: So whichever version of Asol is more fun is a matter of opinion, but doesn't ", he is weird, slow and clunky." describe both of them? I'm not saying Asol was a terrible champion, but his design was definitely not perfect. I really tried to get into him when he came out because he really did look interesting and yknow he's a damn star dragon. But the gameplay he offered (while not unusable) really just left a lot to be desired. Is the new rework a million times better? No idea, all I know about it is what angry Asol mains think. However, any time a champion gets reworked some of their mains get mad, so how reliable is that? "Aurelion was last interesting champ here," There are plenty of interesting champions in the game imo. Notice the "imo" there, because "interesting" is ALSO a matter of opinion.
Old Aurelion was all about smart thinking and map control. Why he is slow? Because of his new E, passive speed was much better for map controll, backing to lane, outsmarting your opponent, I could even create big Q without using E active and waiting to 16 lvl. Just everything was in my hands. You want to chase somebody? No problem, want to run? So just run with your E. I used to pick second point in E early for even more map control. With new E i cant do all that things anymore even if i try to roam with it, backing to lane with 325 ms is so slow that I will most likely lose two plates and ~10-15 farm. So the best option now is just staying in the lane and try to killand farm dont you think its a drastic change? His new W makes it even worse, with old W i had a choice, what i want to do I had ability to controll my enemy now is just simple: activate W hit two stars, AA to proc Electro and run for your life save q for backing off, so they cant chase you while youre powerless. You see you have right, its matter of opinion, for me was great champion funny to play in his own way and I was never sticking a nose to other champions and their mains, never demanded, a rework for Yasuo(imagine what would happen after...) because he has cool theme but i dont like his current kit, simply never played him and it was fine. Killing diversity and making ASol from control dps to burst mage is just unfair for his players. There is so more burst mages or assasins in this game(everybody can find something for themselves) leaving ASol on his own was fine. Riot is supporting diversity in real word, promoting LGBT etc but they are killing diversity in their own game, its just madness reworkig ASol is just like telling LGBT that you cant be like that(control mage) because you must be like the others(burst mage). So lets rework now Azir, Singed, Morde, Ivern, Kindred etc because they are too hard to master unique and inaccessible for new players, why not? But what with ppl who like it that way...
: No, but he did have a .54% playrate sooo it was worth a try. He was boring before too, not sure where all the ASol players suddenly popped up from.
We were just playing him because he was totally fine, nobody complained about him. Dont be supprised, we dont like rework so we pop out. We have right to do so, havent we? Imagine Singed reworked and his poision got changed the same way as our W, imagine reworking Singed into burst champ, what do you think is going to happen? All Singed mains would show up as we do. Singed has simmilar pickrate to Aurelion, nobody is complaing about him does this mean that he must be reworked? Madness, killing all unique mechanics is killing this game.
: im a bit confused on this one tbh... his pick AND winrate went up. this usually never happens. so the "rework" cant be that bad. usually when pickrate goes up, winrate goes down. cause a lot of new people play the champ and obviously fail with it.
Ehhm... do we live in diffrent universes? In most of the sites his Winrate is from 47%-50% at best, while old one had from 51-54% and was always above 50. His pickrate after patch increased from 0.8 to 1.4(still one of the lowest in game) WOW and went down this week to 1.2 he is obviously going back to his old pickrate or even lower. You call this a success? But i really dont care about his winrate that much, what do i care is his playstyle that was much more fun. Oh and i forget one i Cant do gigantic star anymore until 18 lvl, his most unique move - very funny to play
: https://i.imgur.com/cLobgco.png[/img] Not going to happen.
As i said, spitting in our faces. They just reworked him without any discussion, and now they continue that crap. They know this rework is fail, but they will never admit it is a mistake. In the end ASol is going to end with smaller playerbase than before.
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: [Gameplay Update] Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger
My god just revert him back to his elegant and unique playstyle that we loved. He was perfect in every way there are 150 champs in this game and only 20 - 30 played often so why these changes. He was high skill, high reward champ just like Azir. I miss times when i get respect from other players for mastering ASol ppl were generaly friendly to me for that, but no everything must be ruined, well i give up on this game.
SIayton (NA)
: Aurelion Sol rework feedback for devs since they asked for it on twitter.
Revert him back this is only solution i want back my old playstyle with phase rush, old W(i could use it as i want like Singed poison) and E passive speed buffs, that was so fun. Without reverting him back i wont play this game anymore i dont want hp buffs, just old funny and unique ASol.
Hvsao (NA)
: Honestly man, ASol sees like less the 0.0001% of the player population. A majority of the people complaining have nothing better to do then jump on the hate wagon. Lets be real none of us are really qualified to determine whether this rework is really good or bad. Considering we barely play the champion, and even if we did there is no guarantee that we are proficient in the champion. I personally will stick to my opinion that the rework is good. IT has made Sol more fun to play in the early game rather then somewhat useless throughout the game if you fall behind. .
Useless if you fall behind? Really? Did i just missed something in my 400k Asol experience? Old sol could easly come back to the game and i managed to do it many times. You dont undertand how much old Aurelion sol had teamfight potential in good hands, all was about smart play and positioning. Making him comeback wasnt any trouble, this new sol have no potenital for comebacks cus his teamfight is much more shitty now without E speed buffs and toggle W.
: Aurelion Sol QoL Request
No he is not better, he is more boring now like a hell, and they removed his skill cap and his real potential as mage.
: Welcome to riot reworks. You main this champ? We're gonna completely change their playstyle in a vain attempt to gain more players, new players will replace you say they love it (you will find it loathsome of course because you already liked the champ the way it was and we'll put absolutely zero effort into keeping it similar), and we'll claim success despite having the same number of mains as before. YAY progress.
Haha so true, but i guess his mains number is going to decrease, he is boring to play now.
: Aurelion sol’s “mini rework’s” problems and possible solutions to fix it
His W and E needs to be back, he really never needed that changes in first place he was fine as he was. Without passive from E he feels so slow i dont care about his e longer range because passive speed was much more usefull anyway and for longer range i could always pick one more point in E early, now picking points in E feels like a total waste. His W speed boost is also pointless it really not helps with positioning and only makes it more complicated i press it and i feel like my dragon wants to jump on enemy assasin and commit a suicide in teamfights i was so useless when i failed to one shot enemy adc or apc it was over for my team. When W wears off im totally open and cant defend myself, without wasting an ultimate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dynikus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=K8uQdbpR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-30T09:42:21.862+0000) > > I keep seeing the same arguments repeated over and over with his rework. > - bad wave clear > - worse roaming > - completely different play style > > And I'm just confused what you're all talking about, and can only assume that you haven't really been playing a sol right from the get go. > > How do you have no wave clear? Are you not positioning so your w hits every minion? > How are your roams worse when you can literally e to either side lane from mid, or from base to either lane? Then with more burst damage and movespeed, and not getting completely cucked by the slightest cc, how are your ganks worse in any way? > How is his main identity changed (roaming mage, not dps mage) at all? You still play him in mostly the same way, shove wave, roam, rinse and repeat. You still need to star dance, you still need to time your roams, aim your q properly, etc etc > The main difference I've found is build path, as a more damage oriented build works better. > Which frankly, given a sol's atrocious scaling, is overall better for him than his old core build. > > The only conclusion I can come up with is the people complaining about it never really roamed correctly. Which given the elo most of the complaints I've seen come from, doesn't surprise me. It's a complicated playstyle, and there's a reason a sol one tricks are on average one of the highest elo players. Okay, just because he didn't fit your playstyle and you called him boring doesn't necessarily mean he is boring to another group. Everyone in this world has a niche like that they get attracted to fit into. JUST because it is a game with a champion that isn't picked as much as the bullshit people play to use barely any skill in, doesn't mean that he should be shunned out of the group of being one of the hardest champions to master and to feel rewarded with. He is weaker because of his W now because before, you could toggle the ability to give you constant assistance with getting wave clear to push faster and roam, NOW his W is a spell that has a 7-8 cd with barely any AP damage early which he needs to help other lanes out. His E has a huge ass CD now which makes it hard for him to roam early to help with roaming, he doesn't receive any MS when moving in a straight line anymore and he's fucking weak as fuck compared to other shit out there. You yourself are completely opinionated probably either because you saw someone play him or played him yourself and it turned out great for you, wonderful! But for others, it is a hassle. They stripped out the major parts leaving with rotten banana peels and took away the actual banana. He's a shed of his own skin at this point with nothing left to him. His waveclear is worse because he isn't someone like syndra or ahri that you use to q with to help with CSing, his W used to be something like that, but it's shit now so there's that. His playstyle IS different because of the changes to the ability passives. You were able to stay afar dealing constant dps with your W toggle and obviously with other abilities as well, but now you W, leave because apparently you get MS after W'ing then come back then leave. He's not a DPS mage anymore, but barely a burst bitch. It's also not that boards doesn't have brain cells, people get upset over things that are taken away for no fucking reason. Sometimes, it's less of a hassle to be a bitch and to actually understand the issue. Everyone has a different experience, everyone has a different playsyle, and everyone is unique. When you take away that, you have an empty shell and that's what he is right now. Peace
So much truth here. They simply dont care about his mains, and what they loved in Asol. IF champion is boring for you dont play him, there is close to 150 fucking champs in this game, everybody should have something. Without old Aurelion i quit this game.
: Aurelion sol rework is disgustingly horrible.
I hate this rework too, his new playstyle is so dumb. 400k sol here i loved sol his lore and his playstyle that was extremly unique now they changed him to another burst mage.
duje (EUNE)
: Aurelion sol rework is so bad
These changes sucks i dont like playing him anymore, he is just so boring now. They just ruined his playstyle, Asol before was for smart ppl who have idea how to position yourself, he was all about tactics, roams etc not 1 vs 1 assasin battles. Im so angry now, everything what i loved about him is gone...
: See the thing is though, Aurelion needs changes. I love Aurelion Sol; I think that he, Zed, and Jhin, are arguably the most satisfying champions in the game and deliver really well on their thematic. However, Aurelion Sol has way way way too many weaknesses and counters. There are several people that enjoy playing Asol, but he just doesn't get played because he gets crapped on by anything that can get up in his face easily or that constantly interrupt his W. Ex: {{champion:38}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:4}} These aren't even all of em. All of his damage is tied to one ability that can be interrupted and go on cd and the champion himself does not build cdr, effectively crippling him in fights when it does go on cd. He has more counters and hard matchups than any champion in the game. And Riot, wants to see their champions succeed, so while yes the changes might feel a little iffy for current asol players, these changes are probably better for the champion and the general population of players.
You really never played asol. Im his main from the start. The truth is his only challenging matchups are {{champion:38}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:131}} . Every experienced sol will tell you that there is a way to outplay champs like{{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} . So stop telling this garbage because you have no idea what old Asol was. After this rework he has much more counters than before.
: If you think this rework is good for any reason.... you probably didn’t play him before. Please leave. Don’t infect other champs you don’t play.
So true, they will never play him anyway and they speak about how good rework is while we mains hate it.
Hvsao (NA)
: IMO this season is not about consistent damage, but rather burst damage in short windows. ASol was already biting the dust competitively, considering relatively no one even picks hims or cares about him. This change, while a massive shift in his playstyle, might be the right direction to get people to try the champion out. I personally think the burst route for the dragon boi is good.
Its bad, this rework sucks, he was unique you have so many burst champions here, why sol needs to be one more? Nonsense rito is just killing unique game mechanics, now is burst meta half year later it will be tank meta or something else where he was perfect. Now he is garbage in every meta thx riot.
: Plz revert aurelion sol
400k main Aurelion since his relase, and i did it because of his very unique and hard playstyle, he was only champion keeping me with that game, now i lost any reason to come back. Give my my freakin money for his skins back!!! I bought it for old aurelion not this new crap for kids. Oh and i want to add why i just dont like playing this game anymore so there is a list: -stupid patches, miles to read -reworking everything times and times again(ryze best example, or akali) -relasing too many new champions, with another miles to read skills -changing this game from tactic strategy to win, to a braindead click-faster to win game -because of the above and turning to braindead game, more and more high-ranking idiots and trolls, dropping quality of the game -too many cancerous champions with unhealthy skill design, annoing to play against(sylas best example) -AURELION SOL REWORK - i dont care if someone didnt play him because of high skill and intelligence cap i was his main and loved him the way he was - i can probaply get bigger winrate with these changes BUT THIS IS ISNT FUN ANYMORE, GAME IS ALL ABOUT FUN
Keitron (NA)
: You are nerfing Aurelion Sol more then buffing him
This 10s cd reduction is going to change nothing. Every assasin has a shorter CD anyway. Im Aurelion player since his relase, played about 400 games, and i feel very weak now with him. Face the truth - Stormraider was the only and only reason he was playable in last season. Phase rush does not give anything in principle, and it is not so easy to activate it like stormrider. Without armor/health per lvl, and resists from old runes im so squishy, almost anybody can one shot me now, without speed boost I am unable to outmanevuer them. Aurelion needs more speed and thats all.


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