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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: >I mean you do learn from watching League. Like LCS? No. You don't.
Just cause he said Ranked it doesn't automatically say LCS... Maybe Nightblue3, Trick2g, or a lot of other people...
: Twitch plays League Ranke--OMGINEEDTOGETGOLD! No? I tried...haha
I mean you do learn from watching League. So not complete waste of time. Its like a warm up?
: We're still in the process of handing them out! You should have them on or by September 23rd. Hang tight! ^-^
I Didn't Get it ;-; its September 24.
Now just imagine if there was 10 Ahri skins (including Classic) so you could add all the skins as tails. I have no fucking idea what i just made up.
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: My sister recently started the game and is experiencing some harassment also. She's fortunate enough to almost always have a full team of friends though. So yeah, that's my suggestion: Play with friends. Fill the team with people you know, they won't flame you.
What the fuck? Friend exist? I've never had a real friend! Nice for you having one! I only found these ordinary friends who seem to place blades in my back! I don't know why tho...
: I Cried While Playing League
Pssst, Hey there is this magical button called ''MUTE'' and it makes assholes disappear. Unless you have trolls that feed like i did last game. Then i dunno ~~man~~ **_GIRL_** just don't play the game?
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: How do i control my saltyness and how do i keep my cool?
WOW! I didn't expect this much support! Thanks guys! You literally care more than my friends do... My friend stopped to play with me because i was ''trolling'' witch was the only way for us to have fun in normals. And i didn't like go feed and that i was just scaring them with my ults. Ehh i have you guys!
: drag chat off screen so you cant grab it back even if you want to. mute pings. remove player names.. if you still get salty then you truly need some help
: If i feel like i am going to go on a tilt soon i drink a glass of water.. Cools my mind and makes me calm Try doing that, might help. Also take a 10 min break after every game
Oh wow that actually might work! Thanks! :D
BeeCuz (NA)
: Most of the reason for your anger is the disparity between your core set of score systems and those of trolls. They have chosen a life of minimizing their outlay of effort, frequently to the detriment of their team.
I understood the start, and then i got lost hahah xD
: Get some chocolate, let it out in a corner.
Hahahahahah :D that really made me laugh Thanks!
Akenero (NA)
: I personally put myself in the mindset that each game is different, and if I do go on tilt, I stop playing at the end of the game for a while. Nothing good comes from tilting, so don't try to make anything good from it.
I personally don't think going afk at the end is good, i have been thanked for not going afk a while 3 times in a row. I will never go afk for being tilted!
: If they are flaming or being toxic in chat and you are unable to allow it to get to you, it is best to mute them and communicate through pings. If it's something gameplay wise like mistakes, don't point it out if it's your teammate because chances are they will tilt and/or get angry. If you make a mistake on other hand, just say a 'sorry, my bad guys'. You shouldn't be punished just by using the mute option on a rude player because Riot placed that feature in the game themselves. Just ensure you communicate through pings, though. Focus on improving yourself and take measures such as muting or listening to music to prevent them from getting to you.
I get what you are saying. I do always communicate with pings, and i do say ''mb,sry'' when i make a mistake. But i'm really scared cause i was salty last season and i got punished 3 times! I actually learned my lesson and i got a warning last season but i didn't flame at all! And if i listen to music i am playing worse, i just am not used to that. Thanks for the support! :D
: When you play ranked, you will always need to consider it to be an absolute loss and just play your best. At minimum tell them critical things like champion - flash/tp used, mia pings, you're on the way pings. Whatever you do, don't debate with them about mistakes or the correct thing to do (unless in the extremely rare occasion they ask), this will inflame them horribly and the game will become worse for you. If you're feeling emotional about the game, its best to take a 30 min break or until you're clear-headed. Binging on ranked games can be a bad thing.
I'm Silver 2 now so i don't know how to time the sums and ults in chat. and i realized that when i said to my duo ''He has no ult!''. He got away... :D Thanks for the support!
Auticorn (NA)
: Consider the perspective that they are someone in real life, they got problems, they got stuff to deal with and they may not be in the best mood. At the same time, consider it may just be their nature; it is who they are. Just keep a positive attitude, encourage them by making positive remarks to suppress negativity. If they are still getting to you, simply mute them as everyone recommends. #BeCanadian Kappa
Hahahah Thanks man ! :D Thanks for the support!
: I'm amazed by how effectively a long walk in nature (particularly on a warm and sunny day) is able to lighten up my mood and remind me of how banal and inconsequential some folks' typed rage-comments are. Admittedly, if I have commited myself to an entire day inside of a dark basement apartment (where I live with my boyfriend) and I have not seen the light of day recently, and I have been listening to noises that upset my feeler all the while (coffee grinder, electronic humming, loud washing machine, or constant vehicle traffic, etc.), then I'm really already quite close to the edge of snapping at someone - it's just that these things are so common and everyday, that I rarely even stop to think about how they are affecting me subconsciously. And so, bothered by these things and others as well (for instance, knowing subconsciously that I need to be making dinner, or knowing subconsciously that I need to make a phone call) are already bothering me. And so, then it just takes a little bit of prodding or name-calling ; then I've entered into cold, feelingless states just to keep from snapping. Or I have snapped and gone bananas - like, acted foolish like a monkey, to try and force light-heartedness into the tense situations in a match. Mind you, I am one of those sensitive types who has got a sensitive feeler to begin with, so not everybody will be put off their balance into a tilt IRL by the same kinds of noises. Still, a quiet, peaceful and long walk through nature, where I can see everything in close detail and get away from every loud, droning aspect of city life for a little while ... this has helped me immensely to come back to my computer, almost impervious to their "silent" anger. It's even funny, then, to see some people blow up ... except now, when I have just recognised that they are the same as me, and are probably being upset IRL gradually from all of those things, too.
I read it all, so you might be saying its normal for someone to rage and someone for not to. But you don't get it... League is not like it used to be, its litterally not for fun now. I remember those days when i was leveling up with my older brother, those were the good days. I was going tank Kha'Zix! Its just sad how much flamers are. Thanks for the support!
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