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: Yeah, Twitch TOTALLY can't massively increase his AD, AS, and range all at the same time. /s
I believe his opinion is the same as yours...
CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: What if make stealth/camouflage a bit transparent/blurry? They can still catch you off-guard,but you can see them coming. This might result in the increase of stealth on some champions,but would overall feel more fair for the opposing party. One of the major problems of stealth/camouflage is you either don't see them and they catch you off-guard or you see them and they have their ability nullified by an item.
I was thinking about stealth being like permanent Shiver mechanic, but I think it would seriously harm stealth abilities like Vayne's (no problem with me here, but we need to stay objective) and people would face it the same way as they face the current LeBlanc clone: "Did you really fall for that? Lol you must be stupid af"
zepdrix (NA)
: Stealth being used as an **engage tool** is totally broken in this game: Twitch, Rengar, Shaco and even Wukong and Kha'Zix to some degree. Personally, I think they've done a good job with stealth on a few champions: Akali and Talon come to mind. Their stealth abilities are telegraphed so there is at least **some** amount of counter-play. But I agree, the "poof here I am, now you're dead" type of stealth is so frustrating.
Rengar's is now on the Talon and Akali side
Saïx (OCE)
: may make sense but from where i'm standing it looks very Azir in that it's always causing headaches for Riot
It doesn't, their idea is to buff him, buff him, buff him. No questions here.
: I'm hoping Evelynn's VGU team will rework Morde, and I'll tell you why.
OoT: Malicious, where did you get the GotU icon? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: I feel like the elemental dragons were good in theory, but when put into practice they flopped. Technically speaking, the drakes do offer strategies that can be adapted to. In games where seiging and poking is going on, Mountain and Ocean drakes are very good to get. In games where roaming and split pushing is common, Air and Mountain are good. The problem arises when you have an overarching one that is too powerful, like infernal. Infernal is useful no matter what sort of team comp you have or what the game situation is, and it's very bad for your team if the enemy team gets it, so people are practically forced to contest it, which goes against the design goals that Riot set when they created elemental drakes. > The problems with current iterations of elemental drakes (IMO): > * The benefits gained by the drakes are too passive in nature, passive stat boosts aren't visible or skill-expressive to use. Its the same problem old Sona had, and the same problem old Taric's ultimate had. It's just a team-wide aura that people don't really think twice about. > * Infernal drake is irrefutably the best of the 4, it's good for every team, and works under every circumstance. You know there is a problem if streamers are saying, "Meh we don't need to fight them for this dragon because it's just mountain or air. If it were Infernal I might be worried, but it's not worth fighting them over another mountain drake" _ _ > Because of this I think that the benefits of drakes should be crystalized into moments of power. > * Mountain should offer a significant chunk of damage each time your team damages a structure or epic monster, or increased range when targeting towers and epic monsters. > * Air should offer a shorter duration boost of movement speed when out of combat for X amount of time. Or if you stand still for a second or two. > * Ocean should offer sustain in a way that is stronger specifically for sieging (perhaps grant regen **only** when near structures?). > * Infernal should offer power that encourages teamfights and skirmishes, like a stacking increase to damage as you repeatedly damage enemies over time, or momentary burst by way of additional damage the first time an enemy is damaged by someone on your team. Additionally I believe that the buffs should either have long cooldowns, or disappear entirely after a duration (like blue, red, and baron buff currently do). This will make people play around the buffs while they have them, trying to utilize their benefits in the time that they can.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: > **demonic rune circle** flashing beneath the enemy's feet is less offensive than Vlad spilling his blood orb on the ground near them. That's the problem of people. They see blood more triggering and offending than demonic rituals, runes, circle, weapons or anything. You kill people in games, you freaking do it. Doesn't matter it has blood or not. Everyone who is over 10 IQ also knows when someone gets wounded openly, blood flows. It is not a surprise, or shouldn't be, to see blood flowing even by kids. Bleeding is not worse than killing. I don't get this logic, really. Or am I being stupid to not see a point? Btw, I have hemophobia (as someone that is gonna become a vet, yes), and blood in games never affects me. _None of my sentences are toward you Blood Magicks. I am speaking generally here and wouldn't really want to offend or anything one of members I respect and like. I know (or feel) you would prefer having blood animations over censored ones if you had a choice._
: Bottom Lane NEEDS Lane Bullies, But Through Supports
No they don't, so let's nerf Zyra so she's not viable mid - oh wait, I forgot...
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Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group H
Why are half of my favourite champions in one group? Whom should I be voting for in the other groups?!
: If you find someone, whom you think is toxic, please use the report button. It's in the lower right corner of the comment. The moderation team cannot be everywhere, and it needs the user's help to keep an eye out for any toxicity. Thank you!
Nah, I don't think they'd ban him, because while he only says mean things, I don't really think he's violating the terms of use (I might be wrong tho). And even if so, he'd just make another account and continue doing so.
: if it doesnt affect you why are you getting upset?
I'm not upset because people are telling me bad things wtf did you even read what I wrote?
: > [{quoted}](name=kasfas,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RGiLFO64,comment-id=00010001000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-21T11:44:08.794+0000) > > They can do it. They made sunfire into a shitty waveclear-only item, adcs can feel the blunt of that bat too. Notice how no one buys sunfire anymore?
Not that I miss Sunfire must-have meta, but it's pretty funny to realize that.
: I can't know since I keep being given Kha and MF and the one time I did get him was over in ten minutes before I had any fun
You need to play him AP, it's more fun and he's very strong since the start.
: Well you should stop playing this game.
I'm actually surprised this person is not banned on Boards yet, they are only toxic and that's it, nothing more, lol.
: You shouldn't let what random people on the Internet say affect you so much.
What... What people say does not affect me, I'm affected by the fact that I need to turn them off just so I have fun in my games, otherwise it's just complaining and calling names and that absolutely kills the experience. That's what is sad.
: I have complained about poppy in the past, you can look up any of my tank threads and I probably mentioned her
: if tanks were more like Amumu with one decent cc spell on a basic and then having their ult melees would be alright sejuani, maokai, gragas, galio zac who can lock you down for millennia are not okay
Why deas noone ever mention {{champion:78}} when she has CC on every ability? Is it that one of them works only on champions with dashes and thus is protected from critique on Big Lincoln's posts? That's not hate or something, just a genuine question.
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: >you HAVE a dash are you really trying to tell ME this? i feel like i shouldn't have to elucidate on my champion roster
You play juggernauts. Those who once they get into the enemy team absolutely rape them with little to no counterplay. What wuld you want? Only thing you need is to choose your way of approaching the enemy team better and not expect to be able to just run straight to them. If you were able to do that without consequences, juggernauts would be broken as hell. You are a very effective zoning, use yourself that way, run to the enemy team and let them back off right to the rest of your team. Darius would not be proud of your thinking.
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EbaIoHfm,comment-id=00060000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-19T04:03:22.235+0000) > > oops dropped this {{item:3116}} on you guess i win hehe that item is complete trash... its a 20% slow.. the hp and AP game been completely gutted. unless they are on of the few champions who can permanently proc it... your going to reach them unless thier team has some hard cc to peel for them.. they instant you catch up to them they are dead. you have a speed boost... use can use {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} {{item:3742}} sure you might not reach them EVERY team.. but even those time you certainly going to be able keep them running and remove them from the fight. as well and make them blow their hard cc skills on you to save themselves an not your own carries
Engrave this to a copper plate and put it on my grave.
: Maybe to stop the ability to solo it, we could make it's AOE damage a base number that splits evenly between the people doing it (so if you have more people, each person takes less AOE damage). idk, could be a bad idea I do like the the idea of having it apply grievous wounds (that TurquoiseYoshi mentioned). We could also have it reflect damage, kind of like thornmail.
Would add a skill expression for tanks and supports, too, they would need to not only stand and AA, but also watch for their carries and if they see they are not able to dodge a skillshot, they step into it to split damage.
: BorK active always had a small damage point and sustain...why are we now complaining about it?
It's not small now and DFG was always in the game before it got removed. This game is changing and I'm not complaining, I'm saying it doesn't make sence and it should be reworked.
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kargish (EUW)
: It's absurd that RIot has allowed this to happen for so long. Rengar suffers while Twitch is around.
Wait, Ambush provides 50% ATS?! I thought it's like 30-40% - this is just bullshit!
: No they are not. They like *a bit* of randomness to make trades less predictable. Because if you can exactly predict the end of a trade (and with a point-and-click, un-dodgeable auto-attack, you do can), the one that would lose the trade will just refuse trading at all, and you get a boring, un-interactive game. There have been various answers on Fearless and Ghostcrawler Tumblrs where they explained that.
But that's already happening, most of the times in midlane, you can see the lategame-oriented champions (when you actually see them because they are extremely forced out of this meta) just standing behind their turret, unable to get any CS and efusing to try to get some because it's just safer (and more common as the elo rises). So the toxic mechanic still exists without solving any issue...
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: "the whole team" lol
{{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:420}} Yes, the whole team.
: That part of the season was hell for ADC. Everything did so much damage. It was the league of assassins. Any squishy champion had zero fun. Oh your bot lane? Send the 4 or 5 man! Murder them let them have no fun what so ever! It was true because all the assassins were running rampant. Along with mages.
> Any squishy champion had zero fun. > It was true because all the assassins were running rampant. Along with mages. Implying assassins and mages are not squishies?
: the one patch in season 5 oooh wee mr technicality here
Yay, the times when characters were oneshotting the whole teams while being tickled by their damage, good times, good gameplay.
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Leetri (EUW)
: How many AD mid-laners are there again? Yasuo, Zed and Talon? Champions that are rarely played mid like Lucian, GP or Kayn are doing terrible mid, with the very rare exception of Pantheon (but he's barely picked mid at all so the stats aren't reliable).
Compare their playrates to the rest of midlaners...
MagÊ (EUW)
: to the most broken class atm? yeah they are to other classes in the game? nop
Which class is weaker than them atm?
: What's the point you're trying to make?
He was broken, yet he never climed over 47% winrate.
Lyseth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=zImaginaerum,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Xdkmy6UN,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-17T16:12:17.350+0000) > > Mmh, I'm still laughing at the fact that Evelynn got insta gutted every time she was around a 50% winrate whereas Twitch has been broken for... like 9 months now? > And Eve is melee and weak as fuck lategame lmao. > > I guess he'll get nerfed once they sell enough omega squad skins. Twitch has a horrendous early game tho.
No he doesn't. Maybe used to.
: AP isn't weak. Its items like {{item:3155}} invalidating their laning phase top lane. Why do you think Kennen isn't even played top anymore? He's primarily seen mid. __________ Aside from that, its ADCs having overloaded defensive itemization. They get everything they could want just tacked onto each of their items, meanwhile APs just have Morello's.
Toplane? Every AD midlaner that faces AP invalidates that champion by building it and only idiots don't do that.
Eedat (NA)
: Because it's not weak which is why almost all of the best mid laners are still AP. But I'm sure someone is going to tell me how 45% winrate Lucian mid is so strong and OP
{{champion:268}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:268}}
MagÊ (EUW)
: Ap weak? rofl the reason taliyah got nerfed is because she was broken and she deserved it, no clue why taliyah mains are denying it i don't agree with syndra and ori nerfs and other mages however there is one thing that is universally true: marksmen are BEYOND BROKEN right now it's not ap that is weak marksmen are the only class getting benefit from the broken support itemization and it turns them into markstanks while they also get to late game just with {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} can't wait for their nerfs
So... in comparison mages are weak?
: > [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l0X7eTiQ,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2017-08-17T14:35:42.398+0000) > > What button Zyra just presses? She has delayed abilitied and skillshots. The irony it's Garen main who complains? What ability can you fail in? What can you miss? A lot of Mages pay the range with the fact they can actually miss their abilities. she spams plants all over the place and just passively slows anything they hit? rylais is basically aimbot for zyra. all she needs is a plant hitting something and then her skillshots might aswell be direct targeted. just because you asked, garen can miss his slow cleanse, the parry on his w and he can miss the execution on his ult which is not a trivial matter against non villains. he has micromanagement mechanics in his kit. there is also more risk involved in committing to a fight in melee range on a relatively slow champion, than throwing skillshots from range. zyra might be able to miss some of her abilities, but the consequences are small. most of the time whats going to happen is that she just walks back and tries again a couple seconds later. but im not trying to start a discussion of which champion is harder to play. especially when theyre just so incredibly different. the point im trying to make is that first of all, rylais is a broken item and i hope never to see it common in a mage build again. and second, just because mages cant burst bruisers and tanks, doesnt mean theyre too weak. marksmen are just straight up op right now with their midgame/lategame scaling and should get nerfed. why break another class of champions when all you have to do is fix the one overtuned class?
LOL If Zyra doesn't hit her skillshots her plants don't even attack most of the time (which is most likely a bug, but it happens nevertheless). If you are the nearest target, they attack you ONCE and then they switch to the nearest minion even if you are still the closest target, if she doesn't hit her skilshot. Yeah, she faces 0 consequences when missing her skillshot - besides her rooting herself for 0.75 seconds, enough time for MVS buffed Garen to just walk up to her and obliterate her while she has no way to protect herself. Only because you are stupid enough to run into Zyra in her seed field without baiting her plants out first doesn't mean Rylai is a broken item, especially when you are playing a class that's only weakness is being kited (and especially when you are trying to convince somebody that Garen takes ANY skill, LOL)
Elipo (NA)
: Let us begin a new era. An era where everyone assume's peopple have nothung more important to do than remember your summoner name! ELIPO
Why did you post this exact comment under every comment in this thread? ***Sexy Bisex Plant***
: Not everyone has an endless amount of money to spend on a package of pixels. I'd rather they make something with actual quality if Riot wants to jack up the prices.
: Valor's species was considered extinct, I think I know why now
I second this statement: **I WANNA EAT THE BIRD!***
: Well yeah there are plenty of champions that dominate mid lane. That's why I like to play yasuo a lot. I believe the burst problem is why they created {{item:3194}}. But honestly this item doesn't have any damage properties to it. It's a pain to have to build defensively just to tank someones damage.
Shame {{item:3194}} sucks against burst and trashes DPSs...
: Riot would be like "She needs more work done than most champs to produce the same quality so we're doubling the price of her chromas."
And you know what? As a wealthy aristocrat, I do not care, make it cost as much as an ultimate skin and I buy it! For real.
: I like this idea! But I'm not sure if they will ever do it Riot Kindlejack said: > Zyra in her current state is a legendary amount of work to make a skin for, for a multitude of reasons. but this was just before the mage rework, so maybe she is easier to work with now
Nope, she's exactly the same as before the rework, maybe harder, because there are two types of seeds now - her problem consists in having too much shit to make models and textures for - she, Thornspitter, Vinelasher, two types of seeds and each of the spells. Chroma would solve half of this problem because you don't need to make any models, just textures.
: The shuffle variant. '#notmychoice gonna be a thing?
Not certainly(T?), they were only talking about trying this iteration first because it takes less resources (only programming, whereas a whole new E would need visuals etc.)
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