: it shouldnt be a requirement to build healing reduction to fight a champion. like are you required to build zonyas to fight a zed? yes it helps but you arent required to. the reason we are in this state is that people started building healing reduction, healing tanks and healers got buffed for compensation, and now you are required to go healing reduction. its honestly quite r%%%%%ed
You don't need to. Kled has healing reduction in his kit, so does Katarina, and she's currently sitting at a nice 55% wr against sylas mid. Kled is sitting at 60% wr against Sylas top. There're champion counters to Sylas, just like Fizz's E can counter Zed's R.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: It's really irrelevant whether you dodge his skillshots or not because his 4 empowered autos and w + ignite is an overkill on katarina pre 6
Ignite before W, he's 40% less of a problem. Dodging his E is almost vital depending on the playstyle he's after (ESPECIALLY if it's Aftershock).
floo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p4sI0i4G,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-05T17:05:41.560+0000) > > Sylas doesn't even need to hit any of his skillshots... > > He can e, miss 2nd e, auto you twice, q, miss, auto, w, auto, dead This is what triggers me, alongside him having literally every tool in the game in his kit. Why does he get an enhanced auto for every ability, regardless of hit or not. Sure, Lucian has the same, but it's not even close to being as ridiculously strong as Sylas'. Nerf the ratio or remove it completely and make it by level, it's completely unnecessary.
You can't be seriously comparing a ranged AA buff to a melee one? Lucian has attack speed to his advantage in this case, where as Sylas has the damage. Lucian can just W+AA+E+AA+Q+AA or whatever the order of skills is with having AAs in between. The damage on Sylas (if you don't build ANY magic resist) is strong, not gonna lie (it's basically if you don't build armor against ADCs), but the combo said in the original comment is exclusively if you don't have any magic resist/sylas is fed as fuck and you're literally sitting in his melee range (since the comment proposes he misses 2nd E). I don't think any living being has the mental capacity to lose that trade if they go 50/50 with Sylas in lane. ALSO, JUST GET BLOODY GREVIOUS WOUNDS. MORELLO IF YOU'RE APC. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE PLAYING VS ADC/AATROX/ILLAOI. GET THE HEAL REDUCTION.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitsune Kawaii,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p4sI0i4G,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-09-05T17:11:32.005+0000) > > Nerfing W is not enough by any means > His kit overall is overloaded This ^. Sylas has a LOT of problems when you break him down. I like to consider what a champ should do and how they do it. Sylas is a hard engaging assasin that can use your r against you, but he also has extremely reliable poke, can drain tank as hard as aatrox, and has a massive shield which in addition to his heal lets him win basically any trade. Riot just keeps making these assassins that are too oppressive in lane, too hard to catch, and too hard to burst. Look at qiyana, not only is she dumb mobile, but she also has constant invisibility and kite. You'd think they'd learn from akali and stop doing this crap over and over.
> [{quoted}](name=ChiefDovahkin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p4sI0i4G,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-09-06T00:52:09.008+0000) > > Sylas is a hard engaging assasin that can use your r against you, but he also has extremely reliable poke, can drain tank as hard as aatrox, and has a massive shield which in addition to his heal lets him win basically any trade. Riot just keeps making these assassins that are too oppressive in lane, too hard to catch, and too hard to burst. Not only can he use your r against you, but also other ultis. Say you lads have Ashe bot, now he has her ult, instant pressure on the map. Also the AP scaling doesn't help you fight him. The shield is magic resist only, keep that in mind. It's generally useless against any assassin apart from the dash and the 2nd part of the skill. He can drain tanks as hard as Aatrox, also has a heal to win "basically any trade" (just like Aatrox can btw, his passive is insane + ult gives him 50% healing increase, not to mention he builds Visage in most AP matchups, interesting eh?). The only point here that is 100% true imho is that they are making assassins to easy to burst with, but too hard to catch.
: i hate his sustain and i hate when he steals my ult and it's, for some reason, miles better than my own ult bc of how hard it scales lmao.
> when he steals my ult and it's, for some reason, miles better than my own ult bc of how hard it scales lmao. no lmao. although a bit true, just like Jaspers said to a reply in this comment, people forget that champions with ults that scale with their passives aren't good in Sylas's hands (almost) AT ALL. Take Vel'Koz for example. His damage comes from the fact that he applies 3 stacks and deals true damage. His ulti is just magic damage and is rather easy to deal with, not to mention it locks him in a position. Even a Brand ulti. There's no 3 hit explosion here - no burn passive. It's just damage, and can be easily countered if you build magic resist.
: Sadly, the end of TTT is the end of LoL for me.
I'm currently debating if I'll leave as well. Together on all my accounts I have just under 600 games this season on TT. It's one of the gamemodes that kept bringing me back to the game every time I quit. I don't want to deal with r%%%%%ed botlanes, toplanes or midlanes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ruh,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PAZQxGpm,comment-id=00110000,timestamp=2019-07-25T06:55:30.869+0000) > > So Cho'Gath is hard to play? He's sitting at 57% wr at Master+ > I mean, I agree with the statement apart from the fact that stats from 2000 games (Master+) can't be compared with 200,000 games stats (Gold) No no, you got this backwards. It's not about how high it is at master+, it's that it should, in theory, be a solid upward curve when comparing ranks.
> [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PAZQxGpm,comment-id=001100000000,timestamp=2019-07-25T07:18:02.577+0000) > > No no, you got this backwards. It's not about how high it is at master+, it's that it should, in theory, be a solid upward curve when comparing ranks. Interesting, let's check. We'll do a side-by-side comparison using u.gg You said WR should increase by rank, it does, just not as noticable as Riven's does. Cho'Gath | Riven Gold - 49.51 % | 49.91% Platinum - 50.11% | 51.04% Diamond - 50.2% | 52.95% Master+ - 55.15% | 54.83% Essentially, Riven has a bigger curve, but Cho'Gath lands better in the end (by a tiny percentage). This is why you don't take Master/GM/Challanger stats. OTPs are good for a reason.
: If she's hard to play, shouldn't the win rate increase as the rank does?
So Cho'Gath is hard to play? He's sitting at 57% wr at Master+ I mean, I agree with the statement apart from the fact that stats from 2000 games (Master+) can't be compared with 200,000 games stats (Gold)
: the state of riven
Alright, well it is the 25 July 2019 as of today, and I have kind of an agenda to your agenda. **Your numbers are definitely cherry picked.** But, let's ignore the numbers for now and go for your other points. > [{quoted}](name=I ArgoNaut I,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PAZQxGpm,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-23T14:39:04.370+0000) > > one tricking means you miss out on so much content of the game and kinda play into making more skins for all those popular champions that are unfun to play against. Oooooh, the good ol' one tricking debate. Back in the day of S4/S5, when I started playing Ranked games, I quickly learned that there is no climbing playing a different pick every game. So many variables to consider, mostly based on you. I really envy players that can hold up with certain champs and hit insanely high mastery numbers/amount of games on them. Being a Jack of All Trades isn't really fun either. You're essentially "good" at everyone, but not "good enough". Both routes are going to take you on different ways. Either way, it's how you interpret the things you learn along the way. You can become a good jack of trades from attempting to main, or even effictively maining a champion, and even vice-versa - you may find that one champion that you've been waiting for all along. Being both is a fantastic thing, something I've started to envy someone like Yassuo about (debatable, idrc). Nevermind that, I dont understand the **content of the game ** you're talking about. The game's been stale for a year or even more. I seriously have no idea what you're talking about. Oh, and the skins part, I don't recall anyone saying jack shit when Vayne got a skin. I mean, your argument is based on "Well these champs are usually abused in lower elo, therefore they usually get fed in lane and therefore it's not fun to play against." If I cried every time I got into a game against a fed Vayne botlane I wouldn't be playing League anymore. > [{quoted}](name=I ArgoNaut I,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PAZQxGpm,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-23T14:39:04.370+0000) > > as of today the 23.07.2019 riven 54.32% winrate and 11.1% pickrate. WOW Such a cherry picked number. I don't know why, but you're especially funny for someone who is complaining about Riven having a high WR, yet you're the one who took KLED up for **APSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL ** and started abusing him toplane. Oh, how ironic; looking at your match history, with the 9 games you played at Kled, you lost two, and one was to a Riven. I think someone is calling their mommy. Both of you are D3. You have 2x as much games, so either a really long climb, or someone has been hardstuck, looking for his marry way to abuse someone new, like the Kayle you have abused, and now you don't :). You have 9 games on Kled currently, that Riven has 230ish. Experience is a huge advantage to one tricks, one that jack of all trades will almost never experience to the fullest potentional (unless you're Faker). Anyways, getting your match history out of the way; WINRATES. * For anyone interested, all the data I'm going to use here for Riven are going to be taken from u.gg's website. No specific Region, this patch only. Riven in Gold has only 49.91% winrate, with 8.7% pick rate and a 4.7% ban rate over 122,996 matches (at the time of writing this). In Platinum, it goes a bit up, 51.04% wr, 10.3% pick rate and 7.8% ban rate but only 60,007 matches (that's over 2x games less). Diamond elo, 52.95% wr, 11.7% pick rate and BOOM HER BAN RATE GOES TO 13.9% with only 22.027 matches (about 3x less than Platinum). Essentially, what this will tell you is that, in Diamond elo, she's apparently banned more than she is picked. Interesting, huh? Now, here comes the problems. Master tier, 56.08% winrate (oooh I know, calm down, keep reading), 12% pick rate but her ban rate is extreme at 21.3%. Or you'd think that if you don't look that the stats are coming from 551 matches. That's an insanely low number of games. That's like doctors cherry picking medicine numbers on who was healed based on 10 patients instead of 1000. In Grandmasters her winrate drops to 53.59% but the pick rate and ban rate stay mostly around the same place. Oh yes, 989 games. Challanger, the best of the best, the home of onetrick Rivens, 56.15% winrate, when her pickrate drops to 9.2% but her ban rate is 21%. Intriguing, but meaningless at 317 games. But, looking at your winrate stats, which are 54.32% as quoted, I can only assume you used the "Master +" ranking, which leaves us, on 25 July 2019, at 54.77% winrate with her pickrate at 11.3% and banrate at 22.1% meaning she gets banned twice as many games as she's played in. Oh yeah, that's only 1857 games in total. If we're going to take a look at "Master+" winrates only, then I have a problem. @Riot, start nerfing Fiddlesticks, that sucker is at 61.46% winrate, oh yes ignore the 192 games pleaseee! Next up would be Cho'Gath where only sadistic people play him because he's sitting around 57.43% winrate on almost 300 games. Now, if you're reading this far, here's what's funny. You're playing Kled, eh? Hm, well his winrate in Master+ is 54.65% at about 1350 games. Hurry up, the next thread's name is "the state of kled". P.S. When writing about Kled, so that you sound more trustworthy, do mention how you abuse the shit out of him.
Nithke (EUW)
: What makes her strong in high elo ? i'm silver and she's pretty shit when it comes to laning phase i like playing her tho cuz she has decent teamfights and she's good to engage. When we have a {{champion:92}} in the opposite team we just try our best not to feed her and to bully her when possible and doing so kinda reduce the threat she later becomes, so i really don't see the problem.
Low and high elo make some champions feel different in almost every way. Everything varies. I have seen Riven OTPs in Silver and Bronze doing better than some casual Riven players in Plat. Mechanically, that is. She's the perfect lane bully. Her cooldowns are rather low, and people in high elo are the people that know how to use Riven effectively and balance farming and trading. She has her counters, but as you've figured out she's got "decent" teamfights and is a "good" engage. Generally, from experience, you don't need to win lane as Riven, as long as you don't lose it. You have such item spikes it's insane, against tanks Cleaver, against bruisers Death's Dance etc. Item spikes are so important to turn your lane around. As you play her more, you generally learn what you can do, and can't do. One of the things you can do, engaging, is such an important thing, because you generally don't want to just go in and die. Challanger players have better coordination (especially for SoloQ), and that's a fact. If you have Orianna mid for example, Riven's good engage can turn the game around in a milisecond. The way you propose you "counter" her is fine. Bullying her when possible is generally how most matchups against her win, and having good sustain in lane helps a lot. *cough* Garen *cough* I disagree with the later statement, that the longer it goes she reduces being the threat. In my experience, the longer the game goes, the more prone to mistakes most people are. And you know what, Riven is one of those champs that are INSANELY GOOD at punishing mistakes. Using https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/riven as a reference, if you scroll down a bit you'll find a "Winrate / Game Duration" chart. That chart completely contradicts with your point. She definitely has a large impact the longer the game goes. Her engage in the right hands can def. be one of a kind. Hope that clarifies it for you a bit.
Aindrid (NA)
: Error Linking Twitch Prime and League Accts
Still an issue for me. Tried Firefox (main), Edge and Chrome. Gonna try on a mobile browser as well. Really want this shit. Loot is claimed in my twitch account though.
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CppL (EUW)
: Camille sits at 56% win ratio and almost 80% ban ratio...
She's OK. You can counter her pretty easily, if you know what you're doing. Don't fight her while being close to walls, it may be hard, but rather let her push the lane, otherwise you'll pretty much always lose a trade. If she uses E and misses you, punish her. Playing Irelia, Riven and any other champions with a stun and a burst will help you singificantly. If she uses her W, don't get hit by it, especcialy not late game. You will underestimate this ability so hard. It helps her a crap ton. Slow + Heal. If she starts out a fight with a Q, better go and disengage that shit. Her 2nd Q with more damage thing will tear you apart, especially early game. And if you have tanks, better hope she doesn't build lethality, cuz her 2nd Q will destroy you. With the nerfs she'll be getting on patch 7.1, she'll be easier to fight. Especially late game. Early she'll be a little bit stronger, with her passive lasting 0.5 sec longer, but she'll be 1 sec down late game, so keep that in mind. Also, damage reduction always helps. Wish you the very best - Camille main #HateMePlz
: I always ban Soraka. I know no one else thinks so, but I really think she's hidden OP with the addition of Redemption.
So is freakin' Ivern full tank jungle with Redemption -.-
: Meme and/or Joke RP CONTEST!!
JESUS HAVE YOU SEEN THESE NEW ADDED CHAMPS? Never heard of 'em before! {{champion:266}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}}
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Frius (EUNE)
: riven`s animation cancelling ,now they discovered CC canceling? now riven is immune to stuns? wtf
Fun Fact : She may be able to get out of cc, but these champions still deal their damage of their abilities : - Nautilus - Yasuo - Poppy (atleast these were shown in the video)
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HectonD (NA)
: [HELP] How to play my game record previous 20 games?
There is a way to play replays from MORE than your previous last 20 games. I do not know will it work if the patch was different, but it's still worth a shot. It worked for me, and this method will help youtubers a ton. Anyways, here's how I usually do it. > Replays are saved in the folder Documents\League of Legends. In that folder, there is a folder 'replays' and a folder 'highlights'. If you open the folder 'replays' you will see the file that contains an entire game. If you open the folder 'highlights' you will see all the highlights of a game you recorded in the client. The files in the folder 'highlights' can be played in your webbrowser or by using a media player such as VLC. The files in the folder 'replay' can be started by right clicking, 'open with....'. Then open the file with League of Legends. Posted by : sander599 (EUW) Taken from : http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/wEg0ZKAA-how-to-start-replays-with-a-cmd-or-batch-command Eh... hope it'll help you :)


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