: i wouldn't be surprised if its trans, with the way game companies are bending a knee to the SJW culture these days, the same idiots who downvoted your post (edit: and this post lol thanks for proving my point) because you're assuming gender (*cough*) call of duty ww2 has female soldiers (*cough*)
Nobody bends a knee to a culture of people who twist the nature of their anatomy. Disgusting
Sohleks (NA)
: So red buff + all raptors + scuttle = level 3
oh.. I never took Scuttle as a third clear in consideration. mb I guess this is it
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Arakadia (NA)
: If the new champion is a Darkin it explains why their updating Aatrox.
They should definitely bring his voice actor back to round 2. Just like how they brought back Renekton's voice actor for all the interactions back then at the Shurima event.
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: Could we make Tahm Kench EAT SOMETHING?
Tahm Kench doesn't live up to the fantasy, just like pre-rework Rek'sai..
Zharkman (NA)
he lost in a random fight he can't recall when
: A story of the lands foretold
AZoDa (NA)
: great song to listen to while playin league
Speedweeb (EUW)
: So wait, we have a STAR-GUARDIAN as well as a DARK STAR skinline, and yet...
They already have those skins, and you don't even need to pay! ... :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=q1mdeHa1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-23T19:17:40.015+0000) > > In his W, he transforms into a bunch of roots himself. So I think it actually fits and the ultimate fits too, because there are several roots coming to snare you, Natures Grasp seems fitting. > > Don't know why you think his W is a storm or whirlwind..... I've always thought he was a flying cloud of leaves or something.
At first, arcange energy, now I think it's... a mass of roots?
: Xayah and Rakan's dialogues are so...... cringeworthy
"Oh yeah, let's get down!!" "Dust it off!" What's next? She dabs?
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: Varus and the Void
And who exactly said that the power in the temple originated in the void? You claim you read his lore but you just talked about a conspiracy theory as if it's reality..
: I'd rather lose than win playing Nunu
: learn 2 roles is it really so hard
I learned 2 roles, but I only actually win the one I'm good at, while I'm not so good on the other one. Simple math
Goku7474 (NA)
: 1 out of 10 for primary is false, even when i que mid-sup i get mid more then i do supp
so far it has been like 5-6 games for me. I'm gonna try my luck any further than that
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Órrion (NA)
: "My god play a real champion"
Regularly braindead, high skill cap. I respect people who main Annie
: Can we get a little more ip per game?
The problem here is that the majority disagrees because the majority is composed players who started playing a long time ago, back when there weren't so many champions and 1.5k icons. We had a few seasons to get nearly all the content that we always ended up with excess ip after buying a new champ or a set of runes when we learn a champ. I don't know if it should be changed just to be more noob friendly but I guess the amount of IP given in games isn't quite enough considering how much IP content there is now
: Imagine a buff to specific champions when they are on the same team, similar to Xayah and Rakan
Ivern's happiness and good attitude spreads to everyone else on his team, resulting in a fun and peaceful game.
: Reasonable nerf to Ivern
Brushmaker needs to last less time when spawned on top of epic monsters.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Just in case any of you were wondering what Meowkai's new ult looks like
: Where can I find the lore stories like Burning Tides?
I can relate. Nothing really matches the level of read that is in Burning Tides. A shame the epilogue was short though. Did you read Shadow and Fortune? http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/shadow-and-fortune/chapter-2.html
Fasmodey (EUW)
: They said they will kill some champions in story, forever.
: Who do you want to see?
Fasmodey (EUW)
: I think Xerath will be the first dead champion ever
Champions don't die.. It's just not a thing. I'm pretty sure they're all protected by plot shield
: For a woman who sits around praising the moon all night...
According to Illaoi, she praises a God. The Moon probably tests her strength through battles
Zeanix (OCE)
: Will there ever be a big Void event?
I'm pretty sure we'll have to wait for a Cho'gath relaunch to accompany that event.
: Riot could you change this whole Vastayan story???
Maybe there are more people like Zed who harvest magic and as a result, hurt the Vastayans.. I don't know, it's not an actual weak point since it's quite a job to do and seeing how Xayah did it so easily, they wouldn't have much troubles getting rid of the crystals
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 14
Any thoughts on Camille? She sports a 46%-ish winrate and her lane gets absolutely crushed by almost all of her matchups. You'd be lucky to be on purple team with the last pick so people won't able to counterpick you, and even then, what are the odds that they picked Fiora, Renekton, Poppy, Darius, etc... I think her R nerf was a step in the right direction, but her lane is down right too bad now. Are you going to do something?
: So...the buffed Randuin's crit reduction isn't unique yet. Yasuo haters rejoyce
: Jinx has waveclear alone, she doesn't need to rush it but hurricane+IE or IE+hurricane will bring the same outcome
I don't think an item that only gives 20% crit and has a passive that works around crit is that good of a first item. Maybe only BF and Pickaxe into Zeal>Hurricane. The early AD is all that matters in that point of the game
AmazoX (EUW)
: You know what? Riot Games might as well honestly delete him. I could argue with literally anyone why every champion is toxic in its each way, I'm sick of LOW ELO players riding those High Horses. Do you guys think Vayne as a Marksmen is balanced? Do you guys think Riven Animation cancelling is okay? Do you guys think Ekko having shields, A free button that HEALS him, A free quick restart button that can trigger parallel convergence is okay? You guys will say NO. You guys have obviously never ever played against any good players. All this is intended. What the OP of this thread has no single clue about and rides the high horse bandwagon circle jerk thread even though Yi has a higher pick rate and win rate and so does Ivern and many other champions, I'd like to see the OP himself play Yasuo at Diamond ELO level to realize how freaking garbage Yasuo currently is, Not to forget OP fails to realize that his Double Crit passive is what ACTUALLY Balances him, Yes that's right. He has a Hidden Penalty on his Steel Tempest and AA. 25% Reduced Critical Damage on His Steel Tempest 10% Reduced Critical Damage on his AA HONESTLY, If YOU guys can't handle this ''Double Crit Passive'' ON paper that even statistics prove that Yasuo barely can maintain a 50% Win Rate meanwhile all the other mages which supposedly Yasuo counters with HURR DURR wind wall have a sky rocketing better win rate than YASUO. REMOVE that Double Critical Chance Passive so these haters could shut up, Do it RIOT GAMES. Then once Yasuo actually reaches about 70%/100% Crit chance, They will realize what their peanut sized brains have created, A monster that will deal 1k+ damage simply with one steel tempest. OP I dare you to reply to my comment. When are you gonna open your eyes and see these CRYSTAL CLEAR champions that nullify his effectiveness and render him useless for the entirety of the match EXIST RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. {{champion:84}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:58}}. If you think an AA based skirmisher is this ''OVER POWERED'' when his not even meta, You obviously have never played against several other good champions that will send a shocking zap into that brain of yours after experiencing how good other champions are right now. Riot Games, You might as well, Seriously Delete Yasuo, Players will move onto other champions and increase other champions pick rates and still completely demolish those low ELO qq players who refuse to acknowledge the fact they are impatient and give in to tilt easily and are lazy.
For the last time, HE IS BALANCED, BUT HIS KIT IS TOXIC AND PLAYING AGAINST HIM IS CANCER. The kit needs general adjustments, maybe a fucking rework in order to get this shit in line. Playing Yasuo endorses an unhealthy gameplay pattern
AmazoX (EUW)
: Cosmic, You have obviously never played against a good GP player, In early game it's hard to do anything with your barrels but once he hits level 9, It starts becoming dangerous and at level 13 its impossible to kill the barrel before GP. I am not writing an essay to someone who mindlessly says ''Don't be near a minion wave?'' Not worth explaining to trolls like you.
First of all, 7* That is when his barrels begin to tick down faster. And no, the difficulty in defusing\popping the barrel depends on who GP is running the minigame with. Any long range ADC would defuse all of his barrels with ease before he could even place a second barrel after the first. In a melee fight, it's all about who reacts faster to the barrel's ticks, the GP with crit\lethality\bruiser items or the Yasuo who probably has much more A.speed than the GP. You are spewing out the most idiotic statements ever because you fail to deal with good GP players, so you immediately claim GP is overpowered through your bias bullshit. Why is that? Did I ever say anything about your immunity to Parrrleys in lane with the shield, double crit chance, the windwall that denies CS and barrels, and the "if you get near your minions you will lose half your HP bar and probably an SS or two"? Huh... Skill wise, GP beats Yasuo by a long, long run. Making mistakes with GP is very punishing considering he only has a maximum of 3 barrels at his disposal and tends to need all 3 in order to do something in a teamfight rather than to just ult. ADCs make it a nightmare for GP so he has to be smart with the barrel's position and where he will lead the combo from.
: Popping his shield helps.
: Yasuo needs one item less than ADCs to "turn on" (so to speak) because he's a melee champion with the defensive stats of an ADC. If he didn't powerspike in the mid-game there'd be no point in playing him. Yasuo's been out for just over 3 years now, if his double crit was actually a problem and not something people mindlessly rage over without an ounce of thought they probably would have done something about it by now. I'll admit he could *maybe* use a small nerf but whether you think he is or not he's actually pretty balanced right now, more than he's been in quite a while anyway. Also, Infinity Edge costs 3600 gold, not 2600. Almost as much as Trinity Force, and Yasuo does pretty much no damage if he doesn't build this so don't downplay how much gold he needs to spike. PD only does so much on its own. Side note: you can't really compare him to Gangplank because Gankplank actually has quite a range with his Q, barrels, and ult.
If you're trying to say Yasuo is healthier than GP, https://media2.giphy.com/media/KymorXwDdmvw4/giphy.gif
: Numbers don't lie: Ahri is a broken champion
No more excessive MS from using Q. That's all I want
: Practice Tool should allow you to do just that.
: All of our characters have built in ironies: Xerath was powerless. Now he is so powerful he is only barely contained. Xerath was a slave, he thought that by getting power he would become free of his chains. But now, with power, Xerath's chains are all that keep him from exploding (dying).
Please tell me GP's built in ironies. I'm too blind
: Honestly, I feel bad for Zed
Humans > Vastaya I don't like those chicken legs of yours anyway
: Zed's badassery ruined?????
He was going to gut her innards out, Rakan saved her. Totally outplayed, yep
GreenLore (EUW)
: Xayah and Rakan are far older than any human(keep in mind Vastaya age very slowly,if they age at all),they likely have more combat experience than Zed. Besides that they are from a race that has natural magic abilities and that is likely stronger than humans in general
Zed was going to gut her though, If Rakan was 1 second late she would've died..
: Skin Lore is not the same as Canon Lore. Project Zed has mechanical implants and things like that
And that makes Lucian, Fiora and Yi...?
Korios (EUNE)
: Also, we can spot various abilities been activated during the video (which is awesome because it connects gameplay with lore which is great move by Riot) Specifically: at 0:33 we can see Rakan using his E and his W a few seconds later. at 0:40 Xayah's E at 1:24, 2:28 and 1:31we see Zed's W at 1:54 we see Zed Ulting that poor ADC at 1:59 Xayah's Ult 2:07 Xayah's E 2:21 Rakan's Q (?) Did I miss something? You tell me.
Rakan's E
Korios (EUNE)
No he's not
: It`s actually not that it`s low key racism. Shadows are black. Black people are too. The lore is obviously telling you that Furrys wich stop being autistic and get a life( Ahri) are bad and that Shadow users need to hurt others to gain something (refering to black crime and violence ). It`s all a plot from Riot to segregate us. I always thought the rumors weren`t true but the memes they can change even small indie companys.(https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/28/us/pepe-the-frog-is-listed-as-a-hate-symbol-by-the-anti-defamation-league.html )
: @Community: Give Riot some lines to use for a Miss Fortune VO update
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