: When is Riot going to learn how to balance jg
You and many of the boards are kinda the main reason why Riot aren't, and for that matter, shouldn't even, be taking the boards seriously. You guys post no constructive criticism, just cry cry cry. You guys want to make power farm an option, but we all know that's not a good idea. As we seen in the past, when even Feedster Yi got picked in LCK due to funneling, is that if you give him enough gold, he just roflstomps everything. Making power farm an option is exactly that, making him a time bomb with an even shorter fuse than he is now, and that applies to many others who want to farm a lot. With the lowered xp, failed ganks are even more hurtful than not doing them at all, so this forces junglers to counter jungle and to actually gank with more brains than muscle. Also, use the damn wards you get for free, will ya? Whenever I watch a high elo replay, I see both teams warding the pixel bush, but whenever I play a game, unless I duo with a friend who knows that that bush needs a ward, I see the bushes warded at the start of the game in 1 game out of 20 or so.
Kivolan (NA)
: Are We Ever Gonna Talk About Kha'zix?
{{champion:238}} has 51% wr with 11% pr yet the boards and many mains call him weak and trash because "Faker said so". It's just the "AD Assassin" bias
Seth L9 (OCE)
: Win rate doesn't correlate to how overpowered a champion is sometimes (Irelia + Akali)
Your thread would have a good point if not for one major issue: Hypocrisy. Let's take the stuff out 1 by 1. You say that high ban rates with a moderate pick rate do show that a champion is busted, but then put both Jax and Yasuo as "over rated" champions. Jax has as much ban rate as Irelia, 1% (17% Irelia v 16% Jax) lower pick rate but 7% higher win rate (45% Irelia v 52% Jax), depending on site, those numbers varry a bit. Are you going to tell me that that 1% more play rate is what makes Jax's win rate so much higher than Irelia's? Yasuo is the 2nd most banned champ in the game, with 3% lower ban rate than Akali (52% Akali v 49% Yas), he has triple her play rate, (7% Akali v 21% Yas) and 2% more win rate than Akali (44% v 46%). If Akali with her stats is broken, then Yasuo as well is borderline OP. Well, that's already hypocrisy, as you can't say "well, by the rules I set, X is broken, but even if the same rules show Y is also broken, he's not because I say so". Then let's move a bit to Shitco, I mean Shaco, who just won't leave the S tier in the jungle. You call him over rated, but couple days ago, he had 8% pick rate with 55% win rate, being the top win rate in the game at the time. Now, there's a problem here, we need to figure out what's a healthy pick rate and what's a good win rate for that pick rate? Let's look at Quinn for a moment, this gal had 54% win rate with a 1% play rate this morning. Sweet, so using her as base line point, if her pick rate would multiply 4 times, her win rate should also drop to around 51-52%, which would be a decent win rate for that, and 4% is around what you yourself call healthy, so Shaco, currently at 54% win rate with 6% ban rate, would be unhealthy. If Quinn's mains can keep her win rate at around 51-52% with around a 54% win rate of their own, what would Shaco's mains have as a win rate if his general pick rate is 6% atm with a 54% win rate? Close to or above 60% would be what's needed. Now, you said in another comment that Akali's 7% pick rate isn't "just mains", so compared to Shaco, who you call "over rated", the 10% win rate difference shows that Akali's mains can't even drag her win rate to positive, despite Shaco's main, the poor clown who everyone calls "weak" and "trash" and asks for buffs because "he's unplayable" keep his win rate in the "OP" territory, despite both Akali and Shaco having similar play rates. Now, here comes the main issue with that point: If Akali's play rate is healthy, while Shaco's win rate is "just held up by mains", that means that she as a champion is no OP, far from it actually, she's borderline hot garbage, because as stated above, her mains can't even drag her up to positive win rate. If the play rates are above what's considered healthy, then Shaco him self is not "over rated" but super under rated, as he should not be holding such a high win rate, because his mains should have over 60% win rate just to keep up what's "artificially deflated" by his pick rate. Then let's all not forget the epitome of "say he's strong and you'll get crucified by the boards", the ninja so weak he had to seek forbidden power just to fight battles from the back line like a coward, Zed him self. He has an 12% pick rate, 51% win rate and 30% ban rate. By the stuff you said in the OP, for having such a ban rate, he's already over powered, because that along with the pick rate will deflate his win rate, but....if Irelia's 17% pick rate and 35% ban rate can deflate her win rate to 45%, how much would Zed's win rate need to be for a 5% less pick rate and ban rate to deflate his win rate to only around 51%? If Shaco's mains would need around a 60% win rate to keep their 54% win rate at 6% pick rate, then Zed's would need over 60% to keep an 11% at 51%, not even counting the ban rate, so again, by your own logic, Zed, the one who the boards call "weak" because "even Faker said he's weak" is anything but weak. See the issue of hypocrisy in your post? 3 of your 4 "over rated" champions are in the borderline over powered status (won't even bother to look at Kat) if using your own "system", but you give them "privileges" while others who are way weaker than the 3 above + Zed are what you call "OP".
: Lets list all the things that might be terrible about the new ranked system.
Your comments clearly show you haven't bothered to read anything about the system or watch any of the vids about it. If you lose/dodge too many games in a certain role, each additional loss/dodge in that role will splash even more. So if you try to int a lot of support games, you will splash so much LP into the other roles that at one point you may even lose more due to splash than you would lose in a normal loss in that role (they didn't talk about a splash cap for those situation, so that assumption is safe to be made). If you swap too many games, they will simply tie the positions you swap to, making it so that when you get autofilled there and don't want to swap, you're in lot of trouble, especially in that example you made. Fill players will get a bonus for splashing, so them winning games will make them climb just a bit slower than someone who gets to play only 1 role.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=W2XZNtbq,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-01-19T12:03:12.139+0000) > > *Looks at Dota's 140s death timer* > *looks at LoL's 40s death timer* > *looks at Dota's 250s death timer with dieback and Reaper Scythe* > *looks at the paper both game's objectives is made from* > > Yea...you kinda got no reason to complain. > > And I main TA in Dota, so I know all about oneshotting people before they can even react since I do it a lot. Yes, that's a thing there as well. Uhhhhh, you're missing a few key details there buddy. Like the dota game lasting twice to three times as long as the lol game and since death timers partially time scale in both games.... also the fact that there is this mechanic called buyback in dota that doesn't exist in league which means death timers will be higher but that late in the game you'd get a few free instant revives before that point
You get a buy back every 7 minutes, and it also increases your next death timer by 25s. Also, I am not sure what you're smoking, but hey, can I have so? 2-3 times longer games? In rare occasions, yea. Most of my Dota games end around the 40-45 min mark, with some games going around the 50 min mark and rarely going over that, while most of my LoL games end around the 30-40 min mark, unless they are stomps, but the same can be applied to Dota. At least for me, the game avg between my LoL matches and my Dota matches is like 5-10 mins, that's nowhere near 2-3 times. The buy back mechanic is balanced around the fact that it uses unreliable gold, and it costs a hella lot. Yea, it does makes some the games more balanced because you can have situations where you can save your team or the game with it, or at least, prolong the game. But the main reason why games are longer in Dota is the unreliable gold mechanic. Unreliable gold comes from everything bar kills, courier kills, Roshan, Hand of Midas or Track and when you die, you lose 50 + networth/40 unreliable gold and since almost anyone who is a carry position needs to farm creeps as well, they lose that and get slowed down a lot in gaining their item spikes, hence even why if the game length isn't that much different (again 5-10 mins on average), they can afford the longer death timers as the game progresses slower. I had games where I had a Bottle (650g), Phase Boots (1550g), Blink Dagger (2250g) and Desolator (3500g)(total: 7950 gold) at 15 mins thanks to some niche kills and Ancient stacks and I knew that when that happened in those games, it was almost impossible for me to lose. And as I said, in Dota, objectives aren't that much stronger either, I know I soloed Roshan a lot at around 20 mins while, while taking Baron at 20 mins isn't easy, and downright impossible solo.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: i give up league comunity and riot will never learn how to balance this game.
1 word: paragraphs. My eyes are still bleeding for all that whatever you had there, as you jumped from 1 thing to 30 others then back to 5 others so much that it's barely readable.
: Ranked Split 1 Rewards for non-NA/KR
Yes. You do get your split rewards and everything, and when position rank will be added to all the other regions, the system they already have in place to keep track of your data will give you your corresponding ranks automatically.
Zhakaara (NA)
: Champion Respawn Timers Too Long
*Looks at Dota's 140s death timer* *looks at LoL's 40s death timer* *looks at Dota's 250s death timer with dieback and Reaper Scythe* *looks at the paper both game's objectives is made from* Yea...you kinda got no reason to complain. And I main TA in Dota, so I know all about oneshotting people before they can even react since I do it a lot. Yes, that's a thing there as well.
: Ermm hello riot!! Add position ranks to EUW on launch please
If you watched the interview Phy had with Mapple Nectar, he said that they chose Korea because of it's extreme competitive nature and NA due to their HQ being there, allowing them a much easier time balancing the system in case things don't go right or there are problems. They did say they considered both EU regions for this, but the timezone difference and the many languages in the EU regions were just an unnecessarily inconvenience. Due to the fact that the Position Rank system allows them to change and tweak the system on the fly, having the data flow live and without the need of translation makes things work easier for them and thus the system will end up being better for us when it launches.
Zerenza (NA)
: Oh forgot to mention it was Op.gg which uses Korean statistics instead of NA, i always forget that and use it instead of one for NA. They also update Op.gg every 5 minutes or so, i noticed as i was flipping around that their winrates and playrates fluctuated a bit.
Well, you can switch what region you look at the statistics, iirc. For example Shaco has a 52.6% with 6.4% in NA and 55.2% with 2.4% in KR. The numbers I gave are just general numbers from all regions combined. KR bug has 51.3% with 21.8% and NA has 52.8% with 19%, tho both has banrates on his of over 30%, at 31% KR with 37% in NA. Although different regions have different picks, when talking how good something is, the general stats are better than region specific because it shows how good something is on average.
Zerenza (NA)
: So because Assassin meta's happen they should NEVER be viable in any way shape or form. Meaning every assassin should have an abysmal winrate? Okay, so, in my opinion the winrate of a champion should correspond with their Playrate and Learning Curve. Assassins have pretty high learning curves on average, their just as squishy as most other damage dealer's but don't get the safety of range(usually, Leblance and Ahri are exceptions.) which makes them harder to learn and makes player's put more time into them. Because of this assassins should have low Playrates, how you know were in an assassin meta is when ALL ASSASSSINS NOT JUST THE AD ONES have play rates above 10%. Out of 13 Assassins only 3 had pick rates above 10% those champions are as follows in their primary roles. These three are heavy outlier's, as you can see. Kha'zix: 18.47% pickrate 51% winrate Pyke: 13.85% Pickrate 49.04% winrate Leblance: 10.34% Pickrate 48.49% winrate 5 had pick rate's of over 5%, a couple might need some minor nerfs but this is definitely within the lines. Evelynn: 50% winrate 5.7% pickrate Talon: 51.41% winrate 5.27 pickrate Zed: 6.95% pickrate 50.75% winrate Ahri: 51.2% winrate 5.55% pickrate Akali: 47.6% winrate 5.44% pickrate The rest had pickrates bellow 5% These champs are used only by mains. Katarina: 52.04% winrate 4.11% pickrate Fizz: 51.33% winrate 3.24% pickrate Ekko: 50.82% winrate 3.56% pickrate Rengar: 49.77% winrate 1.94% pickrate Shaco: 53.82% winrate 2.72% pickrate There's more assassins than this but can you tell with ease which ones need some tuning? Obviously the top 3 up there need to be nerfed, but for all the other's it's kind of hard to tell, assassins are among the funnest to play champions in the game and their playrates have always reflected that. Right now only 3 out of 16 total assassins are seeing play rates above 10% and those 3 are heavy outlier's as well, this is not an assassin meta.
Although I do agree with your points, I am heavily wondering what tracking site are you using, and what search settings as well. Here's what I use and got: Same order as your's: Trash OP bug: 52.4% wr with 19.3% pr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/khazix/diamond Pyke: 47.9% wr with 14.4% pr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/pyke/diamond LeBlanc: 49.6% wr with 8.4% wr in D+: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/leblanc/diamond Eve: 52.7% with 4.9% Talon: 53.3% with 4.9% Zed: 49.8% with 10.7% Ahri: 52.5% with 7.1% Akali: 47.8% with 9.8% Kat: 53.3% with 4.9% Fizz: 50.7% with 3.6% Ekko: 50.6% with 5% Jhonny Rengo: 51.6% with 7.2% Can we nerf him already?: 55% with 5.5%: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/shaco/diamond So on list, the outliners are: Trash OP bug: 19.3% Pyke: 14.4% Zed: 10.7% With the honor mention of "Can we nerf him already?" for the super high winrate at a decent playrate when everyone keeps talking how "weak, trash, bad" he is and currently became the highest winrate champ in the game. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/overview/diamond/by-winrate
: There *shouldn't* be. It's a team game, and one fed person shouldn't be greater than 4 equally fed people.
https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2112590503/219466781?tab=overview Was thinking Hourglass, but due to his Q CD, and the fact that I was taking over 1.2k dmg from it when not isolated, I decided that it's better just to try and kill it with fire, but well, didn't work.
: The problem with tf is that he just has less tools then other midlaners, I am by no means a lot good at the game but I like to study it. From what I see is that the is supposed to be high risk high reward early/mid game with his ganks before transitioning into the role of a more typical poke mage. The problem is that other laners are able to make the early part too risky with much lower reward. Top players can work better around the risk factor but it is still a problem in tf's kit making him very meta dependent now compared to his consistency in meta before. Do you think a the solution would be to let him stay the way he is leaving only the best to access his full true potential, item rework, champion rework?
He is not meta dependant at all, but team dependant. He actually does have more tools. If against mages he can just bully them out of lane due to the Blue Card as they will run out of mana, he won't while against melee assassins he can just Grasp and be unkillable to them (yes, that is a meta rune on him). Even now, if we take out the champs with less than 2% playrate from the list, he is on the top 10 midlaners in high elo. (Why take away the least played ones? Because obviously that 0.4% playrate Mordekaiser is only played by mains so his winrate is not something many can achieve, same goes for Azir at 1%) Depending on how you look at it, he isn't that high risk actually, especially in higher elos. In lower ones he is because of the lack of mobility and gank reliance, but higher people know how to gank much better and how to abuse his ganks. He has single target hard CC and AoE soft CC with a strong wave control and map presence. I do think the best is to leave him as he is and let only the best access his true potential. Why? Because I don't "favorites". Your skill and how you use champions proves how good you are at the game, so having champions like Azir, TF and others who reward practice and superior macro play should be something that is an actual goal. There are low skill champ and high skill ones, not everything has to be low skill so everyone can play it.
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
Unless you make more Ahri skins, I'm not interested. Pool Party, Blood Moon and Pajama Guardian when? That aside, I would like some small tweaks to 1350 skins so they can have a bit more voice lines. No need for a full VO, but making them have something that can represent their theme is super good, similar to how Pentakill Karthus acts. It doesn't need to be much, just there to make it feel more in line with the theme of the skin. For example, since Ahri is a gamer in her Arcade skin, she could drop some game related things, like, when she hits an enemy with all 4 of spells and gets the kill, she could occasionally say something like "liked my combo?", while if the target gets away, something like "well, that's a waste of APM", or when getting a triple kill or higher, something like "And that's game" Small subtle lines to make skins fit more with their lore. I would love all skins in the game to get that treatment, but if that's too much of a hassle, at least the 1350 ones.
: Hi Meddler, I know you will probably end up ignoring this (most of the time riot pretty much ignores Shaco's existence) but are there any changes lined up for him? He has indirectly been nerfed consistently lately and he sort of feels really bad to play. Shaco is one of few champions who is heavily item dependent (He has very low ratios and relies on runes/masteries/summoner spells and items for damage). Removal of old dark harvest (which was his preferred keystone took away a lot of the damage he has on squishies. Changes in jungle (scuttle) have made it so Shaco's early game ganks are pretty weak. Very early levels Shaco cannot duel or get caught by duelist (he doesn't take flash and q stealth duration is too low that if he's caught, he dies). The experience nerfs are also going to hit him extremely hard. Shaco already doesn't build a jungle item because they just are weak on his kit. Hits to experience will make his jungle even worse. Nerf to tiamat hurt Shaco. He's one of the few junglers who rush this item and ignores the jungle item making it harder for him to clear. Nerf to duskblade have taken away a lot of damage from Shaco. Now the nerfs to ignite (his key summoner spell) and nerfs to absolute focus (One of his key runes) are just going to make him feel weaker. Especially since there are really no keystones that are really **great** on him. I've only seen moderate success with Electrocute and Fleet Footwork. I hope you end up responding, but pretty much every time Shaco is mentioned he's pretty much ignored.
And for good reason since all Shaco mains ask for buffs and keep stating "he's too weak". Maybe his kit or isn't, I don't play him, but for the past year and more, he always was an S tier jungler with occasional falls into A tier (oh the horror for Shaco mains). Even now he has a 6% playrate with a 54% winrate in Diamond+ (depending on site) so buffing him is out of the question. Sadly for you guys, the next jungle changes will most probably bring him in line. If they will hit too much, then yea, he can get a tiny buff, but otherwise, he doesn't need them. If his kit is indeed that bad that he can't do jack without them items, ask for a rework not for buffs. No offence, but Shaco needs nerfs even if you don't like it. And don't even get me started with "how it feels tho play against him"
: > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=JeoGRXbm,comment-id=008b0000,timestamp=2019-01-16T22:26:59.020+0000) > > A dude who has nearly 55% winrate in D+ with a decent playrate of almost 7% is not something that needs buffs. a champion should have a high winrate if the people who play him are good, and yeah they are good, mastering a champ should be rewarding but the only thing that makes Shaco broken is his Q, everything else is garbage, make his Q a 0 radius camo and compensate stuff like his E base damage and ratio's, clone explosion damage or something, so his kit actually does something and isn't item reliant, because the items he rushes is Tiamat because he needs clear speed, Duskblade and Tri-force for the on hit damage because, let's face it, he can't assassinate without it
You seem to be missing a small detail: 7% play rate is more than just "mains" and 55% is too high of a winrate, that simple. It doesn't matter what makes him so strong, it needs toning down, after that, if it was too much, sure give him buffs, but as it stands right now, he doesn't need buffs of any kind, be it direct or indirect. He's been on every tier list as S tier, or if he "wasn't so good" on A tier. I've never seen him anywhere else for more that a year.
: You have a good point, but I main him and with new buffed champions it’s hard to even stay alive in lave because they all do major damage early and it make it hard to scale, I get that he’s a scale champ and all that, but how can u scale when u can’t farm or even stay alive, but u do make a good point, that is what he’s good for and how ur supposed to use him, but with new champions and buffed champions, it’s getting harder to do that and making him useless. Thanks for the advice tho and taking ur time to comment, it’s was very helping.
It's not about scaling actually, he's weak in lower elos for the same reason why he's strong in higher ones: team play. Just like Shen and others, the power he bring to the table is useless in lower elos. Yea, you can save a team mate, good, but if he ain't gonna do something after it's still pointless. Same goes for TF, due to his ability go set up plays and make stuff happen, his kit needs it's current restrictions in terms of damage. You can make a godly gank with a perfect setup but if your ADC then goes and dies to the Scuttler, your gank means nothing Also, High all players use a Grasp of the Undying page when they face melee lanes. TF has super good wave management, do if you can't even farm, that's on you not the champ. Dying to them also means you played it poorly because he has the tools to keep enemies at bay, which means you don't use them. No offence. Edit: you don't main him, you spam him, as I checked your build and it's utter trash. The way you build him is bad. He's not an ADC nor a Burst Mage, he's a Control Mage. The difference between maning something and spamming is game quality. "Main" means playing to improve what you're doing, you like a champ and play it to get better with. "Spam" is just playing the champ over and over for whatever reason without regarding improving. And considering your build (Gunblade, RFC, IE etc) it means you spam not main. If you want to learn him better, go watch some actual high elo guides on how to play him, not the "AD TF 100% BROKEN" click bait montages. Even the on-hit build he can do is for fun and not a serious build. He is a Control Mage, play him like one.
: Twisted fate needs a Buff or Rework
I would disagree. Maybe in lower elo's his bad, but in higher elos, like Diamond+, the guy has a 52% winrate with a decent playrate. Not everything needs to deal damage to be strong, he's the type of mage similar to prerework Taliyah, A-Sol and company, who want to shove the enemy under their tower and roam to make plays for their team. He "doesn't play fair" as in "I 1v1 you, while my team does their stuff in their lanes", he "cheats", he roams playing his cards just right to turn the tides of battle with the Aces in his sleeves, he makes those 1v1's a 2v1 or 3v1 with hard cc, the 2v2 into 3v2 or even 4v2 if he roams with the jungler. If someone decides to master him and puts in the time, TF has the tools for any situation, or better said, a stacked deck. Again, he doesn't need to deal damage, and for the longest of time, TF along Ahri, Anivia and Orianna are considered the most consistent midlaners, as no matter the patch, they can adapt and make things happen, why? Not because they have damage, but because they force plays and make the enemy fight on their terms.
: When is Shaco going to be touched? buffed/changed or even reverted to prerework? Thank you in advance.
Unless it's nerfs or a full rework, hopefully never. A dude who has nearly 55% winrate in D+ with a decent playrate of almost 7% is not something that needs buffs.
: Shaco compensation buff when? Tiamat nerfs, Jungle exp nerfs, Duskblade nerfs, Oracle free, DH, spellthief, liandry, not procing off boxes. Also his E doesn't proc DH properly.
A dude who has nearly 55% winrate in D+ with a decent playrate of almost 7% is not something that needs buffs.
Kattzy (NA)
: As long as my supp does basic supp things I'm happy with any pick. Just upgrade your supp item once, ward, don't take my cs (unless it's necessary for strategic reasons), and make reasonable efforts to keep me alive. If we are getting kills, I'm happy, and if my supp ends up carrying and we win, sweet. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I feel like that's what most fail to comprehend. They do want to win, but they don't want a win where they are "carried", they want a win where they stomp and are the MVP, so having supports that may end up taking kills is "bad for them". The other way around is a bit different because it's Yolo que, so people wanting more agency as a support is understandable. I can be a godly Soraka but if my ADC is dumber that Yorik's zombies, all I can do is be a bit annoying and hoping the other lanes can carry and if that doesn't happen, it's gg, while a damage support can buy more time for his team by slowing the enemy which can swing a bad game a bit more often than what a good Soraka can. In the end a win is a win and many don't want to win unless they carry hence the "You didn't help me when I went 1v5 for the YouTube montage so I'll int" mentality a lot of people seem to have, especially in lower elos.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stróc Dúnmharú,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eRmw9V4U,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2019-01-16T01:21:21.032+0000) > > I mean, they should honestly just stop trying to equate "unique" with "healthy for the game". At one point, Kassadin was a very unique champion, but also closed in on 100% pick/ban, and was totally busted beyond belief. > > They need to stop designing champions in a fucking bubble. Would Irelia, or Akali, or Yasuo be great character concepts to build the Player Character of a single player game around? Yes, absolutely they would! But they are pretty fucking obnoxious to deal with in a multiplayer scenario. I don't agree. For the most part, Yasuo is balanced. He has a weak early game, specific itemization with limited room for creativity, and plenty of counter-play. Irelia just has too much going on in her kit as is to balance properly and if you remove the wrong thing she becomes useless, and Akali has 1 ability that is truly problematic, her shroud. Akali could be balance by simply giving opponents 0.75 seconds to counter play the shroud and her being revealed while hard cced. That's honestly all it would take, 0.25 seconds more to give a chance to jump on her, and JUST ONE way to break her invis.
She now takes 1 full second to get restealthed in her W early, which is 0.25 more than you ask, and her W restealth no longer scales with her level but with game duration, up to 0.65s at 30 mins, which is 0.1 lower than you ask for, at 30 mins, until that point, her restealth is longer than what you ask, and whenever she stealths, her obscure kicks in for a little showing her position, and no, I don't mean the glimmer you see when you damage her, but her silhouette as if she was under true sight, meaning you see her, just can't click on her. Forcefully breaking her invis is a trash request unless it can be done to Kha, Shaco, Kai'sa and Vayne in the same way, if it's only for her, then it's just favoritism.
: Level 2 gankers and their contesters will still always dictate the meta as long as it requires 4 jungle camps and there is importance on crab XP. Its a fact that junglers will gank more if they don't have anything to farm, or their XP is piss poor and they're forced to just gank and rubber band it afterwards to be efficient, and its even more of a fact that only the most efficient junglers will be viable, which with the delayed level 3, puts too much emphasis on those with level 2. A level 2 powerspike jungler can essentially gain a lane priority, river control for additional XP (a camille clear path can be red - > same quadrant side crab - > mid lane - > other crab - > blue), and deny XP to the other jungler that can't contest while also denying invade opportunities or gank pressure due to river and camille getting too much priority and information. The only way to remove level 2 emphasis, would be to make it so river isnt an XP cut-off (revert crabs), and revert the XP gains for level 3 back to 3 camps (even if they each take twice as long to take, it will enable junglers to adapt or hide in specific quadrants rather than being forced to look for a 4th camp after doing a quadrant and losing crab) Even nerfing camille/xin isn't the answer as you'd just see a surge of other level 2 replacements, namely twitch, warwick, shaco, and more, stuff currently being held back by their playstyles just being outclassed by the meta picks right now. For non-level 2 gankers to be viable, they have to have really good clears and clearing options (such as early krugs and raptors as needed) and have a massive payoff for giving up the early pressure, ex Elise cannot level 2 gank but once she's 3 she can be online everywhere relentlessly, and evelynn can be detrimental to the early game but if she plays it out safe, she can become a monster and solo carry herself. > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xazlWjMA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-15T07:38:59.997+0000) > > Well, just shows you how smart the boards are, but not my fault people just refuse to ward. > > In Diamond+, level 2 gankers like Camille and Xin barely have 50% wr, with Cam being at 49%, on the other hand, people who'd like to powerfarm to level 6 like Eve who has 51%, Kindred who although they can gank, they aren't heavy gankers but quite enjoy some farm have 52%. ? Camille has triple evelynn's pickrate, and xin zhao has been strong for just as long with the same pickrate. Kindred has 52% winrate because their 5% sample size are mostly experienced players rather than meta slaves spamming camille even if they don't know how to play her.
You can still get level 3 off of 3 camps: Red -> Krugs -> Any So it's not mandatory to get 4 camps unless you skip krugs. Now, I don't know about your all, but in mine, in the last 3 days I've seen 1 single ally jungler that started red, everyone else, including 3 Lee Sin started blue and of course, all got outjungled. As for Camille has 3 times Eve's play rate, yes, general play rate she does have more, but her jg play rate is 10% at 48.2% win rate while Eve is at 51.6% winrate. Are you going to tell me that that almost 4% wr difference is just because of the pickrate? It's a bit much to be just that. Now, I won't deny that her level 2 is strong, but as I said, higher elos do ward the pixel bushes, which makes it that if she's seen by one ward, the other jungler will take the opposite side scuttler or just invade her raptors, as the pixel bush ward would've expired by that time while the new wards aren't charged yet.
: Riot Has Proven Time and Timd Again They Have No Clue How to Balance the Jungle
Well, just shows you how smart the boards are, but not my fault people just refuse to ward. In Diamond+, level 2 gankers like Camille and Xin barely have 50% wr, with Cam being at 49%, on the other hand, people who'd like to powerfarm to level 6 like Eve who has 51%, Kindred who although they can gank, they aren't heavy gankers but quite enjoy some farm have 52%. And both Eve and Kindred are "so super powerful at contesting scuttler at level 2". Point being that although jungle is a strong, it's not the level 2 ganks as people make them be, so lowering the jungle xp will do weaken the jungle. Level 2 ganks will still happen if people don't ward (if you notice in high elo, both teams ward the pixel bush at level 1, but in low elo, it's a miracle if I see someone use a ward level 1). It's not that Riot doesn't know what to do with the jungle, it's more of a case of "the boards have no idea what they are talking"
: These PBE jungle changes won't help. They'll make things worse.
Well, just shows you how smart the boards are, but not my fault people just refuse to ward. In Diamond+, level 2 gankers like Camille and Xin barely have 50% wr, with Cam being at 49%, on the other hand, people who'd like to powerfarm to level 6 like Eve who has 51%, Kindred who although they can gank, they aren't heavy gankers but quite enjoy some farm have 52%. And both Eve and Kindred are "so super powerful at contesting scuttler at level 2". Point being that although jungle is a strong, it's not the level 2 ganks as people make them be, so lowering the jungle xp will do weaken the jungle. Level 2 ganks will still happen if people don't ward (if you notice in high elo, both teams ward the pixel bush at level 1, but in low elo, it's a miracle if I see someone use a ward level 1).
: > [{quoted}](name=Rylalei,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ERzQRMEd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-12T16:55:15.675+0000) > > Don't know about you, but I don't think Shaco needs any sort of buffs: > > https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/shaco/diamond > > And judging from your almost 80% wr on him, I think yea, he doesn't need a buff. > > Then again, "ad assassin main claiming his champ is weak" > > Also: https://youtu.be/5Afl4YJDu6E?t=493 > > Shows the damn clown as S tier for high elo and he's still A tier for lower elo. > > Maybe after Riot nerfs upfront damage along Ignite, then he might need a small buff, but for now, I need that nerf hammer, where's Poppy? I wasnt stating my champion was weak. I would be down for some compensation nerfs to be able to play AP Shaco like *many* of the Shaco mains would prefer to play
Well, your title said you don't want wards and Oracle to disable boxes, and that's a huge buff to him, which no-one but Shaco mains want, and it's kinda already a fact that for the majority of Shaco mains, unless his winrate is above 60%, he's weak.
: If your Internet connection is that bad, how far can you even get in actual matches? And how would practicing with 0 ping help you learn how to play with high ping? And there's no offline version of WoW.
Dota 2 allows you to play offline with bots, so it's not like it's impossible to do.
: So uhm Master Yi...
Currently Trashter Yi is a B tier jungler is high elo and A in lower elo and that should cause concerns because he should never be able to work in higher elos, yet he's viable there.
Febos (EUW)
: ##Last Edit Here are all 142 champions and their flavour texts: {{champion:266}} deaaattththhh {{champion:103}} More skins? Yeah, you definitely deserve more. {{champion:84}} You’re the realest in the game, uh. {{champion:12}} Don’t milk those. {{champion:32}} When you invite everyone to your gank, but no one shows. Q.Q {{champion:34}} The one champion who definitely lays eggs. {{champion:1}} Burning is a great smell to play with. {{champion:22}} Cross map arrows. So satisfying. {{champion:136}} Twinkle twinkle gigantic thundering voluminous star. {{champion:268}} May I have a moment of your time to talk of Shurima? {{champion:432}} Always a good time to get a chime {{champion:53}} Hook city. {{champion:63}} Who needs an ADC when you can just carry? {{champion:201}} When the going gets tough, they call you. {{champion:51}} You could only have been more effective if you swapped cupcakes with donuts. {{champion:164}} There’s not a lot you can’t solve by slicing and dicing your enemies. {{champion:69}} Boots can’t save them. This snake lady dealt the most CC last year. {{champion:31}} Why are we yelling?! {{champion:42}} Looks like somebody’s all spooled up! {{champion:122}} Forever dunking their winrate. {{champion:131}} We know. You’re the real eclipse god. {{champion:36}} You know you’re not a real doctor, right? {{champion:119}} I’m sure this isn’t a surprise, but Draven earned more gold than any other champ last year. {{champion:245}} We all want to rewind mistakes, but maining Ekko wasn’t one. {{champion:60}} I spy a squishy about to die. {{champion:28}} You can hear it in my growl growl growl growl. {{champion:81}} You you you you you belong in a muse museu mus museum. {{champion:9}} I think you scared them. {{champion:114}} That wasn’t even a challenge. {{champion:105}} That’s a lot of time on the troll pole. {{champion:3}} Nice job. They hit rock bottom. {{champion:41}} More oranges? {{champion:86}} Not a mage. Giant falling sword is pure coincidence. {{champion:150}} demaglioooooo {{champion:79}} Throw keg. Repeat 4000 times. {{champion:104}} Puts on sunglasses. Shells out damage. {{champion:120}} Gotta go fast! {{champion:74}} Pythagoras is on a strict diet of fear and scuttle crabs, but Bitey requires quite a lot more food per day. Turret Jr. is the weakest of them all but I hypothesize when they are fully grown we can successfully replace all turrets with dragons. {{champion:420}} Don’t you love when they hug towers? {{champion:39}} Stunning combos. {{champion:427}} DAAAAIIIISSSSSYYYYYYYY {{champion:40}} Escaping is a breeze. Janna spent more time alive than any other champion last year. {{champion:59}} You’re still helping. {{champion:24}} The real weapon was inside you all along. {{champion:126}} You don’t always use E to farm. Just during ganks. {{champion:202}} Every masterpiece needs a maestro {{champion:222}} Looved all the explosions! Only things missing were more explosions. {{champion:145}} Voidspotting > Vaynespotting {{champion:429}} They used to adventure but they took a spear to the knee, heart, head, body, leg... {{champion:43}} It _***~~dosen’t~~***_ matter how many seasons pass. They never expect the Karma damage. {{champion:30}} You were Karthus before it was cool. {{champion:38}} Shhhhhhh. {{champion:55}} Go hard or go home. Katarina spent the least time alive last year. {{champion:10}} aaaaand ult. {{champion:141}} A scythe never looked so good. In blue OR red! {{champion:85}} Shocking performance. They were totally stunned. {{champion:121}} poke poke {{champion:203}} That’s the thing about eternal hunting, the winning doesn’t stop either. {{champion:240}} DUN DUN DUN DUN {{champion:96}} Slime time! Kog’Maw got 2nd place for most gold per game. {{champion:7}} You made them see double. {{champion:64}} If you miss a Q but can’t see it... did you actually miss it? {{champion:89}} They could never douse your light. {{champion:127}} The actual ice queen. Nice work. {{champion:236}} When the world gives you hell, you become the devil. {{champion:117}} Behind every good support is their Pix and purple. {{champion:99}} The lady of light spent more time in ARAM than any other champ last year. {{champion:54}} You rocked the house. {{champion:90}} Counter And Nuke Champions Every R {{champion:57}} saplings! {{champion:11}} Unstoppable! Master Yi had the most kills snd multi kills last year. {{champion:21}} Payback is a goddess. Miss Fortune got 2nd place for most kills last year. {{champion:82}} Thank you for playing Mordekaiser. Truly. {{champion:25}} You never show mercy. Not to enemies, not to bread. {{champion:267}} Pouring salt on enemies pays off. Nami got the most honors last year. {{champion:75}} No, they don’t need you. Just keep farming. {{champion:111}} This time, your enemies drowned. {{champion:518}} _***~~This one is bugged. It literally doesn't show anything, even on accounts with only Neeko.~~***_ {{champion:76}} One does not simply dodge your spear. {{champion:56}} DARKKKKKNESSSSSSS {{champion:20}} Team: Report Nunu. You: Don’t forget Willump. {{champion:2}} Draven’t got nothing on you. {{champion:61}} Orianna finished her performance with a glorious five-man ult. Victorious indeed. {{champion:516}} When your team upgrades the wrong item... {{champion:80}} Your enemies did not enjoy that. {{champion:78}} Come at me. {{champion:555}} Go ahead and ks. No one minds. {{champion:133}} Fly fast. Zoom zoom whole map. {{champion:497}} Stupendous! Surreal! Magnificent! {{champion:33}} OK {{champion:421}} Gently chomps enemies. {{champion:58}} Who cares about Nasus? You dealt tons of damage. {{champion:107}} Stabby tabby. {{champion:92}} Flashes mastery. {{champion:68}} Hot-hot-hot! Rumble’s the most picked top laner in Worlds history. {{champion:13}} Out of mana? AA. {{champion:113}} You really went hog wild this year. {{champion:35}} You made their LP disappear. {{champion:98}} Shen saves carry. Gives double. Team: where’s your ult? {{champion:102}} You can take down anything except six Wit’s Ends. {{champion:27}} Quit leading us on. {{champion:14}} Do your thing, Sion. Your team is fine. {{champion:15}} Have you considered a career in pizza delivery? Or cosplay? {{champion:72}} Why are we standing on these things? {{champion:37}} Sona song: QQWQQEQQWQQR {{champion:16}} WEE-OOO, WEE-OOO. Soraka healed more than any champion last year. {{champion:50}} Noxus is proud. {{champion:134}} You dropped the ball just right. {{champion:223}} Who fed Tahm Kench? {{champion:163}} Rock salt fairy. {{champion:91}} TalON = death. TalOFF = death. {{champion:44}} Give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle. {{champion:17}} Don’t listen to everyone. We like Teemo, too. {{champion:412}} Vision is the best soul food. Thresh placed the most wards last year. {{champion:18}} Rocket jumping out is only okay once you’ve got the penta. {{champion:48}} They fed the troll. {{champion:23}} Solve all problems with brute force. {{champion:4}} You played your cards right. {{champion:29}} What stinks? Oh, it’s you. {{champion:77}} Open all the gates. {{champion:6}} K/DA Urgot??? {{champion:110}} It takes two to dance with death. Wait, no, three. {{champion:67}} You’re reeeeeeaaaaallly good. {{champion:45}} You’re the baddest Bandle boy of all. {{champion:161}} Yes, I’m buying support items. \*crosses tentacles\* {{champion:254}} Punch first. Actually, punch always. {{champion:112}} Thanks for leading the glorious evolution. {{champion:8}} You did bloody good, mate. {{champion:106}} Because puns aren’t the only thing that go over your head. {{champion:19}} My, what big ganks you have. {{champion:62}} WOOOOOO Kong {{champion:498}} Let those feathers fly. {{champion:101}} FROM DOWNTOWN. {{champion:5}} Xin Zhao is so OP just choose a skin and win. {{champion:157}} They can flame you, they can ban you. But Yasuo is still the most played champion of 2018. {{champion:83}} There are dozens of us! {{champion:154}} The secret weapon. {{champion:238}} WHAT WAS THAT?! Zed had the most kills per game of any champion last year. {{champion:115}} The only good enemy is an exploding enemy. {{champion:26}} You probably saw this one coming. {{champion:142}} Bubble down on your zzz’s. {{champion:143}} Every rose has its thorn. You have a lot of them.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: It was a good year
We all know how this game goes, so I'll 1 up you: http://prntscr.com/m6dprz {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Artican (NA)
: RIOT Clearly Explained the Prestige Points
No-one really cares about the prestige skin, we are mad about people getting hundreds of dollars of free stuff due to a bug and Riot doing nothing about it.
: Except the issue here is * Nothing was stolen * Nothing was abused * Nothing was lost People are relating purchasing something for less than supposed to as "theft" and that's just not the way it works. Nothing wrong was done. And the core of every single issue is "They got free stuff but I didn't". How don't people see the issue in that thinking?
It's not about the free stuff, it's that us, paying customers are treated unfailingly in this situation. A BM Capsule costs around 4$, and depending on your luck, the inside's content can be worth 10$+ Now let's look at the gal on another thread who said "she only got 22 of those", at 4$ each, that's 88$ worth of free stuff, but if we look at the contents of the orbs and that let's go with a 10$ avg per orb, as some gave her more, others maybe less, that's around a 220$ worth of free stuff, or around half my monthly salary. Then there are the people who brag they bought over 100 capsules with BE, so imagine how I feel about it? I was considering buying a 5$ skin as this month, it's all I can throw at Riot and that gal got over 200$ of free stuff. 50 capsules would've gave someone a bit more than what I earn in a month worth of free money, so let's not even go about those who got 200+ capsules, some got all the skins currently in the game with probably enough OE to make them all. Take K/DA Prestige Akali skin as an example, I paid the pass, I grinded the skin, so imagine how I feel when told that "I got the skin for free from Riot via BM Capsules" by some guy I played against. And about skin as well, where's it's "Prestige" feeling when who knows how many got it for free just because? Why do you think so many people want to stop buying RP until Riot either compensates us, those who didn't abuse the issue or removes the content from those who did? It's not because "they got free stuff", it's because they got too much free stuff devaluating everything we paid for and making our stuff that we paid for worth 0$. If someone gets K/DA Akali Prestige from a hexchest, good for him, I'm not on him, mine has boarder, his doesn't so I still feel the importance of my skin and even then, it's just 1 guy, now add that to the thousands of people who abused that, and there's an issue. When every Akali uses the Prestige skin that they got just because they abused a bug, how do I feel about my skin? It's no longer something meaningful, or important. (I know not every Akali will have it, was just an example). That's why we want either compensation or their content removed. For you, having a skin may mean little, for me who doesn't have much money to spend having a skin is something, while for the whales who spend thousands to have everything, their collection lost all it's value. Each sees things differently, so it's not about "they got free stuff and I didn't", I mean, what free stuff could you give a whale who already has every skin and chroma? It's about us getting treated unfairingly.
: Shaco's E needs a revert and Shaco's boxes shouldnt be completely unusable after a red ward / trinke
Don't know about you, but I don't think Shaco needs any sort of buffs: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/shaco/diamond And judging from your almost 80% wr on him, I think yea, he doesn't need a buff. Then again, "ad assassin main claiming his champ is weak" Also: https://youtu.be/5Afl4YJDu6E?t=493 Shows the damn clown as S tier for high elo and he's still A tier for lower elo. Maybe after Riot nerfs upfront damage along Ignite, then he might need a small buff, but for now, I need that nerf hammer, where's Poppy?
Kurogano (NA)
: Because one was a mistake. They are paying for that, yes, but the other is essentially suicide of the game if suddenly everyone was to be given 100 capsules for free, 300 skins shards, or whatever other outlandish thing people want to request. I was shit to get done too, but I don't the game to stop existing because of people stop buying skins because everyone got what they wanted. A few thousand players stop buying skins won't stop the game from continuing. Every player stops buying skins because they got 100 capsules for the screw up does.
That's not quite true. If they give say 100 skins of your choice excluding ultimates, which would the biggest money loss, they would indeed lose on current sales BUT get more future sales. If people get compensated and made to feel like they are indeed respected, more people will be willing to spend some dosh on the game. The current situation doesn't make their money leak bigger for now, but it will increase the money leak in the future because many people will decide not to spend money. So the choice they have to make is "take a bigger hit now and prevent a potentially catastrophic hit in the future" or "leave things as they are now and take the huge risk of taking a fatal hit in the future". If they give 100 skins for free, they lose money but they will recover in the future as they are seen as honest and that they treat the players with respect, but if they keep it as things are now, they will lose money in the future and depending on how much money they will lose, the game may even die.
Biotas (EUW)
: Hey Guys, first of all for everyone wondering: Yes I am mad that i didn't have a chance to get lucky and grab some capsules myself and I don't think people who had the chance to buy the capsules should keep them. Because like most of of the playerbase I paid real money for the skins I own and I don't think some people should get them for free just because they were lucky and sat at their computers at the right time. Like most of the playerbase I don't sit with my client open the whole day waiting for Riot to release new content. So either you give every player the chance to have 15min of buying these capsules for 1BE or for none. Cause honestly I think this is a very poor and lazy way to handle this situation. It's no problem to make a mistake, but you at least have to try to fix it and not be like: Yeah we could do it, but it's just too much work so we are not gonna do it...Almost nobody cares about these prestige points and that new Aatrox skin, most people are upset about the capsules because they have so much value. People buy skins, capsules and whatever because they enjoy the content and maybe in the back of their heads they wanna support the game, because they genuinely like the game and wanna keep it going on for longer. This incident will keep me thinking when I see the next skin I like. So I'm probably not gonna buy it or be hyped for it. I'm just gonna wait for the next big mistake and hope that I am one of the lucky people who gets some free stuff. So in my opinion: Either give everyone the same amount of capsules or remove all. Because this lazy and poorly thought through solution is not gonna make the playerbase happy. You just have a few lucky people and I'm not talking about the ones who got like 5 capsules, I'm talking about the ones who got like 100 capsules and even more. And you have a huge amount of players, probably like 99.9% who are upset and probably mad about this situation. So I'm not a PR expert or anything but you might wanna think about that decision again, because I can insure you that probably about in the next week one or more big League YouTubers are gonna make their community aware of this mistake. Most of the people probably don't even know about this "bug" yet since not everyone is using this board, reddit or whatever. But I can insure you after someone is making a video out of it this thing is gonna go through the roof. Because people like to react to stuff like that and be mad at big companies and to be honest I don't want Riot Games to be the next EA or whatever. So this is my point of view and and it might wanna make you rethink your decision. Everyone thanks for reading and if you find any spelling mistakes or so keep them for yourselves. I hope you all have a great night and a good weekend Best Regards Biotas
Even if Riot will do the 15 min thing, it won't work. I'll sure be at work or sleeping when that happens, on who knows, maybe 5 mins into a match and if both teams don't hear the "hey, surrender now so you can go buy chests for 1 BE", it will be another big shitstorm because yet again, only lucky people who happen to be at the pc with the client open when that happens will get to benefit from it. A better option would be to allow anyone who didn't buy capsules with BE to buy up to an average number of capsules bought. Say 1 player bought 10k capsules (ok, made up number) and another 10k players bought just 3 each, make an average of how many were sold and allow everyone to buy up to that number (except the players who already abused it). That way, if I can only buy, say 2 capsules, it means that on average those who abused it got 2 capsules per peep, so people won't be too mad that they didn't get to abuse it, since it's not that much, hence making this whole thing just some hot air, but if we end up being allowed to buy say 100 capsules, then we are indeed allowed to make this noise. A capsule is around 4$ in my currency, so 100 capsules for each player who abused would be 400$, let's not even consider how much would it be if we get to buy even more.....
: LOL True, I wouldn't complain. But man, the amount of complaints from people who didn't get anything free is astounding, and says something about some of this community.
Well, it's not about not getting "free stuff" in this case. I for one sure want some skins but can't afford them, so I would've liked some free stuff but was at work when that happened. It's about people exploiting something, bragging about it and have nothing to happen to them. If I would've got 1 capsule from that I would've been happy about it and not brag I got a free capsule, but those who got 100+ or what not then going how they did, well that does make everyone who didn't go it, or able to get it by w/e reason a bit pissed. "Hey, I stole 1000$, the guys know I did, but they will let me keep it because it was their mistake to leave it somewhere where I could steal it". Something similar happened in Warframe last year, when DE accidentally put the Hydroid Prime Access on Steam for around 5$ instead of it's usual 140$, and a few people did get it, but no-one was this upset because the thing is limited to 1 per acc. Yea, some got free stuff, DE said they won't do anything because it was their own mistake, and also because the important things, like the warframe and it's weapons are obtainable in-game for free via farming. But in this situation, it's way more money worth of stuff for each customer, and the stuff that they got is not something we can farm in-game, so of course people are upset. Riot did pay for their mistake losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more, but the fact that some people brag about it now is what makes others upset, not the fact they didn't get to abuse the bug.
: > [{quoted}](name=Juice,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ct5cGuNI,comment-id=00020000000000020000,timestamp=2019-01-11T17:43:58.317+0000) > > And this is why it's pointless to argue on these forums > > People will deny facts even when confronted with hard evidence in form of a video I'm trying to find the least rude way to fill you in on just how criminally ironic this post is, given the video you provided. If Sej landed ult, you'd have died, yeah... ...to Teemo and Sej 1v2'ing you. Teemo already got 2 licks in while you were running away. If Sej was by herself, and you had ult, YOU would have killed HER. Also, you just skimmed over you doing around 50% of Sejuani's hp in your own combo when she bought armor, yet you're complaining about her needing help to do about the same damage to you through your magic resist?
I did a bit of math, since Red Smite deals 102 damage at level 8, which is Sej's level in the vid, for that to take him from ~55% to 40%, he would have had to have a bit less 700 total HP, but a level 10 Rene with Phage has around 1555 total HP, that's more than double the needed amount, so that 15% would be around 230 damage. Red Smite deals 102, so the rest of 118 comes from Teemo, but not quite, this math is a bit flawed, as I calculated for his relative HP from when they stopped hitting him, but the Red Smite was used 1 second earlier, making it deal only 68 actual damage after they stopped attacking him, so 230 - 68 = 162 coming from Teemo. But hey, you know how the boards go "it's fair only as long as I do it, if someone else does it to me, it's not fair and needs to be nerfed for the one who did it to me"
Juice (EUNE)
: And this is why it's pointless to argue on these forums People will deny facts even when confronted with hard evidence in form of a video The truth is, if this tank landed her ulti she would've 1 shot me No misleading, no overblowing - that's the truth
Video where you don't even know what happened to you...
Juice (EUNE)
: Apparently you are not aware of what red smite does, that's unfortunate, that was no damage from teemo but from Sejuani's red smite And in my 2nd comment I was referring to 1 shot if she hit all her skills She also missed her 1st skillshot pay attention
Red Smite would deal an additional 100 dmg over 3 sec, you took way more than 100, even tho it's true damage. Also, I don't get how "she missed" when you got knocked up...like, that's what the skill does...and Teemo sure as Teemo has no knockups....
Juice (EUNE)
: I said she brought me to 40% from 100% in 1 rotation, which is the truth "I didn't even die" if her aftershock, ulti and 1st skill landed I would surely be dead Don't even think Teemo did anything in that fight, just look at his items - it was all Seju while also missing 50% of her skills
She only missed ult, as she did hit the knockup from Q. Also, this is where they stopped hitting you: http://prntscr.com/m5xrym Doesn't look like 40% to me, it's more like 55% or so, the rest of the damage you took was all Teemo. So again, maybe watch your own video after you calm down a little, will you? Also, in your 2nd commend, you did say "that was a 1 shot from a level 8 Seju on a level 10 Renek", so....
Juice (EUNE)
: https://youtu.be/oL25q8yZvyA Hyperbole? WHAT hyperbole? God I am glad to prove you naysayers wrong, btw she missed 2 of her skills AND aftershock damage , while I had MR and hp Yup, that's a 1 shot by a lv8 Seju on a lv10 Renek
You didn't even die.... MR? 1 base item, that's lots of MR. 1 shot means you died, yet you didn't, that was pretty balanced till Teemo went in. Stop lying.
: I think your second paragraph really gets at the issue. In coordinated play, you don't need the damage. You'll have teammates around if you need to kill someone. That's what keeps her strong in organized play. But in SoloQ, you're frequently going to be in a situation where your team isn't responding instantly, or they have a map awareness fail that leaves you stranded. In those situations, a little damage helps to ease the burden on you, even on a tank. I played with a Sej in multiple games last night and she didn't feel extraordinarily OP. In fact, looking at Lolalytics at the time of this post, she's still trash tier, so those buffs may not have done enough.
Yes, I know organised play abuses stuff like her to no end, so tanks don't need the damage, but for solo que, just as you said, the buff is welcomed. For now, let's just say people are abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit too focused on Vayne to actually notice Sej, but let's see how things end up being. AP Sej may be a fun thing to play XD Iceborn, Liandry, RoA, Mask or something like that and not full AP
Rioter Comments
: With Heimer, his abilities turn into Heimer's abilities for the ultimate, and he can choose one of the R upgraded abilities. For other champs, someone already made a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce4MyWsmaBo&feature=youtu.be (Rengar somehow slipped out of editing for the video, besides the guy recording the clip. Video of that is in the comments). Prepare for alot of laughing.
I can't wait to make Teemo's life the hell he makes it for us.
: Lux, and I'd say maybe Heimer, are the only 2 champs I can think of that have really low CD, high impact ults. For everyone else that has a stupidly low CD ult, their ult is worthless on any other kit besides their own (Udyr, Kass, Zoe). So, 9.5 times out of ten, he'll have to wait quite a bit on some of those ults. Most of them won't even come back around for another team fight.
Can he even use the Donger's ult? Like, he doesn't have his spells to upgrade, so it is as pointless as stealing Karma's ult. As for Lux, if I read it correctly, it's 200% of the ults cd but a minimum of 20 seconds, so even if say, he has both Ultimate Hunter, Presence of Mind and 40%, and kills 3 dudes with Lux's ult, normally on Lux that situation would make the ult at less than 10 sec, but for him it will be 20 sec no matter what.
: Well, after he steals an ult he can't steal it again from the same person for a long time. So he can't like use Karthus ult every 9 seconds. But, he could use Pyke ult, then 9 seconds later use Karthus ult to finish off anyone who escaped.
More like the other way around would be better, Karthus ult them to start the fight, and a bit later execute anyone with Pyke's ult.
: Top league of legends quotes
I think the correct quote is "reprot this noob" not "report pls". At least that's what my games show, so I can't be sure about your's.
Zardo (NA)
: https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Vayne/ aaaand it's down to under 51%
: They're all AD items (except the fucking tank items) that are all used by **DIFFERENT CLASSES**. Your comparison is pointless because of this very basic concept. Also, please stop ignoring the HP found commonly on many AP items.
I guess you're quite a new player if you think "different class items" matters when it comes to AD items, especially ADCs. For a while Sterak's was a common pick on ADCs. Frozen Mallet is still something Ez loves, but as well, for a while it was bought on any ADC that could use it, and even on other AD skirmishers like Xin. Relic Shield not that long ago was the go to starting item for ADCs, and at higher elos was almost trolling NOT starting with RS, but a Doran's item instead. Fiora also loved it and even some Yasuo players were starting with it for obvious reasons. Black Cleaver, a bruiser item? Zed, Talon, MF, Lucian, Ashe, Xayah, clearly not bruisers (Ashe and Xayah mostly used this item in Korea, and outdated now, but point still stands) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jol3dIjvwBA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysVgkQmX3cE Jhin for a while, most especially in Korea was loving Doran's Ring start instead of Blade, same for Kai'sa. Doran's Ring, aka a mage item. Let's not get started on the poster boy of abusing any item he gets his hands on. So your point of "these items belong to different classes" is {{champion:35}} As long as it's an AD item or Frozen Mallet and similar, it doesn't matter who the item was ment to be for, unless it's ranged/melee only, anyone will abuse it at one point or another, regardless if they are bruisers, Assassins or ADCs.
: Nice misrepresentation of items from multiple classes.
Well, yea? They are all AD items that give good offence and defense as well and I stated AD items, not ADC items. No-one's buying these items for the offence but the defense (except Va(a)rus/Kog'maw and the Wit's End and Draven with the BT, but that's an exception), everyone gets those items for the defense they give. Like it or not, that's the case, AP champs have 2 defensive items while AD dudes have 8, not counting many more that can be abused by them (Frozen Mallet is still on Ez's buy list, while for a while it was used by a lot of ADCs). Yasuo, Zed, Lucian, Kayn, Lee, what not that's AD want to go defensive items? Well, they have BT, Maw, DD, GA as 4 strong items. Yea, noone will buy all 4, but then again, even if they do, they get a stupid amount of defense and don't lose much offense unless they are crit champs, but even then, they can safely go 3 of these 4 after selling boots. All of the 8 items work quite well vs both AP and AD, GA gives armor so it's better vs AD but the 2nd life is good vs both, while after Maw triggers, which more often than not will unless you're against a full AD team, and even then it has some chances to trigger thanks to Smites/mixed damage and such, the Lifeline passive is lifesteal off of all your damage so it doesn't matter what the enemy deals after the passive is triggered. Vlad and Rumble, 2 AP bruisers go into tank defensive items for a reason, there are no AP defensive items worth a damn except Zhonya, which is already 50% of the AP defensive items. Any other AP wanting to go defensive? Well, after Zhonya, they either go tank items for little to no benefit but they have no other choice if they want defense, or say "Shaco it" and go more damage and hope they kill faster than they are killed. Which was my point, you can nerf mages, go ahead, but also nerf AD defensive items. Or give mages more defensive items, afterall, they lost 2 defensive items in Abyss Scepter and GA, so hey, they can get some items as well.
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