: I cant wait for champ chests to reset. so I can use my keys.
Too bad I am getting keys faster than I am obtaining new chest for S rank slots... 5th honor orb? 5extra key fragments! no chest :D
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: Get bruisers out of mid
Bruisers are overpowered for about season and half. I wonder it took so long before they got played in all roles on the map. Probably because ppls playing lol are sheeps, until it gets played in lcs they will call it trollpick.
: People complaining about Vision, but they really don't understand the absurd Cost-to-Value it has
Idk, I can definitely see wards affecting really high level of lol, but under master tier they are not so great as you make them to be. Wards often grants a false-safety. Especially control-wards can be used for this as enemy can find out where they are and abuse your reliance on their vision. Another problem especially with control wards is that you need to be stronger to be able to control their placement. There is really no point using control ward when you play weak-early champion or in case of botlane when they have thresh/blitz/pyke. tl'dr vision is very strong "stat" but knowing where enemy vision is is often even stronger
: Corruption Potion wasn't nerfed. Time Warp Tonic was. It no longer increases the healing duration, rather you get an immediate return. With the rune, you can't activate a new charge until the old one wears off.
I can see it now... well that makes it useless for me then. Time to swap to sorcery and abuse celerity before next patch...
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: Why are the WAY BETTER champions not nerfed?
{{champion:104}} -3ad nerf, what more do you want? {{champion:39}} -5ms nerf, what more do you want?
: Nearly a year has passed. What are your thoughts on the Reforged Runes? How to improve it?
You are wrong. 99% times the play style is the same and runes will only affect how successful it will be - ie. there really is no big diversity we were promised to get. the 1% of cases where runes greatly change playstyle is basically offmeta builds like attack speed lethal tempo Lulu etc. As for playstyle items have much more impact on ít, but there really is not that much you can change in the way you play your champion. Besides fighters who can build lethality for go in, oneshot and run back. I can't really think of anything else...
: There are no mages, only AP bruisers.
Yes 3k hp on Brand and I still get oneshot by assassin...
Ryzê (NA)
: -5MS on champions like Mordekaiser or Kog'Maw would be a noticable but Irelia....?
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions/Movement_speed Even after nerf, Irelia is still in middle of the table on par with most mages for whom she is the hardest counter. And she is a champion who builds phage that grants extra 20 on killing minion and trinity force which adds +8%. So even if she didn't have dash with resets, which she has, she is still one of the fastest moving champions. Additionally: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions/Range She has highest base attack range for a melee champion. 200 when most melee champions has 125!! This is another contributor, while champion like Camille struggle to autoattack target running away from her, Irelia has no such issue which further makes this nerf a complete placebo one. As for winrate, just mentioning champion in patch notes will make winrate drop. Hell winrates changes thorought the same patch sometimes, there is just too many factors for winrate and melee champions usually sit on under50% on average. That doesn't make them balanced in any way. The winrate drop here is most likely result of some fotm abusers moving back to different champions. I mean her play rate dropped along with winrate so that will probably be connected don't you think?
theTyger (NA)
: Worked soooo hard to avoid spoilers, thanks Rito... :( :( :(
Yeah, I was jumping to some of the old vod I was watching, then go back to selection and then select the newer matches - this way I avoided opening main screen so I didn't see the spoilers. ALong with not opening game client and not checking boards - even gameplay boards had spoilerous threads there few times I avoided most of the spoilers, but it was hard.
: Viktor Nerfs Prove Riot Doesn't Know Why Viktor Is Overpowered Toplane.
Be glad he got nerfed at all. You say he is spamming Q. Well if he is spamming Q then he is spamming empowered autoattack after. So this will affect him quite a lot.
Abandon (OCE)
: Man, F*CK IRELIA. (Warning Profanity)
Well said. Yeah, I don't understand it. Instead of fixing real problem, balance team always comes up with some nonsense nerf like this. I mean, look at Alistar, not even problem in soloQ and they hit him hard. He was too tanky in engages and they reduced his hp. Easy. Irelia is too sticky, deals too much damage and is too hard to kill. -5 movement speed will maybe only reduce pick rate - some players might drop her in favor of their previous fotm pick after seeing she was nerfed.
: No it hasn't. In fact, a couple years ago, there was a red post saying that players should be able to pick who they want without instantly losing. There are picks that are good against other champs, but I can't think of a single match up that's "he picked X, I lose".
Yet we are in season where P/B phase decides outcome of the game. The highest influence has jungle pick. Pick non meta champion and unless all 3 lanes win without you and enemy jungler won't get fed from you, you won't win.
: Ranged champions have a disproportionate advantage over melee champions, let’s address some items
{{item:3025}} on ranged is not problem. Yes I am IBG abuser myself with toplane Soraka. But here is a thing. It is hardly possible to win against melee AD champion without it. And even with IBG, you still need self-sustain or other form of protection like Viktor shield to be able to win. Because without self-sustain you will lose basically every single trade between melee AD champion that has simple gapcloser. Jump/Dash/Blink, aa-reset-aa, back. Without shielding or hp regen, ranged champion will lose that trade even while hitting you with skillshots and aa on your way back. The only case ranged champion will win such trade is if you don't use corrupting+time warp tonic and he will. IBG is extremely powerful against ad toplaners because it offers just too much for how cheap it is. each component 10% cdr, sheen is very good in toplane for everyone, armor against your enemy so you take less, and the passive helps with csing a lot + small slow on top of it. As an IBG abuser I can tell you exactly what are most toplaners doing wrong. They totally disrespect this item. This item on ranged champion is powerspike. Just like Triforce on your usual toplaner. Do you disrespect Irelia with Trinity ? No. But melee champions are trying to fight with me sitting on IBG+kindle gem when they have just phage+kindle gem or sheen. And then they are suprised they get beaten... BTW: just a tip. Run into bush after you engage on Viktor. If he wards it, tell your jungler to come, he will not see him without control ward.
: MVP and ACE on op.gg and it's potentionally use in Ranked MMR
: I Think This Series Showed One of The Glaring Issues NA Has
But G2 just did same mistakes as C9. I don't understand it. Both G2 and C9 throwed so hard in draft. More so C9 who should have already analyze IG vs G2 games and take a lesson from it - but they basically repeated same draft errors and the games were so one sided it wasn't fun to watch. Which is funny because right now it were supposed to be 4 top teams fighting each other but the games were bigger stomps than we could see in Play-Ins...
: Viktor Top is the same as Vayne,Lucian,Gnar,Jayce,Teemo and Rumble Top.
Oh boy. How dare you to preach the truth. Expect to get downvoted fast...
: So are we not gonna address lethality Jayce? (IG v G2)
Lethality is broken for 2 seasons. Jayce was doing this shit the whole 2 seasons, fortunately he was just not that popular and with Worlds players jumped onto Aatrox/Urgot/Irelia/Sion/Orrn everywhere trainwagon so for a short while, everyone seemed to forgot that {{item:3147}} is an issue. Anyway, why would Riot adress it? They tried to adress lethality for 2 seasons and they were unable to find the sweetspot for it. Now the season ends anyway and they are working on preseason so the chance to any meaningful nerf to anything is so low.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Viktor now seeing play even in the bot lane in worlds...
This hype and overreact about Viktor is disguisting to watch. As if there weren't 5 other cry-posts about him...
: Honestly I don't really care what "meta sheep" think. I just wanted to be given a valid reason so I can more so understand why. I mean I've had decent success with it and the first time I was told Lux wasn't a sup was by the person who got me into league. Also never really thought about locket on lux, i'll try that out. I do agree with you on exhaust being next to useless. I've been primarily taking ignite in my games.
There is no real reason. If you look at above comments they basically saying - she can be played in middle. Thats basically what you can tell about Shen and Gragas and both were considered as "trollpicks" too, but now they were played in Worlds so suddently they are meta, although nobody of these guys can tell why Gragas yes and Lux no. Because their arguments apply for both of them. Imo, Lux is basically weakest mage and also easiest to abuse one. There are not many favorable matchup as those champions that would be easy to play Lux into are not current meta. Support makes more sense and she is basically best enchanter right now after nerfs to them, maybe Nami is better but thats it. Also, locket is certainly not a core item. As I said, consider it only if they have champions that you can use this against or 3+ AP.
: Lux Support
Why do you care what meta sheeps thinks? If for example FNC today picked Lux support, they will start maining her and claiming she is better suited so support... If you like her in support then play her support, ignore the stupid talks of your team or, if you can't swallow it, mute all pre-emptively. As someone who plays Lux support a lot too I can give you some advices though: - she is best paired with immobile marksman as you can predict their movement easier and they also have easier time to position to get the second shield proc - don't bother with glacial augment it is not worth it at all - don't bother maxing W, even when losing, having more damage from E is better so you can get back into game with a pick, however I usually put second point into W at lvl 4 though and maxing Q last - don't bother building athenes, redemption or mikaels, from support items only support items worth it are ardent (and only because its high raw AP) and locket (but only get it if they have many AP champions or very fed - also it depends what kind of champion is it, if they have LB it is useless, but if they have someone like Syndra or Orianna then locket has high value as it is easy to use before their abilities hits) - don't bother trying to leave kills, use all you have, leave kill only if you feel it is 100% guaranteed enemy won't escape or kill you or your duolaner - don't pick exhaust, this spell is utterly useless this season, only taken by inting trolls along with cleanse, also since exhaust is not an option that leaves just two choices basically ignite or barrier, I play with barrier personally
: I run into so many god damn cheaters and smurfers in ranked it's absolutely fucking mind boggling
In last 5 months I encountered only one guy who I thought could be scripting - he played katarina and was dodging skillshots and aa range way too precisely. But then we start winning and he lost so maybe I was wrong? Idk, I don't think cheating is a thing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3hqYexx1,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-10-27T19:56:32.789+0000) > > either. both. then i would simply put a immune to all slows effect on his Q while moving toward a target only. shouldnt put him over the top and he can still be stopped by hard CC or slowed when he tries to run away. have to be careful not to overbuff voli, he has been stupidly strong in the past.
I like this guy. He definitely can reason his balance changes better than riot balance team! Still I have this feeling even a trained monkey could do better than them, so...
: I can just imagine what gets said in champ select when you play raka top I take it w is last priority level up?
Depends on proximity of my jungler to toplane and matchup itself. If the jungler is not close to top I get W at 4, if he is then 3 so I can help im in 2v2. Then it depends whether I am still holding my tower and still can fight enemy toplaner, if yes them I put some point into E but not max usualy evenly with W (so if enemy finally decide to group as 5 after they already won mid and bot and I have to leave my lane and group mid I am bit stronger), if I am losing or that matchup will get out of the hand soon (trynda, jax, irelia - can be 3:0 but on 2 items I will lose anyway) then maxing W second E last.
: You would have said playing viktor top in a pro game was a troll pick and instant lose a month ago... Remember last year when blitz was picked in the ardent meta during the worlds champion ship Or viegar mid played by hai the year before that
Ahahaha I love these meta sheeps right? A week ago, I bet this guy was one of those "Aatrox/Urgot needs huge nerfs" board posters. If we told him that pick Viktor top then he would say the same shit as now :D. But then Viktor is picked top (and btw he is not even doing very well) suddenly Viktor top is broken, in 1 day champion.gg has not only enough data for this pick to show winrate but also says he has insanely huge pickrate and also number of games played - this just means that all sheeps just started OTPing Viktor top and now we have "Viktor top is broken and needs nerf" boards posters and when you say them pick this champion they say you can't because it wasn't played at worlds. Anyway, I can confirm that assassins and divers are or rather should be counter to toplane IBG Viktor. Especially AP assassins like LB, Akali should work extremely well because the average Viktor top meta sheep player will play Klepto and rush IBG every single game. IBG is really powerful item in lane against AD but won't give much besides 20% cdr against AP. But even AD assassins and divers should work well because the main reason Viktor is so lane dominant is his spammable shield and continuous damage. But if you jump on him and burst him hard he won't be able to return the trade as he will be too low to do that safely (if he won't be dead already...). Obviously if someone pick Camille, engages with hookshot and misses the stun, then he will not only lose the trade but will also eat the return damage on disengage... Doesn't mean Camille does not work against him though. Basically every strong 1v1 duelist and splitpusher will work. Even when Viktor will have advantage early, 3 items and he won't be able to stay in lane.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: True, but the misplays they made in the semifinal made me facepalm really hard. At times they looked like a bronze team who just wants to fight whenever they see an enemy, even when there's nothing to fight for (e.g. the dragon is dead and they're still fighting in the dragon pit) and they don't stand much chance.
If it was just misplay. They throw in P/B big time. So g2 has red side and they have counterpick, but they are stuck in the previous Aatrox/Urgot meta, so they waste banon Urgot, enemy picks Akali instead of Aatrox on which every team has counter for right now, but G2 picks him for themselves for no reason. And while ok it is technicallya flexpick, IG just picks Jayce in next rotation - and in that point G2 already lost both lanes as Akali has basically no losing matchup, Jayce has very few as well and they are both also flexpicks because in last 2 seasons nobody needs mages, nobody needs waveclear in midlane anymore and mages are so weak that even tanks are moving into midlane now. Anyway, to top it off,G2 takes Swain as lastpick. Champion I haven't seen them played, champion that loses into Jayce and Akali and champion that cannot play 3:1:1 which is what G2 was playing and winning till recently. And next game, Instead of banning Akali, Jayce and maybe Urgot if you are still scared of him, G2 bans marksmen again. G2 again takesthe Aatrox bait, IG just blindpick LB, G2 gets Irelia at least but LB is probably the worst champion to play Irelia into. Irelia is great in killing those useless ultrasquishy immobile mages or those toplane "flexpicks" but the way LB can outplay Irelia it was disguisting to watch. Anyway IG picks Jayce - and they get 2 winning lanes again (although it was only assuming Wunder and Perks won't swap lanes - but so far nobody at worlds did that so it was fairly safe. And get smashed again. 3rd game LB gets instalocked and from that point I already knew this will be loss- there is no counterpick that does damage, all the counterpicks are utility based and Perks just don't do well with such champions. That lissandra was really useless in his hands and a statement to all those "lissandra is not bad" excusers. She is bad, she has no damage which in burst meta is serious disadvantage. All these 3 games felt very very similar to soloQ. Even from the way casters were talking was clear they think its already decided and that was 10th minute with just few kills given to IG. And then when I have top and mid with same deficit in cs and also 3-4 deaths you tell me that it is my fault for not carry harder from botlane/support position... lol
Bondy (EUNE)
: WTF Is That Damage?! (G2 vs IG)
It seems that proplayers finally found out lethality is still broken. Too bad Jayce will now be picked everygame in soloQ as he counters my Soraka hard, guess I should be glad for that short window where metasheeps stopped plaing Irelia, Camille, Jax, Fiora, Wukong and started massively picking Urgot and tanks which are champions that I could easily abuse with my champion...
Aarron (NA)
: A champion having counters does not make them balanced
I wish that would be a fact around which riot balances champions but it isn't the case (Kassadin, LB, Irelia and list go on...).
: Master Yi walks into a bar named "We don't have a lot of CC"
I always had more success with a lot of burst instead of lot of cc. You can have a nautilus using Q-aa-R on him and he still gets penta. But if you burst him down with Talon or LeBlanc then he won't do anything because he will be either dead or forced to use meditate and low on hitpoints.
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: With all of this G2 C9 and FNC hype, Invictus stands strong.
Yes indeed, they lost to FNC but it seems they improved a lot already. And now they had full week to analyse G2 and prepare for them. This will be close and I think G2 are underdogs because they truly shine only with splitpush game.
: The literal only other reason I can think of as to why we didn't get a remake is because Trist died at 2:13, however I've added in my post why that shouldn't have prevented a remake. It doesn't help that the Remake FAQ is extremely vague and in no way addresses items. This is the first ranked game this season to my recollection that I've had to deal with this trash, thankfully, but my recent games have already been hard enough as is and this has very well pushed me from pissed to livid.
Players dying won't prevent it, I just had a game where enemy Fiora didn't connect into game (was 0% at loading screen, for about 3 minutes then game started), enemy said all mid into chat and grouped mid, we also came mid and lvl 1 fiesta started several champions died on both sides ánd they continued to play all mid. At 3 minutes they ended the game with remake anyway.
: So is mid lane just for assassins only now?
Moody P (NA)
: don't straw man me. all of the issues anyone might have with Viktor can be solved by number changes but some degree of change is obviously necessary given Viktor's sudden and explosive success in top lane
Can they? I don't think so. I agree with Rock MD. All I see here is a toplaners crying about playing into ranged matchup, nothing else. I play Soraka top with IBG (only vs melee AD champs obviously) and they can't do anything against me either. I drove few of them (mostly Riven mains) to ragequit as well, others are trashtalking whole game while crying for jungle ganks and being babysitted all game just so they can "win lane". Viktor top works mainly because majority of toplaners cannot play vs ranged champions. Be it Teemo, Urgot, Vlad or Rumble and Gankplank who aren't even ranged, but they often appear in the list of "toplaners that needs to be nerfed" here on boards. But go ahead and nerf/change his Q to scale with AP and not mana - I don't mind, he will still be able to use IBG effectively because that item is just overally too good in laning phase vs melee AD champions.
: >Second, there are plenty of champions that do this that are AD. Why is it a problem when an AP champ can do it? Its a problem when this AP is a range.
But ekko wasn't range and it was also a problem :D And btw IBG got already nerfed in the time of tank ekko meta.
: not a problem for non top mains
ahahaha I think you hit the nail here...
Antenora (EUW)
: # The fact that a ** MAGE ** can build **FULL TANK ITEMS** and still be a damage threat is a big problem Tank Ekko had to be nerfed into oblivion because he was an Assassin who built full tank while still doing assassin levels of damage. Viktor shouldn't be treated differently. "Tank Viktor" needs to be gutted, it's turbo cancer to play against.
Building IBG+Tabi and AP+hp items afterwards is not a tank build ffs...
: How about not nerf Viktor and nerf the problematic champions
I don't mind Viktor top and I think its overhyped and overreacted. I also haven't heard about riot looking to nerf him. That being said, if sheeps wants to have mana nerf on his shield and give him AP scaling instead I am all for it.
: Only 3 of Top 20 players still playing at Worlds 2018
I believe they were selected as best players in world based on their stats. Stats on their regional league. What this Worlds shown is that Korea, Chinese and Taiwai were stuck playing old meta and get beaten by team playing different style than the one they played in their league. Style that is probably the new meta in a way most effective tactic available rather than most popular/often tactic used". But seriously it always seemed to me that eastern teams are unable to play against anything that deviates from what they are used to. So often they dropped games to non-meta or even off-meta picks. But they always banned that pick and forced enemy to play their game. Now, with so many possibilities they cannot ban all these picks and that proved be one of the reason they are out of this Worlds.
: Don't underestimate the power of base stat nerfs (i.e. Irelia nerf)
Allright but movement speed on a champion that has so many dashes will not acomplish much, she still has huge aa range to work with. Range of autoattacks is what should be nerfed IF Riot blatantly refuses to nerf her base damage on abilities.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meteor Driz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4GxiPodz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-23T07:41:05.661+0000) > > Balance team is actively trying to ruin the game its really the only explanation. > > The only question is why I already know why. Esports and the pro play scene in general. Almost everyone are saying Riot only balances around "LCS FLASHY PLAYZ" and saying how it's unhealthy for the game... ...But then almost everyone is also saying this year's Worlds has been the best Worlds in League's history. It only goes to show that these changes are working, they're making the game more enjoyable to watch at the cost of being horrendous to play. League of Legends is slowly turning away from a game you actually play yourself, to a game you just watch others play instead. And it's making Riot a shit ton of money it seems.
Enjoyable to watch? Absolutely. Enjoyable to play? Definitely not. This season is absolute garbage and hell. If not for Nexus Blitz and Odyssey I wouldn't play more than 1 game per monk to keep my rank in ranked. And even Nexus Blitz was cancer from start, games quite one-sided and same champions that are dominating soloQ were on rampage there too, but at least I got full build in that mode and could actually enjoy champions that aren't powerful in first 15 minutes when 90% games are decided now in SR.
: This worlds is way better than season's 5 - 7 if you ask me
I agree it is fun and thrilling to watch. But it is worst season to play, shortest and most onesided games ever, fighters and assassins dominating all lanes, too much damage, snowballing is out of control, overbuffed offensive spells and items, overnerfed defensive spells and items. Games in soloQ are 95% time obnoxious stomps and enchanters can't do shit.
Milim Nava (EUNE)
: Every dash and blink in the game works this way. It's just the most noticeable on Tristana because it takes so long.
But tristana has jump and Talon's jump doesn't work like that so?
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadWooo,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=Xdvece0N,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-20T22:31:22.695+0000) > > I suppose they leave her open because she is not so good in 5vs5 teamfights, especially if they drafted some protection/counterpicks against her. Shen/Galio/Sivir/Xayah/Lulu/Morgana are very very often drafted against her. And in the last game G2 were actually losing a lot of fights around lategame despite they were massively ahead. (Although in my opinion it was because they drafted that useless crap Olaf). > > But yeah I agree LB is just overpowered. Hell of course Perks was just using W-W or WQW at best, why would he risk using full abilities and get potentially caught if he can chunk even offtank to 40% hp with just that. All he needed to to was to WW from fow to get them low enough so the potential fight that RNG had to start in order not to lose was unfavorable for them. > > Despite that. And there was similar thread about Perks' outplay with Akali vs PVB, he actually is good. I didn't like him, I thought he was overhyped, and he looked full of himself (this seemsto changed or he is playing the humble guy who honors his teammates very well) but these Worlds he proved he actually is really good. Sure his best plays were on champions with very high P/B that are viewed as broken/op, but even with these champions, other midlaners in worlds weren't able to find these outplays and advantages. Looks as though you weren't actually watching the game at all if you actually want to say something as dumb as " why use full abilities" considering he litterally dashed into melee form of the sivir EVERY time and the only reason he didn't get the kill 90% of the time was because he MISSED the E everytime. So yea, him playing the champ at all is risk of being caught and he always took that risk litterally every moment of the game, he just missed every damn E he tossed out, even the E's when the enemy didn't know perks was there ( uzi walking into the bush above baron pit when perkz missed the E on uzi who had 0 knowledge of perkz location) Didnt say he was bad at all, just cant use that series as an example of him being the best.
You misunderstand my post. It wasn't praise. Is it sick how much influencial that champion is just with constant W-W from fow. No skill included and as long as they don't have vision on the initial jump spot and predict the distortion and use some hook ability (other cc is either ultra hard to hit/time or allows her to swap back) it is also impossible to even react to it. What is sick is that LB has 0.x oneshot potential without any kill too and even with MR her combo deals just too much damage to handle. Furthermore the chain hitbox is far too generous and the range is extremely long - why it has so long range when she can - as shown in worlds - leash you on it for 2 screens distance with W R and flash.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: tank Viktor toplane 9% pick rate 52% win rate
This is extremely overrated. It is hardly a tank build when the only two tank items in most popular build are IBG and Ninja Tabi. The winrate is suspicious and suprising though, especially for a brand new pick that was copied from pro scene. I bet this is mainly because toplaners are bad and cannot play into ranged champions. I play Soraka top and I am winning basically every matchup (except Irelia and Camille) and most of the times I can use my ultimate for other lanes as I don't need it to win 1v1 (I use barrier though, tp is useless on Soraka). If jungler ignore my lane I can bully most melees into tower whole game. And guess what I am rushing first item ? IBG - 20%cdr, mana, armor, easier last hitting and pushing and extra kiting power, all that ranged champion needs. But ultimately, if the game gets to the point you have full build, it is better to replace IBG as its main benefit is in laning phase which ends around 15-20minutes. After this time, IBG loses basically all benefits except the extra armor. If you can't play into ranged champion ban Viktor, I also cannot play into Irelia mid so I ban her. But Irelia can be stomping all lanes but mages cannot? Or start using brain, when you find out its Viktor top, take something else than TP, Ghost on Darius is super strong or Ignite, he won't make big plays with tp, so as long as you stomp him in lane it should be easy win. Call your jungler and camp him too - when I play Soraka it is main strategy they use against me. Viktor is not so different, his W is quite bad cc and even with Q upgrade and IBG he is still slower than Ryze. Also maybe change your runes, you won't proc grasp often enough vs ranged champion.
: Worlds Pick Em's 1 Baron Nashor
Ppls says that this account is scripted. But we are forgotting another possibility that this player went back to our time from future to win Pick'em 2018.
: I think the reason World's has been so good, is the same reason so many people dislike Solo Queue
Absolutely agree. Despite snowballing was not so common in worlds matches, and from the games I was watching only 1 was truly decided at 15min, the games had quite a lot similar with EU/NA soloQ. In my opinion, the reasons games weren't huge stops were these: - first and mainly, huge difference in vision, lack of vision really empowers assassins, fighters and roaming by general in soloQ - communication - unlike soloQ team are communicating via voice chat and so they can better respond to plays and roams - a really big emphasis on counter picks and (semi)global abilities especially when some assassin is picked early, so basically each play after 15minutes accelerated into 4v4 or 5v5 - with some exceptions overally risk-averse play even when they are winning, in worlds only Gambit and Vitality played true soloQ style and it backfired for them
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: If you look it's easier to find out how many e's he hit rather than missed because It was just pitiful how he missed literally 90% of them even when rng didnt know he was there. idk how any teams allow LeBlanc to get through the ban phase absolutely disgusting champ every game she gets through although most of his kills that match was literally last hits until he was about 7/0.
I suppose they leave her open because she is not so good in 5vs5 teamfights, especially if they drafted some protection/counterpicks against her. Shen/Galio/Sivir/Xayah/Lulu/Morgana are very very often drafted against her. And in the last game G2 were actually losing a lot of fights around lategame despite they were massively ahead. (Although in my opinion it was because they drafted that useless crap Olaf). But yeah I agree LB is just overpowered. Hell of course Perks was just using W-W or WQW at best, why would he risk using full abilities and get potentially caught if he can chunk even offtank to 40% hp with just that. All he needed to to was to WW from fow to get them low enough so the potential fight that RNG had to start in order not to lose was unfavorable for them. Despite that. And there was similar thread about Perks' outplay with Akali vs PVB, he actually is good. I didn't like him, I thought he was overhyped, and he looked full of himself (this seemsto changed or he is playing the humble guy who honors his teammates very well) but these Worlds he proved he actually is really good. Sure his best plays were on champions with very high P/B that are viewed as broken/op, but even with these champions, other midlaners in worlds weren't able to find these outplays and advantages.
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