: how about you just make his revive his passive like old Aatrox, {{champion:154}} and {{champion:34}}?
That is actually also a good idea, but I don't think Riot will do this.
DeusVult (NA)
: That's the point though. Its the counterplay added to Aatrox's ult and most other "revive" ultimates. If you die early in the engagement, then the enemy dont have to use a lot more skills on you when you do revive, because you didnt get that much health back from the blood pool. If they see that the blood pool is full and the ult is about to end and they choose to wait out the ult duration, then you shouldnt automatically get to get the revive and any bonus health that it would give. Same goes for if Zil ults someone and the other team waits out the duration. Or if Tryn ults and you kite him ult and only target him once the ult is over. You are asking for the enemies counterplay to what is already a VERY strong ult be removed. If it was just a revive, then maybe. But it gives bonus AD for 12 seconds and a large movespeed spike when activated.
But Zilean can just reactively pop his ult and revive someone with full hp while Aatrox has to time his ult 12 seconds earlier and predict his own death to be able to revive with 50% HP. Popping it reactively would make you move slower for 3.5 seconds and be revived with 10% HP and get popped by an auto attack later, it's not rewarding. Aatrox ult is more of an engage and empowerment tool, the revive is not what makes it strong. I feel they kept the revive there so they don't have to give him an insane amount of sustain (he needs to go in all the time but isn't as tanky as other juggernauts, instead he does a lot of damage) so they kept the revive but it's very counter-intuitive. Since you either pop it reactively and get no use of it at all or pop it early and people can choose to ignore you until it runs out. Again, the revive is not what makes it strong—so why not just remove it and empower something else or nerf something else and make the revive either stay as long as you're in combat or add a reactivation as suggested. It makes sense since if you're playing extremely well in a team-fight, you won't really be able to proc your World Ender because you're just skirting on the edge of death. It'd reward getting in there and fighting, but it also wouldn't punish the players who are clinging tooth and nail to fight in the hopes that maybe the enemy can burst them down in time to give them 50% of their max HP back. I feel like a good Aatrox wouldn't even be able to make use of the revive.
: So like Lissandra Ult's safety but he can move? While the ability already has Lissandra Ult's safety automatically? It is better If you get as much damage and effects as possible. Generally you'd want to get it by som hard CC and killed by it so it's on CD while it didn't hurt that much. The only way this would be useful is when people use the only counterplay this ability has, trying to get away from and not hit Aatrox while his ult is active If it lasted for too long and you want to remove that and want to straight up buff it by allowing him to use it nontheless. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} This is no alternative effect, this is straight up buff, removing intentional condition. And nor Aatrox neither his ult need buff (in fact they are nerfing it). It has no "skill expression", it just goes from "If enemies manage to ignore me and keep their distance I lose the bonus effect" to "I either get full effect or half of it, but I will get it and there's nothing you can do about it".
Well, you're saying that but old Aatrox was way weaker and his revive was permanently up as long as he were in combat for this version even if you stay in combat your ult runs out. It feels really bad. I don't think the revive makes him op, I think other parts of his kit are strong but his ult isn't what makes him strong. Also, getting full duration of ult is always better than dying and reviving because of the additional AD you get from ultimate; if you revived you're not using it to its maximum anyways—especially if you die one second after it expires. You try to time it well so you die when the bar is at max and revive with 50% HP but it expires and you end up dying instead.
: I don't get it. Why would you want to revive before you can soak up as much damage as you can? My suggestion would be that if he reactivates his R, then he immediately heals half of what he would heal if he didn't reactivate it.
To force the revive. Since if people ignore you and don't kill you and your ult duration ends you don't get the revive "but he revives with less HP than he would if he were to be killed, maybe 25-30%." It feels really bad dying one second after your ult duration ends and not getting the revive.
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