Anu3isII (EUNE)
: I don't think it's impossible to make Frozen Heart work. Iceborn has the same stats, yet it is picked by a lot of tanks, reason being that the passive is very good. If Frozen Heart's passive felt at least as good, it would be a more popular choice.
Iceborn might be worse than frozen at the moment. If you compare iceborn to sunfire: Sunfire much more effective health same or more damage in 1v1 duels. No need spam abilities to minions.
: []( Meanwhile in actual high Elo he has the 43rd best win rate and even if you throw out all the low pick rate champs he is still 5th among meta top laners. Sett is in a really weird spot for a new champ. He isn't that hard to pick up and learn, but at the same time people are still refusing to play correctly against him. Like they seem to be under the impression you focus him first in a teamfight.
You shouldnt make conclusions from 18 matches played statistics.
Pyrosan (NA)
: He was picked 5 times in the entirety of 2019 Worlds - 3 losses, 2 wins He was picked 4 times in the entirety of 2018 Worlds - 3 wins, 1 loss and those 3 wins were *veigar botlane* He was picked **0** times in the entirety of 2017 worlds. He was picked 8 times in 2015 Worlds, 5 wins, 3 losses Kinda feels like you're just saying random things at this point >Veigar has been picked in world millions of time Veigar's wall duration lasts 3 seconds and has an 18 second cool down, if you are not punishing Veigar during his 18 seconds of vulnerability then I don't know what to tell you chief Don't really see how it's difficult to dodge either since it takes 0.5 seconds to actually raise up from the ground
Idk if you realized it but if a wall staying front of you then you cant move colse to veigar. And even if you have 15 sec time after that he can safe farm with W miles away. Even nida spear cant reach him. Also if you move in after you flash his E or dodge his W, he can still Q-R 2 shoot you. Or flash away too. There is no counter to veigar actually.
: You can't left out the part where he takes the rune and items which ensures he hits his ~~skill~~shots...
Yeah but its overpresented like conqeror on some champs. Obviously Veigars problem that he is 100% safe to play. And thatsmainly because of his E. One of the best zone spell which can be used defensively as well. Like you are getting ganked cast it and move away. Just like that with the highest damage output champ in the game. I hate play vs veigar and i feel always sorry for opponents if i pick him. He just so easy and no counter to E spam its ridiculous.
Pyrosan (NA)
: Veigar's viable if your team is AFK I guess Same way how "nasus is op" but he's also complete shit And yeah most mages can be played in every lane right now, Heim shows up in bot top and mid, Xerath's still deciding if he's mid or support, brand can be mid or support Syndra's only strong because she has guarantees on her ultimate without being held back by her kit, that's why you see Syndra in competitive and not Veigar, because veigar's good in low elo and that's it lol
Difference between Nasus and Veigar: Veigar has been picked in world millions of time with great succes even carry games. Nasus was picked 0 times carry 0 games. Or world players are also AFK vs veiger? Hell no its just cant be touched if played properly. Only counterplay is dodge the 10 sec wall which is hard - reach veigar - dodge Q also since Q-R lethal from midgame. And then can shoot back but you can still die since he just running backward to teammates- and his E again out of couldown. Veigar obviously need nerfs. Bot presence also telling it.
: Imagine nerfing ASol when Syndra and Veigar are left how they are.
Asol need his stars toggleable. Otherwise noone play him anyway...
: These mordekaiser nerfs are a joke; just like our game's balance team.
Its an awful change indeed. He will remain still the mostly banned/played champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=RealDsy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0sL9FKEj,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2020-01-06T21:03:16.736+0000) > > I dont get it why is it worse to play jg right now... > Dont want hurt anyone but all i see is whining without a single reason. Then you haven't been paying attention. The XP is atrocious, no matter how hard you are stomping enemy team, you're AT BEST equal level. 10-0 with as much cs as 2-2 enemy midlaner? Oh yeah, still down levels in XP.
Personally havent found it that bad. Im checking the lanes before moving there. If i cant get least 1 kill, im just farming. I guess its just makes the jungle much more skill based. You need to know when gank and when just farm. Ivgot no problem with that.
: unpopular opinion: ornn should be able to use every item efficently since he can craft stuff.
Isnt it something like saying: Elise should be able to use 8 boots efficently since she has 8 legs? (Or 4 if we thinking in pairs)
Wise2010 (NA)
: 3 v 5
You too good
: If You Want People to Jungle, it Needs to be Made Fun and Satisfying
I dont get it why is it worse to play jg right now... Dont want hurt anyone but all i see is whining without a single reason.
Hibeki (NA)
: Rumble feels....Outdated and inconsistent.
When i played him first it was surprising that hitting opponents constantly with a flamethrower is harder than getting a score with nidale spear from a mile away.
: Can we get an Ivern tweek?
When i played him the most annoying thing was: -He jumps into the enemy when they are rooted. Honestly it should have been removed since he became ranged. Its not fun when you randomly jump into {{champion:122}} and stuffs. And if you cant auto until hit the root thats not rewarding.
: Make Aatrox viable!
Personally i dont remember a single time when i lost a lane as Aatrox... Though i play all champs so not have wider experience. All i have is pressing Q 3 times and opponents are down. For me he seems pretty strong. He was picked also in world and performed really really well. Though in lower ELO i can understand why he may considered to be bad. Since lategame he is a good teamfighter, and if you dont have team its not an 1v5 either a burst champ who can get free picks randomly. But he seems a pretty good splitpusher to me if cant rely on team.
: I agree vs skirmishers. Vs Assassins I favor FH. Bramble also royally F's Ashe.
Vs assassins it might be just better buy sunfire cape. On lane that item makes you much more tanky for the cost. Also HP really efficient early because of the ignite. You can die pretty quick building just armor and mana. Though thinking more {{item:3110}} do well on mages on mid vs ad assassins. Like building it on Ryze vs Zed is really helpful.
: Except for the fact that he has one of the highest AD growths among tanks, has one of the lowest Mana growths/regen, etc. Ie..... if you can, build both. He's expensive to just sunfire.
Obviously if i play against an only ad team i buy it. Though vs mixed damage everyone goes sunfire + the magic resist item. Its just better.
: It's all about how efficient your gold spending is. Players have long since formulated the gold efficiency of items and it may surprise you to realize that Forzen Heart is far more gold efficient than Thornmail. Thornmail is approximately 78% gold efficient with its health and armor whereas Frozen Heart is nearly 115% gold efficient with its mana, armor, and CDR. Iceborn Gauntlet is about 94% gold efficient and Sunfire Cape is about 83% gold efficient. That said. Some champions benefit more from less efficient items due to how their kits function and their respective roles. Rammus, for instance, will generally rush Thornmail whereas a top lane tank such as Ornn will rarely build Thornmail and will usually rush Sunfire Cape.
Its not surprising me. I always watch those numbers, but it doesnt always matter as much. And Ornn is kinda also a good example the Sunfire Cape vs Iceborn Gauntlet issue. He has both items for ugrade. He would also benefot a lot from mana and cd. But still Sunfire is just so much superior there is no point to build iceborn on him.
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Gadwar (NA)
: Melee vs ADC top, advice needed.
I love when adc comes toplane. I rush {{item:3075}} and they basicly killing themselves.
: I always thought this was a huge issues with a lot of AD champions. At some point late game, they just become Auto attacking bots. Caitlyn will Never Q, Twitch E, and some others during team fights. (they use them before or after fights or if they just cannot auto any more, Much like corki, it just dips their dps IF they use these abilities instead of auto attacking.) Because they just dont scale with the builds. LIke crit, and attack speed. Their abilities cannot crit. and they dont build a lot of AD. For your build, Without Sorc Shoes, and Void staff, I would say that would play a large factor. However, Corki doesnt Really Q in fights, he only does it if they exit LoS. I would LIke if adcs as a whole got looked at, to help their abilites do better damage, so they can have better builds, and take some power out of their autos.
But Caitlyn Q actually has 1300 range with a ton AD ratio. Its really good for poking. Twitch E also has 1200 range with ton of AD scaling. Its really good when they are out of range or when all opponents get stacks because of hurrican. Both skills you mentioned are really good in my opinion. However Corki Q 100% useless in any situations.
: You're not supposed to spam it. You're supposed to use it in between auto-attacks. At that attack speed, it won't be a DPS loss.
It will, you can try.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
What about {{champion:517}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:517}} ??? 42% winrate in challanger, 44/44 position with 46% winrate at plat+ in 9.23???
: Buff SYLAS! His skill cap is too high to be a high risk low reward champ. BUFF HIM!
This High skill cap champion was sitting on 42% winrate in challanger in 9.23... 46% in plat+ claiming the position of 44 / 44... Dont play this champ until riot will do something about it.
: Camille W's Arcane Comet Build - Ancient Technique lost in time
If you want something fun id recommand try her out as "adc". Reason: She deletes adc-s from the game but loses hard vs bruisers/tanks. Hail of blades. E max. Tiamat. Bad thing: it requires a good support (as the whole adc line)
nash55 (EUW)
: It doesn't feel like you get outplayed anymore, just out-champion-ed.
Riot doing some times very bad balance decisions. But when i look at the forum, people here some times even worse. One trick players writing how this game would be balanced. Strangely they always mention their champ needs buff and any other champs on that specific lane need nerfs. To be frank people who are playing only one champ shouldnt participate in balance discussions. They are heavily sided. I play all of them and its a pain to read balance stuff on forum because of them.
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Muxxik (NA)
: Malphite Level 6 Combo
I dont have the clip but once i played vs him on top as {{champion:164}} I was level 7 he was level 6 I had phage he had a ruby crystal I was 90% hp he was on 40% I had max stack conqurer (idk what mastery he got) I ultid him then he deleted my 80% hp with the ult combo, and my charachter couldnt even auto attack because of E cripple effect so he killed me. I mean there is a reason why this champ sitting on 51+% winrate even on highest divisions. Even when you outplay him, he just wins since stronger than your champ.
: Aurelion is a champ that was played only by the most dedicated fans. Then Riot wanted to make him more popular by making him bursty (against the mains' concerns for it not to happen). So now instead of the DoT roamer that Aurelion was, he's just a shitty burst mage that is still just as unpopular. Doesn't help that instead of making champions popular by giving them skins or making the meta more flexible instead of it being a 1 shot convention. It really sucks tbh... I have a friend that I play with often that is an aurelion main with almost 1 mil mastery points and he tried hard to help stop the rework.
But the main point is not only the hardcore fans dislike the change. His W makes him annoying for any new players who wants try him out. He is not only lost his old fanbase but also his potentional future one. That is why its a bad change. There were some other champions which were reworked and old fanbase still complaining about them, however new fanbase just overweghts the negatives. Its not the case on him. His rework made him less popular charachter. Anyone who plays him easily can see his W is annoying. Noone wants to play an annoying champ.
: Ivern is simply wonderful
Ive got ONE really big problem with him. "Ivern and his allies can target enemies rooted by Rootcaller to dash to them" I always want to auto attack until i root some1, but he pulls himself close to the target while he is quishy as hell. So eventually this skill harms him. This dash should be removed, especially now that he is ranged.
Infernape (EUW)
: Sylas is a failed champion simply because Riot refuses to make AP bruiser itemisation a thing. Sylas, Diana etc. do not have itemisation for their classes and basically build glass cannon and try and oneshot you. Aurelion Sol is probably one of the most (if not) the dullest champion in the game for most people (hence why his pick rate is so damn low). Unless you actually like his playstyle there really isn't _that_ much of a point to playing him (unless he's giga broken).
I understand glasscannon issue and its true, but still Daina is a playable charachter with 52% winrate. Its not even comperable with 44,5%. Its not even an "acceptable" 3% range. And i feel Aurelion sol might be very fun champ with W rework/revert whatever. I mean both champs are super cool looking. Im sure they are both attractive towards players. Sylas is just very weak right now, Aurel is annoying. With right balance and better skill design they both would be popular picks in my opnion. Now they are both forgotten.
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: Aurelion Sol Rework (sorry if im not as convincing im sure high rank sol mains can extend more)
I played him first time and even I have realized his W now doesnt make any sense. I mean with this rework im sure new players like me just ingores him. And how a saw in videos i might enjoy him if his W would be fun. Now its annoying, and i dont play games for making myself angry i guess.
: Revert Asol
I played him first time and even I can understand why you want revert. I think that describes the situation. W made only sense when it was toggle-able.
: Client Crashes/Lockout
Same here. Im playing other games until they fix it. I have win 10, i3 2120, 750 Ti newest driver, 8gb ram. Almost nothing else installed on my pc but LoL. Newer anything runs in background. Its 100% the problem is on the LoL side.
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: Don't remove Raptor Cloak!!
Actually i have built {{item:3056}} on old Garen vs ranged matchups since its super good on him. Its a good item for any champs that cant deal damage vs ranged matchups. Reasons: Gives speed, gives armor, gives hp, gives health regen, gives also cd I think Health regen is the key: Doran shield + second wind + ohmwrecker gives so much health regen after taking damage that you can survive on lane and just farm fine. But if you have mana issues than {{item:3800}} is better. Its the same stats but gives mana. So for me {{item:3056}} was a viable item. Its only problem was its active is useless. But still "viable". I guess the reason why it was never used because manaless melee tanky champs are rare: Only Garen. So in that case 99% {{item:3800}} is better since there are no manaless tanky champs in the game.
: Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!
Hey! As you mentioned items i'd like to mention support item: {{item:3303}} Its NOT cost effective to upgrade into {{item:3092}} so good players actually never upgrades it. (Meanwhile the tank support item is super cost effective to upgrade.)
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: Here is what I feel playing toplane
The biggest problem with top, if you play melee vs melee and you are not tank its very risky. The two melee just starts beating each other and one wins with 5% hp. Its like playing a russian roulette. Plus balance differences can be felt here the most. It also requires a lot of matchup knowledge since some champs just beat others on specific levels. And also its the most jungle dependent lane. Its also because of melee effect. If your champ mobile its pretty easy to kill enemy with gank. But if you play mobile champ and your jg dont gank the immobile champ whipes you out of lane. The best example might be {{champion:164}} for me. Best engage, but if you cant count on ganks you lose all matchups. Ranged matchups dont have these bad effects. Usually you can farm safely any time, backing on some bad MU's also very easy. Thats why i personally like to play only tanks on top. It would be fun to play some more damage oriented melee champ. But its unreliable and risky so its not fun.
raphtor64 (EUNE)
: stormrazor is a bit useless
Its not a "bit", its totally useless. You dont have slots to fit in this item. {{item:3031}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3080}} {{item:3026}} Its an example build. You can modifie it a bit, for {{item:3139}} if mr/cc rem. necessary. But in the end there is no space for stormrazer since all other items are better and more crucial.
: While Darius is essentially a "Drain Tank" Once you take his Q into account, and the fact that he builds defensivelyish - He's not a "League" Tank. In League tanks (tend to) have hard CC, defensive steroids in their kits, damage mitigation in their kits, Etc. Darius is actually a Juggernaut - Which might as well be a tank that deals extra damage, except you can get away from him. He's also not nearly as durable as an actual tank, even if he builds purely defensive. As a Diana main I love facing Darius - He can be beaten. Give me an actual tank(Like Mao) and I'm absolutely hosed. Small differences, and in some games they would certainly all be considered tanks. Here, he's on the fence as a juggernaut.
For me it seems class system is over complicated. Juggernaut means tank with no hard cc but higher damage. Tank mean hard cc but less damage. I think there is no reason to separate these two since both rely on tank aspects mostly. They all should be classified as tanks. Since thats the main point. Dealing damage or doing cc is less impactfull than tanking the damage. I checked so this juggernaut is under fighter class. It should be moved under tank. If you think about it {{champion:86}} much closer to {{champion:516}} than {{champion:64}} .
: > [{quoted}](name=RealDsy,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P8p7MaAF,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-16T11:08:19.959+0000) > > People keep saying that which is not true. > All he buys is tri and tank items. It means he is a tank. When people say tank they mean wardens or vanguards who specialize in applying copious amounts of hard cc, while peeling allies or forcing engages. Darius is a juggernaut and does not typically function in the above fashion.
Yeah if you look that way he has no hard cc. However he builds tank items and can tank in a teamfight like any other tanks. He easily defeat burst enemies since he is tanky. So its all tank attribution except the hard cc. For me its a tank. Plus his e-w combo is kinda like a 1 sec stun itself. Other tanks havent got much more cc-s.
Moody P (NA)
: Darius is not a tank
People keep saying that which is not true. All he buys is tri and tank items. It means he is a tank.
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: Can we talk about Corki?
I dont like champion desing itself. His Q is absolutely useless skill. It should be reworked like ezreals W. There shouldnt be champions with useless skills, thats bad for the game design not even balance issue.
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: Should they buff Shadow Assassin Kayn or nerf Rhaast?
I felt red weaker than blue. And i felt the blue is a bit op.
Nhifu (NA)
: We really need to increase base resistances
You mean grabbing {{item:3020}} + {{item:3916}} op since they give you 33 magic pen for 2600 gold? I tell you {{item:1057}} gives you 40 magic resist for 720 gold... If these clueless posts are uprated i can have a feeling why riot just dont care about posts. I mean its not personal, but i see lot of posts crying something OP when these items actually easily counterable. Its just you lack of game mechanics which is fine. Everyone was beginner once. We just passed the time when everyone start post even without knowledge of the game and people upvote each other. Which is leads to riot wont care about community for a good reason.
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