: why threy heck are there 1 black girl
: I know he's on the VGU list...
I'll be waiting for DN Kled, Xerath and ASol. But this is an amazing idea
: For me, it's the opposite.... Valor's size should be that of an eagle. That's how he was before the rework, too. And there's no mention in the lore of him being a giant bird. I don't think Valor should be as huge as he is in the ultimate and in the splash art. But the splash art might pass as an exaggerated perspective. But either way, I just want Riot to make up their mind. Either Valor is a normal sized hawk, or a giant hawk. Just don't make him change size at random!!
I personally prefer him to be large because I think the splash art should determine it as in how big he is supposed to be in lore. His body should be the size of Quinn's torso, perhaps a bit taller, and his wings should be the huge part just like they are in the splash art. Fits him best in my opinion
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: {{champion:133}} Her kit is horrible and doesn't feel like a tag team at all. And why does Valor randomly change size????
Valor- Seems to be the right size in the splash art, really tiny in her joke and recall animations, shows his true size in the ultimate, a bit small in her passive and Q.. Goes to show how much Riot fucked up
: {{champion:28}} I'd like to see what Riot can do with Evelynn and hope they include or take inspiration from her new base skin splash art. {{champion:9}} My first champion I've played in 2014. Back then he was a lot of fun to play, especially with the Surprise Party skin. Now with the nerfs, buffed then nerfed the patch after (6.9 - 6.10), the price increase on the items he desperately needs like Zhonya, the ridiculous mana costs on his abilities, his super linear kit, his in-game model not aging well, his super-slow jungle clearing, new or meta junglers performing a whole lot better than him, and the recent Jungle changes, Fiddlesticks has completely fallen out of meta for a really long time. These minor changes can no longer bring him back as Riot will nerf him immediately if he becomes way too strong. If he gets buffed, he becomes too powerful, if he gets nerfed, he becomes useless. He has become the new Pre-reworked Warwick in which he needs to farm to Level 6 first before ganking anybody. Not only that, he's too squishy to be a jungler. He has so much potential to be this terrifying, demonic scarecrow, instead he looks super goofy and his lore's nonexistent. His short story doesn't do him any justice either since it's just him killing bandits. I just hope that Riot will give him an emergency VGU if the new jungle changes (if they ever plan to) mess him up too hard. {{champion:82}} Hope they do this dude justice like what everyone's saying about him. I've never played him because of how stingy I am when it comes to kits using health as cost. {{champion:25}} I'm just sick of laning against her because of her bullshit long-range stun and her anti-magic shield. Hope she becomes something more than a complete nuisance. Sorry if I'm being biased with this champion, I just fucking hate Morgana. Every time I'm pitted against her, she always has the upper hand because of her kit, no matter what champion I choose. {{champion:20}} Hope Nunu becomes more than what they are right now. I want Willump to be more of an intimidating wendigo and Nunu as a Yordle than some annoying kid. He could be the Freljordian {{champion:240}} Kled. {{champion:6}} I actually can't wait to see what they cook up for poor Urgot. He definitely deserves a full VGU for his current kit and design isn't doing him exact justice.
Wendigo? Doesn't that thing belong to another company? Why would a wendigo let a yordle ride it anyway
: why? Karma is perfectly fine as she is, and besides... she's getting new splashes for her older skins soon™
Were you playing the game back then before her rework in S3? If you saw the comparison, you'd realize how tragic it was. I still miss her fans. Identity = murdered
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Any justifications for the Camille nerfs? If this goes through then I expect you to compensate with the E nerf revert. Not sure if any1 noticed, but stuns and snares below one second are very, very underwhelming. *COUGH* RYZE* COUGH*
VulDread (NA)
: {{champion:6}} He's coming. But I'm worried that they'll make him lose what made him fun, as they've done to all the champs I've semi-enjoyed playing before. Urgot: Being a tanky juggernaut-ish marksman thing is fun. {{champion:83}} : Having lane prescence almost like a bully was fun. Coulda traded less bullying for more teamfighting, like they did with Darius {{champion:122}} : Lost bullying, greater scaling. I understand why they did this, but he's not as fun. {{champion:31}} : They're starting to make him a tank(mini-rework) {{champion:223}} : Getting pushed out of support(mini-rework) {{champion:111}} : Pushed out of jg(a lonngg time ago) {{champion:63}} :Pushed out of mid {{champion:91}} : forced into being a roamer {{champion:114}} : A living Mini-game {{champion:245}} :They're trying to make AP Ekko a thing, but it's a work in progress. Moving in the right direction though. He'll never be as good as he was on release. That's fair; he was busted on release {{champion:107}} : bye-bye, crit-gar. {{champion:44}} : They said Taric Top would still be viable. They lied {{item:3070}} {{champion:19}} : lost his reliability, and I stopped using him
dynikus (NA)
: I wanna see what they have planned for {{champion:421}}
Single target W, better clear (?) Just imagine something around the lines of the mini-Shyvana rework
Skelenth (EUW)
: {{champion:24}} Because bashing peoples head with a lamp-post would be so much more satisfying with fluent animations
And just like in the New Dawn cinematic, have his lamp post catch fire like it does there and perhaps have his AA animation change as he gathers passive stacks
: Most excited about: Urgot. Most terrified about: Pantheon
What I imagine in a Panth rework is making his W AoE and only stun if he lands on his opponent in the center (like, with his shield..) And Q would be a skillshot. Would make him less aids and more interesting to face and play as
: What are the future reworks you're most impatient about?
{{champion:3}} (I got the legendary in a box and I fell in love with the old one as well as loving the new kit as well. I also really like tragic heroic lores like his so he is one of my favorite characters.. Cant wait, even if it's just a few days {{champion:31}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} They have incredible potential but are gonna have to wait a while. Damnit
xWaters (NA)
: I made a thread about it but I got downvoted to hell with people citing her "visuals" are bad.
This is where people get emotional and rational thought does not cross their minds. tsk
GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm they have 2 update teams and one is currently working on Urgot while the other one is already working on Eve. So your best case scenario would likely be that the Urgot team starts working on Kayle(she will likely need more work than Morgana) once they are finished with Urgot,in which case the dual update would come out after Eve.
I think that the purpose of a dual update is that both teams should join forces to work together on them (they need to represent their oppositions in their kits and overall design so may as well have both teams develop them together simultaneously)
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: Lol no need to. I know what you're getting at though. Cho'gath scales in size with his Feast stacks so that fulfills that fantasy, plus he needs a VU. A.Sol can't be his true scale regardless because there would be no rift, only his body covering the screen. I wouldn't include any champion skins for the reason they are alternate fantasies, no need to confine them to lore canon. Malphite needs a VGU. Was only agreeing that if Galio was able to scale slightly larger in size, or his model was increased just a tad more, it would feel better. Not saying he needed to be a 500ft statue stomping around the rift, and I said he was only "Somewhat dwarfed."
In a comparison? Yeah you're perfectly right, I just thought that you treated this as a special case to the rest at first. Besides... DS Thresh looks like he can hold Earth with his hand if you're gonna talk about who covers the rift, but I suppose Aurelion is larger because Dragon form is definitely > humanoid form in terms of size comparison, even when the two see planets as footballs..
: Ohhh for the love of {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Have YOU read my post I'm proposing sennas body became Evelyn Her soul is well and truly locked by thresh
But the body was buried according to SAF. I highly doubt it
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14
I have to kick Scuttle off the fruit every time I pop the plant near it. Please make it react faster so I won't have to wait for this annoying delay
: To the person who animated Galio's log-in screen
The only thing I disliked about it is how weird and derpy the masked noxian (?) looked when he was trying to get away. Also, Galio looks like he's trying to dive with his head into the ground when he lands to me
: Gatekeeper galios interaction with Lucian : possibilities in lore
Have you read SAF? I don't think it's Evelynn.
: I wouldn't mind this QoL change for his somewhat dwarfed size compared to his narrative/splash art.
You can say that about : Cho'gath, Aurelion Sol, Glacial Olaf, Prehistoric skins, Some of the updated WW splashes, Malphite, DS Thresh, DS Varus.. Want me to continue?
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: What splash arts tell the best stories?
https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gzQmtBJMxG0/WDNV6IOdrnI/AAAAAAAA__c/jFovm-rimZkOOvwhYznpFUXpzxIeLuueACLcB/s1600/Camille_Splash_1.jpg Program Camille is on a secret mission, this event probably takes place on a quiet street in the middle of a post-apocalyptic Piltover where Creator Viktor conquered the town and his void-machine hybrid abominations are scouting the area for survivors. Camille's mission is to put them down, one by one until she reaches Viktor... I assumed this from the presence of a surveillance machine that is near Camille in the splash art. Kind of reminds me of Creator Viktor's machines, but this is just a theory
Sciela (NA)
: About the new Galio
Just like when GP's ult is working in the background and he hears the booms of the raining cannonballs from afar, same with Taliyah's wall... Yeah, this is a great idea.
: so Ahri is Lust, not Evelynn? what
Last time I checked Evelynn doesn't fuck the men she assassinates.
Skorch (NA)
: "You condemn what you do not understand"
Lucian doesn't try to.. "outstyle" or whatever on his opponents.
: Not too long ago, Riot mentioned actually _buffing_ Shen. Now it seems that instead of a buff, you guys are now going to nerf him. Are there any plans to buff him to counteract the nerf, whatever that nerf may be? Are there any long term plans to give him a more extended rework?
His ult is too strong in competitive play, they said they're testing to make the shield based off missing health in order to encourage defensive plays instead of aggressive ones.
: Then why werent those terms in the game at creation, instead of randomly thrown into a blogpost 8 years later?
Ah, it's that fuffy kid downvoting everyone here. Salty because nobody agrees with his silly opinions.
: succeed with galio, tell me how much effort and skill it takes, then i'll show you some guy who just plays hecarim, naut, or blitz. the new abilities suck, flat out. *but at least he has a dash* thats the whole deciding factor right there and thats his new central playstyle to make a whole champion ""functional."" old galio is a pog champ, for sure, with enough raw grossness to succeed. thats exactly what new galio is going to be, another pog champ with hype. he will not be played at LCS, hes not going to be pick ban, all the new galio mains are going to be top/brawler and not a "tank" or an "ally protector" thats the direction they're going in and if they had just decided on that right from the get go i could get behind that, if they didn't give him these awful Q, and R abilities. W could become workable conditionally. but as is, no.
I can't seem to find a problem in his Q, but I absolutely hate the fact that he is forced into the warden subclass and Solcrushed forcing him to be a protector rather than a brawler. Hell, warden doesn't even go well with his personality. He's that one guy who just wants to fight all the time. *COUGH* SION *COUGH* *COUGH DEMACIAN VERSION OF SION *COUGH*
: throughout the whole 3 hour stream, twitch chat either laughs, or just spams questions, the player never "pops off" or has a relevant play after 2 and a half hours of play time on galio. its so boring, unimaginative, uninteresting, and so lackluster, all while being the smallest factor in the game. you'll see given enough time, and reports of being UP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ndPzPuzLo heres NB3, literally kill steals the whole game, and feeds when he decides to hard engage. Q or bust. challenger player struggles against unranks and silvers.
He's dia5, washed up because he focuses on his youtube career over actually staying good in the game. I wouldn't count it
Ralanr (NA)
: He's more about peeling than engaging. I'm surprised to see a dash at all. I'm starting to wish Riot would look at a bunch of old dashes and make it some can't go through walls.
Someone really hates you and downvotes everything u post here for some reason.. :thinking: It's not me, I just upped your posts
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly he looks pretty offensive despite being a Warden.
You see, that's the thing! Solcrushed insists on making sure that he stays within the limits of being a warden which is why his E cannot go over walls, he can't flash while doing it (like Gragas E flash) and he becomes somewhat irrelevant if he burns all of his spells at once (Leona syndrome). His kit can easily fit into a hybrid playstyle but Solcrushed demands otherwise.
: He IS going to be a hybrid. He has cc and damage, and they intend for his damage to be low if you don't invest in it.
Um.. Why did someone downvote this. This actually makes perfect sense now that I think of it. Solcrushed just put an AP ratio on his pasive too
: riot only gave those terms to appease outdated questions like "why is alistar a tank?" the terms are worthless and every champion can fit a role based on what they build and how they play. dont you dare say a champions best way to be played is in _____ situation.
It's best to go full AP with Galio and consider yourself a tanky burst mage if you get an early lead and rush rabadon after RoA.
Rioter Comments
: It's literally Rammus all over again. He wasn't too strong, he still isn't too strong. But when you build a full AD team comp and go up against a Rammus who is literally designed around beating AD Champions, you're not going to have a good time.
: Keeping him as a short ranged peeling king rather than a jack of all trades engage and peel emperor seems to be what they're going for, which makes sense balance wise.
I just wanted him to be balanced around a more offensive role, but I guess it's acceptable. Good point
: Lackluster? He has long range dash and a global ult. What more do you want? {{champion:56}} ult on his Q?
Oh, it's the shitposter from my other thread who claims subclasses don't exist and apparently, he does not even know what actual mobility is.
: Theres no such thing as "wardens" or "vanguards", stop using these idiotic terms.
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses Now stop shitposting
: He was meant to be a Warden sort originally wasn't he? Most of his kit was about peel with slows, speed boosts, damage reduction and hard CC.
The reputation of a killer tank that the community built him as time passed by was well maintained. It reached its pinnacle when Imaqtpie uploaded the video of him going RoA > Rabadon and literally doing almost 2k damage with his ult. I really liked the idea of having to rely on Bulwark for survivability and trying to reach the backline with his ult. I guess that it was really disgusting in a way if the Galio would have an early game lead because he snowballs out of control very easily with a single kill when going that route. I just wanted Riot to embrace the identity that the community gave him (sort of)
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: Ryze must have a million IP
Except runes are not expensive, people are just whiny that they have to work for it
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: Lore-Wise is Galio stronger than Nasus/Renekton?
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