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: Its because they are on the continent Shurima. While they are not in the desert they are in the big jungle that is currently unmarked
When you hover over Shurima on the map though, It only highlights the desert.
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Slán (EUNE)
: LeBlanc's Identity Crisis
My thoughts exactly. So much potential but sadly they'll just tell you that there are higher priority champions right now and that they dont have enough resources. I just wish she didnt feel like a lvl 15 MMORPG mage. Her kit is SO BASIC. Outside of her ult and maybe w there is nothing deceptive or manipulative about her playstyle.
Hige (NA)
: it's more beneficial to work hollistically, plus visual updates often times feel really bad since there's no VO lines added, it's not about being commercial, it's about workload and resources management
Back then Visual updates had new VO, champion spotlight, and lore. I'm talking Nidalee/TF/Soraka/Annie days.
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: League client update Q&A: The Play Loop [Now Complete]
Is the unique ambient sound that plays when u select a champion special or did you just take them from their spells?
: Fun voice actor facts you probably [did] know
{{champion:69}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:143}} and Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9/10 share the same voice actress
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: Shurima Story Q&A #2
If Cassiopeia asked Azir for a favor, would he think about it? Afterall, she did free him. In other words: Would Azir forgive Cassiopeia for stabbing Sivir in the back because it caused his revival?
: Shurima Story Q&A #2
What's your definition of a curse? Because I'm really trying to convince myself that Cassiopeia's transformation is a "curse".
: Cass
Right now she's strong against mages but very weak against the class she was aimed to counter with her new mechanic (Assassins). Overall she feels nice to me and reminds me of old Cass in alot of ways (except for that useless passive) but she goes against what Riot planned for her which is being a mobile anti-mobility mage.
: So then why don't other safe lane bullies ever get gutted like this?
Riot makes no sense sometimes. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what Repertoire is gonna do on the next pbe update. They are going to reduce E cd so that's nice
: I think the idea behind the passive was interesting and deserves to be explored but you're right on the money when you say that it's just a detriment to her right now because she cannot buy boots to supplement her speed and her bases are slow as hell. The nerf to Q range makes it practically useless, since you're in the effective range of the majority of champions in order to attempt to get benefit from it. The W Grounded effect isn't as powerful as say, being able to use the pool on yourself defensively or being able to peer over a wall for a brief period (such as to check/take blue, check dragon/baron etc) that she's lost so much utility from it the fact they can't flash out of your weak ass poison and weak ass Fang spam is irrelevant. And the E, well, you're right about that. It's so much clunkier than the old one (unless you get 45% cdr then it's "normal" again) that it takes away from your goal of quickly chasing, running or maneuvering. The R changes seem mostly irrelevant, though it is weird they'd choose now to weaken the slow when they've weakened the rest of her so considerably. Whether or not they can number-tweak this version of the kit is pointless, though, as it's unfun and unintuitive to play. You can't early harass with fangs (getting Thunderlord's to proc reliably is a nightmare with the 0.9 base cd that isn't refreshed if they're poisoned) and the slight buff to your late game dps is a change in an area that didn't matter anyway. I guess MY suggestion would be to tool around with the passive a bit more, ditch the Q, W, E changes until that's worked out and then revisit the idea of...whatever the hell they were trying to accomplish with that change. But we both know that they don't care enough to do anything about it.
You're right about miasma's vision value and if I had remembered I would have talked about it in my post. I decided not to talk about q range because riot keeps saying the main reason she got reworked in the first place was because of safe Lane bullying with Q.
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: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
What does Azir think of Cassiopeia?
: Can Secondary Characters be LESS useless? Case Study of MF, Fiora, and Taliyah
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vladimir Direction
Sharjo (EUW)
: I emboldened it here because there's a bit of formatting error on the site, so in case you can't find it: True Neutral is the name of the short.
Ok good. I thought it didn't have one ala MF/Fiora.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Shen's long lore has been released!
Where is the title for the second part of his lore?
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
How about removing Petrifying Gaze's cast time and make it so it has no effect on people who have their back turned to her? It doesn't make sense for her gaze to hurt someone who has their back turned to her and it will be great for mobility control, just like Annie's Ult.
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Reav3 (NA)
: The answer ended up being nothing, expect that her lore was completely rebooted, that was my point. She was originally slated to be a medium Shen scope project but ended up becoming a full VGU from a resource perspective though she wasn't generally perceived as being as big as Poppy/Sion.
No new VO and no new recall animation.
: The skin isn't canon, so no. This is just his face for this particular skin.
: What's so Karma about Karma?
I like how Riot admitted that their Karma rework was a failure and STILL didn't update her.
Lyndris (NA)
: I believe that like the marksmen update all immobile mages will get *something* with the update
Stat changes at best. I just don't like how her kit was made by mating leblanc and lux's abilities.
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Would love a thread like that for Cass as I'm still unsure of the direction you'e going to take with her
: (just little off topic: in nature the brightest the color the more dangerous the animal it is. why do you think the blue or red frogs are that color? cause venom op; same for weird kind of snakes)
You do have a good point but I just really don't feel like the bright colors fit her much, atleast not the turquoise.
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: Agree with the gating. The things I think the passive does which may be missed if gone are in providing some sort of sustain (since she's pretty low range for a mage) and giving her some access to CDR which would otherwise feel suboptimal given the nature of Twin Fang's cooldown-reducing mechanic.
Can't you just reduce her abilities cooldown and move the healing to Twin Fangs as a passive? I don't think a single person will miss the stacking passive unless it continuously gives her cool upgrades like new mechanics.
: What kind of news would you like? I've popped into a few threads to talk about them here and there. Curious what kind of news is desired here. I fear the answer is "everything" which sadly is unrealistic, since progress would take an eternity if I had to clear all the decisions I made with Boards first. I'm interested in talking about them, however. Usually as it pertains to what players do and do not want.
I was thinking general direction and strategic identity and how that will manifest in their upcoming kit even if the details are very sparse. We were struck dumb with Cassiopeia changes that couldn't be averted and that's what I would like to be avoided in her upcoming rework.
: I have design ownership on Malzahar and Cassiopeia for their upcoming changes.
Can we expect news on Malzahar and Cassiopeia as you're working on them or are we getting nothing till they hit the PBE?
: > [{quoted}](name=Scarborough Fair,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BaeQ2jAw,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2016-02-06T00:41:52.733+0000) > > Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine~
: Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
: How do you link a picture like that? I used to know but it's been a few seasons.
use imgur and just copy the link they give you and paste it.
Ichinose (EUW)
: Second image is the same but I still got the joke :D
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iBubbles (NA)
: Didn't the rework already happen?
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