Shaponja (EUNE)
: I have no problem with champ select! this happens during matches. It also happened in my last game...
Ok it happened for the second game in the row. Riot fix your shit
overdoseh (EUW)
: Maybe this might hel: "It's a problem with the new update of Bitdefender. Just disable Advanced Threat Defense and your client should launch the game after champ select."
I have no problem with champ select! this happens during matches. It also happened in my last game...
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: Worst par is we are prolly some of the few who have gotten this issue, which is really sad tbh but i hope a lot of people start experiencing it just so that riot actually takes care about it.
Yeah you’re the first person I found who has the same problem. I hope it wont be painful for much longer..
: No it is not my god i was waiting for someone to experience the same, its literally the game, either the client or the game but its not the servers either, so basically you're playing league normally and out of nowhere in one of your games you get like 190 ms 200 ms 300 ms and you can't fix it, its literally unfixable, i lost 2 games because of it it has happened to me twice, i was playing a match just an hour ago, got into the game. 90ms ping as usual, no spikes since I ALWAYS have ETHERNET cable PLUGGED in my compute, then 6 mins into the match i start getting high ping spikes and it never goes down, i restart the game, i close and reopen the client, I restart the internet, I disconnect and reconnect the internet, i turn it off, i turn my computer off and turn it on. There is literally no fix, so basically once you get this bug in ur game you are doomed to lose, worse is it can happen twice or even 3 times in a row and its just terrible luck.
I have exactly what you’re describing. From my usual 60ms it goes to constant 190-300ms, sometimes a short spike to 600ms too. And I tried everything you said as well. Literally. No. Fix. That I myself can do. Its a coin flip whether it will happen and its yet another source of stress in this game to me. And I have no idea where to post about this except here..
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: Enemy got fed why he doing damage why my team punished for feeding? Riot unfair
Terozu (NA)
: Trash talking, actually is fine.
or trash talking champions and the general balance of the game. I think that one is acceptable example: "goddamn stupid fking yasuo with his dumb ass passive" "holy fk these towers are fking paper goddamn useless af"
: I think the Ryze nerf is still on PBE. "Using Zhonya's/Stopwatch while channeling Ryze's ultimate will cancel that ability". So Yeah they're nerfing all three of those guys, thank god for that. Good thing too, Kog'Maw is far too powerful if he has the right Team Composition & I think people got tired of the Interaction between Ryze's Ultimate/Stasis.
this nerf is live tho. played a custom today and in Ryze R tooltip it said it gets canceled if he is interupted etc
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: @Lonewingy, Evelynn's hands trigger my arachnophobia and I think that's awesome
deep. but i dont think they think that deep honestly
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: can it be viable on melee champions and not break kog'maw
why did you remind me of the season 6 kogmaw :( Rip koggy the machinegun
HeimerLmao (EUNE)
: I got him in first, then just champion shards (not like I complain, I actually want shards)
i want champ shards more than skin shards, i have around 50% of champs which gets real boring fast...
nGio (NA)
: As an ADC main who plays Twitch and Trist, I can rationally tell you first hand...
funny btw, is grey warwick that rare to get from capsule now? i got grey ww in my second capsule
: Why is it OK to be Assassinated by ADC but not Assassin?
Can you stop refering to {{champion:29}} as he is the whole ADC class?
: Rune Refunds: Unpopular Opinion
I was saying this since the start of the whole refund rant. Thankfully someone finally agrees
: Epic Skins are 1350 priced skins. Not a bad deal for rune pages that were only 595 RP to begin with.
ive read somewhere that in order to get an epic skin i needed to buy 4 rune pages. i bought 2 so im getting nothing rip.
: If you bought runes before the start of season 7 im sure you have already gotten your Ip's worth of usage out of them. Be grateful you're being compensated in the first place. The most complained about thing , was players who spent RP on rune pages and it seems to me like riot is properly rewarding players with epic skins for that.
skins? i bought a pack of 2 rune pages when they were on sale for RP. Do you know what i could get?
: So no compensation for veteran players?
: Laughing Fish's latest thread of attempting to insult Ducko yet again got deleted
What the hell is this. I remember the first few weeks the Laughing Fish guy was funny. Now that i see that he is still replying with gifs.... eh Also how ThE HeLL did he become a warden?? These gif replies are goddamn cringe. Btw can you mute someone on boards?
: I don't understand why people keep saying assassins are weak and can't kill anything...
: It's really sad being 1-shot by an ADC as an Assassin.
Cant wait for this stupid bandwagon to end :D You literaly mention 3 late game hyper carries ( i agree twitch is not balanced) out of so many adc champions, yet you blame the whole role. Stop. ADC is the most frustrating role atm. Why am I even saying this when the adc hate is currenty meta? No point in trying to tell something.
Keyrtyn (NA)
: too many champs cost 6300 IP, please lower some of them to other bracket.
5-7 days ??? takes me a month to collect for a 6300 champ
Eedat (NA)
: Not might, it is. Honestly I think TT rank holds more weight than flex at this point. Typical Flex game: S2 B1 G3 S4 G1 vs P1 S3 D5 B3 G5
Honestly, yesterday i had a Master and Diamond in my team, while enemy was silver. The hell riot games?
Eedat (NA)
: Bruh flex queue is an absolute joke
it might be, i could agree because my promos went really good but that still makes me a gold 4 at the end of the season (if i dont fuck it up myself)
Essychu (NA)
: "draven is the hardest to play so naturally he should do half everyones hp as well as be tanky as a mother fucker with deaths dance" "adcs are glass cannon right now." {{item:3047}} {{item:3026}} u dont know shit about anything you're talking about. they have the best shields summoner spells and heals waiting for them by their teammates. people are playing champs in other roles specifically to shield the adc. your role is broken deal with it.
"Tanky as a mother fucker with deaths dance" - thats the problem with the item, not the champ. Maybe the interaction between them. "adcs are glass cannon right now" WTF? i didnt say this. I said they ARE glass cannon. "WAITING FOR THEM BY THEIR TEAMMATES" - that still holds that adcs are glasscannon. You'd get oneshot if youre by yourself. But teammates giving you shield? thats not a problem with adc. thats just other champs using the abilities that are made to help others "people are playing champs in other roles to specificaly shield the adc" - Isnt this kinda the core thing about LoL? But people are just now realising that "PROTECT THE ADC" is a crucial statement. You too probably heard that statement a lot.
Essychu (NA)
: silver 4 42 percent winrate adc main. seems a little biased here HMMMMm adcs have the best itemization atm. they are just as tanky as assassins and deal insane amounts of damage from a range. 2 of them need direct nerfs but have been avoided by the balance team as they are currently on 4 types of drugs right now.
even if i was silver, does that mean that i have no right to talk or complain?
Essychu (NA)
: silver 4 42 percent winrate adc main. seems a little biased here HMMMMm adcs have the best itemization atm. they are just as tanky as assassins and deal insane amounts of damage from a range. 2 of them need direct nerfs but have been avoided by the balance team as they are currently on 4 types of drugs right now.
btw, gold 4 if you didnt notice. Flex counts the same as Solo/Duo at the end of the season...
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: I sincerely wish ADC's would have a more intuitive damage pattern
Cant wait for the ADC hate bandwagon to end
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: Play legit =get banned
Literally the same thing happened to me but I only got bot answers as response :/ Hope you will get out of it!
: As a Karthus main with mastery 7 and all the skins, I approve of this message (globally). "WaaaaOOoOoOOh"
Why does it matter that you main him,have all the skins and have level 7 with him? Showoff.
: Now I'm just curious why a Crystal Scorpion has a force of Caitlyn mains at his disposal.
: Who at riot comes up with these?!?!?
It might be something like his legion of snipers or his army of snipers
Porocles (NA)
: Bugsplats generally indicate a driver problem or bad game files that can't render the game. For this specific issue, there could be bad files that can't get the client to load properly. Go over the steps in the [game crash]( guide to help fix this up. More specifically, you can also use the [hextech repair tool]( to repair any of those bad files! Let me know if you have any questions!
Nothing, i tried a lot of things, the best i did is get into the client- the part where the "launch" button is. From there, the bugsplats happen again. So i decided to completely reinstall lol now...
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: There was also the "Juggerkog" comp where you dump every shield and steroid imaginable on him, let him go wild, and hope he melts the team before he dies.
mained him while he was reworked, my classmate was always playing braum with me. Imagine me activating W in bush while he uses Ult and E. The enemy doesnt even see you. I still think the unrework is not deserved. He had weaknesses like his early game and no MOVEMENT while he uses w. Now he is one of the most boring ad carries in game. He doesnt have any character. At least he was recognizable as a machine gun back in 2016
: I get the feeling "Protect the Kog" comps are going to get replaced with "Protect the Rift Herald" comps.
Ahh i remember that phase from when kog was reworked. I miss those times
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Keyru (NA)
: Xayah and Rakan Gifting Thread
I would love to get Xayah, since i am maining botlane with my support friend who bought rakan, but #nohomo though
: > [{quoted}](name=Pakki,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bo9sRGOl,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-19T17:46:28.253+0000) > > jax came to lane, killed both me and my adc, and the 3 of them destroyed the full hp tower. Thats weird. As Mordekaiser normally i get turret by myself by minute 8. They have 3 people and take only 2 minutes less time lol
I took a printscreen of it, but when i tried to paste it... It just showed black screen. I probably clicked printscreen again at some point :/ i think that its possible to see when was the tower destroyed from match history
Hawckey (NA)
: What, you didn't come back to lane or something? What were your allies doing?
we were returning to lane, but as we reached our first lane tower the second one got destroyed. Top was playing top, mid was maybe dead, jungle came to lane AFTER they destroyed the turret. He went 3v1. with xin (maybe level 4, its 6 mins so nobody even has ults).
Jmman (NA)
: Well what happens is mid and jungle or top and qued together. Your mid sucks and can't keep him in lane. Top isn't pinging the missing. Bot is half was out when WW and come in from behind when the top tping in tri bush. Mid shows up. At this point its a 4v2. The WW can tank about 4 or 5 turrent shots and be a half hp. And they rock you and take turrent. Your mid is blowing spit bubbles and top was like I didn't want to TP down cause I would miss farm. Jungle is lost in farming jungle and didn't want to help because he might lose exp and gold because he want to power farm as a rengar. Now event if they don't take the turrent the ganks keep coming. WW ult on turrent free kill. You ping for help but then you see the score is 0/4 mid and a 0/5 top and a 1/5 jungle. You die a few times never getting help nor them pushing lanes. Mid game comes and its to a point where they can just run straight at you with lulu speed buff and turrents make no different. Then you get yelled at for playing a bad champ and feding. You look up and see your other lanes are silver, your lane is low gold. But the other ADC and support are diamond ranked. This happens all the time. My team jungle rather take a jungle camp then help then go get the camp. OR we totally win lane and all the other lanes lose. Its funny because I can tell you every game I will be winning bot lane. But jungle mid and top will gank and support them every time we are in lane for 10 to 15 mins. Yet the other lanes can never help or push their lanes. The helping support for their bot is GREAT plays. I just can't see to explain to mine team they need to help and stop farming.
dude so true i am always premade with my classmate who mains support, we dominate the lane but some laner has to feed or even intentionaly feed. then we get 4 man ganked throughout the game...
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