Sean Bean (EUNE)
: Suspension for 14days LOOK OVER WHAT!
So today Riot Games Player Support decided that the punishment was not applied correctly. Suspension was removed and honorlvl restored! I am glad that it was resolved positively! Thanks for all support guys! :)
: Say in a support ticket that the suicide was in reference to facechecking a bush, and that the kys was asking what it meant. To be perfectly honest, with how often kys is used it might be unlikely that they believe you if you say you didn't know what it meant, but there is a chance you'll get the punishment revoked. It sounds to me like you're just the victim of the automated system.
Well i always play games for fun. I dont get upset that easily, and i realy didnt know "kys" meaning. Somehow i think riot stuff is hard to get answer from. If they think i am gulty for verbal or whatever abuse over someone, well that is it for my LOL gaming days. I did play from season 1, maybe it is time to move on. Sometimes i feel kinda too old for it anyhow. I cant say i didnt had cool and fun times playing this game over years, but all friends moved on... so this couzld be Space telling me to move on as well :)
: I am sure they will, it is because you wrote "suicide" and "kys" twice. The automated system bans you if you do that. From the transcript I think they will lift the ban, you don't seem toxic just by looking at that, if maybe a little annoying :p (but that doesn't warrant a ban hehe)
I was just trying to give comic relief, as they were jummpy like playing for the real money... :) And as for "kys" i litteraly didnt know what it meant. I had to google it after game. -.-'
Sean Bean (EUNE)
: Suspension for 14days LOOK OVER WHAT!
They still didnt answer. So i guess ill lose time to play games... However i do have other games i play more recently... but i did wanna play 2 - 3 games as it is friday. But i guess i wont be doing that now will i riot? XD WoT here i come
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