: Are We Really Going To Start Another Season Without Addressing Damage Creep?
Go on any statistics site and you will maybe understand how insanely wrong you are. Apart from senna being brokne, but thats almost true for every new champ/rework, nothing you said is true, top rn is jugg meta with a few tanks and even fewer dmg. Jungle is bruisers mostly, no meta jungler rn builds full damage ( apart from ekko, but he is broken since he had a new skin recently ). Pyke is legit one of the worst supports in game. I legit have no idea what game you are playing, but clearly not league. Are you actually asking for a tank meta again, cuz we are damn close and you are still complaining about damage.
: A friendly reminder for people to chill out.
Pre season isn't an excuse to int, normals isn't and excuse to int, 0/12 yasuo has no excuse ever. You can try new things anytime, just don't int.
DatPolak (NA)
Start blue every time, don't kill all golems ( waste of time since your other camps just spawn fast ). Don't play champs that clear slowly, they buffed spawn times so you either clear fast or go home. Don't babysit any lane, catchup exp got nerfed so just take good ganks and farm. The jungle is finally healthy imo, i hope it stays like this. There is a few champs that need a bit of buffing but thats it.
: Jungling got you down? Here's what to do:
Good tips, I think heavy drake control is very important for now, the only thing i disagree with is sanguine blade. I think that considering how powerful drakes are, you are gonna have a lot of 3v3s and 4v4s for that objective and sanguine and teamfight is a nono. Thats at least what works in my low elo games tho {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Zullar (NA)
: Dragons
If you lose 4 drakes you basically lost the map, and what i mean is that if in 25 minutes you were not able to make a play that leads to a drake then you shouldn't probably win.
SS1986 (NA)
: jg sucks bad
Smart jungle pathing and ganks + drake control wins games unlike the previous braindead camp one lane farm half a jungle and still be somehow equal or ahead in exp. Jungle is finally healthy in my opinion, and yes i do play mostly jungle.
: Elder Dragon buff ruins sustain and comeback oppurtunity
I have no idea what you are talking about, i have yet to see a team that is able to defend against dragon souls until elder spawns, legit haven't seen elder this pre season, it's 4 drakes game's done.
: Season 11 Changes to SR Map
Yes please, top might finally be usefull with that change. I would legit play that map just for the clown fiestas.
: Top lane is even more hated by jg after patch.
My best tip for you is to ask the jungle in champ select if you're getting ganks that game and pick accordingly, some champs are better at taking pressure and avoiding ganks. Sadly, as a former top main, the role is simply sad right now, I legit don't understand how people still play it. I myself would rather go support than top since it's way more impactful.
: top lane main here, i'd prefer to get camped by enemy jg for the record It helps my team get ahead and even if i lose lane my four team members have more presence than their 3. It's not all that hard to get back into a match, a tower and a shut down will do it, though obviously farm is a good idea too
I totally agree, if as a jungler i can stomp mid/bot and get drakes ( especially with the way drakes are right now) the game is probably over no matter what the top does. Since pre season started i kept avoiding top like the plague, the games go well and are usually less tilting.
: Yay for top lane having impact
*laughs in 4 drakes vs fed toplane"
: Saying Riot banning people is stealing is considered Trolling?
"A legitimate terms-of-service agreement is legally binding and may be subject to change. Companies can enforce the terms by refusing service. Customers can enforce by filing a lawsuit or arbitration case if they can show they were actually harmed by a breach of the terms." Nobody is making laws, tos is like a contract, you break it you're done. Just because you spent money that doesn't mean you get any privilege. That should always be the case. You can go sue them, see if you win against a multi billion dollar company, probably not, but if you do try, good luck mate.
: Why don't YOU like playing jungle?? I choose mid and top and still get auotfilled to jungle. WHY???
No, because people don't understand that it isn't a jungler's role to recover your lane after you inted 3 kills in 4 mins, so everyone just flames jungle and that is tilting for many.
: Can someone tell me why Kai'Sa is still the best adc in the game over a year later?
Kaisa and ezreal are overrated, stop playing them. Also nerf xayah
Linovy (NA)
: Whenever Somebody Tells Me to "Just Play Bots" I Tell Them I Already Mastered Bots
klin537 (NA)
: two champion bans instead of one?
There were over 120 champs when 10 bans were introduced, it ain't going to change soon.

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