: Why were the support trio items removed btw
Frost Queen was used a lot in midlane during last season. Riot didn't like it as they stated they meant this item to be support item and so they started nerfing it. As a result, in one patch coin and talisman was used by every single enchanter support. Then coin got nerfed and next patch every single enchanter were starting with spellthief. On top of it the FQC active was nerfed into unusable state. So after like 5 patches Riot decided these items are not possible to balance at all and FoTM was removed along with them so there are no gaps left. Then they brough {{item:2065}} item to be a replacement for talisman for supports that were relying on it in past and were struggling in game without it. And that item is rare to be seen now anyway.
: Is there a point to Irelia having mana? It doesn't seem like she loses any.
Fiora is another example. Actually almost every ad fighter has no mana issues in late without need to build any mana granting item. But most of them actually runs oom early at least. But when mages had no mana issues when they dedicated one rune for it and bought mana granting mana regenerating item it was a problem and had to be nerfed instantly...
: Lmao are you complaining about dying to assassins as an ADC? You do realize the point of an Assassin is to burst high priority targets right?
I am only responding to your clever suggestion to build Randuins. Now when I explained why that is just terrible idea is this personal attack all you can come up with? And yes, killing squishy was never so easy (or I wasn't playing when it was). Lethality is terrible concept that didn't achieved anything except oneshot meta. What is worse, AD assassins are actually forced to build it as their abilities were usually nerfed to account with duskblade/lethality so not building these items means that you won't be able to do your job which just made AD assassins more binary than ever.
: As a Talon main, I believe Talon needs a nerf.
I started playing Talon myself because I had no fun in lol anymore playing Mages and Enchanters. And yes he is op. Simple champion that has really low skill cap with a high pick potential and burst. I also end up almost each game with 15+kills. However I don't think he needs nerf. Which assassin isn't "broken" now? He is actually dishing less damage than other assassins does as he is extremely reliant on passive proc. To proc passive you need to hit at least one autoattack **after **you hit enemy with 3 spells. That is however not that easy to do in teamfights or against champions with dash/blink. Yes you can use R, then jump wall, come close to enemy squishy and use aa-Q-AA-W-ignite however you will be unlikely to proc passive with this combo as most targets will immediately flash and you already used R and Q so you have no gapcloser or dodge the second part of W so you won't get 3 stacks. Also you will have hard time escaping from that position without ultimate. If you are really fed then the R-E-aa-q-aa-W-ignite combo might be enough but the later game goes the less effective it will be. On the other hand, if you jump in from flank then everyone will focus you immediately and you are forced to cast ult. That might even hit all champions but it will just tickle them even if you are fed. Then you have few seconds to decide if you try to proc passive on someone and die or just run away without achieving anything. Also he has much harder time dealing damage to tanks and fighters. Compared with Zed, Zed can easily proc electrocute on fighter/tank without letting them damage him. You can't do that with Talon unless you burn ult which is nonsense. Yes you can avoid them and run away from them with ease but facing them is almost not an option. Also, do not chase a talon is not memed. Even silvers know not to chase Singed and Janna (mostly) but almost everyone likes to burn flash to chase me when I play Talon and they rarely catch me. This is another reason he is so strong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kobold,realm=NA,application-id=ELUpwER8,discussion-id=pMwqAikT,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-09-22T02:47:06.862+0000) > > THANK YOU. For the love of all, thank you. Not once have I seen people (before here) that actually have the brainpower to say it. I asked for what I can do against champs in help and tips and all people say is counterpick. If I as a player cannot have a way to play around a champion with anything but select champions then there is something inherently wrong with the champions design. Most Champions don't have a counterpick and the damage is so high and turrets are so useless so you cant even farm safely under them. Assassins like {{champion:105}} , {{champion:238}} , {{champion:7}} , {{champion:91}} and some mages like {{champion:1}} , {{champion:134}} , {{champion:90}} make it almost impossible to cs when they reach lvl 6 as they can 100 to 0 you under turret. The assassins are so mobile that ganks are meaningless. So how do you play against them? let me know when you find out. What i do know is that assassins not so good in 5v5 so if you don't feed them in lane then you have a chance of winning.
As a mage player I always had problem playing vs assassins. But really if you pick assassin into assassin the matchups are handleable and sometimes even easy. These champions have counterplay potential unlike mages. So I suggest to learn some assassin to be ready to counter enemy Zed/Lb/Fizz, at least if you will be able to pick after enemy.
: Things low elo players do that they don't even realize cost them games
I stopped reading at karma took kill that was secured and that was braindead move number one. This is enough for me to see you are self entitled egoist adc main who thinks supports are his slaves. I bet you main Vayne, Lucian or maybe Draven (didn't check your acc because seriously I don't care). So first, I cannot count how many times not securing the kill when I had that opportunity backfired. Unless you (as a support) are in really high elo (d5+) and you actualy have voice communication with your lane partner never ever stop dishing damage when you have the opportunity to do so. Use everything your kit offers (but use defensive abilities on lane partner if possible) - if he is not able to get that kill it is his own fault. I see this very often by assassin players, or players who play champions with delayed damage like tristana that they apply damage, ignite or ability with delayed damage and stops attacking even if they could - expecting the kills will get though. This here is stupid and often lets enemy to survive. Dead enemy is always win situation for everyone not just for the guy who got a kill. And support can use that gold just as well as marksman, enchanter will get more damage, tank will get more tanky and 2v2 gets easier. Second, if that was an enchanter or mage support killing the jungler gives him maybe even more benefits than to marksman especially if he had blue buff. Brand, Karma or Sona wit blue buff can solohandedly win a lane. Red is indeed better for marksman but well even enchanter/mage can harass nicely with it using just autoattacks. Third. Low elo players are bad thats why they are there. This thread has no education value it is only toxic rant.
: Not true. I exclusively play Nocturne top this season. 68% win rate. 150 wins. Currently in promos for Diamond. Find something you enjoy that really resonates with you, and make it work. If youre having fun, odds are youll be playing well, whether youre following meta or not.
And I start playing talon in botlane and I get disgustingly fed 4 of 5 games and can carry it (if team listens). I just started on another acc in silver and climbed 3 divisions in the first day, I also played him support and still carried it. It is true I wasn't that successful on my main acc with this in d5/p1 elo (barely 50% winrate and mostly lost lane but that is mainly because I really am just starting learning how to play melee in bot and talon himself and most support players trolls in soloQ on purpose because "fk you talon adc we lost"). Who says your pick isn't actually the current meta? I played many off meta champions, hell I am/was Soraka mid/top main but the second part of this season it is just really bad. It was already tier 2 at best but now these picks are completely potato tier. Brand jungle, Soraka mid/top, Teemo bot, mage bot, double support bot. Hell even Teemo himself is hard to climb with af because while he has assassin potential it is really hard to use his stealth for engage and almost impossible to use it for escape as well even in silver my winrate with Teemo is under 50% because he has no outplay potential besides flash to fight those assassins who are meta right now. EDIT: seeing you are EUNE you should join my club fMeta {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Leo's Passive Vs Lux's
I would like that as well but she would be really overpowered. I played her top and it is not that bad already except you must wait for gank to actually get a kill. But if she could proc that passive herself, W-E-aa(firstproc)-Q-aa(second proc)-Wchannel cast-aa(third proc)-add grasp, corrupting ignite and you have 100-0 potential right there.
: Here's a great idea. If you are sick of getting blown up by those items. Might I recommend building {{item:3143}} . Or lIke any armoritem ever?
Ok. I will rush randuins on Ashe then. Oh wait, that will auto-lose my game since I will be completely useless. Even after I complete 3 items to finally deal damage in teamfights (which by the time it takes might be already game over since those who abuse stormrazor or duskblade snowballs hard with that first purchase), even then it would be super bad buy and it would be better to buy GA instead. Or I will build it on Lux, but wait if I don't build luden into sorcery into rabadon into void then I will do no damage. And with no damage its meaningless I might survive Zed 2 seconds longer because I won't be a slightest threat for him and will be basically free kill. And if I finally finish these items and I will finally be able to deal with that Zed or MF it would be better to build Zhonya instead of randuins. Or I will build it on Soraka, but wait its actually really expensive and by the time I finish this enemy MF will have 3 complete items and that little of armor I gained will be completely negated with yoomu+duskblade+mortal reminder (we assume elo where players knows what to build vs soraka) anyway. And as a bonus I will bring nothing to the team, not a stronger heals, ult will be on high cd and so on. Really, right now in this season after changed that riot made and after players accomodated to these changes. Building defensive on a champions that aren't fighter or tank class is just noob trap. Champions without good hp/resistances scaling just won't get any benefit of armor items for tanks while sacrificing about everything. (EDITED: this only applies for armor actually, as with few exceptions boots + 1 tank mr item are enough on basically any champion to ignore control mages and to some extent also burst mages) And those players who plays fighters and tanks usually don't start these kind of threads... Seriously, the whole lethality is just bad design. All this update did was to create two must buy items for any ad assassin that has ultra broken powerspike and snowball effect in early game where assassins were already good and still not solving the lategame problem of theirs. And stormrazor... Is there actually anyone who believes it is a well designed item? I doubt it, even Riot seems to be aware it is overpowered as hell and they only brough it to give marksmen early game damage after they made several nerfs to them and mages and fighters started to be played too much in botlane (and esport gaming houses held riot hostage not drafting their best pro players untill that got changed). Though seriously I am not sure it is even needed anymore, I believe they also made some reverts on marksmen if I am not mistaken and whenever I play mage bot now I get basically oneshoted with MF second Q (from the first back with serrated), Lucian's E-aa-Q-aa (from level 2), Draven's aas with Q, or Jhin's 4th shot (both from level 2 as well).
Ray 701 (EUW)
: Community: "Damage overall is too high!" Riot: "We are buffing Janna's damage!"
As a Soraka player, then I demand more damage as well!
: How long is Jax gonna be allowed to be this opressive?
Seriously who isn't opressive in this season now? Thanks to all the extra damage from runes, buffed ignite, lower resistances (for mages especially) the snowball starts with one kill and xp lead and it is almost impossible to turn it around or outscale (unless low elo where players don't know how to end). I agree Jax is currently one of the strongest champions as he has good damage, survivalability and can deal well with assassins who are played now in almost every lane now. But this all is indirect issue and the problem lies in new runes and nerfs and buffs not in champions.
: Was 1/1 on my lane with +20 cs lead against Katarina. Went botlane to kill a 45% hp Xayah. WE double Q Electro proc Xayah is on 10% hp with me having ~130 ad.
That should be enough but if she used Heal with right timing then thats probably what saved her. You didn't use ignite nor ult and your items weren't exactly those for oneshot. Always rush serrated dirk, then ghostblade if you want to roam a lot or duskblade which is better first item on Zed I think. Don't bother building defensive until you get both these two items first. From what I found, laning as assassin vs assassin is all about outplay and dodging. You should be able to easily kill kata if you land everything and so she will be if she lands everything. So don't get hit instead. Get hexdrinker only if they have more than one AP champion and only as 3rd or later item.
fire wolf04 (EUNE)
: soooooooo u want this like on summoners rift or in the oddysey mode?
In this fantasy we can assume Summoners Rift.
: Don't forget Farmer Veigar! It could be a skin set for the stacking champs!
Definitely, Rake for the Veigar and Pitchfork for the Nasus.
Rioter Comments
: Good job Riot from making Zed trash to ,unplayable within a single patch.
I started playing Talon on my smurf acc and was able to climb 2 divisions in one day after I get my initial rank already. AD Assassins are currently the strongest champions on field as they can oneshot squishy in less than half a second. However there are certain conditions you need to achieve that. If you lose lane or be even in lane where enemy adc gets fed you might not be able to oneshot him. And because Riot balance team was so smart and gave us {{item:3095}} , you must oneshot them because if you won't you get two-shotted in return, three-shotted if you are lucky. Or you need to use your kit in a way to not allow them attack you or just run. Still until very late, when they get so huge lifesteal it is actually not so needed to kill them. Just dishing a lot of damage to 2-3 ppls, burning their summoners and then escaping without dying is still worth. If you weren't doing exactly great in lane and enemy botlane got fed then you shouldn't aim for the kill but for damage/summoners instead and abuse that in next fight.
: Why isn't there a "Trade Pick Order" button for draft modes?
Amazing idea, much better than trading champions as it is not so uncommon that players forget to trade, or trade on last second and screws up runes/etc. + they have to own my champion. Trading the position in draft would be much better solution.
: Pyke is the only assassin or slayer that has to be completely killed to be taken out of a fight.
So he is not assassin? His damage is low? He can't build tank? wtf Every single game he gets 2-3 kills in lane and from that point if he builds yoomu/duskblade he can solo adc with one combo if he hits everything, proc duskblade, press ignite and hits ult. Majority games he acquire 15+ kills and can basically solocarry. As for tankyness maybe he cant build hp but {{item:3065}} +{{item:3111}} = immune to mages and synergy with selfsustain, and ad champions usually need him to be visible to target him which he won't be most of the time.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Zed's not gutted or bad though. He simply no longer works in Pro play because they're are so many ways to play around him. I mean shit Lulu just makes him useless. That Faker vs Ryu was Season 3 I believe, before Supports had actual money income, now they have money and can actually do their jobs.
Yeah also maínly because roaming is impossible due to perfect ward coverage and because those little skirmishes are very rare on pro level, they usually fight only around objectives. And ganks often results in 4vs4 as well.
: Yes even Faker couldn't 100-0 an ADC in season 4 with Zed. Good job proving the other guys point. You sir should be captain of the debate team. A 3/7/2 Zed with 120 cs at 23 minute zed can 100-0 an adc these days IF he misses part of his combo. Hardest part about Zed these days is figuring out which emote to spam after you 100-0 an ADC with R-Q-Auto-Ignite. Honestly ARAM accounts shouldn't be allowed to even post.
Either Fiora's "Clean" or if you miss about everything and still get a kill then Jinx's tauting emote. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Azteryz (NA)
: mr? i thought they got rid of that awhile ago so his e only gives armor so hes squishy versus mages and hes forced to buy mr items
> [{quoted}](name=Azteryz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Tr6z2TLl,comment-id=000600000000,timestamp=2018-09-19T00:45:51.568+0000) > > mr? i thought they got rid of that awhile ago so his e only gives armor so hes squishy versus mages and hes forced to buy mr items But we are in season where AP champs with exception of assassins do no damage so...
: The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf
Holy fk this thread is really something. Are you 15 years old guys? You refuse to listen to reasons, you refuse to accept other opinions if that opinion isn't same as yours. You refuse to admit that that strategy was too easy. And those downvotes... Anyone who has any experience with MMORPGs will tell you that this is completely normal. And because this mode grant big rewards to players it is just to be expected that some sort of balancing and nerfing will be done. You can cry and downvote as you want but this was the right move and it was already done and won't be reverted.
: Any top that auto's (His silence can't interrupt autos) as their main damage output and can keep garen in extended trades that they win should be really good {{champion:82}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:48}} Or ranged so they can harass his passive and keep him low {{champion:41}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:17}} Also try letting garen push the wave to you and farm under tower as something like {{champion:75}} or anything and call your jungler. He's vulnerable to cc in lane (Before he gets all that tenacity)! Also buying MR when you're not the Villain (His ult deals magic damage to non villain targets) isn't a bad idea! null magic builds into merc treads!
If Garen knows how to use bushes and what to build Teemo has no chance to win that matchup because multiple reasons: 1) Phage passive + items phage builds into gives fighters like Garen and Darius incredible speed 2) Shrooms have very long delay before they can proc, throwing them towards enemy or even under self won't work, they won't proc and you only lose half a second casting it then you get Q'ed or pulled and you lose all in especially when everyone in this meta goes ignite. And throwing them behind you is kinda pointless as well. 3) If you max W you will deal 0 damage at all. Similarly with {{item:3009}} the damage drop is too high and these boots are nerfed from what they were, not really good though if enemy darius won't build the same boots it can help. 4) Teemo dps is very low, while Garen or Darius can kill teemo with one ability rotation+ignite. One mistake and you are dead. 5) Teemo is very easy to gank especially when every jungler in meta leeps/blinks/move over walls. Even normal jungler usually won't have hard time with shrooms because teemo doesn't have much cdr and neither has a lot of mana and he needs to put some on lane/bushes so there won't be field of shrooms in a river. 6) AP champions sucks hard this season. While it is true you can build teemo with attack speed that build needs several items to get results. Was just playing AP teemo {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3065}} +{{item:2139}} and couldn't do anything vs nasus with {{item:3095}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3110}} . I had full mp pen build, I had ignite, I had 1 itemadvantage + sorcery potion on me and I still lost 1vs1 with Nasus and had to flash or I would die the next second the blind would wear off. Ap champions can't do shit vs fighters and tanks with 1 mr item (+mr boots), doesn't matter what they build. So no. Definitely no squishy champion vs Garen in toplane as those champions are easiest for him to kill in all in.
: Is there Any counter play to Garen !??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I actually lost with him but only because I had no team. That damage he has is crazy. I was mid vs LB and got 5 kills before my top and bot lost and enemy team kited me easily with LB blinks, vayne E, thresh QER and Pyke QWE. But yeah if enemy doesn't have so much cc its basically free win. He dealt 3k dmg to me last game with QERignite.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Let's talk Stormrazor
Idk what it even needs to exists now. Lucian can basically 100-0 squishy support with E-aa-Q-aa combo alone. Miss fortune deals over 60% hp of squishy with serrated dirk and second proc of Q. Draven also deals quite a lot of damage and Jhin is the fastest man alive. But adcs need stormrazor because they are weak?
: Everytime I make a thread making a statement I get downvoted just to find out later in the season another thread about the same exact subject gets upvoted despite nothing changing xd the boards is so ass
> [{quoted}](name=The Locker Gnome,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YB24uEln,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-09-19T11:49:04.474+0000) > > Everytime I make a thread making a statement I get downvoted just to find out later in the season another thread about the same exact subject gets upvoted despite nothing changing xd the boards is so ass Maybe some pro player confirmed your thoughts on some stream or whatever so now because XXX said that it is true. For *them* anyway...
Saezio (EUNE)
: Let's talk Stormrazor
definitely overpowered item by far
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Stop allowing assassins to build tank items
When an offtank red Kayn does 2500 damage to squishy in 3seconds (2 Qs) and then ult and heals full hp, then why would anyone go blue kayn?
: The Recent Ziggs Augment Nerf
This strategy was too easy and it was unfair to everyone who completed it without using it.
: Galaxy-brain idea: What if riot just nerfed everybody? That would solve problems like the damage meta, and towers being too fragile
That is actually more likely than reverting what they've done - as that would be admitting they were wrong. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I am sick of LCS balancing bias, which damages the game for regular play, seems to be a misguided attempt to homogenize proplay to match regular play (oh boy, let's make watching others play even more boring), and detracts from the sense of competitive fairness because balancing around pro inevitably targets specific players and teams unfairly due to small sample sizes. I honestly feel like some balance team people are not personally knowledgeable about the game and therefore draw opinions primarily from what they see in pro play, when they should rely on the overall gameplay data and should instead make an actual science of balancing objectively... They should also promptly investigate high champion ban rates and try to keep their biases separate, and respect the playerbase's "votes" in the form of bans on who we want nerfed or changed. The balance team is a sort of quality assurance team, and should view their job as finding out (collecting data and feedback) what the players want and delivering/directing the desired changes. We want stronger turrets and lower champion damage output. We want longer, more strategic fights and less rampant burst. We have given this feedback consistently loud and long enough that the balance has no excuse to not be aware of what we want by now, so delivering it (doing their job) should be their sole priority. Maybe you don't need to play a game to balance it, but you can't think you know better than the actual statistical data (which became public info with the Riot API) and overwhelming player feedback. Just balance from the pick/ban + winrate data to give us a diverse meta, and promptly investigate ban rates and player feedback, and you should be fine if you are competent. I don't want to hurt your (the balance team's) egos, but I honestly think I could design and code an automated system to replace you that would do a better job than you are currently doing... Maybe you need an automated system to free you up to just collect feedback fulltime and summarize the feedback for the rework team. A program can honestly balance better than a team of humans can.
I agree but to be honest. Majority of player base does this. Whatever is played in lcs is suddently a meta although they don't even know why. But it was in lcs so its op.
: It would be good if range champs didnt have more movespeed than melee champs.
But they don't because these items exists: {{item:3044}} ,{{item:2053}} and items they upgrade into + {{item:3078}}.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Almost 1 year later and melee toplaners still don't have a keystone in ranged matchups
with exception of gnar, ranged matchups in toplane are decided by jungler, those ranged characters like teemo can't do **** if your jungler ganks them. They usually can't go tp because with tp they lacks burst or sustain/defense and so well timed gank can give you 1 level advantage with which they cannot hurt you because they cannot risk you will all in which will get them die (or it should). They are also very supsceptible to freeze, almost every toplaner has a gapcloser that has bigger range than enemy ranged champ aa range and unlike fighters/tanks they are too squishy. Also vs mage ranged champions you can abuse their cooldowns quite easily. Very often at least in d5 elo I see enemy tank or fighter to outcs this Malza, Ryze, Lissandra, Annie top that sometimes appear... EDIT: and dont forget about phage...
: [Discussion] What is your opinion about Black Cleaver?
Probably too good item overally. 20% cdr, lot of hp, lot of damage and mainly lot of mobility.
: Fantastic job at taking things out of context without sufficient explanation to twist their meaning. You either did that in order to manipulate his words out of him or genuinely didn't understand the concept that he was addressing out of sheer ignorance. Anyways, because you did not bother explaining (or didn't understand yourself) what he was saying, he was identifying the reasons for which adcs were needed in team compositions and how to make it so that they are not needed anymore. He referenced 2 particular hypothesis that were making adcs madatory in compositions: 1- Late game teamfights cannot be won without an adc. 2-Adcs are mandatory for taking out turrets. He addressed Jhin as part of the analysis that had been taking in order to prove the first one of those wrong. His argument was that a standard adc was not necessary to win late game teamfights and referenced Jhin as a period in which team compositions would not pick another carry in spite that Jhin behaves very differently from the rest of carries, saying his play pattern was closer to the likes of a caster than an adc. And he is right. His dps is far from consistent, he works in bursts like casters tend to do and relies on his cooldowns (reload time can be counted as such) for downtime. And hell, his attack speed is low enough to be counted as a cooldown too, quite some casters have abilities that fire off faster than Jhin fires off basic attacks and even if you dont count his attack speed as such his sheer reload time make his damage far from consistent. His point was that a constant stream of heavily consistent high dps was not necessary to win a teamfight, and he is right to cite Jhin as an example because he does not provide a such stream of damage. Hence, historically it wasn't needed and hence it is not the reason that adcs are strictly mandatory in a composition, because in the past there have been compositions which could win teamfights without the late game consistent damage stream that all other adcs provide. Goodbye and have a good day.
Why you even bother talking to meta slaves? They are so deep into the meta that you will never ever convince them. Marksman + support in team is probably the biggest dogma in whole lol and also reason why Riot was forced to buff adcs hard with Stormrazor to bring them back - they were forced to do this by community and mainly e-sports gaming houses who refused to draft their best players around that time (which is something riot couldn't overlook as e-sport is their main income). I played double supports in botlane occassionaly and it worked like a charm if you had one of these champions in team: irelia, jax, yi (but dependant on enemy picks), gnar, urgot, camille or marksman mid/jungle. Basically fighters who deal just the same damage that marksman can do but with offtank build so with two supports they can survive whole teamfight and also slaughter tanks. I played mage+support or double mages but that didn't work so well because mages are not doing damage, especially this season, most mages do 0 damage to anyone with mercury + 1 mr item even if they go full mrpen. Either way, anytime you lose with such pick you hear "no adc no win" or "you can't win without adc **ing troll" or simiar complains. Yes sure. There are often some limitations with these kind of picks. With double support it takes too long to do baron. With mage in bot enemy tanks are unkíllable, but these limitations can be covered by other lane picks or even pick you want to take for this lane. Brand is a support with high dps for dragnon/baron, heimer, cassio, azir is a mage that has high dps on baron. Right now I play a lot of talon botlane. Had funny situation where we had late game teamfight in mid closer to their side. Their frontline (3ppls) engages mine frontlane (4 ppls) I am flanking and jump from wall to reach their backline. In that moment, e´both enemy marksman and mage uses flash towards their base and I separate them from team. At that moment when I am unable to reach anymore them I start looking what I can do with enemy frontline only to see that my frontlane which had 1 ppl advantage is already slaughered. So I ran and tried splitpush tower before they take free baron. We lost and it was because "no adc"... It always is... Top loses 3 towers and inhib and enemy got objective controll because of that, but if we lose its because "no adc", meta slave logic.
: You know... these "noobs" survived the previous difficulties. Also, there's a reason why they are not using full auguments. It's missions. Maybe you should comply and make agreement with your team just like how I did with 4 random Yasuos with 4 auguments full tornado and won the onslaught As for these "stupid auguments" well... that's just your opinion. It might be stupid to you but not to them. There's also possibilities that they are testing these auguments for future strats And they die to the lasers because maybe... their flash is used up and on CD? Or maybe because they got so confident that they'll survive it? I must admit that many people really underestimate these lasers :/ Btw I feel like Ziggs is really useless unless you have a good experience with him. Because so far the Ziggs on my team on every onslaught almost never seem to help at all. Started winning onslaughts without Ziggs :)
Nope you are wrong. This post was created in second day mode was released and btw it no longer applies. In first 2 days there were many players who didn't even know what augment are and who really went onslaught after winning 4 or 5 games. Btw ziggs is really good. It is quite easy to do 5 ziggs mission if you take right augments.
xCasino (NA)
: Onslaught - Missions Killed the Game Mode
Yeah, some sort of Looking For a Group feaure is needed because without it players do this shit. I also go into game with randoms but I simply ask if they want todo 2 augments, if they decline I take all 5 and just try to beat it. But I see a lot of ppls who doesn't try at all if other random players won't do what he wants them to do.
Antenora (EUW)
: People going full AP sona in Captain and Onslaught...............
To be honest besides ardent and chalice I find other enchanter items quite bad because of their ultra long cd. I still build redemption but I am not so sure it is really worth it.
: Onslaught was pretty easy with just 2 augments. Not sure where the QQ is from..
> [{quoted}](name=The Nocturne God,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1YE66Rri,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-09-14T15:38:01.996+0000) > > Onslaught was pretty easy with just 2 augments. Not sure where the QQ is from.. Once you practice a lot or you are just good with that champ yes its doable but you also need the right augments. What I encounter is lvl 8 (means they played 4 games so far) and lvl 9 players who has bad augments, don't know what to do and just loses and rage in chat after we die because of them.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Basically. Same as people raging in URF/OFA. If you want to tryhard - play ranked. The rest of us came to have fun; sometimes trying new/stupid things and feeding is how we have fun. It's not a serious game mode where every win gives you mountains of free RP, ***DUH***. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
This is not comparable with URF and OFA. This mode has 5 difficulties one of which is hardcode and meant to tryhard. If you won't you will lose usually in first map and you are only wasting time of other players. If you want to have fun you have 4 other difficulties to do it. I just don't get it why you must go have fun into onslaught where is no chance for you to win with this attitude.
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Oh no, bronze and silver players are breaking your tryhard attempts? Here's a tip: gather a few friends if all you want to do is win. I don't play this mode to beat it and go to rankeds. I want to have some fun for once in this season, and this event has given me a fine opportunity to play something different so i will play it how i want. Sorry for rant, but this sort of high and mighty attittude is getting on my nerves recently.
If thats true why the hell you go into onslaught? You can have your fun on captain or even intro can't you?
: Glassminded people playing onslaught without a full premade team, why?
My friends weren't online when I wanted to play it. Tried to recruit some players from random parties but it proved to be impossible. I get your argument that you play this for fun, but I wonder how many of these lvl 8/9 players in onslaught won already. I just assumed that everyone will have the same understandment and they will farm their 4th and 5th augments on captain or lower. But it seems I want too much.
Yatol (NA)
: you cant go from intro to onslaught
If you are in premade group you can bypass this. Though it was intented overstatement from me. I've seen lvl 6 sona in onslaught who probably didn't know how to equip augments and also few lvl 8s (which means they completed 4 games in total so far) and every other player is lvl 9.
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: I've never had such giddy fun until Malphite's dash augment
What is best is to take the "berserk monster buff" and then ult from one side of map to other 5 times in row.
balance of players in teams is possibly the last thing I would bothers me this season
: So Odyssey has bugs?
You know guys Odyssey worked flawlessly first 8 hours after patch went live (EUNE at least). It got irrensponbsible and slow around prime time when more players started playing it. It seems that despite the hate towards this gamemode it actually brought attention of lot of players, probably more than riot expected or what can servers handle (seems those missions are expensive for server).
: Does anyone remember or miss the good old days when people played offmeta stuff in normals?
Most off meta champions/builds got killed in this oneshot meta. I was playing Soraka mid/top, even early this season it wass working but not anymore. I just get deleted every fight instantly without counterplay - similarly ulting other lanes is not worth it anymore, they just die anyway in gank and those oneshots are so fast that there isn't even opportunity to heal that squishy guy who is about to die. Was also playing Brand jungle and even though his clear is really good he just cant compete versus current jungle roaster at all, everytime I play him it feels like I am doing no damage, meanwhile enemy rengar oneshots my botlane during jump.
: Why are all my games so one-sided?
I have same experiences at least in d5/p1 elo. On my new acc in normal games ppls are just nonstop teamfighting so games goes to late, but even these games are quite a lot onesided in early. I think that it is because lot of ppls including me just now realized that playing safe and defensive gets you nowhere. So everyone is building damage, even some tanks (but its rare to see real tank in top or jungle now as they are melted in seconds by fighters with conqueror or marksmen with IE) and supports.
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadWooo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fhhja2oZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-10T05:09:36.953+0000) > > Because without it, marksmen wouldn't be viable in botlane. At least with this, pro play, that basically boycotted e-sports because of the huge tone down of marksmans that happened in this season, adcs will be viable again and worlds games will be just as monotone as crowd and gaming houses wants them to be {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:202}} marksmen not viable ? :thinking: When the game isn't revovling around this bullshit class, crybabies marksmen mains will start making a fuss about it.
Well I agree they were *viable* even after the nerfs to itemization. However their early got reakky weak and peoples found out that they become too easy to abuse by non marksmen champions played in that lane. It is irony. When I played kill lanes before it become meta I was told everytime we lost that we lost because we didn't have "adc", that its not possible to win without ranged autoattacker who cleans up teamfights. 2 years and half it become meta in pro play and nobody missed those champions in teamfights. I wasn't actually playing in the time (basically came back to lol after they gave us another balanced item {{item:3095}} ) but it sounds that marksmen dmg was so low that another champions in that lane had it too easy. Before the nerfs, if you played irelia bot you were highly dependant on lead and kills, if you failed you had almost no chance to even cs in that lane anymore. With lower damage from marksmen in lane this drawback was probably at least partially removed. Plus towers are now butter and games tend to be decided in first 15 minutes (soloQ) at least or by whoever team gets first baron. Viablitity is a strange thing anyway. It heavily depends on what other ppls plays against you.
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