers never really recovered from the removal of fervor from the game and from the looks of it they never will,some riot emploees talked about making changes in the resolve tree that will be more attractive to bruisers but none of the changes they talked about will really succeed due to kleptomancy just being a thousand times better than any other keystone ESPECIALLY in the toplane where you will get harassed by ranged champions. So the battle in the toplane will be tanks VS ranged champions for a long time. According to riot's last dev insights vayne going top is good for champion diversity but bruisers being in the game is bad.
Rioter Comments
: PSA: Pings aren't meant for you to be passive-aggressive trash.
always spam pings to assert superiority over your intellectually inferior teammates missing skillshots fail flashing and dying of course. To compromise means to acknowledge defeat.
: Can't even play SR anymore because how stressful it is (mostly due to the snowball state of the game), ADCs having burst damage instead of sustained damage, some Patch notes are pure jokes (Nunu's buff, Zoe's nerf in the wrong way)
after getting destroyed by a nunu top as fiora i am starting to miss fervor and the old rune system.
: Riot needs to remove Klepto, not nerf champions.
i want to say that runes reforged were a failure to begin with but i know that a lot of you will disagree.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rainfall,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qXvf0d8s,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-01-14T20:42:01.835+0000) > > if you were an employee at riot you would 100% ignore the community,it's the company policy. yet they post on reddit all the time... hmmm i wonder what's the difference between the boards and reddit {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Hópe (NA)
: If i was an employee at Riot i'd 100% ignore these boards.
if you were an employee at riot you would 100% ignore the community,it's the company policy.
: @Riot, so you want to be asked questions rather than be blamed?? Ok
i think he did get nerfed during the assasin class update due to his getting invisibility on his W and the new assasin items. if what you're asking for is a rework he is probably in line for one but his gameplay is not that unbalanced or unfun to need immediate action.
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: Meanwhile no ADC nerfs. Yep. As expected.
the boards have always had a biased view on support/adc balance,before ardent nerfs i think i read 15 posts about twitch and tristana nerfs sometimes even 3 a day in hot and barely any about janna and her enhancer squad. I think that the removal of those upgrades is a good change in the game,since they had become a noobtrap and served as a handicap in the later game for most players who bought them.One could argue that riot is oversimplifying the support role,but from the champion pickrates it looks like that is what the community wants. All in all I would rather a support role with simple itemization and complex champions than a support role with complex builds and janna mains. -Rainfall
: With Malzahar once again being on the radar for nerfs maybe it's time to....
this is sadly more of midlane problem than a malzahar problem,when the games are too short and mages barely get to stack 200 ap every game a champion with high base damages and resets will always rise. Malzahar is simply better than a lot of mages because his core items are {{item:3116}} and {{item:3151}} and not {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} in a fast paced game with ap items not accesible malzahar will be at the top.
: Okay bois I did it! I wrote an essay on why I hate Singed :)
i would hate singed,but i havent seen him since a couple of months ago when he reached 56% winrate for 12 hours then got hotfixed.
Sarkhis (NA)
: I got matched with 4 people that i had blocked...
you have activated the all powerful spell e-girl support player,you have unlocked infinite upvotes and comment support.
: Swatting finally gets someone killed, man dies because of a 2 dollar bet in CoD.
all of these situations are just multiple failures of the police force. the police spends so much money on monitoring users and anti-piracy actions but can't track down swatters? people who commit felonies? them shooting an unarmed man is not news but still another of their failures
: His old q coming back in january. Gl hf
he is one of the champions that are always permabanned when unbalanced so i never worry about rengar,he will just join yasuo and zed in pick or ban island.
: So can we give Sona attention now that she's undeniably garbage?
enhancers had a good 6 months of being the best supports in the game? can we not make support the dumpster role for bad players?
AmazoX (EUW)
: Twitch is Rengar 3.0 where he could melt an entire team out of stealth with his sexy smile.
rengar was cancer,his tragedy does not erase his sins.3 consecutive basic attack resets,a champion designed by satan.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Revali (NA)
: When it's a tank meta, why does no one play Trundle?
: Quick observation of the NA Boards
well,all small boards are a wasteland,moderation is barely noticeable and the posts getting to hot are usually bad because there are not many posts to make the system work,to be honest we should have 1 board for all league of legends.
: Riot August is designing champions again
as long as it's not certainlyT
: if you get over 1mil on a champ you should get to buy any of their skins
if you main a champ you get a dicsount for them in the personalized shop 80% discount on a skin is a 2-5 usd skin
Rioter Comments
: Where is the communication on the assassin rework?
talon zed and kayn are in a pretty good spot right now,yasuo is getting buffed next patch(if you consider him an assasin) leblanc will probably be changed after irelia.If you made the thread just for rengar well there's always failures in every rework,poppy a relatively new champion dropped to 46% winrate after the tank rework and is going to be there for a long time,ryze was in a bad state as well the past season. My guess is that rengar and the rest of the assasin gang will be reworked at 2019 .
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=SwineTV,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=djhhyIkO,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-12-07T12:41:29.586+0000) > > I miss Thunderlords. Just Take Electrocute.
and lose cdr ap and mana regenration for.......tenacity?
Rioter Comments
: Season 7 In Review just like last year PLEASE.
riot does not want us to realise how better season 7 was to the new preseason .
: Can we know why Sona is getting repetedly nerfed while worse offenders are being handled carefully?
: If you bought pinks like a real team player then this wouldn't be an issue now would it? ;)
wards do not deal damage -Einstein.
: you forgot "let Certainly T release a champion"
> [{quoted}](name=warpenguin555,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1ElEPGEj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-01T17:29:28.855+0000) > > you forgot "let Certainly T release a champion" He already made yasuo he can't do worse than that,there's only one way from the bottom.
: Love The Hypocrisy With This Community
Dear old karma mains,the karma rework happened years ago.Its time to stop complaining about it.
Rioter Comments
: PSA: Do Not Lie In Your Chat-Logs
that's why i always write with my hips because my hips don't lie
: Okay I really need a Rioter to explain this one to me..
You cant halt the release of new champions and other reworks to rework 5 failed assasins 4 of which are just going to get some small tweaks.
: EA's greatest contribution to gaming
Lord of the rings the rise of the witch king is still my favorite strategy game. EA sucks though
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Ad assassins in mid have literally one rune that isn't straight up intentionally feeding by picking it(electrocute), and you are complaining about the potential 4 mages have?
the ad assasins mid are zed talon and yasuo thats 3 champions
Rioter Comments
: Riot took the "skills" from top lane and threw them away
the pros know it the players know it the only one that doesn't is riot top is a garbage lane ,all good players from solo queue have abandoned it and all pros pick shen/galio or other picks like that for being usefull for bot. this is not new this has been going on for seasons.i recommend you jump from the sinking ship that the toplane is.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Appearently 52% winrate is considered “weak” for sona lmao.
logic and janna/sona/lux mains are incompatible.
: I only use one page and change every game. It's not difficult. I like doing that actually
you like doing it now,but imagine someone who plays 5 games a day doing it over and over again.
Rioter Comments
: Reposting for Visibility - Riot What About Hearing Impaired Players???
if you putthe speakers loud enough your desk will start trembling when sion ults.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wuks,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=vPRmfQWW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-20T17:59:45.017+0000) > Volunteer
volunteering is doing a job for free. support universal workforce don't volunteer
Penns (EUW)
: So "Hexdrinker is a lot better than Seekers because mages outscale assassins" - Riot
generally ap champions have lost so much ap over the past season. Most mages are glorified supports. and the best mage is a champion played for his cc.
: Nunu has a 43% win rate. This is unacceptable
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