: I think you might forgot something, if they buff something like wuk,they might just break him, and then nerf him into WORSE STATE THAN HE WAS ALL THAT YEARS or they will rework him into completely different champion(HAY GALIO), even though it might be good it won't be wukong i love, and i don't want him to be gutted as it always happens when they trying to buff someone who had marked "forsaken" and become broken after buffs, and i DON'T WANT HIM TO BE BUFFED SO HE CAN INFLUENCE LC$ THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO BE GUTTED.Be carefull what you're asking for. He's extremely fun to play (for me, at least) i have bad games, good games, but have decent amount of games when i did insane impact,some of games when i fell behind and was useless,that's how LoL works.Idk you either want your main to be broken and be overpowered freelo so you can climb or idk...He's not easy champ , and i am not talking about mechs, you need to think with him(in macro way,not micro)
I want Wukong to be played like Lee and Yasuo, a champ that takes skills, use his nimbus for mobility, and turn his Q staff into a skillshot.
Kyunsei (EUW)
: Sooo, just checked and the least modified champions since season 1 (and 2) are ....
Yeah, get {{champion:62}} to the top, and he'll be nerfed in no time unlike Lee. Its funny how NEWER champs are getting attention and reworks {{champion:266}} {{champion:421}} , but {{champion:62}} doesn't get the slightest modification in his base or kit damage or scaling. They'll tell you "but tanky coz passive", but the passive is 0 specially with lethality update and LW, and it's name (stone skin) is taken and put in another item's passive and can give the same AOE resistance Wukongs lvl 16 gives but only with 3 enemies around you (wu requires 5 enemies), and just wait till preseason hits, additional runes will give the same passive as wukong. Talk about unique binary unmanageable passive. Q got bad scaling, W is binary and provides nothing only potential outplay but doesnt matter in a CC meta anyways, E is easily denied Ex: {{champion:412}} and pointclick / enemy dependent, R takes too long to deal damage and all that damage can be easily lifestealed / denied by items or CC + shields,healing by supports (assuming you'd last long in teamfight). I dunno what is priority in Riot's point of view atm, they almost reworked most champs and Wu cant get the slightest change to keep his mains patience for his unknown when rework.
: And those 2 champs(karthus and wukong) are viable even now if they're in right hands, it only prooves that those champions were really made well in terms of ballance and not need any changes
W is viable? in a CC meta where every new champion released has a slow +/ CC, and it doesnt even provide any passive at all. R, takes 4 seconds to apply full damage, you know if you want it to deal good damage you need to build much AD, and teamfights dont last that long this season eh?
ganggoink (EUW)
: Nobody in this world can tell me Lulu, Janna, Soraka, kog, twitch and Tristana are balanced
They always count the amount of $$ they can generate just by keeping those champions godtier. Assume you've nerfed these champions, what would happen is a massive shift in champion select, which means massive shift in counter-picks, and that's not part of their plan.
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: My wish list for Season 8:
My Unicorn Wishlist for S8: Turn{{champion:62}} {{champion:77}} into fun non-binary champs with at least 1 skillshot and outplay potential in their kit.
Rioter Comments
: He is a monk according to his new lore.
I bet this argument was about Udyr being from Freljord. Problem is people dont read the entire lore and know Lee took him to the temple then trained with the Monks.
: It's the patch Worlds is going to be played on. Of course they'd buff Lee Sin. To be fair, both Udyr and Wukong would require quite large scope work.
To be honest I'm fine with wukong, just need to get his passive and R changed, W adjusted, he has a high potential to become melee hypercarry, which he should've been at first place. Udyr needs an entire new kit, full melee spells wont no more since it's all CC metas and every newly release champion got CC.
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Penns (EUW)
: Kayn is a pretty good assassin tho.
and I was wondering why even the patcher says he's a Fighter.
Nahui (NA)
: Because the community hates assassins and when they one shot squishies (namely ADCs). It's just okay when a Mage or a high burst fighter does it. Lol.
but it's ok for {{champion:21}} to 1shot the entire team, and {{champion:59}} have no delayed dmg and no counterplay.
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: Udyr is a melee that's somewhat durable and has crazy damage He more tears people apart rather than blows them up but given he can just fly out of a bush spam transforms and kill someone in 1-3s he can be pretty close :P Then again he's a retcon Freljordian sooooo
> [{quoted}](name=TwitchInMyPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oPcZPAmb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-27T00:55:51.566+0000) > > Udyr is a melee that's somewhat durable and has crazy damage > > He more tears people apart rather than blows them up but given he can just fly out of a bush spam transforms and kill someone in 1-3s he can be pretty close :P > > Then again he's a retcon Freljordian sooooo Problem is Udyr has no reliable gapcloser and nothing in his kit allows him to easily get out. Full AD 1shot udyr never works in this CC meta.
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Tyvan (NA)
: Riot is supposedly adding the honorable opponent back
> [{quoted}](name=Tyvan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=RuObh6Fb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-25T22:02:43.091+0000) > > Riot is supposedly adding the honorable opponent back Yeah, bring it back or not, soon we'll have many players climbing the same path to have 1 of three unidentified colors "Blue, purple, orange", and maybe next season we'll have a full set of honorable opponents on the opposing team. what an easily achieved "badge".
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: I mean, yes, technically he doesn't buff one of the 3 assassin items, HOWEVER, I contest your claim that {{item:3071}} buff doesn't count. Almost every physical damage assassin builds BC as second or third item, virtually all build it before {{item:3814}} {{champion:238}}? Builds BC {{champion:91}}? Builds BC {{champion:62}}? Builds BC {{champion:107}}? BC {{champion:121}}? BC {{champion:80}}? BC The only assassin I could find that doesn't build it is {{champion:56}}, but he builds {{item:3031}} Honestly, given how overloaded the assassin items are, I'm fine with their Ornn buff being on the bruiser item they all buy.
They buy it because they have no other option to pick from, that's why you see all AD assassins buy the same stuff in every game.
Penns (EUW)
: at least i can build {{item:3089}} {{champion:105}} hehe
won't do much if it provided CD only. xp
: Most of the items were included based on if Ornn wanted to build them and how iconic they were. Ornn is not an Assassin and only Duskblade is really iconic among Assassin items, although Riot has stated they tried it and found it terrifying.
what are you talking about? we're not talking about his class here. We're talking about the items he's buffing ==> adcs. mages. bruisers. tanks. supports. why are we leaving the assassins behind? whats wrong with buffing youmus instead of d.b?
Rioter Comments
: The Assassin Rework was a Failure and so is Riots response to it
I'm a {{champion:91}} main with over 1M m.points. I know Talon will never receive any QoL buffs that would make his kit interact better. It's unhealthy to put an entire kit's faith in a Passive only. Lategame you just try to "E" walljump and kill the adc/squishy priority when theyre surrounded by tanks/supports that provide much shields and heals. As soon as you jump you can literally do nothing "cant even Q" then watch yourself get cced and insta die. I see {{champion:91}} rework as a failure.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 4
@Meddler, Recently Ghostcrawler discussed what makes a champion/rework a success, as a {{champion:91}} main, I'm not satisfied with the outcome of his rework, he fits the theme yet he lost a lot post the rework, I would like to know your opinion about him and if he'll receive any changes/QoL adjustments in the near future. and when can we expect the reveal of the new Vanguard champion? From the "Horn" teaser, I feel like he'll be a leader type of champ that will give much Auras to his Teammates, am I right?
: I liked old Talon better as well. Being able to jump walls is cool and all, but I enjoyed being able to instantly blink to my target with E a lot more than doing a lame dash to them that can be interrupted. New Talon is still fun, but old Talon was a lot more fun imo. Doing things like this just feels so much more satisfying (especially at 0:26) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc2f-OhraIQ
Yeah at least back then getting fed actually gave you an advantage, better spells scaling and outplay potential, unlike the new talon where you just have to make sure you land your passive or you're screwed.
: As an old and new talon player I highly disagree with most things you have said. First off talon is the only assassin that doesn't suck after the assassin update. And he is quite capable of onshotting squishy champions in under a second if you don't suck. Second, talons old passive was worthless. You either had to slow down your assassination to preemptively cast w or else your passive was useless. If I could trade talons old kit and simply keep his new passive that would be the dream. I guess I agree with the idea that his kit feels worse now then it did before. But your reasoning why is what I disagree with. They didn't rework talon to be a team fighter. They reworked talon to do less damage because "assassin's assassinating is bad for the game." Hell when I can oneshot people with riven faster then I can with most of the assassin's then there is a problem.
{{champion:55}} {{champion:107}} p.s: I'm trying to convince myself you're a Talon main, but with 3 games in ranked, I'm most confident you don't know how hard it's like to manage the champ the higher you climb as well.
Rioter Comments
: As someone who like to 100-0 people, i've made a list of viable assasins.
{{champion:62}} "..and a passives that helps survive" <=== wrong section, correction: Memes and Games.
: Fixing the "/remake" command at 3 minutes, reconnecting and not moving should keep it eligible.
"Hi, I'm the afker who just reconnected to deny you from remaking, bye now" , and all of this happens pre-3min, which doesn't allow you to remake even if he DC before that.
: >Why out of all champs WUKONG doesn't get any damage modifier against jungle camps? Would be great if his W deal more to jungle camps. > {{champion:62}} is a monkey, monkeys live in the jungle, {{champion:62}} should be mainly focused towards jungler role. this is BS. Wukong isn't ur vulgar monkey. > Why? when you gonna stop manipulating with the meta, {{champion:245}} buff champs that used to be godtier and still after nerfs perform better than champs you barely give attention , so you buff them again because challenger tier demands it? No, they buff hit cause they wan't more diversity for proplay, and x champ are good looking (gameplay wise). > Lethality was fine, until again you&amp;#039;ve randomly decided to rework the only 3 items that are available for assassins {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} instead of giving them an additional option. lethality wasn't fine. Now its fine. And these items are great with Wukong. > {{champion:62}} is literally unplayable this season, you wanna jungle? get counterjungled and out performed by faster clearing junglers who provide better ganks{{champion:64}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:31}} > Wanna top? I&amp;#039;ve read{{champion:62}} counters {{champion:126}} , well, that&amp;#039;s no more. BS {{champion:62}} is playable at the top & jungle. He's not the best, deserve a rework, but he's definitly viable. And stop build this sh*t {{item:3046}}
Building {{item:3046}} gives me a great dueling potential (specially late game where your ult is easily dodged or lifestealed) and significantly increases your damage and coordinates well with the Q + E AS steroid.
: Doesn't he have armor shred on q?
Most jungle camps have fixed armor or set to 0. that wouldnt help him in the jungle.
: good thing this game is balanced solely around lore and theme and not around having actual balance between champs
[[Within Ionia's treetops dwells a vastayan tribe known as the Shimon. These apelike creatures are a wise, cautious people, and as pacifists, chose to build their society away from landwalkers, cultivating their society atop the tallest trees in Ionia. The Shimon see life as an evolutionary climb to wisdom, thus upon death, the Shimon believe they become Stone Skin.png stones, returning to the soil to begin the climb of life again.]]
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:62}} desperatly needs a new passiver. Anyone can have his passive with{{item:3193}} and a mastery. It's not unique anymore
I know, the passive doesn't even give you THAT much of resistance, only 8 per enemy nearby, 8x5=40, who knows what exactly the number will be after penetration + lethality, and as soon as an enemy dies you lose some of it without being rewarded.
Rioter Comments
: Gragas is such a disgusting champion
Pls.. that's a healthy example of how a full tank{{champion:79}} {{item:1409}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3047}} should be able to have it all [[engage, disengage, dash, knockup -> knockback, slow, displacement, unidentified hitbox, %max HP dmg]] and be able to 1shot you. Never question the balance team.
: stop acting like cho was always a problem
{{champion:31}} was never a problem, until the balance team decided to experiment on him give him Hp% scaling damage on his E and R. The E % HP damage is justified, but why should a TANK be able to delete and squishy with 2K true damage and still be unkillable?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
When will you start working on Udyr and make him a priority rather than work on champions that nobody seems to complain about their play style? When will you give balance to the champions that are only affected by items change?
: Why talon is the only assasin that has no reliable gap closer?
Funny how now everyone will act like a Talon pro when he has lots of weaknesses more than strengths. It's not about what he has, its about why he didn't receive as QoL buffs. I have over 1M points with Talon. most people will tell you he has "E parkour" and leave it right there empty with no argument. Problem is with warding and the more you climb in Elo, anyone can counter Talon mid air parkour His Q has a short range and if you dont use the Melee range damage you kinda lose much dmg output. Talon already lost much after the rework: 1) -15 MS 2) -15% damage enhancement from his previous [E] 3) Q used to be a great splitpushing ability on towers and inhibs 4) W used to slow both ways. now it slows on its way back only, and slow reduced to 1 sec from 2, lost width too in exchange for insignificant range 5) his AOE damage which made him a niche assassin pick was lost as well in exchange for his new passive which ALSO requires AA to be activated after applying 3 wounds, know that if you apply your whole kit combo you should be able to apply your passive almost 2 times, but after activating the passive wounds stop stacking for 2 seconds and this wasnt mentioned in his passive. anyways, proper fix should be either add more range on his Q , or Allow talon to press Q mid air while jumping walls.
: Can someone at Riot explain to me how Volibear keeps avoiding reworks/updates?
To be honest it's frustrating to see even newer champs like {{champion:421}} for example get buff/nerfed and adjusted/updated just because she witnessed lots of plays in LCS. meanwhile older..WAY older champs {{champion:106}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}} (wukong hasn't been touched in 3+ years, not a single buff/nerf or update) {{champion:23}} get completely ignored because they don't affect much the overall game's lore, don't have much player base and aren't flashy enough to get some love.
: Imo phoenix stance should just get a 30 sec cooldown where udyr activates all stances at once for a set duration.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
@Meddler, why were {{champion:77}} changes fully reverted for the second time? will he be receiving different updates? and will{{champion:62}} receive any number changes/ passive update or rework in the near future?
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