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Porocles (NA)
: Hey there! Damn! You certainly have gone through a lot and it's been quite a journey for you coming from the community discord. I'll certainly do my best to help, and we won't give up either! Before anything, make sure that you've got enough space on your hard drive to proceed with the client transition. For the time being, your folder is going to have game files from both the legacy and updated version until the old stuff is removed. The connection troubleshooting performed is solid, but we need to make sure that League is being added as an exception in entirely. There might be blocks or security settings that not properly installing the update. My suggestion in this case would be to go over each step of the [permissions]( guide to make sure access is allowed. Once that's taken care of, use the hextech repair tool to perform a clean reinstall. This will get rid of any old or bad files and get you setup to update the client. With permissions settings fixed up, it should be smooth sailing. Let me know if you run into any issues!
i have followed the instructions and no progress at all im still stuck on patching
Galacius (NA)
: @Broporo @Porocles We tried helping them over on the League Community discord and we exhausted our options. I asked them if they could post here so hopefully you guys would catch something we didn't. Thank you for taking a look at this.
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