: Hard disagree. He was the original villain. He was the ultimate evil guy. Then his story developed over two sequel movies, where he ultimately tried to atone for what he had done. Then loads more stories built out the depth. Then the prequels, etc etc. So. Was Darth Vader good or evil? Discuss.
Darth Vader was a dynamic character. Started good, feel into evil, then redeemed himself into good while dying. At no point was he gray. Kayn is probably the only champion in League that truly goes though character development.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Do you have any news on December Sale Schedule? It wasn't posted yet, and some of us are wondering what's up.
: What was your favorite rework this year?
They were all great, but Irelia is the best for me. She still shouldn't be viable mid lane, but as a top laner, she's a great champion.
: Riot, Miss Fortune can be so. much. cooler.
Her model and skins are good, but she really could use the animation updates that a lot of champs are getting at the moment. We've seen some great ideas for Fiora, Victor , J4 and hr others, and MF would fit right in. Not sure about her VO, guess if we had another Bilgewater event, so they can get a voice actress to voice her. Don't get me wrong, I'd love her Burning Tides persona to be voiced, just not sure Riot is going to do it for pure fanservice.
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weerXghostX (EUNE)
: Who's your main?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} full Conqueror abuse.
: I have an iPhone SE omegalul
I legit don't even know what that is. Nor why someone gave you a downvote for having it.
: Perception vs. Reality is getting out of hand on these boards
Tbh it kinda mimics real life. If one of ten people has a better car than them, people think their car sucks. Here, you get them complaining their champ isn't as strong as Irelia, Urgot or Jax. That apparently makes them unviable and in need of buffs the same way Timy-the-12-year-old cries because he has a last years iPhone.
: What Aatrox would look like if he was more similar to Varus
Kinda sad they don't do chromas for base skins anymore. The orange Bard one actually looks better than any of his skins.
: Garen JG Reportable?
Nope, you can play whatever you want and build whatever you want. You will get reported sometimes, but those reports will not be valid. So the more correct answer is that it's not **punishable**.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 31
> Jungle XP Changes to the jungle earlier in the year, including the removal of the overlevelled xp penalty, mean junglers are often getting quite a bit more XP than they were previously, which can include them being highest or highest equal level on their team a bit more than we believe is appropriate. We're cutting the amount jungle XP scales over time back slightly as a result. Change we're testing involves camps giving the same amount of XP at game start, but scaling 5% slower over time. Can you not do this.... Junglers like their XP and I like them not being in my lane.
: "Slow moving characters with little or no dashes are trolling. You NEED three dashes to play..."
Pff, I can play Darius into any of those, though Urgod can pose a challenge.
: Yorick nerf compared to Garen nerf
Sadly, Yorick will still be a pubstomper. If they really wanted to fix him in low elo, they should have increased the hitbox on his ghouls. The damn things are impossible to hit without using the attack move shortcut, and unless you know you have to use it, they will tear you to pieces. If they know what they're doing, they will fix the hitboxes and revert these nerfs.
: Riot is working on a new game. And I know exactly what it needs to be
**Wtf is wrong with you?** Why would I buy a video game?
Malza (NA)
: Ranged top laners are problematic
Can we add {{champion:74}} there. I know he's more of a low elo issue, due to having a more foolproof nature, but he's no less anoying to play against.
: > [{quoted}](name=BriceagcelFrate,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Mud668Ij,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-20T09:43:36.537+0000) > > im shit at this game. please nerf the champions i dont know how to deal with, so i dont have to turn on my brain and think about how i can improve. ok then.
Dude, you're level 12. Even if OP is bad, it's still a lot better than level 12.
: No thats not fair. Since rework champions dont chage their original price, they shouldnt change the price of other champions. That would simply extremely discourage the rework of low BE champions like Nunu, and would actually cause loses in sales for Rito. They have already given us plenty of free stuff, lets not be greedy and ask for too much.
They gave US plenty of free stuff, sure. The problem however, are the new players, or lack of them to be precise. Someone joins the game, only to find out he can't get a decent champions pool in two years, and all of them in five or more. They then get discouraged and leave. League can't survive without new players, and giving them 5-10% faster champ acquisition is more of a long term investment.
Wuks (NA)
: Gameplay+, the newest way to discuss the game on the Boards
Seems cool. I do have a question though, if someone comes up with a mini rework, like a new Wukong passive or how to make Azir viable, is Gameplay+ a good place to post it? Of course, guidelines should be respected.
: can you guys please nerf jihns moment speed and attack speed scaling
How exactly is he stronger than {{champion:119}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} or {{champion:498}} when with {{champion:497}}
: Play Jax or Trundle. Both go very well into Nasus, and can even contest solo objectives late-game.
Interesting, but nah. I'd rather go Keld and Panth with Ignite, go for early kills, then make ult plays around the map. More often than not, I'm 'rewarded' with the enemy team flaming Nasus in all-chat.
saltran (EUW)
: Nasus lategame is actually worse than his midgame if the enemy team has an adc imo. I dont think that he's broken but I have to agree that he's too outdated and needs major tweaks, not simple buffs or nerfs.
Yup, the go-to strategy to beat Nasus is going bot and snowballing your Adc, though mages like Anivia work as well. Still, it's annoying for both the toplaner who has to play a sidekick, and the 4 poor guys on the enemy team who will find themselves outnumbered a quite a bit more than tolerable.
Madsin25 (NA)
: Not true at all. He is so easy to counter it is actually funny. I don't main him btw I use to think exactly like you do, just saying. Why do you think they had to buff him to ridiculous levels over the past year or so? Because he is so easy to counter.
> Nasus is horribly designed because there is literally **zero mechanical counterplay** to his kit The comment is accurate and what makes him obnoxious to fight. You beat Nasus by bullying him and roaming. He can't help with invades and counter-invades, not gank mid/bot very well. The obnoxious part is that Nasus simply auto-wins based on your, and your teams, performance. You play well, he loses. You make a mistake, and he wins, with pretty much no effort on his part.
: If Teemo was a 2018 CertainlyT Champ
Tbh, I wish Teemo was a CT 2019 champ. He's a lot better with reworks than new champs anyway, and he is probably working on something right now.
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: Yasuo gets picked in 8.15 LCK playoffs ---- BUT LETS BUFF HIM !
To me he feels like Kass, Malz and Olaf, nothing special, but very good into certain champs/comps. He's fine overall, just not the best blind pick. Champs with nothing to windwall can, and should, destroy him.
koshkyra (NA)
: Nerf Jhin please
Jhin is one of the best designed Marksmen in the game, and having him as the classe`s mvp is fine. Nerf him, and we get brainless shit like Twitch in the meta, and I`d rather not have that. Also, why the hell woud they nerf Jhin, but keep Draven is his current state?
: There are two Valkyrie skins currently in the game - Valkyrie Leona and Dark Valkyrie Diana. They'll be getting more serious descriptions to go along with them soon. Next best bet are the Woad skins, though they're more related to folkloric Celtic tribes, and the Thunderlord skins, which are generally thunder gods with Nordic elements on their armor/design.
Tbh, I think most female champs would make excellent Valkyries. I almost included Taric there, but a Thunderlord skin would look awesome on him. Or Jarvan, as he has a giant spear, would be a good Odin.
La Bello (NA)
: Will Riot ever go back and improve on older skins for champions who have already been VGU'd?
Well, they could separate the GU and VU into two teams. Champs like Garen, Yi and Annie look good enough, but could use gameplay updates.
: Is it just me or is it easier to carry as support compared to ADC?
It's easier to win lane if that's what you mean. But if the game drags on, the difference between a good and a bad Adc becomes really obvious. Overall, I think the power distribution in bot lane is fine. Both roles are about equally important, with one being early game focused and the other being late game focused. Also, you don't get trolled by support Lux, so that's a plus.
: garen and yorick nerfs for the bottom level mmr
Well Garen needs a rework for a while now. A champion having 14% playrate and 54% winrate, while not being viable in Chalenger is in no way healthy for the game. His passive is the worst part, and the Villain mechanic isn't that good either. I wouldn't be worried about Darius. As long as there is something to dodge, a champ has clear weaknesses, and that gives him a lot more leeway than Garen.
Makimoke (EUW)
: That Support item price change is understandable but...
Well the main reason Supports are so oppressive is Ignite being too strong. They nerfed pots, which were fine for ages, because they broke the meta they created by overbuffing Ignite. That's a real wtf balance there.
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: @Riot Sexism is Hate Speech and should be a Punishable Offense
So what did they say to you anyway? I've been called polish, so I don't think it can be worse than that.
dimolish (EUNE)
: https://www.artstation.com/jessibean This is a link to the artist she is called Jessica Oyhenart, Give the artists credit next time.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Wait, she's a legit Rito employee. Then the skin might actually be made this year.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: To people who canonically believes Zed x Syndra is right...
Zed is more of a patriot than a nationalist. He only got involved in the war once his country got invaded, and he even adopted Kayn, while a blinded-by-hatred nationalist would have killed him. He also killed his teacher for being 'incompetent and bad for Ionia'. The Ionian leaders who imprisoned Syndra weren't really the nicest of people apparently. They're the same assholes who released Jhin into the world. She killed her teacher, while Zed, 'a villain', is loved by Kayn. I can see why they would join forces and act like allies. The ship itself is still not canon, but most communities like to ship any two characters with even a little bit of interaction.
Slythion (NA)
: literally the 2nd most picked midlaner in the game and you're gonna say she's "barely viable" because she has a god damn 49% winrate? This is a joke, you've got to be joking right? That logic is borderline delusional
Tbh, it looked like sarcasm.
: Watching Bjerg play Zoe.
You can beat her, but most of her bad matchups aren't popular in pro play. She really isn't that strong into Assassins, so you can always pick Fizz, Ahri or Zed into her. Her abilities feel rather telegraphed if you play a mobile champion, so I guess that's why she never bothered me much. Still, her W shouldn't drop stuff that isn't already in the game. So no Redemption/Gunblade/Protobelt until someone actually buys the damn thing.
Reothimene (EUNE)
: Electrocute changes are a buff and not a nerf
They are nerfs for average jungle Assassins who only care about the burst itself. Might be better for return ganks though. They are also nerfs for 100-0 mid lane Assassins like Zed and Fizz who usually try to combo it with their ults. Should be a buff for ranged users like LB, Ahri and Zoe.
: Xin Zhao and Master Yi Difficulty
They are the same mechanically. The possible explanation would be that Xin has to gank to win, while Yi doesn't. The difference between a good Xin and a bad one comes down to pure jungling skill, not champion experience. Still, both are among the easiest champs to play, and overall comparison is pointless.
Kythers (NA)
: Is this what you wanted, ahri mains?
-Level difference -Gold difference -Full damage runes -Class advantage And you're somehow ignoring the fact that they buffed her E, and nothing else. That aside, one would think it's obvious that, if 1s>2s is weak and 1.4s>2s is overpowered, they'd simply try 1.2s>2s and call it a day.
: How do you counter burst aside from asking for it to be nerfed?
If game health is important, then burst should be dodgeable. Which is why Duskblade and overpowered Ignite is a problem.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name= Król Wilk Sam,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PVTH5Yln,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-02T07:10:58.900+0000) > > You’re forgetting the ease of which you could proc thunderlord’s (ticking damage like GP ult or Morg pool insta procced it) and it’s much lower cool down. > > You can’t just look at numbers and call it a day. You have to take in the whole context. You comment suggests it isn't easy to proc electrocute... Is this really your opinion?
It only hurt some minor users like GP, Brand or Malz. Didn't do shit to prime users like Zed or LB.
: You’re forgetting the ease of which you could proc thunderlord’s (ticking damage like GP ult or Morg pool insta procced it) and it’s much lower cool down. You can’t just look at numbers and call it a day. You have to take in the whole context.
Well yeah, but it does support Meddler's front loaded damage theory. Having decent damage on a short cooldown still allows you to back off after a bad trade or two, while insane damage on a long cooldown kills you outright and showballs the lane to kingdom come. Overall, while damage over one minute might be similar, changing a trade keystone to burst keystone gives.... well more burst, which is hurting the game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Any thoughts on Garen? He's really strong everywhere below Diamond. Sure, he's a pubstomper, but Gold/Plat players isn't exactly beginers either.
: Was Mordekaiser born with that name, or did he adopt it?
Well, Sauron was originally called Mairon. Seeing that he's Morde's inspiration, this theory doesn't seem unlikely.
: @AnyRiotBalanceMember, You Guys Need to Make US You're Priority Not LCS/Devs Corner
> @AnyRiotBalanceMember, You Guys Need to Make US **You're** Priority Not LCS/Devs Corner What the fuck.....
: LOL is suffering the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG syndrome
Tbh, I'd rather fight Yasuo and Irelia than Garen and Tryn any day. Though, I do enjoy simpler champs with good skill expression like Lux, Poppy and Cait.
: Malphite needs to get a visual update
He needs a full VGU at this point. Feels way to dead compared to more modern tanks like Poppy, Shen, Sion and Orn.
Infernape (EUW)
: Yi was pick or ban for a short time recently. He dominated quite a few games in the LCK.
I think that was only because of funnel comps. Still, the few Taric+Yi games I was in pro play were....really really sad.
: Riot needs to stop lying by saying that they don't balance around pro play
To be fair, they said they don't balance ONLY for pro play. Otherwise you'd see bullshit champs like Yi in pro play....causing the game to lose half it's playerbase,
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