: Apparently finding ideas to make skins for Xerath is hard.
Xerath skin won't happen because it won't bring profit since 99% of LoL playerbase can only play 508 compliance champs like: {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:517}}
: If void staff is going to have 40% magic pen, then achieving 150+ MR needs to be possible w/ 2 items
Mind explaining us, OP, how a full AP team is way more likely to lose than a full AD team if Magic Pen is so easy to get and so strong? I am sure it's not just the "the copious amounts of ambient magic damage in champions passives, item actives, item passives, etc" since I see more true damage coming from AD champs rather than Magic Damage which is meh as nowadays almost everyone gets scaling magic resist too. Still, you say MR items are trash, so you wouldn't have a proper counter against a full AP comp, right?
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Seen (NA)
: This "I give up" 5 minutes into game meta needs to stop.
Snowball meta, forced a role you don't really wanna play/ not in the mood to, wrong attitude even though it's ranked ...those are the main factors.
Snowic (NA)
: Riot please revert the Rakan changes immediately the entire community of Rakan mains is begging you
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MrHaZeYo (NA)
: You know, they'll go back to normal once they snowball meta ends. So while they suck now, they won't be that way forever.
The changes done in the last year by the "balance" team show me that the snowball meta won't end any soon, but will get deeper. While we can adapt with it, it's unfortunate that champions, items and even runes that are not viable for this meta are left into the noob trap tier. It's also interesting and disappointing how a huge company can not make most of the stuff mentioned earlier viable when they decide to shift the meta.
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: Where did Swain go? The only champion we are not talking about right now.
He's in a pretty balanced state, but balanced champs are meh tier in the damage meta ruled by <1 second killing combos dealt by champs who sometimes feel tankier than tanks. His ult might actually feel like wow so strong, but the damage creep is too high and is also easily countered by heal reduction. Also ...120 seconds cooldown and minimum one fragment ...
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: Putting a movement speed cap on a particular class or group of classes (You mention Juggernauts, Divers and Skirmishers, as {{champion:39}} is a Diver and {{champion:24}} is a Skirmisher, and because you don't mention any specific member, I assume you refer to the Juggernaut class as a whole) is a very unfair and one-sided change. For example, it would make Juggernauts useless, as very few, aside from {{champion:6}} , {{champion:266}} , {{champion:420}} and {{champion:102}} have any dashes. The rest either have CC or conditional MS boost in their kits that they have to use to get to, and stay on, a target. Most of them have to use that CC or conditional MS boosts JUST TO GET ON A TARGET in a lot of situations. Divers, like {{champion:39}} and others wouldn't be quite as bad off, as they have their dashes/jumps/blinks or what-have-you to get on targets, but even then, if said target has some form of disengage, and the Diver has to use their engage just to get on them, only to be booted away immediately following, they wouldn't be able to do their job much better than the Juggernauts. Skirmishers like {{champion:24}} would probably fare just as good, if only SLIGHTLY better than the Divers because of their shorter ranged, but also lower Cool-Down dashes/blinks/jumps, as well as their conditional defensive measures (Like {{champion:24}} has his Counter Strike E) but, just like the Juggernauts and Divers above, they are just as susceptible to disengage, and can be booted away. The idea that items like {{item:3078}} and others that grant movement speed (Such as {{item:3742}} , {{item:3800}} and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting) are intended to be there for those classes to provide ways, through wise use and itemization, to off-set weaknesses in each of these classes, just like the other classes have their own specialized items. {{item:3147}} , {{item:3814}} and more are for the Assassins, for example. Mages have {{item:3157}} , Supports have {{item:3190}} or ADC's have {{item:3140}} and its upgrade {{item:3139}} . In conclusion, if you were to remove those items, or implement a MS Limit/Max in the game, you would have to apply it to ALL CLASSES. Putting something on one class or a small group of classes or champions is extremely biased and detrimental to the enjoyment of the players of those champions.
Good that you learnt fancy name such as 'Divers' and 'Skirmishers'. Also good that you tell me theory of what they should do, but that's what they are in game: Diver = Juggernaut stats + braindead mobility + get back in game even after 0 / 4 because #basestats #itemsynergy Skirmisher = Juggernaut stats + slightly lesser mobility than diver + impossible to fight against even if two or three + get back in game even after 0/4 + just split push because you need 2 or 3 champs to shoo away that braindead f*ck with 400++ move speed.
Doge2020 (NA)
: Well then CC the person and walk away so they can’t AA you to get the MS lol. It helps me on Nasus to stick with the enemy because I get kited so much! And btw: I just looked at your match history and you have never played any juggernauts or triforce users on this current patch. Idk if you have another account but from what I see you have almost no knowledge about how juggernauts work. These divers and juggernauts that you mentioned only have one gap closing ability, and they usually have very high cooldowns after the dash is completed (jax/xin) or if the champ messes up the combo and the dash doesn’t reset (Irelia). They need the MS from tri to help with sticking to a target. And as a Xerath and Swain main you aren’t usually in the front line, so you usually have a ton of time to react and CC a diver/juggernaut that gets onto your ass. Now before you rant on me with some BS excuses, I recommend you play some of said triforce user champs. You will quickly find that the MS is barely noticeable and actually doesn’t matter a lot in a teamfight where you (as the juggernaut or diver) will get hard CC’d a lot. Try nasus or Darius into a team with either a shit ton of peel, dashes or CC (hard and soft).
"These divers and juggernauts that you mentioned only have one gap closing ability, and they usually have very high cooldowns after the dash is completed (jax/xin) " Jax? Low cooldown on dash? Nah, the only one who doesn't know what the f is talking about is you. The simple fact you try to justify BS as Jax or Xin is clear fact that you should stop talking at all.
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Cinth (NA)
: To be COMPLETELY honest with you, Ignite shouldn't be doing a forth of my health throughout the game
To be COMPLETELY honest with you, Ignite meta is better than Teleport meta
: What?
The question is clear.
Subdue (NA)
: I hope you're just _feigning_ ignorance.
Keep watching LC$ bud
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