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RocketRex (EUNE)
: A way that no one can steel quadra and penta
u guys r right but im sayin that others ks sometimes
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: This taliyah change honestly feels like..
i like to play taliyah but not that have changed her W a bit it sucks
: Mira, The Blade of Beauty
shouldnt be the ultimate a bit of range
nitwitty (NA)
: looking for a team exepting me as a bronze 3 player that is active
hi i would like to play with u if u aint a flamer or a troller and and if u ave skype .... my division is bronze 3 aswell
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: Have you already gotten a chest on the champion you're playing?You can only get one chest per champion per season, so if you are playing a champion that you have already gotten a chest on, then you cannot earn another chest on that champion.
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Krooton (NA)
: P2-D5 ONLY Needs 3 for 5 man!
i can be ur adc or a supp ... dont think i am good enough come 1v1 with me
Shenmue (NA)
: so we can start blaming sooner yup
lol ... then it should be only available in ranked so less blaming
: The problem with that is that people are... still loading. You've closed out of the lobby but aren't in game yet. Chat wouldn't work.
s its fine who want to chat ca chat who dont can minimize it
Soupish (NA)
: Looking to join a team!
y not create ur ow ranked team add me to ..dont go for my rank... do a 1v1 with me ad see my skll
RocketRex (EUNE)
: Chat during the game loading
> [{quoted}](name=RocketRex,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=Z0YQ6wwy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-17T12:05:43.215+0000) > > chat should be available during game loading so we can decide the tactics.
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: Looking For Gold+ Support and Mid for 5 Man Dynamic Que
do a 1v1 with me if i win add me if i lose ten ur choice ?
: Starting a Ranked Team!!!
IGN: RocketRex rank:bronze 4 role:all but top/main mid Top 5 champs in role:{{champion:157}} mid ..{{champion:41}} mid...{{champion:202}} adc....{{champion:44}} supp.... {{champion:35}} {{champion:11}}jun Mic?:yea 3 Strenghts: can help the team to have a great team fight 3 weaknesses: cant play against some champs What are you looking for in a team: gud teamwork.. gud skills no flame. even thought my rank is poor if u do a 1 v 1 with me if i win then u add m ..if i lose its ur choice Quote


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