Ralanr (NA)
: "We have disabled Ahri because she has too many tails and it causes crashes"
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Raiyza (NA)
: 90 minutes?!?! What the fuck kind of pizza is it? That shit better be fused with dragon meat or something.
I guess they say that so if they were late I couldn't complain {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: I mean, when people complained about Ahri getting Academy Ahri, Katey directly stated that her getting a skin doesn't take away from someone else getting one. Those resources probably would have been put to more work on the other skins in the set.
Nothing like she needs to say that, but realistically...
: Most of Shen's models from his VU look amazing, but the particles and animations done were lazy and look just plain off on some skins. There's clipping parts on some of the skins, proving that the work was rushed, too. In fact, there are no particles for any of his skins. They're all the same particles and effects.
: Actually, if anything the inhabitants would hate him.
Except {{champion:30}}
: What's with people wanting the Ruined King to be a champion? He's just another faceless soul in the malestorm that is the Black mist. He's not important, at all.
So you are still here... I thought Metal Malicious was you renamed - so is it your another account or is that a different person?
: Surprisingly, yeah.
UNIQUE Active: Every enemy Yordle champion in the game gets flat. (Range: Global)
: Can we just appreciate how well designed Illaoi is?
> She also has taught me the important lesson You mean: *Don't ever reject a fanatic that is going to beat you up*?
: The dragon eggs and vines look awesome, though. I mean, Zyra may not get many skins, but her skins receive a lot of love.
It sure is better than nothing, I'd just love a skin that's planty... Like Death Blossom or Elderwood. A lot of love? Lol, this was her first skin since 2013, not so different from your Shen (Worlds skins not counted) - which at least got a full VGU and all his skins now look awesome. Zyra on the other hand got ONLY her base model updated in MYMU, which means Wildfire, SKT and even Haunted look like shit in comparison - because of that I prefer playing with her base model most of the time - and they are going to get updated 5 years from now at best, at that time League is possible to not exist anymore...
Wind234 (NA)
: I'm no expert, but I imagine they classify her as a Catcher because her kit is good at immobilizing enemies. She has her snare and her ult, which is a huge AoE knock-up that catches whoever is stuck in it. The fact that she's so good at trapping her foes and whittling them down is probably why she's played support to begin with. That's not to say you CAN'T play her mid or anything - Morgana is another Catcher and she can be played mid also. As for why Heimerdinger is not a Catcher and Zyra is, I think it's because Heimer doesn't have as many tools to catch people with as Zyra does. He has his grenade stun, but that's about it. The closest I'd consider Heimer is more a Burst Mage/Battle Mage hybrid because of how his kit currently works. Zyra has some Battle Mage in her, too, and I don't think she's a bad pick for mid lane or anything, but I do think she's a bit more helpful in bot lane. She provides a lot of pressure and it's hard to deal with her AND and ADC at the same time. If she were alone, you could pick off her plants from a safe distance and neuter her damage, but you can't really do that as effectively bot lane thanks to her partner. So I think people play her support because it's easier on her than a solo lane. That's not saying she can't solo lane, but it's harder for her to be effective there, especially when you consider some of the champions she'd have to deal with. Fizz, LeBlanc, Yasuo, Zed, Talon, maybe Lux, Ahri, Ekko....So many champions would give her a really hard time.
(Side note: Yasuo is my favourite midlane matchup) Aside of being AoE, Zyra's CC actually has the worst numbers among characters that have CC, it's the slowest and shortest hard CC among mages. If that should define her as a catcher, then why aren't {{champion:111}} , {{champion:89}} or {{champion:154}} chathers? Is it because they are too tanky for a cather? Well Zyra has too much damage for a catcher. Why then aren't {{champion:90}} or {{champion:127}} listed as catchers? They actually have WAY better CC than Zyra.
Borsuk (EUW)
: The unfair part is how every part of her kit is pass-through (i.e. minions grant you no protection). It's ok in midlane, but botlane champions with naturally shorter ranges usually have no real answer to that when you combine it with Zyra's damage. Saying that her utility is "mediocre" is a misunderstanding as well. Granted, she has no shields, heals or buffs - but she has multiple sources of AoE hard crowd control, something far from common even among (ranged) supports.
She has the shortest root duration with the slowest projectile among skillshot roots in the game and the knockup is also not that long (for example Janna's full charged tornado easily surpasses it). So yes, her utility is at best mediocre. Speaking of shorter ranges, maybe only tank supports might have problem with that, otherwise botlane champions have enought mobility to dodge her skillshots if they need to go close ({{champion:429}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}}). And only thing tank supports need is to jump on her, as all of them can do that, and she's dead).
Raiyza (NA)
: You really shouldn't start a game if youre expcting someone at your door. Jut wait for the guy to bring the food, then start one.
They said 90 minutes, not my fault if they arrive THIS sooner
mkyner (NA)
: That might be difficult - do you go with 18 tails, or 81?
You mean every tail has a tail? And then every tail on every tail would have a tail - that reminds me of those fingers that have another fingers on them... How about Ahri with fingers instead of tails?
: I mean, it could easily be a tasteful PP skin, and not just a two piece bikini. Like so. http://i.imgur.com/Cf0zEbO.png?noredirect Either way, I won't say no to more Ahri skins, but I don't see why people complain either. It's not like she's taking a skin from someone else. All that said PP is a bit disappointing, as I'd much prefer a Harrowing skin like Vampire Ahri, or a more elegant skin like Sakura Ahri.
Technically every skin need some people to work on it, the people that could work on a skin for someone else, so actually...
mkyner (NA)
: How about a compromise - every Champion gets an Ahri skin? Red dress, obviously fake tails, etc. It'd look great on Darius.
: Yeah, I thought I was the only one who absolutely hates the design.
May I join the "my main finally got a skin after a thousand years and it sucked" club? Two words: Butt wings
awdaf (NA)
: I just lost a game because a wasp flew on my head, and it was mid team fight
Last week I lost a game because the pizza delivery guy called me he's almost here, so I ran out of the hause to take the pizza and be back in a minute before I cause some inconvenience. **That idiot missed my hause two times with me standing right in front of it.**
Borsuk (EUW)
: Zyra players "betryed" themselves by pressuring Riot to keep most of her kit intact. Expecting her to be balanced for midlane when no part of her kit that makes her borderline unfair as support was changed is crazy.
Well I did not preassure anyone, but I'm curious: what do you mean by the borderline unfair kit parts for support? Because those are her CORE parts, her plants, which everybody has problem with. Her utility is at best mediocre among supports... Btw she's the exact same lane bully in the midlane, it's only that people don't meet her there so they don't know, but that's the reason she's played there, but she's actually not a good "support", she's a secondary AP carry, worse than Lux or Karma, because they can actually support the ADC (shields).
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AmazoX (EUW)
: {{champion:78}} Thank the Riot Gods for nerfing her damage.
Not enough, she outDPSes me as Zyra mid with tons of pene, 3 plants, my ultimate and without me getting stunned, like wtf?
R2D20 (NA)
: {{champion:83}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:27}} ?
{{champion:420}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:35}}
: i might should remind you , brand and teemo are banned for 2 seasons in urf
Brand was banned? I'd swear I played him there..
: what you do is, you do it in black, then go over that one with the same text in white but slightly smaller size ta-da. black bordered text.
R2D20 (NA)
: {{champion:62}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:113}} ?
{{champion:42}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:28}}
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: I'm not 100% certain, but this seems like the one. https://i.redd.it/tl2p88dhricx.jpg
OK NOW I'M ANGRY ~~(I don't play Pokemon Go but Articuno is my favourite of these three)~~
tSSheila (EUW)
: It's okay to be gay
What was the original picture?
: at least others can use protobelt. the only champion that legit used will of the ancients was vlad, and occasionally kennen, which btw is also a champion who builds proto a LOT, almost always. just like elise. haven't seen a single game with an elise that didnt Build proto at some point. sure, protobelt is very ideal to vlad, but it is to every ap champion if you can use it. ive seen people Build it on vel'koz before and it honestly is a lot stronger than people think, assuming you do know how to use it properly. the reason why mobility champions like ekko fizz etc Build it because it helps them gapclose. You ult with a fizz from max range and it hits, use your E, but they are too far for your Q? no Problem, use protobelt for a mini-flash+ burst and your Problems are solved. and the same goes to vlad, it is more for utility than for the stats, because when vlad gets his 3rd Q movement boost he Needs to get somewhat close to use it but the movement speed bonus is so short that he can legit only get 0.25 seconds to close up or else he will be too far away, and protobelt's dash helps with that issue. the reason why it is so good is because the item as a whole compliments the entirety of what we know as vlad, it gives him some extra burst for early, a lil bit mobility, a reliable but hard to use gapclose and decent stats. BUT that does not mean it is Build for vlad alone, because it can be used by every ap champion for the stats, it is the active what decides which champions can utilize it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Bisex Plant,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=096oRFjb,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-24T13:14:07.252+0000) > > only Annie and champions that are already mobile enough ({{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} , maybe {{champion:127}} and {{champion:3}}) and thus gives them unnecessary power. > This is why. WotA wasn't 'almost no one else'. It was straight no one else.
Idk, I'd built it on {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:69}}, some people did so with {{champion:63}}
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: i'd have replaced zed with vayne but that's just a tank mains opinion.
*remembers crit build*
: Because having both of them makes you a tank buster and a hyper carry which then encompasses everything in the middle including assassin and bruiser. She supposedly has her neiche the probple is she has her neiche and every other damage based neiche covered besides range. I think riven does the same thing but where fiora has true damage and healing riven has essentially 300% damage on auto attacks in kit which vastly out numbers anything defensive items are balanced forand an ad scaling shield.
Riven needs to have AD scaling shield tho, because if she didn't, she would need to build way tankier (to survive AND because the shield would probably scale out of bonus HP) - and you don't want to deal with {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3111}} Riven, or something like that, the same as Fiora's Vital AD scaling and the reason it was shifted. And what "having both" do you mean? I only said I don't have a problem with her outdueling everyone, what is the other thing?
: maybe... but if you make it go on cooldown whenerver you jump to a minion, and make the second cast only work for champs, maybe it would work out
Well this patch they wanted to shift some power from his shield and if that wouldn't be enough, letting him dash to minions would make him to sacrifice the shield for an ally for another purposes...
: Please tell me I wasn't the only one who clicked to order...
Yes, it didn't work, so I reported the post as spam.
: Jax doesn't win 1v1 against anyone during s3 or s4 when jax was god tier, he couldn't win 1v1 against {{champion:75}} {{champion:48}} and his 1v1 against {{champion:39}} depended on factors
I hope that by > Jax doesn't win 1v1 against anyone you mean toplaners in laning phase
: because she is le grand DOOLIST duede she should be able to out-fight any and every1 haha it's in her THEME bruh haha dude
Well why not? It only mocks me that she excels also at another areas of the game...
: I don't get the joke. :/
: I found the best counterjungling champion
Well {{champion:143}} can hide WHEREVER in the jungle and you mistake her for a part of it so...
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Bisex Plant,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=61MIsAc8,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-05-23T18:05:06.085+0000) > > as they planned for Taliyah, but didn't have technology for it back then! Back then? I wouldn't trust their pile of spaghetti to do that now.
Well it's not like it is long time ago, but I guess it's not like they didn't improve at all either...
: Can We Talk About Malphite?
Yes! Make his ult him rolling down the Rift, knocking up enemies and destroy walls - as they planned for Taliyah, but didn't have technology for it back then! http://imgur.com/aUt6604
VulDread (NA)
: Fid basically does the same thing, but more binary and oppressive
*soon to be downvoted by people who think Fiddle is healthy design*
: Ward hops on supports are a bad idea since they automatically build sightstone. At least Lee does have to sacrifice something to ward-hop (even if it's minor, like lack of a red trinket/a combat smite/or building a sighstone, delaying his build path).
So they would sacrifice vision on an important spot, no?
Cyphedias (EUW)
: Easy solution leet him ward hop
Or at least minion hop, Braum can do that...
: You werent harrassed by any and all means. If you had bern id never have gotten 16 upvotes and you dnt see anyome give a fuck about you either. Now get your creepy stalker ass away from me
Because you were only upvotefarming with "if I've done this post I'd get downvoted QQ" xDDDDDDD Noone noticed you're harassing me, hell I said even I did not notice at the first sight xDDDD You're so sad being LOL
: oh wow ._. you actually came and stalked me as predicted and even reported my comment after proving it right? and you still call others issued :/
Wtf this post is on the main page, I bumped into your comment just out of luck - not seeing your name, I wouldn't even notice someone's harassing me, then I noticed the "play" on my summoner name. That's btw why I reported your comment - and "as predicted" it got deleted. So if anyone was proven right (by Boards mods), it was me.
: ***
Oh, actually if you still have issues cuz of it, then maybe you've got some mental problems :)
: {{champion:56}} {{champion:61}}
: Yet you shy away from mine </3 </3
You went even through the fear of a ban, that must be a trap!
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: Okay! Edit: ~~[Here you go!]~~ I'm kind of nervous having these floating around the internet now... Edit Edit: OOOOOKAY I took them down ;-;
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