: "Fed" Okay. It's low ELO. 9 deaths over 26 minutes, especially with a fairly similar K+A, isn't feeding. And that was the only ADC. You can't expect to have your duo butt buddy be your ADC every time. Even if you say no, it doesn't matter, it's fucking draft pick. If they get bot you have absolutely no ability to force them out of bot in any way that isn't **actually** trolling. And, no, you got a chat ban because of toxicity, not because of them supposedly "trolling" you.
So you saying that you know my game better than me dude....That guy just insta pick MF because they banned his Yasuo and there was a Zed mid for just that reason and we SAYD NO to change lanes with him and forced my friend to play mid and my friend FEED because he doesnt play mid and he got flamed by him...so of course I will flame him... That guy didnt know even how to play MF he just got lucky and got some kills because of me And really (Low ello) Silver game ok its low but still Solo/Duo its still RANK game And how I am gonna get better Rank If I play with TROLLERS..Pls tell me ?? Cause you sound like you know
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