: I miss moments of weakness in LoL
I remember times when CDR was mostly mage (and tank) stat, similar like crit is for ADCs. Now you end up overflowing with CDR just on any champion
Galiö (NA)
: I reported this comment, just so you know. Also if you're a challenger smurf you can easily climb to diamond playing like ahri support if you wanted to. Smurfing isnt against the rules, but having a bad attitude and being offensive is. There are plenty of players who play normals. Have 1000 wins and 600 loses and still play at a silver level.. normals is not a good place for practice it's just a 'for fun' mode especially in NA which is a poor quality 'for fun' region.
people downvote you, cause they just disagree with that twisted logic of yours. And I bet heavy $ that if you had a game where someone suddenly reveals "hey i'm a smurf and gonna practice" and then is the reason the game is lost, you'd be shrieking all over the forums to ban that smurf. But it's fine if you do it yourself, rite? > Smurfing isnt against the rules, but having a bad attitude and being offensive is. Not sure if that's just your play on words as if pointing i'm offensive towards you, but just in case. i am not. I was genuinely, honestly curious if you got some issues and I just asked.
blaze903 (NA)
: Why doesnt riot ban smurf?
Beyond what Wizard Blaze said, there's alos smurfs artifically increase number of active accounts/players, which makes the data they have collected seem buffd and strong. From a player viewpoint is's pointless data, but corporate workers really love big numbers. Doesn't matter what those represent.
: Holy crap...... Serious QoL Karma buff?
Those are NOT a QoL changes. QoL changes do NOT affect numbers or actual balance.
: One for all, rotating game mode
What mode do we have right now?
: >If you’re altering your build based on performance you’re playing wrong. You should already have a fairly clear idea of what your build will be. I love people confidently spouting wrong information.
Usually when you see you perform badly with your build it's already too late to adjust. Whoever is whacking you will still whack you without much difference, cause he's already ahead of you most likely and almost every build these days is maximizing on defense-penetration. Your only way is not just turtle up, cause, again, you will be clubbed just as hard, but to go balls to the walls and still participate in the arms race, while trying your best not to fight untill your glass cannon might be a huge surprise in a teamfight. For tank items to make a difference in your performance, this game shouldn't force every damage dealer to buy armor pen along with sprinkling true damage on top as their usual, normal build path. Cause even if you bulk up on armor or mr, it won't make any difference either way. Especially in middle of laning phase. Edit: This game no longer has that element you think of. It worked long time before, like in S4, or so, when the gap between armor/mr and damage wasn't as vast and stacking on damage didn't come with insane synergy effects. To fix it, we'd have to make armor/mr-piercing less effective and just niche, where you buy it cause you have to, rather than to make my pew pew against everyone into **PAWG PAWG**. We'd also have to remove all forms of free normal and true damage. Doing that would allow players to suddenly adjust their builds to counter enemies so they'd have to adjust accordingly. At least that's how I see it.
Joseraph (NA)
: Just checked your match history. If you're behind and building damage items then there's your issue. I've had none of these problems playing from behind and I've won 11/13 games on Garen, because if I think I'm going to go behind I'll immediately build a tank item or two. Meanwhile you have games where you go insanely negative and build {{item:3078}} /{{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} and wonder why you can't take a hit
Juggernaut scales best with damage. Runes also scale with damage - if you don't build damage, it's almost as if you are playing without runes cause most of them just boost your damage. Damage scales with damage, especially when combined with both being a juggernaut and using pretty much any runes. Building damage when behind is just as effective as building tank when behind, cause in the end you'll evaporate just as quickly in this meta of free true damage on top of free damage.
mack9112 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GritsNGravey,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ddE52UNy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-06-04T15:44:41.033+0000) > > 1 I said same kit i have no clue why people try to form a fight out of everything you named 2 out of the 4 why? what else did i add there? heal? life steal? shield? but you only picked out bursty? i said burst i don't have a clue were you got bursty at. So if two champions have a shield or a heal or life steal they are immediately the same champion? There are not enough mechanics in the video game to demand that kind of diversity. Every champion has its own theme that the kit has to fulfill. Every champion fulfills this and when the in game fantasy is no longer realized the champion receives a rework.
you love to nitpick, don't you? Then you love to make a shitstorm of whatever you nitpicked, right?
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Fix the fucking minion agro please
Turret aggro is also whacked imo. Oh that dude just insta-killed my ally champion. How about LETS IGNORE the killer. Yea. solid plan.
nelogis (EUW)
: Welcome to "What the hell just did so much damage to me?!"
I'd rather argue Shaco being on the list. He does have huge burst potential, but he needs plenty of items to do so. He's super item-reliant due to how his abilities work. And if we just mention fully built Shaco, then Soraka or.. just anything... should also be included. By no means am I saying he's weak. But compared to all other assassins, he's rather bit less 1HKOing.
: When you nerf Zed you can nerf Riven, deal? Accordion to U.GG, here are the win, pick and ban rates for both in all elos (in that order, so I don't have to say next to each what they are): - Iron Riven: 45.07%, 5.8%, 2.1% Zed: 50.22%, 15.8%, 45% - Bronze Riven: 45.39%, 6.1%, 2.8% Zed: 49.62%, 16.2%, 51.8% - Silver: Riven: 47.02%, 7.3%, 4.1% Zed: 49.67%, 14.4%, 57.9% - Gold Riven: 48.85%, 8.8%, 6.3% Zed: 50.2%, 12.7%, 59.6% - Platinum Riven: 50.44%, 10.1%, 9.6% Zed: 50.78%, 11.9%, 55% - Diamond: Riven: 51.56%, 11%, 13.9% Zed: 50.71%, 10.8%, 48.2% - Master: Riven: 51.06%, 10.6%, 19% Zed: 54.08%, 9.4%, 24.7% - Grandmaster: Riven: 51.15%, 9.3%, 19.5% Zed: 53.6%, 8.7%, 21.7% - Challenger: Riven: 60%, 9.9%, 21.8% Zed: 35.9%, 8%, 15.4% Oh, Riven is a problem in challenger, how touching, Zed is a problem everywhere else, and according to the boards, something with high ban rate will have a lowered win rate, and same goes for high pick rate, so I wonder what win rate would Zed have on only Zed mains. And weren't the boards preaching as loud as they can that Riot shouldn't balance for top tier players, but for the lower ones? Well, in that case, Riven's fine, gut Zed.
Zed, aswell as Riven, is Riots posterboy. Getting him nerfed means swimming through few lenghts of olympics pools full of zed mains bullshittiery. And even then if you manage to finally get on top of that mountain of OTP mains and you finally shut their stupid-ass arguments down, then it turns out Riot themselves do not want to see Zed nerfed, cause he still sells shitton of skins. I am truly All Riot posterboy/girl champions hater. I don't hate them because they are popular, but because they gain certain privileges because of their popularity. I see my mained champions and thoseI enjoy playing wrecked, reworked or close to removed from the game, while those "Riot elites" are either unchanged or stronger than ever.
: No one cared about the playrate. The issue was how much being a main with her basically came with a package called free damage and no damage nerfs. She's never been hit with a damage nerf since 4.1. 4.1 Riot, dear god. And even then it was a Q adjustment nerf more the less. I literally have been preaching since those nerfs even got on the PBE that they were the wrong nerfs, and what needed to be nerfed was her AD ratios. Shield needs to lose ratio, her passive can go back down to 20% AD and scale lower, and R2 could lose 10% AD ratio. She should have to complete items to kill people, not buy a fucking warhammer and ram people down 24/7. What's sad is that i've made posts weeks before this one, and one got a good chunk of upvotes, the other got downvoted when it came out 2 weeks after the previous. The nerfs did nothing to the mains since they easily adjust.
> I literally have been preaching since those nerfs even got on the PBE that they were the wrong nerfs, and what needed to be nerfed was her AD ratios. I, on the other hand, was saying that those weren't even nerfs but balance juggling to make it look like she was nerfed.
: Remember when some boards people flamed us for complaining about Rivens compensation buffs?
It was so obvious the second patchnotes hit and only riven mains would be crying she's weak.
: 6 vs 6 ranked
So the 6th player would be playing a strategy game? All cool but wouldn't work if rest of players would just ignore him
: Nah games aren't coinflips. It simply comes down to how good you are as an individual player. If you are good enough to win games, then you'll win enough to consistently climb. If you aren't better than your rank, you'll be hardstuck and think every game is a coinflip simply because you aren't better than your elo and can't impact the game enough to win.
> It simply comes down to how good you are as an individual player. Only when you play hyper-carries, or certain few assassins that are capable to solo whole enemy teams with just enough luck and skill. Any other class will not carry a team, no matter what's your invidual skill if your team is actively working against you. In my experience games aren't won by which team has better players, bo who has least trolls. Unless those better players are playing OTP cancer champions known for their bullshit damage and immunity to nerfs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bastilean,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xiMeHHy3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-02T22:22:45.059+0000) > > He's basically another Darius. > > He's big, What kind of argument is this? Riot designs juggernauts to be big to represent their class. > immobile, Again, he's a juggernaut so he *has* to be immobile. > has a pull You'd know both pulls functions differently if you've played both of them a good amount, > has a heal, Dude, yet again, the majority of juggernauts have some form of sustain(Garen, Illaoi, Nasus, Mundo, Aatrox, etc,.) > has great single target damage, Zzzzz. Like virtually *every juggernaut in the game*, because they are bad at teamfighting. > has great wave clear Coincidence > and when he is fed he will destroy your whole team Like most juggernauts as well... > Riot took a unique champion and replaced him with the rerework of Darius Not even close, all you did was list features a juggernaut has
> Again, he's a juggernaut so he has to be immobile. Wasn't he first a mage bruise type? That later Riot tried to squeeze into ADC role (lol)? I mean if you really want we can just juggle his class a bit more. Why won't he be an ADC assassin tank jungling supporting mage with a pinch of bruiser? Just cause he's "teh jugg bruh" doesn't mean he has to be generic carbon copy of Darius, but with less axe and more mace.
: This is why no one respects EUNE. You can't build the exact same items each game. League is a dynamic game. You build damage, MR, armor or health depending on the enemy team comp. Lots of squishies? Build damage and go ham. Their Zed is fed? Get armor, tabis and zhonyas. LeBlanc out of control? MR will help a lot. They are all autoattackers? Tabis. Lots of CC? Go Mercs.
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
2014 - LoL is fun game. You can build your champions in a way they will be most effective with lots of items that are distinctive and fit any role 2019 - 200 items. You'll buy only 6 exactly the same ones. Game after game after game after game. On every champion. The only class left in this game is damage dealer. Even if you are supposed to be a support.
: I miss the days where cooldowns actually existed...
I miss those old times where CD was mostly mage/tank stat, or when I played mages I had different ways to build (huge mana regen sacrificing dmg or huge damage with little mana regen, or just rushing CDR and spamming).
: The Game Has some problems YES Matchmaking is not the best YES. BUT what about US?(Community)
> But guys. lets look at ourselves. we are not good either. Speak for yourself. I truly dislike those threads deatched from reality talking nonsense. Are players toxic? yes they are. What Riot does to fix that? They punish players that are toxic on chat, rather than fix the reason why they might be toxic. It's like you'd have nasty, deep wound on your leg with blood pretty much gushing out and your solution would be "DO NOT LOOK AT THE WOUND". Guess what's more tilting and toxic. Some guy flaming bullshit noone would care about, or the matchmaker that makes unwinnable games? Or champions that are BS to deal with? or bugs that should have been fixed long time ago? I mean sure, a toxic dude can spoil you fun, but its the games part that causes you to break apart and become toxic. Riot doesn't fight against toxicity in the game, they just try to hide it and maybe ban the worst cases. I've been here for a long time. I saw how playerbase has changed and degraded. Any society will fall into anarchy without rules and law enforcement. That's what you see is happening here.
Cevrad (NA)
: Matchmaking an issue yet they did better than you. A bronze player outperformed you in a plat game. How you feeling? I don't understand how you can look at this game and pin the fault on the Bronze ADC and the unranked support when you have the superior top and jungle who just won the 2v2 top lane. Congrats on getting a free win at the hands of a solid jungler. By the rate you complaining, you need it.
there has to be always at least 1 guy like you in every thread like this one.
: Can I post it on reddit? Rito gives a shit on boards.
you think reddit riot mods will allow this thread? Last time I checked the censorship and "riot is god in disguise" hivemind made sure anything not within the flow of popular opinions is instantly either removed or hated and bashed to the point of being removed.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: 6th version of ryze btw
I kinda wish we'd return to the old Ryze 1.0, before this whole "machinegun Ryze". With only change his snare being a skillshot or point and click with some soft-gimmick twist
SirHydro (NA)
: Some abilities have no Mana costs (Energy) Some abilities have NO cost (Think Garen) Some abilities have such low cooldown/mana costs there is no drawback to using them. So.........yes. It is a drawback. Power budget going into a high cooldown expensive move has a drawback, where low budget spammable moves don't have much if any drawback. Hence them being spammable. You admit to being wrong and refusing to inform yourself. I appreciate you for reading what you did, and trying. I'm not saying Fizz isn't annoying, or a turd to kill. Have a nice day.
I still disagree with you calling a ability going on CD a drawback. It makes no sense no matter how you'll try to dress it.
: Doesn't exhaust no longer slow attack speed?
Oh... Right...
: Exactly, you get it, and in that specifc thread it happened aswell: when I said that Yasuo is hard to play, which is an objective fact that only the Gameplay Boards can struggle with, and someome posted the r/wooosh to other thinking that I was being sarcastic but the one that was actually r/wooosh'ed was him that was so funny. Btw, I'm a Zed or a Yasuo main today, what have you decided? I'm starting to play some rankeds on this acc aswell with some friends
You can main whatever you like. You can enjoy playing whatever you like. Doesn't mean your opinion is correct. Altho going by your comments logic I'm rather doubtful you are yasuo main :P
SirHydro (NA)
: You're wrong about a few things, and that just tells me your opinion is skewered. No wonder you get bodied by Fizz mid, you don't even understand several things about him. So let me point out where your wrong, and explain why you need to actually git gud, and that it isn't Fizz being too strong =) Bear with me, open up your mind. *Fizz's Flip renders him Untargetable, Invulnerable, allows him to close distance, and does damage with no drawbacks.* Two things wrong with this so far: Fizz is NOT invulnerable during Play/Trickster. Things like Ignite, Malzahar Maelefic Visions, Teemo and Cass's dot poison, Karma's W tether Lb's tether, will still damage Fizz while he's UNTARGETABLE. The fact that you believe this is evidence how very little you know about Fizz. And we all know how people complaining about things they don't understand go. You blame your loss on Fizz being "over powered" yet you don't even understand how Fizz works. Surely your lack of knowledge on Fizz contributed to your loss? The second thing wrong, is that his E has no drawbacks, when in fact it has more than one. First off, simply using it means that he won't be able to use it again for (at best, maxed rank and cd) 12 seconds. Just like Blitz's Q, a Fizz without his E is much different than a Fizz with his E up. A Blitz that just missed his Q is a joke until it's back up. A Blitz with his Q up is terrifying and a threat. By sheer virtue of using his E Fizz puts himself at risk. (Small note: Yes Fizz can use his E as a gap closer. But no, he doesn't. That's what his Q is for. He has two possible gap closers, but only 1 Escape. Good Fizz players gap close with Q, and escape with E. Since using Q to escape requires a targetable enemy unit behind you to dash through) It also costs (gasp) mana. A looot of mana. And other champs have cooldowns and mana costs, and for those champs they matter too. You don't seem to realize how incredibly taxing a 90 mana cost spell at RANK ONE is. Fizz pays a massive chunk of resources in mana to use every single E. So onto your next point. *Each of these status's/effects are powerful enough to be considered ults on some characters. Kayle, Twitch, Rengar, Khazix, Ekko, Rek'sai, Kai'sa, Xayah, Nocturne, Etc. have two maybe 3 of these effects as their ULTIMATES, Ekko being the only one with all 4.* Now, I already pointed out that Fizz is NOT Invulnerable during E, so we can go ahead and take out Kayle. To be honest I'm even sure why you put Twitch here, since his stealth (Untargetability) is on his Q, he isn't Invulnerable, not sure a range increase helps to "close distance" and "does damage with no drawbacks" isn't true since Twitch can atually MISS with his bolts fired during his Ult since they don't track and go in straight lines. Right, that leaves Ults that make the user Untargetable, gap close, and "does dmg wtih no drawbacks"(Which I'll say out right is wrong, since in order to dmg the enemy with Fizz E you have to be in melee range, and thus you are in range to be retaliated upon. There are drawbacks wether you notice them or not) Rengar: Makes him Untargetable for a substantial period of time. Rengar can move during this period, reposition, cover great distances, and gets bonuses and buffs to his next attack, and an automatic passive leap. This isn't even everything his ult does, since using it can make the entire enemy team back off and play differently. But this all seems fair for an ult. Fizz's time window of Untargetability is nothing compared to the length of Rengar's ult. Rengar's gap close is vastly superior to Fizz's range on E. Rengar's ult has no drawback, since he can use it and not even have to go in to affect the enemy team, thus no drawback, no risk. Fizz's E has risk. So really, this is a poor example for you to use. Khazix: Can go Untargetable two, up to THREE times. Entering stealth, procing his passive and Duskblade, as well as Sudden Impact Rune. Fizz goes Untargetable once. Khazix can be even harder to get to than Fizz. Khazix can go Untargetable 2-3 things, plus he has a JUMP, that gets extra range when evolved, and RESETS on kills/takedowns, making him HARDER to hit and get to. Another bad example, Khazix is actually harder to pin down than Fizz. You're not arguing your own points well so far. Ekko: Ekko doesn't become Untargetable, or Invulnerable during his ult. It's a blink, and a heal, and his sheild is probably involved, and it nukes for massive damage. I have no idea how you even compare Fizz E to Ekko's R, let alone how you want me to believe this supports your argument either. What? Rek'sai: Goes Untargetable just like Fizz E, for longer period of time. The gap close is also far greater than Fizz's E. Plus Rek'sai can gap close with Burrowed E as well. So Rek'sai's R out performs Fizz's E. And it's her Ult. Seems fair. What's your point? Kai'sa: Her ult grants her a sheild and a massive gap closer. However, it neither makes her Untargetable nor Invulnerable. She gains Stealth on evolved E, but at no point does Kai'sa beecome Invulnerable. Again, you demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the game, and are talking about things you don't understand. Frankly, you're making wrong points. This is me pointing out the fact you are wrong, and explaining why you are wrong. Xayah: The only parts you're comparing here is the Invulnerability. So I'll bring up the area of effect and cone is far superior and deadlier than Fizz's E. Xayah using R has even less drawback then Fizz using his E. I'll also use this chance to mention Fizz's E mana costs are on part with Ultimates. Sooo.....why are we saying Fizz E is overpowered. Because Xayah R? Nocturne: He does not become Untargetable. Impairing the enemies vision with Darkness does not remove their ability to target him within range. Nocturne is Invulnerable to Spells when is spellsheild is up but that's not his ult. It is, however, a gnarly gap closer! It's ten times the Gap Closer that Fizz's E is. Bad choice to compare, since Nocturne's R basically curb stomps every aspect of Fizz's E. Not making your points that well. Not selling them to me. So all those champs, that have Ultimates and mechanics put into their power budget, and Fizz gets watered down similarities to an Ultimate move on a basic ability, with the same Mana as an Ultimate ability, long cooldowns, and similar power budget to basic abilities? Right.....seems like that's how things were intended to be. You brought up all those champs and I point out how each of those champs Ult's also brings either more or better of what Fizz's E does, or entirely new and unique things that Fizz's E can't do. Let's move on, and address more of your grievances with Fizz. *Fizz having all that as an ability with a 12 second CD is waaaaaaaaaaaay too overpowered no mater how you look at it. The ability has no drawbacks to use that aren't just basic problems every character has (Like CD or Mana consumption) and does far too much considering the rest of his kits damage.* If Fizz is maxing his E, to do all this magical "tons of damage" you're talking about, than his Q and his W wil not be hitting as hard. If Fizz is maxing Q, his E's aren't hitting this hard. If you want to argue at higher lvls when he can max his E and his Q, that's a point where everyone is doing the same, maxing more than 1 ability, reaching near to full builds, ect, and as you say yourself becomes a moot point. If he uses it, wether the trade went his way or not, he still pays the mana cost (very high) and gets the cooldown. Plus, if he wants the slow, or the larger AoE, he has to wait on his Pole and drop naturally to get it. If Fizz activates Tricker, he hops off the pole, his AoE is much smaller, and he doesn't apply the slow. The risk and drawback is the skill expression in landing Playful, which is harder, as opposed to landing Trickster, which is easier but less rewarding. Walk out of his E AoE and stop standing in it. The "rest of his kit's damage" only comes with Items and Skill Points. Only his E has a good Base dmg value. *Everyone here has seen a fizz throw his ult and flip simultaneously and destroy your HP in 0.0 seconds. I have an actual screenshot of him doing 2.3K in 0.0 on a match i wasn't behind on.* No one has seen that. That is hyperbole. That's akin to saying "Ashe Ult is op because it does two billion dmg" It's wrong, it's silly, it's exageratted, and no one is going to take you seriously or put any weight or validity to your arguments. This doesn't serve your debate at all, so don't do stuff like this. *The reason i mention his Untargetable status with his ult because it renders him invincible from tower damage as well.* So does Vlad's W pool. Akali's Shroud did the same thing, actually it used to be worse! Yasuo's R puts him out side of Turret range. Pantheon's PASSIVE can block a Turret shot, and it resets on each W and every 3-4 auto's/Q's. Oh, might as well say any champ with Untargetability can do the same thing, because they can. Zhonya's can be bought by anyway. Stopwatch is even cheaper. What is your point? *Its problem is the Invaun status when he uses it, The fact hes completely invincible in the two seconds hes moving makes it too OP.* It's essential to his Kit. It's his escape. An assassin without an Escape either needsd durability to poke and all in, or the raw damage to burst down their target before they blow up. If Fizz didn't have Untargetability on his E, Riot would compensate his loss of abiilty to get out of a Fight or drop the back line but frontloading more dmg onto him. So he can succeed at taking out his target, and then he dies. I still have more to say, I want to type up closing thoughts on how and why Fizz is managable and isn't problematic. And if anything, the issue with him isn't on his E at all. All of Fizz's moves are skill shots and can be dodged except for his W. You can dash or flash or use any kind of hop or such to actually avoid his Q, and it should be clear that it's possible to dodge the AoE of his E or the linear skill shot of his R. But before I type up anymore I want to give you a window to read what I've said so far, and to respond.
> Two things wrong with this so far: Fizz is NOT invulnerable during Play/Trickster. This is just some nitpicking. > The second thing wrong, is that his E has no drawbacks, when in fact it has more than one. First off, simply using it means that he won't be able to use it again for (at best, maxed rank and cd) 12 seconds. this is just pain stupid. Every ability, without any CD resets, once used goes on cooldown. It's not a drawback. Not gonna bother reading the rest, cause i'm not even all that interested in the topic.
Moody P (NA)
: You should not be using your whole combo against Fizz if you know his E is up unless you hit him with hard CC and can guarantee the rest. E is his only way of wave clearing and pushing the wave so he is vulnerable to being shoved in pre6. If he uses it to clear then you have 12 seconds to attack him virtually for free as he is down his main gap close and damage tool.
you guys bring up laning phase. But in mid+ to endgame, when Fizz has both maxed E and CD, this ability is "slightly" bonkers. And cause he has pretty strong burst with just Q+W + lichbane/luden, you either throw everything you have in hopes he won't E in time, or he just kills you. There's hardly any middleground.
: Fizz's E is far to overpowered
I always believed Fizz E should only give him some damage reduction, lets say 30%. The gap closing Zhyonya on 4-5s CD once maxed is just ridiculous for an assassin that has his power budged loaded mostly into Q, W and lichbane.
: Thank you, the Gameplay Boards does something that majority of memes cant: make me genuinelly laugh The best is that the last changes that made Exhaust just **bad** were these ones on Season 7 >Removed: Reducing target's attack speed by 30%. >Removed: Reducing target's resistances by 10 I see: Exhaust was too strong against Zed and the evil Rioters that LOVE assasins realized that what they needed to do was to nerf Exhaust so it wasn't too impactful against Zed by making not reduce atack speed since we all know that Zed stacks atack speed and his damage is based on multiple atacks and totally not burst via his Qs and a single aa to proc Duskblade and his passive.
> Thank you, the Gameplay Boards does something that majority of memes cant: make me genuinelly laugh That's super rich coming from someone who made this (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/oHrMAAma-is-there-a-thematic-reason-why-yasuo-gets-placed-outside-turret-range-during-his-r?comment=00030000) comment ;)
: Works good for when your opponents have a Yi. Other than that 100% yes. It needs more range. ADCs _insist_ on taking {{summoner:7}} and then they tilt when the support also wants to take {{summoner:7}} knowing they won't be in range to use {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:3}} when it matters. If your support is a frontliner like Braum? Sure, taking Heal and letting him take the offense spell makes sense. If your support is an enchanter? Use your brain and let them take the defensive summ!
Tbh Yi is immune to exhausts AS slow, MS slow and even damage reducing debuff isn't as effective on him.
yukumari (NA)
: Riot is sending mixed messages with Janna.
They don't act surprised. They are surprised. I'd make a joke about 'somthing hiring baboons something something" but moderators are really trigger happy, so i won't make the joke.
: Do you need a point and click CC that hits a target when you know where hes going to be when coming out of his ult? That might be you that needs to improve if that's the case but aside from that. You just said "If only there was something Zed would have to build against." Then followed by saying "You might think armor is his counter. Well it isn't. With correct build". Can you not see you proved your own first claim that you tried to say nope to?
> Can you not see you proved your own first claim that you tried to say nope to? The thing is. That's Zeds standard build. He always builds it. He doesn't change his build to deal with tanks, cause that's already on his game-to-game check list of items he always gets. For example if Zed had himself to build some armor, or maybe mr. Actually with mr he still gets option solid enough (maw) to go without losing much power. About Zeds R. I saw Zeds switch position immediately with whatever shadow they have after R'ing so even when you know he's coming, if he's good he'll beat you up either way. Not to mention his whole combo is pretty much instant given you have some experience with him, so even if you get to stun him, he might have already killed you with his timebomb execute on R.
: > [{quoted}](name=LetMeAfkPlss,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E5Ob23LN,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-05-29T12:07:29.638+0000) > > tbh decent zed's are nightmarish to deal with he can double shadow to a carry one shot them and shadow back away and only come back to do it again for the rest of the match And you can cc him coming out of his ult lock him down and kill him or you can build a little tankier and kill him as ive posted before a build for ad carries who complain about zed.
If only there was something Zed would have to build against. But nope. It's everyone else gotta adjust to him. You might think armor is his counter. Well it isn't. With correct build (all important armor-pen items) he shreds through tanks with his basic abilities as if they were minions. Also "jUsT cC HIm" - yea sure, right away, just give me point'n'click instant CC that cannot be cleansed and isn't tied to malzahar.
: Is Zed His Mobility And Damage Too High Compared To Other Assassin's?
Faker or other asian proplayer cried that Zed can no longer oneshot stuff so everyone who likes to play zed and oneshot stuff also cries that faker cries. And because the crying group is big enough you'll never see actual, real zed nerfs. Best we could possibly get is something like Riven "nerfs" where Riot just swapped some numbers. Riven mains are crying she's almost unplayable now, even though she lost 'bout 1% winrate, if not less and still is sitting about 50% winrate. Tbh Zed was obnoxious to deal with since ever. He's like half yasuo level of annoying, but that is still far beyond compared to "normal" champions. All ADC, TOP-AD and assassins have the same one trait. They will faster eat their belts like spaghetti than admit their mains are "just tad too unbalanced"
: Quick Reminder: ARAM Bans are a stopgap.
I agree with you, heck I agreed with it 10 minutes after ARAM was made an official mode. But tbh I don't expect much from Riot considering how little they care for things they already ~~copied from other games~~ implemented. * Lootboxes - botched - hextech chests are a really gated chore. * Account levels and champion crates - a chore * Champion mastery - pointless empty chore, where Riot obviously didn't consider to add anything for people that commited their time and effort to "master" a champion. * Champion scores - still needs tweaks. Minor ones, but still. * Daily Quest - botched - only there when there's some event and then you get flowers such as "play with a guy that bough 10$ skin". At least there's second option to finish the quest. Or "watch our pro games" * Champion price cuts - when was the last time some of those champions had lowered prices? In 2015? It doesn't take a genius to figure out all the bad things. All you gotta have is some common sense and lil bit of care for the game. They threat it as a soulless product with "if asian market likes it, we won't bother to change it" attitude.
: Except ADCs aren't the strongest class in ARAM. Mages are.
It's common misunderstanding actually. Mages aren't the strongest, but the most obvious annoyance. Poke wins when you don't know how to dodge spells. But once you do, you learn that mages aren't all that scary. ADCs are.
: Hey, since you apparently didn't know (it's fine, not everyone does): Riven's E is the basis of 90% of her cancels and combos. Increasing its cooldown means almost every combo and cancel she has gets a longer cooldown as well. It's also the only way for her to actually survive fights.
> It's also the only way for her to actually survive fights. That is sooooo cheesy I almost felt it in the air.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saianna,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7YqsqsAr,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2019-05-28T23:52:55.696+0000) > > They do not have to bother about anything cause they have the freedom of building whatever they want. Then play Talon, Akali, Katerina, even Zed himself if you want that same freedom. I don't see a problem here. If can't pick a mage and want to play them like an assassin.
You really love to pull strawmans on others, don't you? Not gonna argue with you, cause it's pointless.
: "Oh no, Riven got nerfed, what will us mains do???"
She wasn't nerfed to begin with. Just some number shuffles. Lots of work to make it look like she's nerfed, but that's about it all. This comment lured in all Riven mains in the vicinity.
: ***
No. If Anything it's Zed mains who have this attitude. They do not have to bother about anything cause they have the freedom of building whatever they want. Anyone dealing against Zed is being forced to play as safely as they possibly can. Only because other side is Zed. It's quite rare to see such a logic-fk-ery you pulled off here.
: The new morde ult will be a huge problem.
But if he "kidnaps" someone to his realm... How is he supposed to kill his victim? Isn't he still immobile and slow af? He'll be just a a free frag for anyone relased after 2015
Zeddiken (NA)
: When Can I Play League Again
Funny part is: Riot has certain rules that Riot workers have to sign that prohibit them from speaking up about anything. Nor they can't sue Riot for violations or anything. They can only leave and be quiet. If theytalk about it, they will be stoned by death by army of lawyers. Riot's fun. Almost like USSR :)
Infernape (EUW)
: But she sure as hell is the biggest. Even with the nerfs Riot gave her she still has a 65% win rate.
Did you read the OP at all? Here's the important quote: > Tip: If you nerf the ADCs (strongest class in ARAM), Sona's win rate will also decrease. Her winrate isn't result of her own strenght, but the synergy with one of the strongest ARAM classes - ADCs. And because both sides have ADCs, their winrates are usually more in 50%s. Sona on the other hand is always only on 1 side.
YBaKunt (NA)
: True damage is destroying the game.
> You can't counter champions with defensive items anymore. This sentence took me a while to see what you meant :P
: is The Forced 50% winrate Real?
Xurreal (NA)
: Oh then it sounds like you missed that video. It was posted as a link in one of the more recent patch notes within the client.
doesn't change the fact it's BS :| At least now i know it was a sarcasm... right?
: Its ok to feed "its norms"
It's not even that he wants to feed It's not even that he ruins the game for other 4 players He starts a client, finds a game and he wants to lose. That is just brain-melting. He actively wants to lose his time on a defeat.
: Rune replacement suggestion for Waterwalking in ARAM: Liberation
> or that is on the enemy side of the map. Yea.. that would be an ultimate steamroll perk. if you manage to push 1 tower you get 1 free item worth of stats for couple of seconds. I'd rather see something like You gain movement speed after getting effects of the shrine. Speed boost is stronger while using shrine on your side. Just that. So people can heal and join fight faster.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Good luck carrying after this
Carrying? As a mage? In 2019? What are you.. Insane? He'd have to build AD to be able to carry as a mage. (unless we are talking about magey-assassins)
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