: Have you tried going to the rewards page first, then clicking on the watch.lolesports.com thing or VODs, and then watching it? Also did you see a thing that said that watch rewards were properly set up for your account once the video started?
You are not being helpful
: I hate to take the customer support approach but... Were you logged in? Were you logged in to the correct account? Did you see aa rewards are being monitored etc popup message below the video?
Yes I was logged in, IN THE RIGHT ACCOUNT...
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: A fix for Yasuo?
Or Riot could just revert the compensation buffs after the rework of the critical items?...
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Out of all the biased people complaining about Yasuo, you are the one that actually speaks something and pointing out good idea unlikely some of people ranting about Yasuo's E or W after the crit revert changes... Yes they should really just revert Yasuo back, but as I know Riot they will probably ruin him and then will compensate him and so the cycle will go on until Riot actually reverts everything back...
shipo13 (EUNE)
: where is yasuo nerf after 9.3 critic items buff?
Akali was way too overpowered after the rework but they nerfed her after like 6 months, say something about this? We all know very well that a little rise in win rate is not relevant because people actually crying for Yasuo nerfs don't even care about the game, It is just a bad meme that won't die soon...
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: Riots response would be something like this; "We have heard your calls for bans in ARURF so before the champ select starts, each member of your team will get a random (not chosen) ban."
And It will be as random as the champions, every game the banned random champions will be Ivern, Rek'Sai, Skarner something that is not even in play just like how it is now in ARURF
: Tell me about it, every game in this stupid ass "random" gamemode has the same champs, just fucking let us pick our own champions, its absoultely r%%%%%ed when you just sit under tower/base and wait for the surrender vote because the enemy got maokai garen and syndra
I agree with you every single game there are the same champions, like there is always Karthus, Garen, Tahm Kench, Blitzcrank, Vladimir, Xin Zhao, Shyvana, Jinx, Quinn, Malphite, Wukong...
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