: {{champion:51}} How to climb in ranked game, when alweys AFK players ruin the game?!If you want to save players in ranked mode you must sanction AFK players!I think it would best to introduce something similar to honor, so that those with more AFK( in one patch) will be marked and more severe punished!!!{{champion:51}}
That would be really clever afks really are ruining the game experience atm almost every 3rd game there is afk player
Syrile (NA)
: They really do. You will get arbitrarily downvoted because there are a lot of people who feel that AFKing is okay (likely because they afk a lot) despite how utterly ridiculous such a thing actually is.
I agree on so many levels almost every 3rd game there is afk player
: OK. What's your alternate solution? Be pissed forever? What control do you have over the situation other than your response? Let it go and move on.
the problem is riot is punishing the toxic people who try to win not the afks that dont want to win or they leave the punishment for leaverbuster since perma ban for being toxic is worse than afking 10 games and getting 20 minutes que ban
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: Client runs poorly + design issues/suggestions.


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