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Saldone (EUNE)
: Esport for all gender
you all freking haters Kappa
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: A Proposals How To Make Singed Balanced Again
: Before you make a post about balance...
Or maybe its just so Riot can decide which champ in LCS there shall and can be played and nothing about how to make the game balanced. it really feels like they dont care about making the game balance when they make champs like Graves and Ryze and Kindred so strong compared to all the others. there is a reason they are called Meta Champs. you can make alot of money on betting on those teams whos picking these champs. and i think Riot's programmers know this and are abusing it to get rich, thats just my theory
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: They have said they are looking at him. They want to avoid over-buffing, so they're giving it some time. A respectable approach, in my opinion.
So they just buff him so much that he can use Rune Prison 4 times in a row... " Not OverPower"
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