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: THREE games in a row I get ONE item off the initial minion rounds
Last 8 games I had two games where I got NO item from inition minion rounds. Of these two items, in 1 game I got 1 item from golems and in the other game 0 items again. I got 2-3 items from wolves but I already had so low hp that it didn't matter. Other players had 6+ completed items at that point (ie 12 items).
: Perhaps he got another 2 star or swapped something you didn't see. I've played Assassins and other comps. When duplicate fights occur they are nearly identical minus crits and other random factors. I just played yesterday vs assassins and played the same guy 4 times the 1st 3 times he lost the same fashion my swain was always stepping up one and 1 to the right Gnar ulted form left to right knocking all the units left. I distinctly recall no changes. When I got T3 Shyvana and Swain instantly died, the fight was much different, still won, but id didn't look the same Gnar ulted forwards. Was Zephyr/phantom in play? Maybe an instant glacial on your tank caused no one to go for it? I was wondering if you made a full switch afterwards I was simply trying to troubleshoot and proc your memory if you did make a subtle change sorry if sounded like I wasn't reading you post no need to get snappy.
Just played Yordles against Assassins. First game all my units moved despite his tanks were positioned just 1 hexagon away from my gnar, poppy and kenen. All my units except Tristana with RFC moved, break their formation and I got stomped. He lost nothing and I lost 7 units. Then next three games despite none of us made any single change, my units didn't move and I beated him. And then last game all my units moved again and I got stomped and lost. The unit behavior is ínconsistent and buggy as hell.
: Perhaps he got another 2 star or swapped something you didn't see. I've played Assassins and other comps. When duplicate fights occur they are nearly identical minus crits and other random factors. I just played yesterday vs assassins and played the same guy 4 times the 1st 3 times he lost the same fashion my swain was always stepping up one and 1 to the right Gnar ulted form left to right knocking all the units left. I distinctly recall no changes. When I got T3 Shyvana and Swain instantly died, the fight was much different, still won, but id didn't look the same Gnar ulted forwards. Was Zephyr/phantom in play? Maybe an instant glacial on your tank caused no one to go for it? I was wondering if you made a full switch afterwards I was simply trying to troubleshoot and proc your memory if you did make a subtle change sorry if sounded like I wasn't reading you post no need to get snappy.
Played assassins again today and again seeing this. Same battle against same teams. Once his frontline moves towards my Darius in middle bottom and I win, once it doesn't and I lose.
: {{champion:53}} Hello backline with bows.
Last second swaping carry from corner to the hexagon in front of the corner and your blitz will be useless. Assuming you play someone with level3 blitz with 2 {{item:1058}} based items. If that is not a case it doesn't even matter he hooks carry, he is useless unit that brings nothing to the team. I was trying to make compositions without carry with bow-based items to works but except perhaps Sorcerers who are extremely hard to build as they lack tank and assassins who needs BF-based items to work and are hard to win with in late, there is nothing that would work. Even if you want to base your comp around melee character the best option is to give him {{item:3124}} +{{item:3094}} +something instead of tank items. Bow-based items are way too overpowered.
hoganftw (NA)
: Items should be guaranteed.
I was thinking that amount of items is not such a big deal as I could outplay other players. But now after some time everyone is building strongest items and using them on proper units and it is not possible at all. Just lost second game today where I got no item from first 3 minion waves and only 1 item from golems (and in the previous game I didn't get nothing from golems either). Fighting guy with 4 fully completed items, another one with 3, others with 2 and half. And I was sitting on chain vest from initial carousel and BF from second carousel. I lost to everyone and mostly by a stomp. I didn't have that bad champs, t2 nobles (2 vaynes) + t1 lulu, it is not like other players had level 2 Draven or several level3 champions, I simply lost due to item discrepacy. And that really sucks. And no, XP neither gold instead of item will not fix this.
: Did you get full assassins? If so the when the whole team stealths the enemy will stop moving. Also the may have just moved a ranged unit ahead of a melee forcing the melee to stop.
Did you read my post? So again I had tank positioned in the bottom middle and assassins placed on both his sides. In fact I had 3 tanks and 4 assassins. I positioned them in middle of the bottom in order to force enemy units to move towards them because I coudn't know who will I play against and there were players with units positioned on differnt corners. And no, that player didn't have ranged unit in front. Yet they didn't move.
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Kuponya (NA)
: I doubt it is a bug, this feature may have likely been removed due to abuse of mana related items so now people have to plan ahead
Can you elaborate? I have no idea what kind of mana item abuse you are talking about. And I doubt this was removed feature. I bet this was just not expected to begin with. When you combine a spatula item granting role that champion natively has the spatula item is removed. Therefore it makes sense that second same spatula item granting same role should be removed from champion as well. Else you end up with wasted item that provides no bonus at all and that is terrible design.
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Vecturn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=BYV9RBOK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T10:01:43.109+0000) > > When there are an odd number of players left, one player's team is "duplicated", and sent against the "odd" player, so it's basically just like any "true PvP" round, the only difference being that you can damage the health of the duplicated team's "leader", since it technically doesn't exist. That just raises more questions about the legitimacy of a win against the clone and whether or not it counts against the actually defeated player. Would it not make more sense to make the odd wait like any other ladder match? This seems off, understandably we are still in "beta".
And the clone team doesn't have teamcomp bonuses. So it is easier to win against it. Which brings more RNG into the game - I already had a game where there were 3 players, and the third one with 1HP got second place because he was fighting clone teams 4 times in row untill one of the top two lost. This is happening thorought the game anytime there is odd number of players and is impacting overall player placements a lot. Either way I doubt riot can remove this mechanic as I believe whole this game is copied from DOTA Underlords (or the fan modification that started this) and so are mechanics.
Securely (NA)
: I have the worst RNG
He was incredibly lucky, but he has Garen Darius and WW at level 3 and these units are gold1. Gold1 units need to be improved to level3 early or you will never finish it. So if you rushed levels you lowered your chances to upgrade your kassa and khazix to level3. If you were sitting on gold early you again lowered your chances to get these champs to level3. Your statement is nonsense. Yes it is RNG game, yes he was perhaps more lucky (but what was his items and what was yours hm?) but claiming you have worst RNG when you ended second is riddiculous.
Win Zhao (NA)
: Please increase delay before first carousel starts
Nah. We need to delete first carousel round and replace it with "Item shop" - side bar which will show up at start of the game and will last untill you choose. And each player will be given opportunity to select any item (component) he wants maybe with exception of spatula. It will be much more fair and healthy.
: Pretty much proof Pyke needs major nerfs.
Yeah Pyke deserves a nerf. Still I feel that noble buff does nothing later in game.
: so is there a limited amount of each champ in the pool and everyone draws from the same pool? is there a random amount of each champ in each game?
Probably yes on both questions. That champion pool is shared is known fact. But nobody knows how much champions are there and if that ammount is same each game. I saw rank3 gold1 champions (Vayne/Tristana/Nidalee) multiple times in same games. Usually at least two players are able to combine her. In one game I saw two rank3 Vaynes (I was owner of one) while one player was missing just single Vayne to rank3. But I believe he lost before he was able to combine her. I never saw more than one rank3 unit of gold2+ though in one game another player went for Lulu and was missing just two to get her to rank3 - so that would be two of them. Usually only one player is able to get Draven to level2 before game ends but there will surely be more of him. Anyway. With meta sheeps following youtube recommendations that they should just sit on gold piles until after minion round when they should roll it became easier to get good ammount of same champions without doing that and just rerolling from small income you get each round. Another possibility is to hoard gold but spend it earlier than others. Most metasheeps are waiting till minion round, so spent the gold right after carousel round instead. In the end yes you get about 6 to 10 extra gold if you sit on it for longer time but because other players will be taking champs you want, you will most likely spend all that gold for extra rerolls you wouldn't have to do if you weren't sitting on the gold. I am not saying sitting on the gold is wrong strat itself, but this this game completely changes when players starts doing same things and you can profit on that.
: Blademaster Kayle
That is super cool however isn't that rather because of level 2 Kayle and level 2 Yasuo rather than items and blademaster bonus? I had level 2 Yasuo and level 2 Kayle once (not in same game) and they are super super strong, they are able to solohandedly win the game. Speaking about blademasters I was trying to make comp around them and it never worked. Problem #1. Except for Draven they are all melee and they aren't exactly tanky. Other melee champs gets some surt of defensive buffs, but blademasters doesn't. So they die quicky. Some of them has strong defensive ultimates but they die too quickly. Problem #2. Except for Fiora they are all gold2+ units and thus you cannot realibly get rank 3 on them. Fiora is also noble so lots of players will be buying her which further lowers chance of getting her to rank3. Whereas other players will have several rank3 units and faceroll you (rank3 carries are going to melt your rank2 blademaster frontline) Problem #3. The buff doesn't seems to be so good with just two or four of them. And to get Draven and Yasuo or Spatula+recurve bow is just a lottery. You cannot rely on that. Problem #4. Fiora, GP, Aatrox are considered the worst units in game based on their stats or spells or both. Personally I really do like Fiora and Shen but I stopped trying to build synergy around them. And if I don't get enough fioras early to have a chance to make her to rank3 I will just sell her. With just single rank2 Fiora around raptors you will never finish her and if you don't have her for noble buff then it is better to sell her. I had really cool games with Fiora carrying them though. I am trying to get her with lulu and nobles and trying to get her {{item:3161}} . If she gets the noble buff she is able to tank longer than any other champion because her ultimate grants her 100% immunity to everything and will also stun for 1.5 second (well sometimes she uses it on dead target, but there are more champions with this problem). And she is sometimes regaining mana while in ultimate (not 100% sure about that). Last game I had 5 Nobles, rank1 Kayle, rank2 Lulu with {{item:3161}} and rank3 Fiora with {{item:3161}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3083}} (I would probably gave her phantom dancer instead of warmogs or frozen heart if I could but I had to work with what game gave me). And she was able to tank level 2 Draven with 3 items for 25 seconds. Ultimate every 2 seconds, Once she got saved by Kayle ult, 8 times ulted by Lulu which gave her tons of hp back. Just awesome. But she feels really useless without Lulu or Noble buff as she is very squishy and while she her ultimate is really strong, she dies instantly if she eats two crits from 3item Draven or Tristana. And glacials counters her hard as well. Bloody glacials :)
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: Sorcerers are how I win most of my games. Just combo them with a few other units that benefit well from the 100% Increased spell damage. Sorcerer-Wild is always a good one if you ask me. Just enough of a tanky from line to handle dragons/rift herald and the back line casters (Karthus, Sol, Ahri) just blow up ranged and a well placed Morgana just recks most assassin teams.
Tried Sorceres three times. Three times 8th, three times died to golems and wolves and if I got that far then to raptors as well. I even had frontline, had level2 kassa and garen serving as frontline for my Yuumi Varus/Veigar and lulu but every single time game wass offering me anythign else than these champions and I was losing from start. In the end I swapped Varus for level 2 Kenen with Yuumi, but it didn't help I got facerolled by assassins and wild/shapeshifter comps super hard. I know this comp gets really strong when you get 6 of them, but I have no idea how to reliably get to that phase. Going nobles or assassins early only so you could sell all units and buy 6 sorcerers and hope you get them to level2? Even if that worked, only 1 of the sorcerers is a bit tanky and that is Kassadin and he doesn't seems to be enough for early and midgame at least. Is this comp relying on Force of Nature or 2+ Yuumi spatulas?
Scazie (EUW)
: Every change since season 4 has just homogenised champion gameplay
It is not so long ago when most of what you say was still doable. I blame Season 8 and runes reforged.
: Because without that there's no ability to plan or counter an opponent's build. It's *entirely* RNG at that point. With a shared pool it ensures that if you have three people going Noble, they'll be cannibalizing each other's potential picks, and that increases the value of strategically flexing or altering your team comp rather than just building whatever the "best" thing is in any given game.
But you can't counter it anyway. There are enough shards of gold1 champion for about 3 players and enough shards of 2-3gold champs for 2 players. Not even buying Draven works to deny it to others, they still get lvl 2 Draven. All this does is increasing RNG as one of the players going for same champ will get higher chance and others will struggle. Ultimately if you don't get gold1 champ to 3 star by the time you get level6 you can sell him (unless you rely on him for the combo bonus). And it doesn't matter if someone else is taking same champion.
: as an enchanter support main i will say that blitz grabbing the adc or the support is already death, even if he can pop the shield or not blitz q e ult is already devastating and its already very rare to survive even with a support shield this new mechanic (albeit stupid that it just outright deletes shield rather than doing additional damage to shields) is just a token teamfight buff that probably will never be the main reason to pick him unless very specific circumstances are in place like... protect the kogmaw comps? {{champion:96}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:43}} im just shooting guesses.
I think Riot wanted to make anti-TK champion into toplane.
: TFT changes/fixes/proposal that are needed
Not sure about #3 but I agree with everything else. I like playing Yordles so I don't want to see them nerfed I think they are fine as they are - you are forced to build PD/FH against assassins so I see no problem that Yordles forces you to build RFC. What is a problem is that you might not be able to ever build it. Items availability is a problem. Glacials on the other hand... I don't like playing them and I don't like facing them. They are either lucky and perma stun your units or they aren't and lose. Same fight can swing in any way depending on rng and that is not fun at all. I would also add more items, items are really fun. But when I get barely 3 completed items for 30 minutes of playing and I have limited ability to control what they will be, it is frustrating. 2 items cap, no item stacking but more items in general and game will be much more balanced and fun to play.
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: How to beat spear of shojin Pyke guide.
I am pretty sure missing still regenerates mana so PD and Yordles are worthless against him (or rather as a counter to him). Best counterplay to Pyke and all assassins is to have strong damage unit that will finish enemy tank very fast. That means, actually using items on your champions and using primarily BF swords, not attack speed items. Because when your carry kills enemy tank he will swap aggro to closest enemy which will be assassin and kills him.
: Blitzcrank/Nidalee Impossible to lose
Lol 4-5 3star in all the games you won, no wonder you won. Out of last 10 games I played I end up at best second, mostly in middle or even 6th. From those games the number of 3stars I got was exactly three. Not any more.
: I won a game with a Gold Fiora nobel team.
I also find Fiora fine. Her ultimate grants her complete immunity to everything (afaik) and she buils up mana quickly so she seems usable actually. I bet she might be able to carry with some items like SoS and dunno what else.
BigBlegh (NA)
: Yet another glacial rant
I dislike glacial. It is too much about rng. Same fight can swing super hard because the stun procs or they don't. This is bad design in mz opinion.
: Worst TfT Champion?
Definitely Elise.
Xavanic (NA)
: Zed...
Dude. You are not allowed to post about Zed unless the post is about him needing buffs (as he definitely needs buffs - if he would be good he would be played in lcs right?). You shouldn't poke into hornet's nest really.
: I didnt get my 3 stars until the last 2 rounds btw. Which was after he was knocked out
: How do you use demons?
I saw this just once and it completely destroyed my sorc comp :D
Hoosier1 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadWooo,realm=EUNE,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=FqopOZLT,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T18:38:02.410+0000) > > Just had a nice conversation in game after I got stomped by player with five 3star units when I had none. I ranted about rng and then another guy with full glacial comp said - he might have five 3star champs but he has no synergy in them he will lose. The moment he wrote it he got matched against this guy and despite he had full glacial comp bonus + ranger bonus for Ashe+Vayne and two more units he got stomped so hard it was hilarious. > > End-game screen > > > > the guy who is(was) second won it in the end. But despite the first guy had only single bonus and that is Knight 2 and less units he was stomping everyone and the match with second player was quite close. > > Anyway last 10 games I ended at the bottom after the store didn't offer me single 3star and in many cases not even any synergy between what it was offering. It also seems that more and more players figured out the strongest units/items and get better. > > I think that with more players doing same comps, going for same units and same item this game becomed pure RNG. You either get good item and good units and good ammount of them or you go home. > > Also when it comes to lategame. And it is just you and the other guy, assuming you both know how to play it it is all about if you manage to get that third draven or not. Or maybe whether he manages to get that last Veigar for 3star or whether you get the right item from dragon that you need. Pure rng. > > **Problem #1 - Unit availability.** > > First off. Shared pool is unfun. I understand the reason behind it and I though it is great mechanic at first, but it only leads to one player being more lucky and others gets nothing. Before the recent hotfix changes I was scouting what are other players building and tried to build up unit that nobody else bought. That being said, it wasn't much successful strategy as the next round I could see my unit announced as 2 star i chat anyway. And I was screwed. I know champion pool consist of enough shards that two players can build up rank3 (at least gold1 unit, never saw two players had rank3 on gold2+ though in one game I had rank3 lulu and other player had 2x rank2 and 1x rank1 - but then he lost) but especially because the recent hotfix changes that doesn't matter anymore as the chances to upgrade gold1 unit to rank3 is minimal right now. > > There are basically 3 ways how to play TFT right now. > > 1) Hoarding gold. Worst strategy because of shared pool, but not only shared pool. I tried this several several times, ended 7th or 8th everytime because several reasons. While you are hoarding gold players are taking their champ from shared pool which means less units for you. Also there is quite little ammount of time. So you have 40 gold and decide ok now it is time to roll something. But you will not be able to roll and upgrade champs in the 30 seconds you have between rounds at all (unless the intent is to get very specific champion and only that champion). Furthermore it seems that store offers same champions over and over and especially those you just sold. I made about 50 rerolls in one of such game and I I saw several champions over and over. But it didn't meant there were 9 shards of Lissandra, it was the same shard or two over and over again. > > 2) Getting levels quickly asap and build comp around level2 stronger units. Not a strategy with high chance to be first but seems like solid strategy to end in first four right now. > > 3) Not levelling up and rerolling to get 3star units. This is what I do most of the time because if you don't get 3stars on gold1 champion till level6 you better sell it. By not levelling up you increase the chances to get such unit to level3. And while level2 Draven is stronger than level3 Tristana, without level3 tristana you won't get that far anyway. It is pure rng though. Either you get the 3star unit and it pays off. Or you wasted time and hitpoints for nothing and you lose early. > > Whatever strategy you choose, after recent hotfix changes whether you get that 3star unit is just pure RNG. There is no skill. > > **Problem #2 - Champion balance / Teamcomp balance.** > > This is twofold. First some champions are much much stronger than others. Draven is prime example, Kassadin is super strong for gold1 unit as well, Pyke is still overpowered. This results in players going for same champions and teamcomps and less diversity. Doesn't matter you have that 6 Nobles with 3 Star Vayne with 3 items that level 2 draven with same items (and 2imperial bonus which is super easy to get) will beat that Vayne easily. > > Also teamcomp balance is an issue. It seems that the only way to have a winning chance is to split team to frontline and backline. You cannot win with just frontline (especially because space block) and you cannot win without it either. This limit options in what is viable and what isn't and I think we have enough of this in SR where are champions pigeonholed into one or two lanes (except the newer champs who can go anywhere of course). > > **Problem #3 - Item balance and usefullness** > > This is probably the biggest problem I see now after players got better. Not all items are equal and not all items are equally good on every champion. From this reasons (and the fact that you cannot dissolve items or move them without selling champion) players are now hoarding item components and waiting for that one component they need as long as they can. This is smart and reasonable from players but I find this stupid from design perspective, playing TFT when both players have nothing on their champs is boring. > > Basically everyone goes for these items: > 1) force of nature > 2) rageblade > 3) spear of shojin > 4) phantom dancer > 5) rapid fire cannon > 6) infinity edge > 7) static > 8) titanic hydra > 9) warmogs > > Sorcerer items, Seraph, Ludens, Rabadon, Morello aren't that bad but because the best champions you can use it for doesn't appear early you barely get to see them and if you do it is probably only because player had too low hp and had to use item to avoid losing. > > As you can see these are mostly "adc" items which is related to problem #2. Frontline champions usually cannot use these items to full extend nor beat champion with such items (alone). Which put them into specific role and that is "draw aggro and buy as much time as possible". There are exceptions but I can count them on fingers of my hand are they are either gold4+ unit or you need luck and get that unit to level3. Or you go home. > > I did not mention item availability as that was already dealt with by riot and is going to be balanced in next update. It is a recycled genre from the 90's. Riot figured it was a good idea to waste time and money so you people born after turn based strategies were a thing would get a chance to play them. TFT is nothing new for those of us who were playing Suikoden and Final Fantasy Tactics over two decades ago. Riot is using you post 90 people to try and pull you in to a stale genre.
I am not post 90 actually ;). But yes I didn't play those games, I was playing Ja2, Homam 2,3,4,5, Gorky 17 and similar games. (Speaking of turn based.) So this is new for me.
: Weird because I go against people who stack them and destroy them everytime with a good synergy comp. If they're running ranger glacial, they need to have early knights too. Otherwise they had a c tier comp at best. Also mostly 2 coin 2 stars isn't good. However a 3-4 cost 2 star will beat any 1 cost 3 star.
That guy actually had some synergies - 4 noble and 2 gunslinger. While you had 3 Yordles 6 Sorcerer and 2 more pieces. Considering Sorcerers are hard counter to nobles and that you had level 3 lulu which is super super broken and from 20 games I went for her I got her to level3 just once. In the end you had two 3star units. So there were much more in play. Yes you are right most gold4/5 units are stronger with level2 however they are hard to get. While you get 3star on gold1/2 champs in "midgame" getting 2star on gold4+ is pretty rare at this time and 1star champs are pretty useless. All I am saying is that team comp bonuses are overrated. I don't claim they are useless, I am trying to get decent synergy every game myself, but it happens that store just doesn't offer you anything and you end up 6th or worse. If you get this many 3stars you will get to top3 almost guaranteed.
Bancheis (NA)
: Need more time at later stages
Just stop hoarding gold and use it immediately.
Rajsch (NA)
: Thoughts on TFT Items Issues
regarding 3 - I think that is great idea, and would solve the problem with items I explained here: With just 2 items that champion can use, players will stop assembling and waiting the 3 adc items every time. It will also probably stop the rageblade abuse (though SoS will still be worth to stack).
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DryBear (NA)
: 7 EASY TIPS to INSTANTLY Improve at Teamfight Tactics TFT
Stopped watching at first tip as that is absolutely wrong and it is a way to lose. Maybe it works in DOTA but it doesn't work in TFT at all.
: 6 class buffs are terribly unbalanced
The biggest problem with nobles is that it consist of three gold1 champions - Garen, Fiora and Vayne. With the recent hotfix changes to the champion availability it is simply not possible to get all of them to level 3. Even getting two of them to level 3 has very small chance. So what happens is that you either get vayne to level3 and end up with Garen and Fiora at level2 and they are not gonna survive long on those levels... Or you end up with level 2 vayne at which point you can rather give those items to Kayle or Fiora... That buff doesn't feel that strong either and gets hard countered by sorcerers and assassins. As for blademasters, I never attempted to get all six but because basically everygame store is full of shen and the best marksmen in TFT draven is blademaster + you can get blademaster spatule (where you cannot get Yordle or Noble) makes it easy to benefit from it.
Copic (NA)
: TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.
Yeah. I cannot deny your argument. When you get that far, you either get something that allows you beat your opponent or you don't and go home. I also feel I am winning quite a lot only because there is no meta yet, item synergies with champions aren't commonly known yet and generally players still don't know how to play it to maximize their chances to win. I wonder what happens when this will be commonly known and everyone will do the same shit. Still, I like it and I burned out from SR as this season is completely crap and I feel the games in SR are much more coinflip than TFT because I play champions that are shit tier. And when you finally get your comp and items rolling in TFT it is so much fun. In SR game is decided in first 10 minutes (in my elo anyway) and you don't get even close to full build ever so you play shitty early game where your champ has no damage over and over and it is not fun.
Ratpie (NA)
: If you level up quickly it moves you out of the bottom tiers so you are less likely to get the 1 costs. Economy play works better to build up.
That being said even if you won't level up quickly and reroll like crazy the chance to get gold1 champion to level3 is very low now after the hotfix changes. Before this strategy was working 100% and was too strong but now it is better to just get level2 stronger champions and build big synergy. It is not winning games but it is more consistent strategy to get top 4.
: Unique passives for items that do not stack.
By a rule of a thumb all passies stacks with exceptions. Phantom Dancer doesn't stack (technically it stacks but the effect just isn't going to improve when it is already 100% chance to dodge crits). Rapid Fire Cannot doesn't stack (same deal, but maybe the range stacks - should be noticeable on melee champ? Confirmation needed.
: How come nobody is talking about champion RNG?
I think this was caused by recent hotfix to drop rates. It was discussed here: I didn't see any complains recently though it is much harder to get rank3 now indeed.
: TFT Party
Yeah that voice is stupid as there is also no feedback that you got disconnected. So many times I was talking to muted mic to my friends...
NY64 (NA)
: Do you place Guardians behind your carries?
Because you don't know who you will be facing you want to put them into frontlane. I mean there is no universal solution. If you put them into front, assassins will murder your carries and you lose. But if you put them into backline and you won't play vs assassins but normal comp enemy frontline get to your carries and you lose again. So perhaps the placement might depend on the probability of fighing assassin squad, ie. how many players are in game and how many of them has a assassin team comp. But there is not much time to scout enemies and make the math so I just use normal placement (and then get wiped by assassins). Only when you will know who you are fighting (ie. just 2 players remained) then move it accordingly.
: Yeah, that would be great.... but it doesn't work. AT ALL.... Just had a game where only two players got additional items from first round and one player actually got two. Item drops are still a total RNG game breaking mechanic.
I think we will have to wait for full patch for this change.
: @Riot, No BS. No sarcasm. Just a genuine thank you for making item drop changes for 9.14
I have this feeling that there is some inbuilt chance increase for losing players. I got like six items last game from raptors and I had 1 hitpoints (my memory might be off as I had some items laying there already, but it wasn't less than 4 items). Maybe I was just super lucky and you can get this many items anytime no matter if you are winning or not, but if more players noticed this there might be a bug and reason why some players gets screwed early. If there is some mechanic like this then it is very possible that the first rounds when everyone has 100 hp it treats some players as "winning" and some as "losing" therefore impacting their drop rates. I'll try to lose the first minion round to see if there is any change.
Moody P (NA)
: The issue of range top laners is accessibility
Ranged champions appearing in toplane are the smallest issue.
: 1. A fix for the carousel could just be: Remove all this unlocking crap and just have each player click on the unit they want after a 5-10 second delay at the beginning of the round. Then the players are given their picks in the same order they would get them now, with every "pair of players" (meaning the pairs they would be in if they unlocked as they do now) getting their picks in the order of whomever clicked first. 2. I think the minion rounds are mainly for getting your first set of units and choosing what champions you're going to build around. That being said... yeah, the whole 'kill the minions' part of it is a completely pointless time-waster. Just give the players their gold, the items they get from winning a minion round, and reroll the shop. That being said, the stronger monster rounds are 100% needed. These are used for very useful reasons 1. They give the player some much needed rest from fighting other players teams that are 'designed' to defeat them (because the players are trying to win every round) 2. They even out how far apart the players are from each other by cutting of win/lose streaks and killing specific compositions that the devs expect to be doing better than others 3. gives you some time to think about how you want to design your team going forward (while the rounds your fighting the player you're just mostly thinking about how can I make my current team as strong as possible for the next fight) 3. I'd assumed the delays were mostly for player clarity are to keep performance smooth (like how in Dota Auto Chess there is always a lag spike before the battle because all the units are being moved at once). But yeah, the "I'm getting hit with damage" and other small delays are just annoying. 4. I think it would be unfair to all the players that are still fighting if the other players got more free time to do things. The shared champion pool isn't a problem because they could just re-roll all the shops after the first player wins but only show the new shop to players once they finish the round. 5. I don't think they should change the champions to speed up game time. The longer the round lasts, even if you're not going to win, it still gives your remaining unit(s) a chance to get at least 1 more kill. And to address RATPIE's comment > The main solution I see to shortening game length is to just have health go down faster, and build faster. This means upping damage and giving more gold per round so that people can still get full comps, maybe make resets cost less so that it isn't so punishing and people can build teams faster and play over less rotations? You could even keep all the minion waves, just less overall VS rounds. I think this is a very bad idea. It already feels bad enough taking 30 damage late game when you just run into a team that completely counters your team. Increasing damage is NOT a good way to speed up game time, only make the game less fun. Also, getting to those late round with Elder Dragon and Rift Herald always feels great. You're thinking to yourself "even if I don't win this, if I can kill these super minions I'm happy with this game". It's like getting to the final boss on a dungeon in an MMO. All the player battles are just the defenses and the big minions are the final bosses.
Ah you are right, I forgot the time sink when your or enemy avatar gets damage for losing. :)
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